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[St. James]
Bishop's Transcripts 1640 - 1641

These records are from the Canterbury Cathedral Bishop's Transcripts
seized in 1641 when the Archbishop William Laud was arrested by the "Long Parliament"
for wikipedia information about his arrest, trial  and execution.
The records for the year 1640 are now archived in the Parliamentary Archives at
the Palace of Westminster, London.
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The original church records for this parish at this time are missing.
This is the only record of these BMDs for 1640-1641, (
and they use the Julian Calendar
with 25 March being the start of each new year.)
The Bishops Transcripts for this parish in other years, will still be held at Canterbury Cathedral Archives.

MBL= Married by Licence / Gent. = Gentleman






Name of Father

Name of Mother

29-Mar 1640   Gabriell Sudwell Son of   William Sudwell & his wife   Mary
21-Apr 1640   Thomas Tucker Son of   John Tucker [Gent.] & his wife   Anne
08-Jul 1640   John Mongham Son of   Richard Mongham & his wife   Marie
26-Jul 1640   Anne Pierce Dau of   Edward Pierce & his wife   Rebecca
20-Sep 1640   Elizabeth Balden Dau of   William Balden & his wife   Jone
27-Sep 1640   Thomas Skeyer Son of   Thomas Skeyer & his wife   Susan
04-Oct 1640   Henry Hilliars Son of   Henry Hilliers & his wife   Bennet
04-Oct 1640   Elizabeth Jenken Dau of   Richard Jenken & his wife   Alce
05-Nov 1640   Nicholas Bishopp Son of   John Bishopp & his wife   Elizabeth
13-Dec 1640   Joan Perin Dau of   Thomas Perin & his wife   Anne
13-Dec 1640   Mary Hopper Dau of   Henry Hopper & his wife   Ursula
13-Dec 1640   Anne Scranton Dau of   Daniel Scranton & his wife   Jane
03-Jan 1640   Elizabeth Burch Dau of   Thomas Burch & his wife   Sara
18-Jan 1640   Abell Delahay Son of   John Delahay & his wife   Mary
02-Feb 1640   Anne Hills or Butcher Dau of   Robert Butcher &   Elizabeth Hills BASEBORN
07-Mar 1640   Sibyll Kertin Dau of   Edmond Kertin & his wife   Elizabeth
21-Mar 1640   William Hills Son of   George Hills & his wife   Mary








Banns/ MBL
23-Apr 1640

  John Stephens


  Anne Bridger

both of Egerton
28-Apr 1640

  Henry Adams


  Joane Roberts

both of Egerton
12-Jul 1640

  Richard Shapfield


  Anne Medkins

both of Egerton
03-Sep 1640

  Robert Diur


  Mariea Turner

he of Boughton Malherbe, she of Egerton
22-Mar 1640

  John Terrie


  Rebecca Spice

he of Kennington, she of Hothfield




   NAME Notes
11-Apr 1640   Samuel Parker householder
18-Apr 1640   Joane Shepheard dau of John and Elizabeth Shepheard
30-Apr 1640   Anne Parker dau of William and Susan Parker
04-Jun 1640   Ambraham Smith householder
06-Jun 1640   Elizabeth Shepheard dau of John and Elizabeth Shepheard
03-Jul 1640   Susan Cottingham
09-Aug 1640   Anne Barling dau of Thomas and Martha Barling
25-Aug 1640   Robert Norton son of John and Alce Norton
14-Sep 1640   Creature White an old poor woman
20-Oct 1640   John Bacheler a poore old man
14-Nov 1640   John Tilden householder
08-Dec 1640   John Medkins poore old man
11-Dec 1640   widow Gorram
02-Jan 1640   [blank] Parker a still borne child of William and Susan Parker
09-Feb 1640   Mary Nash dau of James and Mary Nash
23-Mar 1640   Anne Butcher wife of Robert Butcher