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Transcription of Newspaper clip for the

Wedding of Cyril Chapman and Eva Webb which took place 12 Sep 1931 at Hastingleigh.

A wedding was solemnised at St. Mary's church, Hastingleigh, on Saturday, between Mr Cyril Chapman, second son of
Mr and Mrs H Chapman of Evington Park, Elmsted, and Miss Eva Mabel Webb, the adopted daughter of Mr and Mrs Hayward
of Myrtle Cottage, Hastingleigh. The service was conducted by the Rev. H Hammond, Vicar of Brenzett. The bride who
was given away by her foster father looked charming in an ankle length dress of ivory georgette, with veil and orange
blossom, and white satin shoes. She wore a pearl necklace (gift of the bride groom) and carried a bouquet of white
chrysanthemums. The bridesmaids were the Misses Emily and Nora Hayward, Muriel, Connie and Joan Chapman. The three
elder bridesmaids wore dresses of blue suede crepe, with large crinoline hats to match and silver shoes. They also
wore blue necklaces (gifts of the bridegroom) and carried bouquets of bronze chrysanthemums.
The two small bridesmaids wore dresses of blue figured satin, wreaths of silver and blue upon their heads, initial
brooches (gifts of the bridegroom), beige shoes, and carried posies of pink sweet peas. The duties of best man were
ably carried out by Mr L. Chapman, brother of the bridegroom. After the ceremony the bridal couple motored to the
village institute, where the well attended reception was held. Mr and Mrs C Chapman will take up their residence at
Minterne Dorset. The presents included the following:-

Bridegroom to bride, pearls;
Bride to bridegroom, wardrobe;
Bridegroom to bridesmaids, necklaces and brooches;
Mr and Mrs W Hayward, treasury notes and sovereign;
[William George Hayward and Ellen Eliza Potts / foster parents of bride]
Mr and Mrs H Chapman, oak bedstead and mattress; [parents of groom]
Mr and Mrs B Hayward, tea service;
[Bertie George Hayward and Gladys Ellen Marsh / foster brother and his wife]
Stanley, tray; [Stanley Hayward son of Mr and Mrs B Hayward]
Mr and Mrs W Hayward jun., Treasury note;
[William Frank Hayward and May Elizabeth Blackford / foster brother and wife]
Nora Tony and Peter, wine glasses; [children of Mr and Mrs W Hayward jun.]
Miss E Hayward, Oak Biscuit barrel; [Miss Emily Hayward/ foster sister]
Mr N Hayward, bread board; [Mr Nelson Hayward/ foster brother]
Mr H Chapman jun., silver back hairbrushes and case of tea knives;
The Misses M and C Chapman, Messrs F and L Chapman and Bert,
canteen of cutlery;
Joan, cushion and glass dishes;
Mr and Mrs A Hoare, cushion cover;
[Alfred George Hoare and Lucy Jane Pott / foster mother's sister and husband]
Mr and Mrs F Potts, silver plated sugar basin and spoon;
[Frederick Potts and wife Emily / foster mother's brother and wife]
Mr and Mrs W Potts and baby Joyce, bread saw;
Mrs Watson-Smith, chiming clock and wedding cake;
Miss Watson-Smith, copper kettle;
Mrs Tattersall and Master Cecil, early morning tea set;
Miss J Weeks, jam spoon, butter knife and sugar sifter;
Miss Fleet, two reversible rugs;
Miss Cotton, rolling pin, pastry board and mop;
Mr and Mrs Wood (of Faversham), half dozen tumblers;
Mr and Mrs Seal (of Faversham), Table cover;
Mr and Mrs Weeks (of Wrotham), cake basket;
Dorothy and Queenie Weeks, jam dishes;
Miss J Sampson, lemonade set;
Messrs EG and CF Tappenden, tray;
[Edward George Tappenden and Cubison Francis Tappenden]

Mrs CF Tappenden, egg cruet;
Mrs R Kerr and Jean, tea coffee and sugar canisters;
[Alice Kerr wife of Robert Kerr publicans at the Bowl Inn]
Miss P Kerr and Mr G Newport, coffee percolator;
[Peggy Kerr and George Newport]
Mrs Sarlow (of Bishopsbourne), cushion and kettle holders;
Mr and Mrs Mills and George, set of jugs;
Mr and Mrs Clark and Ken, table covers;
Mr and Mrs Long and family cruet;
Mr E Piper, cheese dish and butter dish;
Mr and Mrs S Prebble, duchese set; [Stephen Prebble and Ellen Read]
Mr S Prebble jun., glass dish;[Stephen Prebble jun.]
Mr and Mrs B Else and Kathleen, marmalade pot;
Mr and Miss Amos, castor sugar dish;
Mr and Mrs TW Charlton, cigarette box;
Miss E Neame (of Faversham), cash;
Mrs W Miskin, glass jug; [Dorothy Chetwynd-Stapylton wife of Wm. Miskin]
Miss Curling, treasury note; [headmistress at Bodsham School]
Mrs J Marsh and Miss M Marsh, tablecloth and duchesse set;
Miss Weekes (of Cheriton), case of spoons;
Messrs J and W Begent, stainless knives;
Mr GH Curd, card stand; [Mr George Herbert Curd]
Mrs Blackford, cake knife;
Mrs Marsh (of Watsole Street), two jam dishes;
Mick, table covers;
Mr and Mrs T Cannon, glass dishes;
Mrs Friend, oak tray;
Mr E Marsh, stainless knives, teaspoons, and lucky horseshoe;
Mr R Marsh, bedspread;
The Rev. and Mrs Hammond, coffee percolator and kettle;
Miss Stringer, clock;
Mrs Smith, tablecloth;
Mr and Mrs Link and Dennis, rose bowl;
Mr and Mrs Langford, cushion covers;
From the animals at Preston Lea, salt cellars;