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Brabourne INDEX of Parish Records
St. Mary the Blessed Virgin Church

Baptisms: (awaiting transcribing)

1812 to 1841 (with further updates to
be added shortly)

Burials: (awaiting transcribing)
Brabourne Inquests:
1794 - Mary Marshall [Click]
1808 - killing of Matthew Lible [Click]
1817 - Jane Burt [Click]
1821 - murder of Elizabeth Crayford, (wife of Richard Impett) by John Hayward [Click]
1822 - hanging of John Hayward at Penenden Heath [Click]
1833 - Ann Keeler [Click]
1838 - Thomas Hills jnr. [Click]
1844 - Richard Hills [Click]
1849 - Charlotte Hills [Click]
1857 - Alfred Hills [Click]
1859 - Henry Lilley [Click]
1864 - William Hayward [Click]
1879 - Henry Francis Cloke [Click]
1887 - Emily Margaret Harris [Click]
1899 - Henry May Inge [Click]
Brabourne Other Incident Reports:
1794 - news of the Militia Camp to be built on Brabourne Lees [Click]
1800 - escape of William Coleman from workhouse [Click]
1809 - Separation of Marriage William Mills -and- Frances [Click]
1862 - Accident to Redman [Click]

Ordnance Survey
1908 & 1950 Maps of Brook Name Books:
[Click on the volume number]

Volume  OS 35/3655 Kent Map 65 NE

The Kent Family History Society have already transcribed a considerable amount of the records for the Parish.
these can be ordered on CD No.23 from them directly (Click  to visit their ordering page)
 The dates CD No.23 covers for Brabourne are
Baptisms 1558 to 1893, Marriages 1564 to 1837, Burials 1558 to 1812,

The marriages for Brabourne 1754 through to 1911 can also be found on the Woodchurch Ancestry Group website Mid Kent Marriages (Click)
these record the date of the marriage, and the Bride's and Groom's names only.

[webpage updated 17 June 2014]