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Wye, Kent Marriages 1752-1800

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This list uses the Modern Calendar with 1 January being the start of each New Year.

(X) denotes signature was a cross likely due to illiteracy. MBL= Marriage by Licence
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   Groom    Surname /Notes .

   Bride    Surname /Notes . Witnesses

25 Jan 1752

   David    Chittenden and    Ann    Pott Banns .

15 Oct 1752

   John    Mepsted and    Elizabeth    Knowler Banns .

16 Oct 1752

   Thomas    Smeed and    Elizabeth    Kennett Banns .

24 Jun 1753

   John    May of Birchington and    Mary    Whetherbelt of Sellinge MBL .

22 Dec 1753

   William    Barrett and    Mary    Rowkle(?) Banns .

9 Oct 1754

   Thomas    Upperton of Ashford, widower and    Thomasine    Finch of Wye MBL witnesses: Wm Lockwood and John Dadd

21 May 1754

   James (x)    Botting and    Ann    Scrims Banns Wm Weller and Wm Lockwood

15 Jul 1754

   William (x)    Waters of Crundale, widower and    Jane (x)    Carr of Wye, Widow Banns Thos Bodkin and Lawrence Austen

24 Sep 1754

   David    Hughes and    Ann    Balchin of Great Chart MBL Nicholas Brett , William Dann and John Ertberger

1 Feb 1755

   Jeremiah    Smith and    Martha    Barker of St Paul, Canterbury MBL Lawrence Austen and Thos Bodkin

4 Feb 1755

   John (x)    Austin of Chartham and    Mary    Elvy of Wye MBL Nic. Brett and Thos Austen

9 Feb 1755

   Daniel    Fagg, widower and    Sylvester    Rogers Banns John Maxted and Edward Rogers

19 May 1755

   John (x)    Howland and    Elisabeth (x)    Taffenden Banns Edward Beeching and Thos Bodkin

7 ? 1756

   William    Dryland and    Ann (x)    Fagg Banns Wm Skilton and John Fagg

11 ? 175?

   John (x)    Hawkins and    Jane (x)    Heritage Banns John Heritage and Thos Bodkin

12 ? 175?

   Thomas (x)    Fowx and    Elisabeth (x)    Smith Banns Henry Inds and Thos Bodkin

13 ? 1756

   John (x)    Greenstreet of Godmersham and    Hannah (x)    Hawkes Banns Henry Greenstreet and Lawrence Austen

12 ? 1756

   Thomas (x)    Cooper of Saltwood and    Elisabeth (x)    Bassenden MBL Robert Adman and Wm Laming Jnr.

22 Apr 1756

   Robert    Matthews and    Jane    Radley, widow of Wye banns Wm Allen and Robert White

3 May 1756

   John (x)    Rayner of Moldash and    Elizabeth (x)    Green banns Thos Bodkin and Lawrence Austin

7 Jun 1756

   Richard (x)    Barber of Brook and    Mary (x)    Hawkins Banns Wm Hakins and Thos Bodkins

4 Oct 1756

   John    Handford, of Smarden and    Mary    Gratnall Banns Wm Weller and Lawrence Austin

14 Oct 1756

   Henry    Mepsted and    Margaret (x)    Appes Banns Elisabeth Luckhus and Thos Bodkin

14 Oct 1756

   Samuel    Searles and    Sarah (x)    Ferris Banns Thos Upperton and Thos Bodkin

14 Nov 1756

   John (x)    Hawkes and    Mary (x)    Huxted Banns James Langford Nibbs and Thos Bodkin

27 Dec 1756

   Henry (x)    Indes, widower and    Mary (x)    Kendale Banns Lawrence Austen and Thos Bodkin

9 Jan 1757

   Thomas (x)    Osbald, of Bridge and    Mary (x)    Tethery Banns Richard Gibson and Thos Bodkin

24 Jan 1757

   James    Kennett, widower and    Martha    Bayley of Great Chart Banns David Hughes and Thos Bodkin

17 May 1757

   Thomas    Pysing of Brabourne and    Judith (x)    Rousle Banns Mary Smith and Thos Bodkin

5 Jul 1757

   Thomas    Umanden of Hawkhurst and    ELizabeth    Patrick MBL Thos Hunt and Susanna Patrick

15 Oct 1757

   Charles (x)    May, of Boughton and    Mary (x)    Dunne, widow of Wye Banns John Scrims and Ant. Larny(?)

21 Nov 1757

   James    Souter and    Mary (x)    Hopkins Banns Robert Quested and Thos Bodkin

5 Dec 1757

   Robert (x)    Carter, of Great Chart and    Martha    Coleman Banns John Beeching and Thos Bodkin

14 Feb 1758

   James    Giles of St. Margaret, Canterbury and    ELizabeth    Speed MBL John Lushington and Thomas Speed

23 Feb 1758

   Stephen    Beckingham Esq. Of Bourne Place, in the Parish of Bishop's Bourne and    Miss Dorothy    Sawbridge MBL J. Sawbridge and Thos Bodkin

7 Mar 1758

   Thomas    Young and    Mary    Smith MBL Edward Young and Thomas Bodkin

29 Mar 1758

   John (x)    Halkes and    Sarah (x)    Crow Banns Richard Fowler and Thos Bodkin

3 Oct 1758

   William    Coleman, widower or Wye and    Elizabeth (x)    Tabraham Banns Thos Bodkin and William Terry

25 Feb 1759

   Thomas    Inkpen and    Elizabeth (x)    Wetherall Banns Wm Skilton and Charles Luckhurst

22 Apr 1759

   John (x)    Reinolds and    Susannah (x)    Pott Banns James Clock and Thos Bodkin

8 Sep 1759

   Thomas    Horton, of Willesborough and    Mary    Widgeon [Vidgen] Banns Eliz Goodwin and John Vidgen

30 Dec 1759

   Thomas    Steed and    Elizabeth    Pagden MBL Henry Braybrook and Thos Bodkin

6 Jan 1760

   Thomas (x)    Spicer, of Hastingleigh and    Mary (x)    Fagg Banns Thos Bodkin and Richard Gibson

8 Feb 1760

   John    Marsh, widower of Wye and    Ann (x)    Miller MBL John Steddy and Lawrence Austin

16 Feb 1760

   John (x)    Hams, widower of Kingsnorth and    Frances (x)    Friend, widow of Wye MBL John Downe and Thos Dan

18 Feb 1760

   Edward    Pettet and    Susan (x)    May Banns Thos Bodkin and John Sealye(?)

6 Apr 1760

   William    Willson of Faversham and    Elisabeth    Pack Banns Wm Pack an George Willson

20 Jun 1760

   Mr George    Macauley, widower of St. James Westminster and    Miss Catharine    Sawbridge MBL Thomas Knight and Ste. Beckingham

5 Aug 1760

   Matthew    Ambrose and    Elizabeth    Hemp MBL Richard Dane and Thomas Punyer

14 Aug 1760

   John    Kinde and    Agnes    Dan MBL John Sawbridge Junr. And James Dan

10 Nov 1760

   Daniel    Pile of Little Chart and    Margaret (x)    Heritage Banns John Heritage and Thos Bodkin

24 Mar 1761

   John    Batchelor of Gillingham and    Susan    Moon Banns Thos Allen and James White

24 May 1761

   George    Parkin and    Mary    Kennett MBL George Farbrace and Henry Farbrace

24 May 1761

   John    Heritage, of Lynsted and    Mary (x)    Tomson MBL Wm Turner and Thos Bodkin

22 Jun 1761

   James (x)    Merther, of Waltham and    Mary (x)    Hobday Banns James Taylor and Thos Bodkin

6 Oct 1761

   James    Oliver and    Mary    Franklin Banns John French and Sarah Collington

18 Nov1761

   John (x)    Bassenden and    Jane    Pettit Banns Searles Jarman and Lawrence Austen

5 Sep 1762

   William (x)    Woodyer, widower of Wye and    Elizabeth (x)    Leggett Banns Mary Stace and Eliza Stace

30 Sep 1762

   William    Anslett, of Hawkins [Hawkinge?] and    Sarah    Hunt MBL Richard Dane and John Gillett

14 Oct 1762

   John (x)    Moss and    Mary    Pattenden Banns Edward Pettet and Will Slaughter

18 Nov 1762

   Luke    Spicer, of Great Chart and    Elizabeth    Pain Banns Thos Nowe and William Pain

28 Apr 1763

   William    Kennett and    Elizabeth    Theobald MBL Richard Kennett and Ann Theobald

3 May 1763

   Richard (x)    Taffenden and    Hannah (x)    Smeed Banns Jane Down and Eliz Pain

3 May 1763

   James    Costeker, of Ashford and    Sarah    Horne MBL Thos Andrews and Martha Bushell

19 Aug 1763

   Richard    Coleman and    Mary    Hudson Banns John Hudson and Eliz. Hudson

10 Oct 1763

   John    Terry and    Elisabeth    Fitzpatrick Banns E. Fitzpatrick and Elizabeth Jenny(?)

11 Oct 1763

   Stephen (x)    Boughton and    Susan    Terry Banns John Mills and Edward Fitzpatrick

4 Nov 1763

   Thomas    Tookey, of New Romney and    Ann (x) M.    Eldridge Banns Cephas Impett and John Moore

22 Nov 1763

   William (x)    Smith and    Susanna    Pett MBL Valentine Austen Jnr. and Thos Simpson

5 Jan 1764

   Richard    Burton and    Elisabeth (x)    Broomer Banns Peter Burton and Wm Brooman

8 Jan 1764

   Robert    Elliott and    Jane    Clark Banns Thomas Burden and Eliz Pain

29 May 1764

   Stephen (x)    Pilcher and    Elisabeth (x)    Collins Banns Richard Beeching and Thos Bodkin

14 Jun 1764

   Matthew    Harlestone, of Ashford and    Jane    Scrims Banns Thomas Wogan and Sarah Scrims

28 Aug 1764

   James    Dan and    Elizabeth    Brett MBL Mary Dan and Katherine Dan

10 Sep 1764

   George    Bullock and    Frances    Parkin MBL Joseph Bosworth and George Parking

7 Oct 1764

   Daniel    Sutton, widower of Godmersham and    Mary    Petman, widow MBL Edward Andrews and Mary Tyler

11 Oct 1764

   Richard    Bodkin and    Elizabeth    Worger Banns Robert Worger and Francis Worger

16 Oct 1764

   Charles    Transom and    Susanna    Fagg Banns John Batchelor and Thomas Fagg

25 Oct 1764

   Jacob    Goglin and    Elizabeth    Ertzberger MBL Thos Weekes and Thos Fagg

3 Nov 1764

   William (x)    Kennet and    Hannah (x)    Smith Banns John Kennett and Thos Bodkin

6 Nov 1764

   Richard    Beeching and    Sarah C. (x)    Skelton Banns Wm Skelton and Thos ..iselton

22 Nov 1764

   Matthew    Clements and    Elizabeth    Fagg Banns Daniel Fagg and Michael Gillet

1 Dec 1764

   John    Soughton and    Elizabeth    Cook Banns Richard Foster and Sarah Scrims

9 Dec 1764

   Joseph    Part and    Lydia    Clarke Banns Robert Elliott and Thomas Bodkin

26 Jan 1765

   Robert (x)    Cobb, of Crundale and    Elizabeth (x)    Dadd Banns Thomas Cobb and Thos Bodkin

18 Apr 1765

   Gregory (x)    Tappenden, of Chilham and    Susanna (x)    March Banns Elizabeth Tappenden and Thos Bodkin

23 Apr 1765

   Thomas    Thistleton and    Susannah    Skilton Banns Wm Skilton and Richard Beeching

21 May 1765

   Henry    Lond, of Chilham and    Catherine    Horne Banns John Horne and William Dann

5 Aug 1765

   Stephen (x)    Else and    Mary    Mace Banns John Mace and Thos Bodkin

19 Sep 1765

   Richard    Kennett and    Elizabeth    Payne MBL Thomas Kennett and Mary Pain

14 Oct 1765

   Thomas    Robinson and    Elizabeth    Pettit Banns Thos Bodkin and Lawrence Austin

5 Nov 1765

   Edward (x)    Whitewood and    Anne (x)    Hobday Banns John Heritage and Thos Bodkin

25 Nov 1765

   William (x)    Upperton and    Elizabeth (x)    Sutton Banns Matthew Clements and Thos Bodkin

6 Jan 1766

   Thomas (x)    Tritton and    Ann    Newley Banns Edward Pettet and John Gillett

20 Feb 1766

   Valentine    Austen Jnr. , widower and Sarah       Farley MBL Wm Allen and Thos Allen

11 May 1766

   Philip (x)    Foord and    Mercy (x)    Austin Banns Edward Austin and Thos Bodkin

20 Jul 1766

   Thomas    Allen and    Ann    Thatcher Banns Wm Allen and George Allen

20 Nov 1766

   Edward    Andrews and    Ann    Austin Banns John Firminger and John Spice

25 Feb 1767

   John (x)    Dann and    Mary    Worger Banns Frencis Worger and Richard Beeching

3 Mar 1767

   Thomas    Speed and    Elizabeth    Weller, widow MBL Wm Dann and Eliz. Tookey

11 Oct 1767

   Thomas    Hobday and    Mary (x)    Rayner Banns William Hobday and Robert Austen

1 Nov 1767

   Edward    Fox and    Elizabeth    Standen Banns Thos Bodkin and Lawrence Austen

29 Nov 1767

   William (x)    Hyde and    Sarah    Scrims Banns Wm Bodkin and Thos Bodkin

31 Jan 1768

   John (x)    Austin and    Ann (x)    Dunstone Banns William Waters and Thos Bodkin

14 Apr 1768

   Samuel (x)    Elderidge and    Ann (x)    Handcock Banns Edward Sherwood and Susanna Lankin

2 May 1768

   John (x)    Vincer, of Waltham and    Judith (x)    Hoar Banns William Bowler and Thos Bodkin

14 Aug 1768

   Thomas    Cheesman, of Cranbrook and    Catherine    Austn Banns Lawrence Austen and Ann Cheesman

6 Oct 1768

   Francis    Sibert and    Elizabeth    Laurence Banns John Herring and Thos Bodkin

11 Oct 1768

   John (x)    Smith and    Elizabeth    Ells [Else] Banns William Smith and Thos Bodkin

1 Nov 1768

   Thomas    Allen and    Sarah    Handcock Banns John Hudson and Thos Handcock

8 Nov 1768

   John    Button, widower of St. Michael, Crooked Lane, London and    Susannah    Quested MBL Nathaniel Quested and Thos Purdy

15 Nov 1768

   William    Pain and    Elizabeth    King Banns Luke Spicer and John Pain

4 Jul 1769

   John    Colville, of Rye, Sussex and    Frances    Waters Banns Richard Dane and Thos Bodkin

7 Oct 1769

   Thomas (x)    Skilton and    Mary (x)    Duncate Banns Robert Cobb and John Skilton

19 Oct 1769

   Lawrence    Austen and    Abigail    Willes Banns Wm Allen and John Vincer

31 Oct 1769

   Richard    Sutton, of Ash and    Mary    Pain MBL George Pain and Ann Sutton

31 Oct 1769

   Henry (x)    Parteck, of Molash and    Ann    Hill Banns John Vane and John Fagg

9 Nov 1769

   John (x)    Hayward, a minor of Crundale and    Susanna (x)    Hukins MBL with consent of Parents, Witnessed: Arthur Hayward and Thomas Simpson

17 Nov 1769

   Robert    Chandler and    Mary    Austen banns John Herring and Thos Bodkin

19 Dec 1769

   Francis    Allard and    Sarah (x)    Norris banns James Allard and Thos Bodkin

10 Jan 1770

   John (x)    Sherwood, of Hastingleigh and    Elizabeth (x)    Nott banns Edward Sherwood and Thos Bodkin

22 Feb 1770

   William    Reynolds, of Eythorn and    Anna Maria    Bachelor MBL Richard Coleman Junr. And Thos Speed

7 Jun 1770

   George    Allen and    Sarah    Vincer Banns Wm Allenand John Vincer

19 Jul 1770

   Joseph    Bosworth and    Mary    Back MBL John Vincer and Thos Bodkin

20 Sep 1770

   Thomas    Weekes and    Elizabeth    Tookey MBL Wm Dann and Watson Tooky

16 Oct 1770

   Thomas (x)    Farley, of Boughton Aluph and    Rebecca (x)    Reynolds Banns John Reynolds and Richard Beeching

18 Oct 1770

   William (x)    Lucas and    Dorothy (x)    Conaghy Banns Thomas Sherwood and Richard Beeching

21 Oct 1770

   Robert (x)    Cobb and    Mary    Jarman Banns Searles Jarman and Richard Beeching

1 Nov 1770

   James    Oliver and    Mary    Elliott MBL Thos Cole and James Godden

13 Dec 1770

   Thomas    Kennett and    Elisabeth    Hudson MBL John Hudson and Richard Coleman

14 Jan 1771

   John    Scrims and    Elisabeth (x)    Lucas MBL Wm Skilton and John Goldup

27 Jan 1771

   Robert    Culling and    Sarah    Worger Banns Richard Bodkin and Richard Worger

30 Jan 1771

   Stephen (x)    Kennett and    Ann (x)    Clark Banns Richard Beeching and Lawrence Austin

11 Apr 1771

   Thomas    Lands and    Elisabeth L.    Clements Banns John Clements and Richard Beeching

11 Jun 1771

   Robert    Fetherstone and    Mary (x)    Austen Banns Thomas Austen and Alice Lawrance

29 Aug 1771

   John    Herring and    Lucy    Slaughter Banns Richard Beeching and John Slaughter

29 Sep 1771

   John    Friend and    Elizabeth    Steed, widow MBL Thos Waters and Richard Beeching

30 Sep 1771

   Stephen (x)    Cook, or Bethersden and    Mary    Part Banns John Bresely and James Joffs(?)

13 Oct 1771

   Lawrence (x)    Crow and    Elisabeth (x)    Kingsland MBL John Terry and Richard Beeching

31 Oct 1771

   William (x)    Goldup and    Mary (x)    Hobday, widow MBL Richard Beeching and John Farress

28 Nov 1771

   William    Bodkin and    Sarah    Wyman MBL Thomas Wyman and Plumer Sandford

10 Feb 1772

   James    Vidgen and    Margaret    Whitehead Banns John Humphrey and Edward Pope

11 Feb 1772

   John    Savage and    Sarah    Inkpen Banns Edward Pettet and Richard Maplesden

19 Apr 1772

   David (x)    Dodd and    Mary (x)    Borton Banns Richard Beeching and Stephen Borton

12 May 1772

   Thomas (x)    Nurley and    Mary (x)    Friend Banns Jane Friend and Richard Beeching

15 Jun 1772

   The Revd. Watson    Tookey, of Exning , Suffolk and    Elizabeth    Tomson MBL Thos Weekes and Philip Parsons Jnr.

9 Oct 1772

   William    Hobday, of Westwell and    Elisabeth    Wraight Banns Joseph Rogers and Thomas Wraight

17 Oct 1772

   Stephen    Tunbridge, of Hastingleigh and    Margaret    Kennett Banns James Kennett and Richard Beeching

30 Dec 1772

   Thomas    Clifford and    Catherine (x)    Coveney Banns Stephen Bilhapp and Cephas Clifford

29 Apr 1773

   John Gurney    Mason, of Brabourne and    Marg    Hobson Banns Thos Kemp and Henry Finch

20 May 1773

   William    Pack and    Jane    Allen Banns Wm Allen and Gorge Pack

12 Jun 1773

   Devereux (x)    Kelly and    Ann    Price Banns John Macey and Richard Beeching

26 Jul 1773

   John    Vincer, of Godmersham and    Elizabeth    Andrews Banns Benjamin Andrews and Richard Coleman

14 Oct 1773

   Henry (x)    Punyer and    Elisabeth (x)    Luckhurst Banns Richard Beeching and Lawrence Austin

19 Oct 1773

   Thomas    Quested, widower and    Elisabeth    Speed, widow MBL David Hughes and Richard Beeching

19 Oct 1773

   Thomas    Dray, of Hythe and    Katherine    Dan MBL William Dan and Richard Beeching

1 Feb 1774

   John (x)    Gibson, of Wingham and    Mary    Kennett Banns John Keeler and Richard Beeching

21 Apr 1774

   William    Denne, of Chilham and    Elisabeth    Dan, widow MBL Nicholas Brett and Edward Denne

28 May 1774

   Edward (x)    Austin, widower and    Elisabeth (x)    Epps Banns Thomas Austin and Mary Epps

12 Oct 1774

   Richard (x)    Smith and    Mary (x)    Haywood MBL William Smith and Richard Beeching

27 Oct 1774

   William    Allen and    Elisabeth    Gretnall Banns William Allen and John Watts

27 Oct 1774

   William    Scott and    Ann (x)    Cook Banns Richard Scott and John Cook

20 Nov 1774

   John (x)    Hawkins and    Elisabeth    Welch Banns Thomas Simpson and Richard Beeching

22 Nov 1774

   David    Handcock and    Jane    Adams Banns John Adams and Daniel Adams

22 Nov 1774

   John    Adams and    Frances    Adams Banns David Adams and John Adams

13 Dec 1774

   Henry (x)    Amos and    Mary (x)    Petts, of Brook MBL John Clements and Wm Skilton

14 Mar 1775

   John    Watts and    Frances    Harrison Banns James Warren jnr. And Samuel Dean

13 Apr 1775

   George (x)    Terry and    Elizabeth (x)    Smeed Banns Richard Burton and Edward Allen

21 Aug 1775

   Joseph    Rigden and    Sarah    Austin Banns Richard Beeching and Robert Chandler

13 Feb 1776

   John (x)    Whale, of Lympne and    Anna Maria    Collins Banns Thomas Whitewood and Richard Beeching

6 Apr 1776

   Thomas    Kemp and    Elizabeth    Law Banns Thos Andrews and Richard Beeching

7 Apr 1776

   Robert (x)    Macey and    Mary    Castle Banns Francis Allen and Richard Beeching

25 Apr 1776

   John    Griggs, of Crundale and    Elizabeth    Austin Banns Wm Allen and James Bartlett

25 Apr 1776

   Henry    Austen and    Elizabeth    Ship Banns James Bartlett and Wm Allen

21 May 1776

   Matthew    Back, of Great Chart and    Elizabeth    Weeller Banns Richard Colemanand John Bishopp

26 Sep 1776

   John    Chittenden, of Hinxhill and    Sarah    Brett MBL Sarah Brett and John Chittenden

11 Nov 1776

   John    Pussey and    Ruth (x)    Rue Banns Laurence Tucker and Richard Beeching

26 Dec 1776

   James (x)    Coveney and    Charity (x)    Pott Banns Richard Vincer and Richard Beeching

17 Apr 1777

   John    Slaughter and    Elizabeth    Part Banns John Part and John Part

24 Apr 1777

   Thomas (x)    Reader and    Mary (x)    Idenden Banns Richard Beeching and Wm Skilton

27 Apr 1777

   Edward    Allen and    Martha (x)    Kingsland Banns Lawrence Crow and Richard Beeching

27 Aug 1777

   James (x)    Lucas and    Elizabeth (x)    Horton Banns Francis Allard and Richard Beeching

25 Dec 1777

   John (x)    Hawkins and    Mary (x)    Macey Banns Wm Dryland and Wm Macey

26 Dec 1777

   John (x)    Cook, of Hastingleigh and    Mary (x)    Coppen Banns Wm Dryland and Richard Beeching

4 Jan 1778

   Samuel    Dean and    Sarah    Watts Banns John Watts and Philip Parsons Jnr.

20 Jan 1778

   George    Rye, of Boughton Aluph and    Elizabeth (x)    Peety Banns Richard Clark and Richard Beeching

28 Aug 1778

   William (x)    Turner and    Mary (x)    Lawrence Banns Edward Farmer and Thomas Jarman

1 Oct 1778

   Thomas    Andrews and    Sarah    Linacre MBL Thos Hiles and Richard Beeching

13 Oct 1778

   James (x)    Whale, of Lympne and    Phoebe (x)    Rolfe Banns William Bourn and Richard Beeching

14 Oct 1778

   Henry    Hart and    Ann (x)    Terry, widow Banns Richard Beeching and Edward Denward(?)

1 Nov 1778

   Henry or Edward    Homewood and    Ann    Hubbard MBL Thomas Hubbard and Thomas Wraight

2 Nov 1778

   James    Vidggen and    Elizabeth (x)    Austin Banns Robert Wood and Richard Beeching

7 Nov 1778

   Henry    Smeed and    Susan    Carr Banns Thomas Sherwood and Richard Beeching

8 Nov 1778

   Nicholas (x)    Swain and    Anna (x)    Terry Banns Stephen Swain and Richard Beeching

9 Nov 1778

   Jesse (x)    Spicer and    Frances (x)    Dungett Banns Thomas Skilton and Richard Beeching

24 Dec 1778

   Stephen    Burton and    Sarah    Fagg Banns Matthew Clements and Thomas Fagg

16 Jan 1779

   William (x)    Austin and    Elizabeth (x)    Dryland Banns William Dryland and Richard Beeching

16 Jun 1779

   James    Histed and    Elizabeth    Knock MBL John Batchelor and Richard Beeching

19 Sep 1779

   John (x)    Truncheon, of Atleston (?) and    Mercy (x)    Macey MBL John Macey and Richard Beeching

10 Oct 1779

   John (x)    Stevens and    Elizabeth (x)    Cooper Banns Wm Dryland and Richard Beeching

21 Oct 1779

   Thomas (x)    Potter, of Sellinge and    Elizabeth    Pearson Banns Stephen Burton and George Kennett

28 Oct 1779

   Thomas (x)    Morris of Elmsted and    Elizabeth    Gillett Banns John Morris and Stephen Burton

31 Dec 1779

   John    Hogben of Sellinge and    Frances    Pack Banns Thomas Pack and John Hogben

3 May 1780

   John    Kingsland and    Catherine    Quested MBL Thomas Quested and Wm Clark

2 Aug 1780

   William    Snepp, of Sellinge and    Sarah (x)    Marsh MBL Jacob Hogbin and Giles Marsh

28 Sep 1780

   John William    Smith of Leeds, Kent and    Rebecca    Sutton MBL Mary Wastell and Richard Beeching

17 Oct 1780

   William    Smith and    Ann    Jarman Banns John Head and Edward Smith

26 Dec 1780

   James    Bartlet and    Mary (x)    Miles, widow MBL Henry Austen and Richard Beeching

30 Dec 1780

   John (x)    Young and    Sarah (x)    Sprat Banns John Sprat and Richard Beeching

4 Jun 1781

   George    Tappenden and    Martha (x)    Divers Banns James Vidgen and Richard Beeching

9 Oct 1781

   John    Sayer and    Catharine (Cathy)    Wraight Banns Andrew Clifford and Thomas Smith

26 Dec 1781

   John    Cleveland and    Martha (x)    Edsall Banns Ralph Churton and Richard Beeching

16 May 1782

   William    Kingsland and    Elizabeth (x)    Chamberlain MBL Wm Bodkin and Richard Beeching

24 Aug 1782

   William    Taylor and    Elizabeth    Shipwash MBL William Shipwash and Thomas Terry

11 Oct 1782

   Joseph (x)    Hawlks, of Chilham and    Sarah (x)    Smeed Banns Thomas Terry and Richard Beeching

17 Oct 1782

   John    Part and    Elisabeth    Gibson Banns John Gibson and Catherine Part

22 Oct 1782

   John    Sweetlove or Mersham and    Elizabeth    Whitewood Banns Offington Banks and John Waters

27 Oct 1782

   John    Goden and    Deborah (x)    Page Banns Richard Beeching and Thos Terry

11 Jan 1783

   Henry    Andrews and    Mary    Moore banns Thos Allen and Richard Beeching

4 Mar 1783

   Edward    Allen and    Mary    Vincer banns Richard Vincer and Daniel Vincer

29 May 1783

   Henry    Trice, of Ashford and    Mary    Part banns John Part and James Bashford

29 May 1783

   George    Morrison, of St. Mary Dover and    Mary    Hughes MBL David Hughes and Thos Terry

7 Oct 1783

   Thomas (x)    Taylor, of Boughton and    Elizabeth (x)    Worral MBL W. Bodkin and Thos Terry

9 Mar 1784

   Henry    Franklyn and    Susan    Bodkin Banns James Oliver Jnr. And Thomas Sutton

11 Apr 1784

   Ralph    Churton and    Sarah    Eastland Banns Jacob Hoglin and Thos Terry

2 May 1784

   Edward    Dane and    Ann    Burden Banns Daniel Vincer and Richard Dane

4 Oct 1784

   George (x)    Taylor and    Sarah    Carr Banns Thomas Carr and Thos Terry

11 Oct 1784

   John (x)    Smith and    Sarah (x)    Goldup Banns Henry punyer and Thos Terry

12 Oct 1784

   John (x)    Austen and    Margaret (x)    Smith Banns Richard Beeching and Thos Terry

16 Oct 1784

   Stephen (x)    Kennett and    Rebecca (x)    Hayward Banns Richard Beeching and Thos Terry

19 Oct 1784

   John (x)    Dungate and    Mary (x)    Over Banns Richard Beeching and Thos Terry

13 Jan 1785

   Edward (x)    Giles and    Mary    Heritage Banns Richard Beeching and Thos Terry

5 Mar 1785

   William    Marsh and    Rachel (x)    Gibbons Banns Giles Marsh and Thos Terry

12 Apr 1785

   John Lawrence (x)    Lee and    Martha (x)    Cleveland Banns Thomas Pincher and Thos Terry

3 May 1785

   Richard    Vincer and    Mary    Skilton Banns Stanley Epps and Richard Beeching

28 Jun 1785

   John    Pain and    Marey    Turly Banns William Knock and Thos Terry

9 Jul 1785

   Francis (x)    Miller and    Mary    Pettit Banns William Knock an Richard Dane

15 Aug 1785

   John (x)    Griggs and    Sarah    Turley Banns John Vincer and John Pain

10 Nov 1785

   William    Simpson and    Sarah (x)    Hills Banns Richard Beeching and Thos Terry

14 Feb 1786

   Henry    Willcock and    Elizabeth (x)    Davies Banns Henry Carter and Thos Terry

17 Apr 1786

   Richard    Dane and    Elizabeth    Ells [Else] Banns Moses Epps and Thos Terry

10 Jun 1786

   William    Snelling and    Sarah    Allen Banns W.Allen and Ann Allen

2 Aug 1786

   George Lewis    Willis and    Cathring    Rayner Banns William Conyers and Richard Beeching

12 Aug 1786

   George    Pack and    Elizabeth    Fincher Banns John Hills and John Holton

10 Nov 1786

   Thomas (x)    Smith and    Elizabeth (x)    Kennett Banns William Kennett and Thos Terry

12 Nov 1786

   Thomas    Page, of Godmersham and    Mary (x)    Bush MBL James Vidgen and Henry Andrews

23 Dec 1786

   Joseph    Gaige and    Ann    Boughton Banns Edmond Hart and Thos Terry

4 Feb 1787

   Robert (x)    Raisdown, of Waltham and    Ruth    Kingsland Banns Thos Terry and Richard Beeching

11 Feb 1787

   William    Allen and    Mary    Smart MBL David Handcock and Jane Handcock

9 Apr 1787

   Charles    Haywood and    Thomasine    Foreman Banns Robert Elliott and Thos Terry

10 Apr 1787

   Edward    Kingsford , of Littlebourn and    Elizabeth    Kennett MBL William Kennett and J. Kingsford

6 May 1787

   John (x)    White, of St. Pauls Canterbury and    Ann    Austen Banns John Austen and Thos Terry

1 Dec 1787

   John (x)    Over and    Ann    Rayner Banns John Dunnet and Thos Terry

8 Dec 1787

   Thomas    Willcock, of Boughton Aluph and    Martha    Simpson Banns Stephen Willcock and Frances Mary Willcock

22 Dec 1787

   John (x)    Rayner, of Crundale and    Mary (x)    Webb Banns Richard Beeching and Thos Terry

29 Dec 1787

   Moses (x)    Fryar and    Elizabeth (x)    Allard Banns Thos Terry and Richard Beeching

3 Feb 1788

   Thomas    Coleman, of Gofmersham and    Martha    Blake MBL Thos Terry and Richard Beeching

24 Feb 1788

   William (x)    Wood and    Mary    Smithson Banns John Pussey and Thos Terry

13 Apr 1788

   Edward (x)    Haywood, of Brabourne and    Ann (x)    Lyon Banns James Coveney and Thos Terry

26 Apr 1788

   John    Hills and    Catherine    Part Banns John Burtonshaw and Daniel Boys

10 Jul 1788

   Thomas    Andrews, widower and    Susanna    Reede MBL Samuel Reed and John Reed

28 Jul 1788

   Samuel    Booth and    Abigail    Austen, widow Banns Thomas Honedge and Thos Terry

13 Oct 1788

   Robert    Fisher, of Newington and    Mary (x)    Sealy Banns Thos Terry and Richard Beeching

25 Oct 1788

   Henry    Clements and    Sarah    Kennett Banns Mary Gambrill and Stephen Birch

3 Mar 1789

   John    Kemp and    Elizabeth    Denward Banns William Adams and Thomas Sutton

25 May 1789

   Daniel    Vincer and    Elizabeth    Jarmarn MBL John Vincer and J. Back

16 Jul 1789

   Richard    Sankey, of Milton and    Elizabeth    Kennett MBL Richard Kennett andRichard Kennett Jnr.

6 Aug 1789

   John    Bashford and    Abigail (x)    Webb Banns William Young and Thos Terry

6 Aug 1789

   Robert    Parsons and    Frances    Hughes MBL David Hughes and Elizabeth Parsons

14 Oct 1789

   Samuel (x)    Cassel and    Elizabeth (x)    Monday Banns Hannah Munday and Thos Terry

29 Oct 1789

   James    Banks and    Elizabeth    Banks Banns Stephen Banks and Richard Beeching

7 Jan 1790

   Kennett    Packman, of Sellinge and    Mary    Laming MBL William Laming and R. Packman [the] elder.

11 Apr 1790

   William (x)    Macey and    Mary (x)    Smith, widow Banns Stephen Banks and Samuel Haywood

24 Jul 1790

   William    Ladd and    Elizabeth (x)    Hawkins Banns John Hawkins and William Hawkins

6 Oct 1790

   William    Wright and    Elizabeth    Simpson Banns Thomas Simpson and Thos Terry

12 Oct 1790

   George (x)    Banks and    Elizabeth (x)    Whitehead Banns Humphrey Banks and Thos Terry

27 Oct 1790

   Charles    Chipperfield and    Eleanor    Herring, of Archbishop's Palace, Canterbury Banns Mary Herring and J.L. Oliver jnr.

7 Nov 1790

   Thomas    Hobday and    Mary (x)    Kennett Banns Stephen Burton and Edward Smith

20 Nov 1790

   William (x)    Uden and    Mary    Cook Banns Thomas Butcher and Thos Terry

23 Nov 1790

   Stephen    Divers and    Sarah    May Banns Mary May and Thos Terry

25 Dec 1790

   Daniel (x)    Brooks and    Margaret (x)    Branchet Banns Thos Terry and Edward Allen

25 Dec 1790

   Henry (x)    Hoare and    Penelope (x)    Heritage Banns Thos Terry and Edward Allen

8 Mar 1791

   Charles    Luckhurst and    Ann (x)    Apps Banns Thos Terry and Edward Allen

15 Oct 1791

   William    Hawkins and    Sarah    Smith Banns William Ladd and Thos Terry

29 Nov 1791

   Thomas    Waters , of Elmsted and    Frances    Vincer Banns Daniel Vincer and Edward Vincer

5 Jan 1792

   John    Holyland, of St Mary Somerset, City of London and    Ann    Back MBL Joseph Bosworth and Mary Matson

22 May 1792

   George    Smith, of Meopham and    Rebecca    Brett MBL Frances Haywood, Elizabeth Smith, Thos Brett, Thos Terry, Margaret Hok

29 Aug 1792

   Jeffery    Friend, of Brookland and    Sarah (x)    Breades MBL Daniel Simmond and Amos Weaver

16 Sep 1792

   George    Leggett and    Jane    Warner MBL Samuel Warner and Thos Terry

21 Oct 1792

   George (x)    Hayward, of Crundale and    Ann (x)    Hawlks Banns George Halks and James Halks

26 Dec 1792

   William (x)    Iddenden and    Mary (x)    Skelton Banns Richard Austin and Thos Terry

27 Dec 1792

   James    Oliver and    Katherine    Perkins MBL George Parkin and Richard Parkin

13 Feb 1793

   John (x)    Marsh and    Rachel (x)    Taylor Banns Wm Marsh and Thos Terry

10 Oct 1793

   Abraham    Fright and    Mary    Vidgen Banns James Vidgen and John Vidgen

12 Oct 1793

   Isaac (x)    Jones and    Sarah (x)    Smith Banns Thomas Smith and Thos Terry

12 Nov 1793

   Thomas    Greenstreet of Godmersham and    Sarah (x)    Taylor Banns Samuel Haywood and Thos Terry

19 Dec 1793

   William (x)    Crittle and    Jane    Austen Banns John Austen and Thos Terry

13 Feb 1794

   John    Bodkin, of St. Mildred Canterbury and    Mary Ann    Terry Banns Thos Terry and Wm Terry

3 Mar 1794

   John    Jones and    Ann    Punyer Banns Henry Ffurr and Thos Terry

13 Mar 1794

   John    Hutchinson, of St, George, Canterbury and    Elizabeth    Warner MBL George Leggett and Thos Terry

24 Apr 1794

   George    Manger and    Abigail    Fowler Banns Thos Terry and Thos Terry Jnr.

29 May 1794

   Robert    Terry and    Mary    Burton Banns Thos Terry and Nathaniel Pilcher

31 Jul 1794

   John    Foster, of Charing and    Elizabeth    Clements MBL Stephen Burton and Thos Terry

11 Oct 1794

   Thomas (x)    Smith and    Sarah    Stickard Banns W. Tappenden and Thos Terry

11 Oct 1794

   John    Norris and    Ann    Smith Banns W. Tappenden and Thos Terry

25 Oct 1794

   John    Wood, of Boughton Aluph and    Susanna (x)    Hills Banns William Wood and Thomas Hills

6 Jan 1795

   John (x)    Goldup and    Susanna (x)    Rolfe Banns Thomas Goldup and Thos Terry

15 Jan 1795

   Thomas    Carr, of Seasalter and    Sarah    Chittenden MBL Humphery Chittenden and Thos T.n...

17 Jan 1795

   Richard (x)    Clover and    Frances (x)    Ladd Banns Thos Ladd and Thos Terry

20 Jan 1795

   Richard    Collard, of St Peters. Thanet and    Sarah    Allen MBL Austen Allen and William Collard

23 Feb 1795

   James    Godden and    Mary (x)    Hobday Banns John Rayner and Thos Terry

3 Aug 1795

   Matthew    Gillman, of St Mary Breden, Canterbury and    Mary    Bodkin MBL Samuel Warner and Sarah Heritage

13 Aug 1795

   William    Coleman, of Maidstone and    Elizabeth    Weeks MBL Thomas Weekes and William Terry

12 Oct 1795

   James (x)    Allard and    Mary    Vidgen Banns Francis Allard and Thos Terry

22 Nov 1795

   William (x)    White, of Boughton Aluph and    Ann    Cobb Banns Robert Cobb and Susan Jarman

23 Nov 1795

   Robert    Hitchings and    Mary    Hunt Banns Daniel Vincer and Amy Spice

4 Jan 1796

   George    Tappenden and    Mary (x)    Dryland Banns W. Hill and Thos Terry

24 Apr 1796

   Esprit    Richelme and    Elizabeth (x)    Rayner Banns Edward Rayner and Edward Rayner

7 May 1796

   Jessee    Tanton and    Ann (x)    Austin Banns William Cox and Samuel Pettet [** this is Jesse Tanton who was brutally murdered two years later by Stephen Pott who was hanged for the crime]

5 Aug 1796

   George (x)    Mummery and    Margaret (x)    Gailor banns William Dryland and Thos Terry

11 Oct 1796

   Thomas (x)    Smith and    Mary (x)    Over banns Isaac Lands and Thos Terry

19 Oct 1796

   Charles    Haywood and    Mary    Kennett banns George Parkin and Mary Dane

31 Oct 1796

   John (x)    Partridge and    Elisabeth (x)    Steel Banns George Sharpe and Thos Terry

17 Nov 1796

   Samuel    Pettit and    Elisabeth    Austen Banns Jessee Tanton and Thomas Lands

21 Feb 1796

   John (x)    Foord and    Eleanor    Roberts MBL Thos Terry and Thomas Thorpe

13 Jun 1797

   James (x)    Brenchley and    Mary    Wraight MBL John Bensted and Thos Terry

11 Jul 1797

   Thomas (x)    Dodd and    Charlotte (    Down MBL Joseph Hinks, James Vidgen, and John Part

13 Jul 1797

   James    Willson, of St Andrews, Plymouth, Devon and    Katherine    Kennett (a minor) MBL William Kennett and John Sidton (with consent of Richard Kennett her father)

6 Sep 1797

   William    Wright and    Susan (x)    Crow Banns Thos Terry and Leonard Watcher

18 Oct 1797

   William    Sutton, of Boughton Aluph and    Deborah    Warner MBL Thomas Kennett and John Warner

26 Nov 1797

   Jonathan    Dyason, of Stowting and    Elizabeth (x)    Pratt Banns John Sankey and Jane Spratt

5 May 1798

   Jesse (x)    Jones, of Boughton Aluph and    Frances (x)    Finch Banns Joseph Jones and Thos Terry

19 Nov 1798

   James    Hawkes and    Mary    Clements Banns Henry Clements and Elizabeth Mildred Morris

20 Nov 1798

   John    Lepper, of Stepney, Middlesex and    Mary    Herring Banns Charles Chipperfield and William Herring

26 Nov 1798

   Samuel Pemble    Taylor and    Mary    Nower MBL Daniel Elliott and Thos Terry

10 Jul 1799

   William    Hawkins, widower and    Elizabeth    Barrett Banns William Hill and Thos Terry

13 Jul 1799

   Francis (x)    Allard and    Mary (x)    Pott Banns Edward Allen and William Terry

13 Jul 1799

   John (x)    Goldup and    Susanna (x)    Waters Banns Henry Goldup and William Terry

27 Jul 1799

   George    Knock and    Ann (x)    Vidgeon Banns Edward Allen and John Earl

2 Oct 1799

   John Searls    Ladd and    Sarah    Quested MBL Thomas Quested and Mary Kingsford

12 Oct 1799

   John (x)    Dodd, of Chartham and    Elizabeth    Hayward Banns Henry Smitson and Thomas Hayward

15 Oct 1799

   George    Howard and    Sarah (x)    Walke Banns Thomas Howard and William Howard

16 Oct 1799

   William (x)    Dodd, of Brabourne and    Sarah (x)    Tabraham Banns Henry Smeed and James Terry

2 Nov 1799

   John    Hayward and    Mary    Whitewood Banns William Whitewood and Sarah Whitewood

7 Nov 1799

   George (x)    Frost and    Ann (x)    Clifford Banns James Vidgen and Thomas Clifford

11 Nov 1799

   William    Quinnell and    Elisabeth (x)    Hogben Banns G.F. Willis and Thos Terry

16 Dec 1799

   William    Dan and    Amy    Standford MBL Samuel Austen and James Dan

23 Dec 1799

   Edward    Vincer and    Ann    Goodwin MBL John Vincer and Harlena Goodwin

17 Aug 1800

   Thomas    Goldup and    Sarah (x)    Baldock Banns John Goldup and John Chapman

11 Oct 1800

   James (x)    Day, of Challock and    Elizabeth (x)    Elliott Banns Henry Elliott and Thos Terry

18 Oct 1800

   Henry    Smithson, of Waltham and    Margaret (x)    Dray Banns Thos Terry and William Dray