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Challock Parish Records:

Marriages 1900 - 1928 


Surname Forenames Age Status Parish Surname Forenames Age Status Parish Banns
27 Aug.1900 Tipping Cornelius 29 widower Holloway, London Boughton Sophia 28 Spinster Challock Banns
Father: William Tipping Father: George Boughton
Witnesses: George Boughton and
Barbara Kate Boughton
22 Dec.1900 Austen Thomas Herbert 27 bachelor Challock Swann Florence Adelaide 25 Spinster Challock .
Father: William Austen Father: Stephen Swan
Witnesses: Percy Henry Swan and
Annie Daisy Hogben
25 Dec.1900 Pugh William 27 bachelor Challock Austen Ellen Jemima 31 Spinster Challock .
Father: Francis Pugh Father: James Austen
Witnesses: Alfred George Austen
and Harriet Lily Austen
27 Dec.1900 Payne Frederick Edward Thomas 28 bachelor Rochester Vant Minnie 26 Spinster Challock .
Father: Thomas David Payne Father: Edward Vant
Witnesses: Stephen Vant and
Sarah Vant
8 Apr.1900 Swan Percy Henry 23 bachelor Stockbury Hogben Annie Daisy 23 Spinster Challock .
Father: Stephen Swan Father: William Hogben
Witnesses: Thomas Oxley and
Georgina Emma Hogben
5 Aug.1901 Barton William 42 widower Challock Amos Harriet 39 widow Challock Banns
Father: Edward Barton Father: John Rogers
Witnesses: Henry Johnson and
Victoria Rogers
25 Dec.1901 Lingham Stephen Oscar 25 bachelor Challock Swann Amy Jane 27 Spinster Challock Banns
Father: Benjamin Lingham Father: George Swann
Witnesses: John Samuel Jones
and Rose Ellen Jones
31 Mar.1902 Maple William 26 bachelor Sheerness Marsh Eliza 31 widow Challock Banns
Father: Thomas Maple Father: Stephen Swan
Witnesses: Clarissa? G. Ellends
and Laurie Lawrence
1 Oct.1904 Feakins William 21 bachelor Challock Sherwood Mildred Frances Mary 21 Spinster Challock .
Father: Richard Feakins Father: John Thomas Sherwood
Witnesses: Herbert Sherwood
and Lucy Stears
6 Jan.1906 Knowles William Edward 25 bachelor Challock Vant Phoebe Fanny 25 Spinster Challock Banns
Father: George Knowles Father: Edward Vant
Witnesses: John Vant and
Elizabeth Drage
1 Jan.1907 Austen Alfred George 31 bachelor Challock Vant Bessie Amos 29 Spinster Wye Banns
Father: James Austen Father: Richard Vant
Witnesses: Richard Vant and
Beatrice Mary Austen
24 Oct.1907 Harvey Daniel 25 bachelor Challock Austen Ellen Victoria 20 Spinster Challock Banns
Father: William Harvey Father: John Austen
Witnesses: George Wood and
Emily Frances Harvey
18 Apr.1908 Brown Edward George William 27 bachelor Wye/Challock Andrews Beatrice Lucy 22 Spinster Challock Banns
Father: William Brown Father: Frederick Andrews
Witnesses: Lewis Edward Pilcher and
Harriet Matilda Andrews
3 Nov.1908 Harrison Charles Mortimer 33 bachelor Staff. Blacker Frances Emma 36 Spinster Challock .
Father: Henry Harrison Father: Walter Blacker
Witnesses: Joseph Blacker and
Annie Cooper
14 Nov.1908 Woodward Thomas John 29 bachelor Sheldwich Andrews Harriet Matilda 29 Spinster Challock .
Father: John Woodward Father: Frederick Andrews
Witnesses: Herbert Harold Huckstep
and Elizabeth Jane Brown
26 Dec.1908 Wood George William 28 bachelor Challock Cook Emily Elizabeth 21 Spinster Challock Banns
Father: Marsh James Wood Father: Frederick Cook
Witnesses: Henry? John Sherwood and
Emma Elizabeth Wood
12 Apr.1909 Oliver Ernest Wood 28 bachelor Brede, Sussex Amos Susanna 25 Spinster Challock Banns
Father: George Oliver Father: James Amos
Witnesses: William Barton and
Victoria Amos
26 Jun.1909 Hams Elliot 22 . Challock Vant Fanny Maud 26 . Wye/Challock Banns
Father: Frederick Hams Father: Richard Vant
Witnesses: Neil Harry Thomas Jarvis
and Winifred Lucy Vidgen
15 Jan.1910 Oliver Arthur William 27 bachelor Shinslewell? Ingham Alice Harriet 28 Spinster Challock Banns
Father: John Oliver Father: Charles Ingham
Witnesses: Charles Ingham and
Harriet K Ingham
15 Oct.1910 Knowles Percy 31 bachelor Challock Godden Catherine Kate 18 Spinster Challock Banns
Father: George Knowles Father: Charles Godden
Witnesses: Albert George Potter
and Victoria Amos
3 Dec.1910 Wood George 30 bachelor Challock Potter Clara Eveline 21 Spinster Challock Banns
Father: George Wood Father: Walter Edward Potter
Witnesses: Robert Edward Potter
and May Ethel Clark
17 Apr.1911 Spillett Harry Benjamin 29 bachelor Dodrington Austen Edith Mary 23 Spinster Wye/Challock .
Father: George Charles Spillet Father: John Austen
Witnesses: Alfred Swinnerd(?) and
Phoebe Frances Austen
7 Oct.1911 Wood Marsh James 21 bachelor Challock Jell Edith Mabel 21 Spinster Challock .
Father: Marsh James Wood Father: William Jell
Witnesses: John Rains and
Alice William Jell
14 Oct. 1911 Hood Albert Victor 25 bachelor Waldershare Wood Sarah Jane 29 Spinster Challock
Father: George Hood Father: Marsh James Wood
Witnesses: Marsh James Wood and
Emma Elizabeth Wood
10 Feb.1912 Reeve William James 50 bachelor Challock Hayes Olive 48 Spinster Challock
Father: George Reeve Father: Lewis Hayes
Witnesses: John Hayes and
Mary Ann Gurr
22 Jun.1912 Williams Percy 28 bachelor Boughton Aluph Boughton Mabel Caroline 28 Spinster Challock
Father: Joseph Williams Father: George Boughton
Witnesses: Alfred Boughton,
Barbara Kate Boughton
and George Williams
26 Oct.1912 Hunt Thomas 36 bachelor Challock Tyler Annie 24 widow Challock
Father: James Hunt Father: John Hamner(?)
Witnesses: Ernest William Hunt
and Mary Ann Quested
21 Dec.1912 Walter William Whitley 26 bachelor Challock Summers Ethel Elizabeth 26 Spinster Challock
Father: John Thomas Whitley Walter Father: James Summer
Witnesses: John Summers and
Daisy Edith Summers
26 Nov.1913 Swan Walter Allen 31 bachelor Petham Marsh Rosa Edith 38 Spinster Challock
Father: Walter Alan Swan Father: George Lawrence Marsh
Witnesses: George Lawrence Marsh,
Gertrude Marsh,
Percival Hammond Marsh
8 Jun.1914 Grant Jacob 26 bachelor Kennington Cooper Annie 21 Spinster Wye/Challock
. Father: Charles Grant Father: Frederick Cooper
. Witnesses: Frederick Cooper
Mary Elizabeth Jane Grant
William Denis Boulden
4 Jan.1915 Carey Ernest Edward 21 bachelor Challock Adams Isabel Amy 20 Spinster Smarden .
Father: George Edward Carey Father: Richard Adams
Witnesses: Beatrice Kate Coltham
and Edward Carey
26 Mar.1916 Osborn Charles William 31 widower Challock Bird Edith Mary 26 Spinster London Banns
Father: Charles Osborn Father: John Bird
Witnesses: Henry Gury(?)
and Alice Bird
8 Nov.1917 McHerness Benjamin Wills 29 bachelor Bramskott Hants Wood Harriet Marie 30 Spinster Challock MBL
Father: John McHerness Father: Frank Wood
Witnesses: Frank Wood
Charles Wood
and Elsie Wood
4 May. 1919 Nicholson Henry Ernest 32 bachelor Clerkenwell Austen Phoebe Frances 24 Spinster Challock Banns
Father: Joseph Nicholson Father: John Austen
Witnesses: Henry Spillett
William Denny Shaw
and Kate Austen
9 Jun.1919 Potter Robert Edward 29 bachelor Challock Amos Victoria 32 Spinster Challock Banns
Father: Walter Potter Father: James Amos
Witnesses: Albert George Potter
and Emily Annie May Barton
27 Sep.1919 Marsh George Page 34 bachelor Challock Austen Ellen May 21 Spinster Challock Banns
Father: George Lawrence Marsh Father: Edward Thomas Alfred Austen
Witnesses: Edward Thomas Alfred Austen
Edith Emily Hoare
and Percival Hammond Marsh
5 Jan.1920 Standen Richard 28 bachelor Challock Castle Elizabeth Jane 32 Spinster Challock Banns
Father: James Alfred Standen (deceased) Father: George Castle (deceased)
Witnesses: D. Standen
Eleanor L. Castle
26 Jun.1920 Chettoe Cyril Stapley 27 bachelor Challock Muks Kathleen 22 Spinster Hammersmith Banns
Father: Arthur N Chattoe Father: William Buden Muks
Witnesses: Arthur N Chattoe
Agnes J Chettoe
28 Jun.1920 Patrick Robert William 31 bachelor Clapham Common Potter Florence Emma 26 Spinster Challock Banns
Father: Stephen Patrick Father: Walter Edward Potter
Witnesses: Robert Potter and
Albert George Potter
8 Oct.1921 Wood Charles 26 bachelor Challock Leeds Adeline Victoria 20 Spinster Challock Banns
Father: Thomas Wood Father: Edward Leeds (deceased)
Witnesses: William Aylmer [stepfather]
Emma Walker Emmonry(?)
21 Oct.1922 Baker Frederick John 25 bachelor Whitstable Skinner Margaret Annie Full Age Spinster Challock .
Father: Frederick Charles Baker Father: George Albert Skinner
Witnesses: Albert George Matson
Emily Annie May Barton
2 Jul.1923 Pauley William 35 bachelor Chorlton on Medlock Hoare Alice 26 Spinster Challock .
Father: William Pauley (deceased) Father: Frederick Hoare
Witnesses: Frederick Hoare and
James Frederick Hoare
28 Jul.1925 Hubble Alfred Leonard 26 bachelor Cardington Penney Alexandra Louise Gravell Full Age Spinster Challock .
Father: Alfred Hubble Father: Albert James Penney
Witnesses: Dorothy Kate Hubble
Gordon Charles Hubble
and Albert James Penney
21 Jun.1926 Rolfe Alma 43 bachelor Challock Hilder Florence 44 widow Challock .
Father: Mark Andrew Rolfe Father: Charles Neill
Witnesses: PM Rolfe
and AJ Flick
7 May.1927 White Charles John 24 bachelor Challock Paxted Nora Frances 18 Spinster Faversham .
Father: Clarence Aaron White Father: Charles Paxted
Witnesses: Mary Ann Paxted
Mace Joseph White
28 May.1928 Ottaway Reginald Harry 28 bachelor Frittenden Dingle Annie Full Age Spinster Challock .
Father: Harry Ottaway Father: William Dingle
Witnesses: Arthur Dingle
Gladys Dingle
Ernest William Ottaway
14 Aug.1928 Skinner George Albert 34 bachelor Challock West Kathleen Nancy Full Age Spinster Challock .
Father: George Albert Skinner Father: Alfred West
Witnesses: Thomas Edwin Locke
Olive Mary Wooley
15 Sep.1928 Headich Archie Gilmore 24 bachelor Challock Harper Annie May Full Age Spinster Boughton Malherbe .
Father: Albert Edward Headich Father: Arthur Harper
Witnesses: Albert Victor Headich
Walter Percy Harper
27 Oct.1928 Austen Stephen Ernest James 27 bachelor Boughton Aluph Cooper Lavinia Florence Full Age Spinster Challock .
Father: John Austen Father: William Henry Cooper
Witnesses: William Henry Cooper
Winifred Alice Jarman