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Brook Parish Records:
Marriages 1899 to 1930

Surname Forenames Age Status Parish Surname Forenames Age Status Parish Banns
28 Oct 1899 Vane Robert (x) 32 Bachelor Brook Chadwick Sarah Ann 26 Spinster Brook .
. Father: William Vane Father: James Chadwick
. Witnesses: James Chadwick(x) and
Annie Hall
20 Nov.1901 Blaskett Horace Francis 30 Bachelor Brook Breeds Marion Losson 20 Spinster Brook Banns
. Father: Edward Blaskett (deceased) Father: Stephen Breeds
. Witnesses: George Breeds and John Augustus Pay
27 Feb.1902 Croucher George William 34 Bachelor Hastingleigh Vane Ann Frances 26 Spinster Brook .
. Mother: Caroline Fenn Father: William Vane
. Witnesses: Edward Curd and
Mary Jane Curd
30 Jul.1902 Wanstell Cyril 28 Bachelor Aldington File Florence Jeanette 24 Spinster Brook Banns
. Father: John Wanstell (deceased) Father: Thomas File
. Witnesses: Victor Wanstell,
Amilia File,
GJ File,
M Wanstell
and others
20 Sep.1902 Hudson William 40 Bachelor Chingford Giddens Eleanor 23 Spinster Brook MBL
. Father: William Hudson (deceased) Father: Georgy Giddens (deceased)
. Witnesses: Fred Pedding
and Annie Jane Thom
21 Oct.1902 Thornby Bertie Augustus 20 Bachelor Naccolt Richardson Martha 18 Spinster Brook Banns
. Father: William Thom Thornby Father: James Richardson
. Witnesses: James Richardson
and Flora Richardson
10 Feb.1904 Parrett Richard Sidney 23 Bachelor West Brabourne Buck Gertrude Mary 21 Spinster Brook .
. Father: Richard Parrett Father: James Buck
. Witnesses: James Buck and
Evelyn Lilian Amy Parrett
6 Jul.1904 Cook William Henry 26 Bachelor Brook Boulden Mary Jane 19 Spinster Mersham .
. Father: Frederick Boulden Father: Stephen Boulden
. Witnesses: Frederick Boulden and
Sarah Elizabeth Boulden
28 Sep.1904 Hubbard Thomas Richard 25 Bachelor Halsted, Essex File Amelia Caroline 25 Spinster Brook .
. Father: Thomas William James Hubbard Father: Thomas File
. Witnesses: Frederick Thomas Field,
Emily Jane File,
Katie Maria File,
Florence Jeanette Wanstell
18 Mar.1905 Brett Richard John 24 Bachelor Brook Mills Flora Elizabeth 24 Spinster Wye .
. Father: Arthur John Mills(x) Father: Ethel Kate Brett
. Witnesses: .
20 Jun.1905 Lamburton Walter 30 Bachelor Wye Maxted  also Chittenden Louisa Elizabeth Florence 30 Spinster Brook Banns
. Father: William Lamburton Father: Heyrkich? Maxted (deceased)
. Witnesses: Flora Elizabeth Mills
and Arthur John Mills
16 Oct.1905 Hammond Stuart Edmund John 26 Bachelor Waltham Pay Louisa Blanche Pay 26 Spinster Brook Banns
. Father: Frederick Hammond Father: John Pay (deceased)
. Witnesses: Frederick Hammond
and Jane Pay
27 Jun.1906 Bailey Archibald Vallins 25 Bachelor . File Emily Jane 24 Spinster Brook .
. Father: William Bailey Father: Thomas File
. Witnesses: Horace H Bailey
and Katie m File
20 Aug.1906 Fuller Walter 20 Bachelor Hammersmith Rivers Stella Nellie 19 Spinster Brook Banns
. Father: John William Fuller Father: James Rivers
. Witnesses: William Henry Cook
and Emma Finedon
26 Dec.1906 Hayward John Wyndham 25 Bachelor Brook Saxby Gertrude Mary 22 Spinster Brook Banns
. Father: William Hayward Father: Charles William Saxby
. Witnesses: Charles Everest West
May Louisa Holland
5 Oct.1907 Marshall Basil George 22 Bachelor Brook Mapston Ellen Nellie 24 Spinster Brook Banns
. Father: George William Marshall Father: Thomas Mapston
. Witnesses: George William Marshall
and Mary Ann Hodgkin
26 Dec.1907 Goldup Harry George 24 Bachelor Willesborough Dodd Mabel 22 Spinster Brook Banns
. Father: James Goldup Father: George Dodd
. Witnesses: George Dodd and
Lilian Brice
27 Jul.1908 Osborne George 41 Bachelor Brook Fenn Hilda Marion 23 Widow Brook .
. Father: George Osborne (deceased) Father: Wallis Cook (deceased)
. Witnesses: Daisy Minna Cook
Amie Mary Johnson
17 Oct.1908 Smith Henry Howse 50 widower Brook Hammack Alice 43 Widow Brook .
. Father: Michael Smith (deceased) of Charlotte Maria Southwell Father: William Henry Pollentine (deceased) of Arthur Hammack
. Witnesses: Frank Wood and
Rosa A Wood
26 Dec.1908 Hayward Ernest George 21 Bachelor Brook Dodd Edith Kate 21 Spinster Brook .
. Father: William Hayward Father: Walter Dodd
. Witnesses: Frederick Walter Hayward
Bertha Elizabeth Dodd
25 Mar.1912 Handcock William Edward Philpott Hawkins 21 Bachelor Wye Hayward Kate Marion 21 Spinster Brook Banns
. Father: William Edward Handcock Father: William Hayward
. Witnesses: William Hayward
Annie May Norwood
24 Dec.1914 Curtis Henry Victor 24 . Adisham Buzan Ada Constance 24 . Brook Banns
. Father: George Curtis Father: Frank Henry Buzan
. Witnesses: William Buzan and
Frances Clara Ellen Buzan
31 Jul.1915 Butcher Charles Frederick 26 Bachelor Willesborough Dodd Annie Frances 26 Spinster Brook Banns
. Father: Frederick Butcher Father: Walter Dodd
. Witnesses: Walter Dodd and
Lilian Jane Dodd
29 Nov.1916 Sollows Benjamin Franklin 24 Bachelor Monks Horton Butcher Myra Manuel 21 Spinster Brook Banns
. Father: Hertbert Sollows Father: Thomas Frederick Butcher
. Witnesses: Thomas Frederick Butcher
and Catherine butcher
5 Apr.1920 Edenden Frederick Fedarb 26 Bachelor Brook Brice Lucy 23 Spinster Wye Banns
. Father: Frederick Edenden Father: Daniel Brice
. Witnesses: Edward Ernest Stickels
and Frederick State
5 Jun.1920 Grist Giles 23 Bachelor Ashford Dodd Lilian 21 Spinster Brook Banns
. Father: John Grist Father: Walter Dodd (deceased)
. Witnesses: Percy Dodd and
Louisa Esther Grist
22 Nov.1922 Bank William James 37 Bachelor Mersham File Evelyn Isabel 34 Spinster Brook Banns
. Father: Allan(?) Bank Father: Thomas File
. Witnesses: Albert Thomas File,
Florence J Wanstel
l and Frank Back
12 Jun.1926 Waters Frank 40 Bachelor Rye Sussex Brett Elsie May 28 Spinster Brook Banns
. Father: Charles Waters Father: Richard Brett
. Witnesses: Ethel Kate Brett and
Richard John Brett
2 Aug.1928 Luckhurst Henry Charles 20 Bachelor Ashford Hayward Doris May 17 Spinster Brook Banns
. Father: Henry Charles Luckhurst (deceased) Father: Henry Thomas Hayward
. Witnesses: H. Hayward and R.J. Luckhrst
28 Sep.1930 Weller Thomas Henry 27 Bachelor Brook Oxley Nellie Lavinia 22 Spinster Brook Banns
. Father: Thomas Witham Weller Father: Henry Oxley (deceased)
. Witnesses: Florence Spellbeck,
Ernest E Hayward and
John Robert Mitchell