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The Mystery of Elmsted's First Vicarage House
or Where the Clergy Lived in Elmsted and Hastingleigh in the County of Kent.
By Keith Griffiths 2010

Keith has investigated and written a very interesting 42 page booklet on the properties of the Church and the
homes of the Clergy in Elmsted and Hastingleigh over the past few centuries.
He has kindly made this work available to this website, and hopes that by making it available online, not only
will it mean his hard work can be shared with everyone in the Parishes and beyond, but also that perhaps some
of you will be able to add to his work and let him know about any other information, theories, documents or clues
that will shed light on the mystery of the Old Elmsted Vicarage.

If you don't already have one, you will need a pdf reader on your computer to be able to view his book.
You can get one free of charge from the Adobe company.
It is called an Adobe Acrobat Reader
Click here to go straight to the Adobe website to download the free pdf reader.

The Mystery of Elmsted's First Vicarage House (CLICK)
Please email any corrections or additions to Keith's work, to this website and we will pass on all emails to him

The map below, illustrates the key locations mentioned in Keith's book, if you are not familiar with the geography of the parishes.