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Wye, Kent Marriages 1901-1917

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Abbreviations: (x) = signed with a cross or other symbol / usually indicating illiteracy
                    Cant. = Canterbury  
                    Full Age=over 21 years
                    MBL = Married by Licence / Banns = Marriage after Banns
                    B/W = Bachelor or Widower 
                    S/W = Spinster or Widow
Please scroll to the right for more details from each marriage record, the grids are wider than usual.



 Year   GROOM  SURNAME Full Age B
PARISH of GROOM FATHER of the GROOM [Occupation]  .    BRIDE  SURNAME Full Age S
14 Feb 1901 George Edward    REED 28   B Coachman Hawkhurst Henry Reed
&    Louisa    COOPER 27   S . Wye Thomas Cooper
Banns Jewitt Harvey, Henry Charles Dodd
9 Apr 1901 Charles Edward    LUCKHURST 23   W Millers Labourer Wye Alfred Luckhurst
&    Alice Jane    HEAD 29   W . Wye Richard Poot
[Trimmers Assistant]
Banns William Gilbert, Dinah Poot
9 Jul 1901    Henry    HUBBARD 30   B Gardener Wye [blank] Hubbard
& Harriet Maria ARBERRY(?) 21   S . Wye William Arbery
[Lath Render]
Banns John Bond, Elizabeth Deamer(?)
29 Aug 1901 Alfred George    GOWAR 27   B Smith Willesborough George Gower
& Edith Caroline    DODD 28   S . Wye John Dodd
Banns George Gower, John Dodd
4 Sep 1901 Thomas Charles    MATTHEWS 28   B Clerk Greenwich Thomas James Matthews
[Medical Dispenser]
& Mary Elizabeth    CULLEN 25   S . Wye Edwin Cullen
Banns Thomas James Matthews, Edwin Cullen
12 Oct 1901    Harry    AMOS 29   B Mechanic Wye Jesse Amos -deceased
[Farm Labourer]
&    Alice Amelia    BASSON 27   S . Wye Frederick Basson
[Plate Layer]
Banns Frederick Basson, Adelaide Matilda Cursey
21 Dec 1901    William    GODDEN 30   B Carter Saltwood William Godden
[Ag Lab]
& Frances Elizabeth    TAMSETT 26   S . Challock Isiah Tamsett
Banns William (x) Godden, Annie Mary Tamsett
25 Jan 1902    William James    CHAPMAN 34   B Labourer Wye Thomas Chapman
[Market Gardener]
&    Lucy Ann    BRETT 25   S . Wye Nathaniel Pack Brett
Banns Nathaniel Pack Brett, Ellen Rose Brett
15 Feb 1902    George    WINDER 21   B Carter Wye John Winder -deceased
&    Grace Mary    MALLION 20   S . Wye William Henry Mallion
Banns George Epps, Chrissie Winder
29 Mar 1902    Edward George    HAYWARD 38   B Labourer Wye Edward Hayward -deceased
&    Charlotte    TAYLOR 53   W . Wye Edward Sawkins -deceased
Banns William Sawkins, Louise Yates
5 Apr 1902    Henry    WINDER 24   B Labourer Wye John Winder -deceased
&    Ethel Harriett    ROALFE 18   S . Wye James Roalfe -deceased
Banns Thomas Wilson, Cissie Winder
17 Apr 1902    William Henry    HITCHCOCK 28   B Coachman Wye George Hitchcock
&    Emily Elizabeth    PRICE 26   S . Wye Thomas Price
Banns Henry George Hitchcock, Sarah Hitchcock
26 Jun 1902    Edward George    GILBERT 26   B Moulder Wye Thomas Gilbert
&    Edith Jane    PEMBLE 21   S . Wye John Pemble
Banns John Pemble, E Batte, Beatric M Lewis
25 Aug 1902    Harry    O'CONNOR 30   B Cable Manufacturer Wye Harry O'Connor
&    Eliza    PACKMAN 29   S . Wye William Packman
Banns John Gamaon Greenstreet, Lizzie Greenstreet
6 Sep 1902    Arthur    DUNSTER 31   B Coachmaker Ashford John Dunster
&    Ellen Maude    AUSTEN 26   S . Wye Elias Austen
Banns George Alfred Jones, Mary Dunster, Elias Austen
8 Oct 1902    Henry    HOLMANS 29   B Labourer Wye William Holmans
&    Eliza Kate    WHITE 21   S . Wye Thomas White
Banns W. Holmans, Louise Ellen Howard
11 Oct 1902    John    VILE 33   B Labourer Wye Thomas Vile
&    Cissie    WINDER 21   S . Wye John Winder - deceased
Banns J Wilson, N. Winder
8 Dec 1902    Stephen William    HISEMAN 21   B Signal Man Wye Stephen Waters Hiseman
[Gas Stoker]
&    Lucy    LINKINS 24   S . Wye William Linkins
Banns William Vane, Alice Heisman
21 Dec 1902    James Thomas    JONES 21   B Labourer Wye James Jones
&    Alice Victoria    ALLEN 21   S . Wye Thomas Alfred Allen
Banns William John Tilbee, Mary Jane Tilbee
21 Feb 1903    John Alfred    POTTS 32   B Carrier Challock Alfred Potts
&    Rosa Ann    TAMSETT 33   S . Challock Isiah Tamsett
Banns Arthur Tapley, Alice Eliza Tamsett
6 Jun 1903    Albert    LACEY 27   B Sadler Margate Joseph Frederick Lacey
&    Hilda    ALLARD 26   S . Wye William Allard -deceased
Banns Ernest Edward Allard, Henrietta Allard
5 Aug 1903    John    FOREMAN 32   B Labourer Wye Thomas Henry Foreman
&    Annie Catharine    BROWNING 26   S . Wye George Alfred Browning
Banns George Alfred Browning, G. Gorber
4 Nov 1903    Walter    POILE 32   B Drapers Assistant Lydd Frank Polie
&    Julia Walker    TANNER 29   S . Lydd John Tanner
[Foreman Painter]
Banns Walter Richard Slaughter, Frederick Walter Slaughter, Rosamond Slaughter
25 Dec 1903    Edgar    JARRETT 29   B Baker Maidstone Allen Jarrett
&    Alice Susannah    BRICE 25   S . Wye Daniel Brice
Banns Sydney Jarret, Carrie Sutton
25 Dec 1903    Frank Herbert    PEPPER 21   B Labourer Wye Thomas Pepper
[Farm Bailiff]
&    Ellen    WILSON 21   S . Wye John Wilson
Banns Thomas Wilson, Edith Wilson
13 Jan 1904    Frank John Latty    GODDEN 25   B Rail Ticket Collector St Leonards Frank Godden
&    Annie    BATHURST 21   S . Wye Stephen Bathurst
Banns Edith Harriet Godden, John Henry Spice, Elizabeth Rose Bathurst
24 Aug 1904 Frederick Stephen    SLINGSBY 30   B Accountants Clerk Ashford John Slingsby
&    Annie Laura    STONHAM 26   S . Wye Alexander Stonham
Banns Alexander Stonham, Constance Kate Stonham, Maud Stonham, Percy William Slingsby
12 Sep 1904    Edward James    PALMER 27   B Missioner Sheffield Thomas William Palmer -deceased
&    Alice Mary    GODDEN 37   S . Wye Edward Godden
Banns Horace Frederick Collins, Ellen Taylor
24 Sep 1904    Thomas William    OWEN 26   B Engine Driver Wye Charkes Owen
[Signal fitter]
&    Rose Agnes    LANCASTER 22   S . Wye James Lancaster -deceased
Banns Henry James Allen, Mary Allen
26 Oct 1904    Richard James    JORDAN 37   W Engineer Walmer James Thomas Jordan
[Pilot (marine)]
&    Marian    BACK 33   S . Wye John Back
Banns C.A. Warner, Rosamond Back, John Back, Kate Alice Back
31 Dec 1904    George Thomas    ALLARD 33   B Labourer Wye John Allard
&    Flora Edith    THORPE 23   S . Wye James Christopher Thorpe
Banns James Christopher Thorpe, Eleanor Frances Allard
5 Mar 1905    John (x)    HODGES 40   B Labourer Wye John Hodges
&    Edith Alice Caroline    FAGG 27   S . Wye John Fagg
Banns Thomas Worrell, Eliza Celia Joy
29 Apr 1905    Sidney William    ALLARD 27   B Labourer Wye John Allard
&    Ellen Elizabeth    DARRELL 24   S . Wye Thomas Darrell
Banns Thomas Darrell , Eva Darrell
8 Jul 1905    William Thomas    WRATTEN 22   B Bootmaker Hythe Thomas Samuel Wratten -deceased
&    Lavinia Ellen    LAWRENCE 23   S . Wye Henry Robert Lawrence
Banns Thomas Johnson, Charles Henry Law
2 Aug 1905    Ernest John    HYLAND 29   B Postman Willesborough Edwin Hyland
[Boiler Attendant]
&    Emily Benedicta    SHRUBSHALL 29   S . Wye Thomas Shrubshall -deceased
Banns George Goldup, Annie E Shrubshall
12 Sep 1905    Thomas Baglin    WHITE 27   B Draper Ramsgate James White
&    Ellen Lucy    WOOD 23   S . Wye Frederick John Wood -deceased
Banns Joseph James White, Mary Baglin White
20 Sep 1905 Ernest James John    NEWMAN 24   B Decorator Folkestone Henry Newman
&    Mary Ann    LINKINS 21   S . Wye Edwin Linkins
Banns Edwin Linkins, Theodosia Mary Linkins
30 Sep 1905    Thomas Edward    HUCKSTEPP 35   B Labourer Wye Edward Huckstepp
&    Harriette Selina    ALLARD 38   S . Waltham John Allard
Banns Sidney William Allard, Eleanor Frances Allard
18 Oct 1905    Alfred    FAGG 25   B Farmer Elmsted George Fagg
&    Ellen Beatrice    MUNTON 21   S . Wye Henry Munton
Banns Mary Ann Fagg, Edith Fagg
13 Dec 1905    Thomas Charles    NEWPORT 28   B Labourer Wye William Newport -deceased
&    Ada Beatrice    WILLIAMS 24   S . Wye Henry Williams -deceased
Banns Sidney Newport, Ernest Adams
7 Jan 1906 James Christopher    THORPE 47   W Labourer Wye James Thorpe - deceased
&    Margaret    SHARLAND 49   W . Wye John Wright Pollock - deceased
Banns Thomas Brenchley, Annie Eliza Brenchley
21 Feb 1906    John    BROOKS 34   B Draper Southsea Joseph John Brooks -deceased
&    Kate Alice    BACK 25   S . Wye John Back
Banns Alfred Cames Dunning, Ethel Back
21 Apr 1906    Frank    LEPPER 29   B Royal Navy Wye William Henry Lepper
& Margaret Elizabeth    RAINS 28   S . Naccolt William Rains
Banns Annie Josephine Rains, William Rains,Jessie Lepper
10 May 1906    William Albert    ROSE 30   B Railway Clerk Erith William Henry Rose
[Station Master]
&    Ellen Mary    THORPE 26   S . Wye Thomas William Thorpe
Banns William Reynolds, Alice Jane Reynolds
3 Sep 1906    Herbert    HELEY 26   B Confectioner Aylesbury, Bucks Thomas Heley
[Commercial Traveler]
&    Lilian Maude Mary    ADAMS 25   S . Wye John Adams
Banns T.A.R. Heley, Ammie Hill Fagg
15 Sep 1906    Thomas Walter    PAYNE 23   B Carriage Cleaner Kennington Thomas Payne
&    Edith Alice Caroline    WILSON 21   S . Wye John Wilson
Banns William John Wilson, Lucy Margaret Payne
19 Nov 1906    William    HOLLANDS 24   B Rail Guard Lewisham Edward Hollands
&    Annie Caroline    BAILEY 25   S . Wye George Thomas Bailey
Banns Albert Edward Hollands, Ellen Annie Hollands
28 Jan 1907    William John    BEAN 26   B Royal Navy Wye William John Bean
&    Elizabeth Jane    BRETT 26   S . Wye Nathanael Jack Brett
Banns Richard Brett, Ellen Rose Brett
2 Feb 1907    Cecil Walter    KERRISON 24   B Labourer Molash Arthur Henry Kerrison -deceased
&    Agnes Mary    BLOOMFIELD 28   W . Wye Richard Scott
Banns Victoria Wilkins, Luke Nathaniel Amos
25 May 1907    Henry Percy    PENNELLS 31   B Game Keeper Wye John Pennells
&    Amy Caroline    HALLAWAY 26   S . Wye Stephen Hallaway
Banns William Herbert Pennells, Laura Nokes
5 Jun 1907 Charles Abraham    WARNER 25   B Butcher Woking Alfred Warner
&    Rosamond    BACK 28   S . Wye John Back
Banns John Back, Ethel Back
24 Sep 1907    Percival Thomas    HYDER 23   B Clerk Wye Charles Hyder
&    Alberta Louisa Elizabeth Ann    BROOKS 23   S . Wye Walter Frederick Brooks
Banns Ethelbert Birch, Mabel Miriam Ryder
13 Oct 1907    George William    FILES 25   B Labourer Challock Richard File
& Frances Elizabeth    PEPPER 27   S . Wye Charles Martin Pepper
Banns Edward John Coleman, Rose Pepper
14 Oct 1907    Ernest Isaac    SCOTT 30   B Labourer Wye Richard Scott
&    Rose    THORPE 21   S . Wye James Christopher Thorpe
Banns John Barham, Alice Edith Thorpe
16 May 1908    Albert William    GOLDSMITH 22   B Royal Navy Wye Albert Goldsmith
&    Ruth Sarah    BASSON 29   S . Staines, Middlesex Frederick Basson
[Plate Layer]
Banns Frederick Basson, Gertrude Basson
2 Nov 1908    John William    REEVES 31   B Groom Wye William Reeves -deceased
&    Agnes Emma    EDWARDS 27   S . Wye William Edwards
Banns William Edward, Caroline Alice Edwards
12 Apr 1909    John    JORDAN 24   B Loader Wye John Jordan
[Groom Gardener]
&    Sarah Elizabeth    BUTCHER 30   S . Wye Frederick Charles Butcher -deceased
Banns A. Martinmas, Ida Jordan
28 Apr 1909    Arthur    MORTON 24   B Soldier Wye George Thomas Morton -deceased
&    Lillian Mary    WORRELL 20   S . Wye Thomas Worrell
Banns Percy Edwin Wildish, Rosa Sarah Worrell
13 Apr 1909    Edward    BALLARD 24   B Labourer Charing George Ballard
&    Emma Daisy    BURCHETT 24   S . Wye George Burchett -deceased
Banns Jane Burchett, Rose Emily Burchett
13 May 1909    Henry    HOLBROOK 33   B Farmer Nottingham William Holbrook
&    Lilian    KENNETT 31   S . Wye George Kennett -deceased
Banns W.B. Skeltonm E. M Clarabut
19 Jun 1909    Stephen    CHITTENDEN 41   B Tilemaker Naccolt Abraham Chittenden
&    Annie    WICKHAM 38   S . Ashford Thomas Wickham
[Farm Bailiff]
Banns Arthur Chittenden, Isabella Hawke
26 Jun 1909    Charles    ARGENT 31   B Royal Marines Chatham George Argent -deceased
&    Ida Mary    JORDAN 29   S . Chatham John Jordan
[Groom Gardener]
Banns John Jordan, Alice Elizabeth Jordan
1 Aug 1909    George    MASKELL 21   B Labourer Wye John Maskell
&    Mabel Elizabeth    CLAYSON 20   S . Wye Arthur John Clayson - deceased
Banns Arthur Morton, John Pemble
23 Sep 1909    Harry Austin    CROUCHER 23   B Labourer Wye Henry Croucher
&    Louisa Hannah    ELLEN 21   S . Wye Thomas Edward Ellen
Banns Thomas Edward Ellen, Mable Ellen
16 Oct 1909    John    TANTON 52   W Labourer Wye George Tanton -dceased
&    Sarah    COOK 54   W . Wye James Elton -deceased
Banns Thomas Frederick Butcher, Mary Jane Curd
26 Mar 1910    John William Leonard    FOSTER 29   B Soldier Aldershot John Foster -deceased
&    Lizzie    GREENSTREET 25   S . Wye Tom Gammon Greenstreet
Banns George Carter, Tom Gammon Greenstreet, Susanna Greenstreet, Elizabeth Greenstreet
4 Jun 1910    Arthur    HAIZELDEN 24   B Stationer Chatham William Alfred Haizelden
& Jannett Charlotte    MASKELL 23   S . Wye William Thomas Maskell
Banns Henry Maskell, Mary Maskell, Susan Maskell
11 Jul 1910    John    BOYS 28   B Gardener Wye William Kennett Boys
[Wood Dealer]
&    Maud Florence    PIERSON 30   S . Wye Robert Thomas White Pierson
Banns Robert Pierson, Henrietta Moss
29 Oct 1910    Archibald John    PEATTIE 28   B Royal Navy Wye James Peattie
&    Florence Mary    NORWOOD 27   S . Wye [blank] Banns Frederick Clarke Peattie, Annie May Norwood
26 Dec 1910    Ernest Charles    JONES 22   B Painter Hythe Charles Jones
&    Isabel    CHITTENDEN 18   S . Wye Frederick Chittenden -deceased
Banns John Thomas Wratten
14 Jan 1911    James    PALMER 37   B Joiner Bulford Camp,Wiltshire Thomas Palmer -deceased
&    Theodosia Mary    LINKINS 26   S . Wye Thomas Linkins - deceased
Banns Jane Linkins, Archibald Hall
25 Sep 1911    William Arthur    COOPER 25   B Pattern Maker Dover James Cooper
&    Elizabeth    HOWARD 26   S . Wye [blank] Banns Frederick William Howard, Annie Florence Cooper
28 Oct 1911    Frederick    FERRIDGE 28   B Grazier Brook Thomas Ferridge
&    Annie Josephine    RAINS 28   S . Wye William Rains
Banns William Rains, Charles Isaac Rains
29 Nov 1911    Frederic Edward    KNIGHT 53   W Provision Merchant Purley Edward Knight
&    Alice Malins    PEARMAN 26   S . Wye James Robert Pearman
[Station Master]
Banns George Harry Hopton Geer, Muriel Ella Pearman, Walker Booth
6 Apr 1912 Freeman Thomas    SMART 23   B Bricklayer Wingham Norman Smart
&    Susanna    GREENSTREET 23   S . Wye Tom Gammon Greenstreet
Banns Tom Gammon Greenstreet, Ernest J Smart
8 Apr 1912    William John Norrington    WARD 29   B Farmer Wye William Ward
&    Lilian    BRICE 22   S . Wye Daniel Brice
Banns Ernest Keleey Brice, Harold Gordon Wright
25 Apr 1912    Lewis    SUTTON 38   B Saddler Wye Frederick William Sutton
&    Louise Ellen    HOWARD 37   S . Wye mother not married Banns Louisa Alice Howard, Edwin George Greenstreet
3 Aug 1912    Charles Henry    HUMMERSTONE 26   B Police Constable Kilburn James Hummerstone
&    Daisy Jane    WORRELL 20   S . Wye Thomas Worrell
Banns Joseph Frederick Hummerstone, Rose Sarah Worrell
3 Oct 1912 Frederick Wallace    GATLAND 23   B Game Keeper Hollingbourn Moses Gatland
[Game Keeper]
&    Mabel Verina    RIDEOUT 25   S . Naccolt William Rideout
Banns William Riseout, Sybil Mildred Rideout
11 Jan 1913    Harry Alfred    BULL 21   B SignalMan Wye Harry Bull
[Signal Man]
&    Ethel Louise    GODDEN 22   S . Wye Edward Godden
Banns Edward Godden, Alice Mary Palmer
27 Jan 1913    John Edward    PENNELLS 36   W Labourer Wye John Pennells
&    Kate Catherine    CLARKE 31   S . St. Mary Bredin, Cant. Herbert William Clarke -deceased
Banns Jessie Clarke, Catherine Sarah Cooper
4 Feb 1913    Edward William    BACK 27   B Chauffeur St George, Cant. James Back
[Licensed Victualler]
&    Rosamond    SLAUGHTER 29   S . Wye Frederick Walter Slaughter
Banns Frederick Walter Slaughter, Ada Slaughter, Stephen Norman Godfrey
8 Feb 1913 Frederick Thomas    EXCELL 41   B Coachman Ramsgate Thomas Excell -deceased
[Farm Bailiff]
&    Mary Elizabeth    PILCHER 30   S Laundress Wye George Pilcher -deceased
Banns Emily Ada Dore, Henry Wilson Thorpe
24 Mar 1913    Harry Percy    BURCHETT 28   B Wye College Porter Wye John Burchett
&    Rose Sarah    WORRELL 22   S . Wye Thomas Worrell
Banns James Ernest Field, Florence Jeffrey, William Hayward
24 Apr 1913    John Charles    CARPENTER 26   B Engine Driver Wye John Carpenter
&    Annie Beatrice    WHITCOMBE 21   S . Charing James Whitcombe
[Basket Maker]
Banns Stephen James Whitcombe, Alice Caroline Carpenter
19 Nov 1913    Harry    BUTCHER 31   B Sergeant Royal Marines Walmer Jethro Butcher
&    Frances Florence Ellen    CATT 25   S Dom Serv Wye John Catt - deceased
Banns John Quinn, Mabel Irene Catt
21 Feb 1914 John Allan Freeman    MAIR 27   B Lieut. E. Yorks Regt Udimore, Sussex John George Mair-Rumley
[Gentleman M.I.C.E]
&    Eileen Edith    RUCKLING 26   S . Wye Christian Ruckling -deceased?
Banns John George Mair Rumley, Edith Helen Ruckling, L. Helena Mair-Rumley
11 Apr 1914    George    MUDDLE 28   B French Polisher Bristol George Muddle
&    Annie Elizabeth    CHEESEMAN 28   S Dressmaker Wye Robert Cheeseman
Banns Frank Strover, Ellen Jane Cheeseman, Robert Cheeseman, Hilda Mary Cheeseman
14 Apr 1914    Ernest Dudley    STUPLEY 28   B Coachmaker Willesborough Jesse Henry Stupley
&    Amy    FAGG 27   S . Wye Thomas Fagg
Banns Charles William Pepper, Beatrice Fagg
15 Apr 1914    Joseph    HALEY 23   B Chauffeur Little Chart Joseph Haley
&    Lilan Alice    BARGE 25   S . Wye Henry John Barge -deceased
Banns Wilfred Haley, Bessie Maud Barge, Fred Edenden
26 Dec 1914    Edward William    HURST 27   B House Decorator Hastings Edward William Hurst -deceased
[Hair Dresser]
&    Ada    SLAUGHTER 32   S . Wye Frederick Walter Slaughter
Banns Frederick Walter Slaughter, Walter Richard Slaughter, Julia Slaughter
5 Apr 1915    William John    PEARCE 22   B Police Constable Deal Thomas William Pearce
&    Rosina Alice    LEWIS 26   S . Wye William Robert Lewis -deceased
Banns Earnest Kenward Allard, Beatrice Mary Lewis, Lily Frances Allard
5 Apr 1915    Fred    BISHOPP 26   B Gardener Boughton Aluph Arhur Bishopp
&    Fanny    KING 23   S . Wye William King
Banns Thomas Edger Bishopp, Emily Bishopp
1 Jul 1915    William Finch Hatton    JONES 27   B Joiner Ashford George Hatton Finch Jones
&    Elsie    LAW 25   S Dom Serv Wye Edward Law
[Farm Bailiff]
Banns Edward Law, Harold Henry Newman,Nellie Law
28 Jul 1915    David    WARHAM 41   B Soldier Wye Henry Warham -deceased
&    Sarah Curvin    KNOWLES 44   S . Wye Henry Granville Knowles -deceased
MBL Thomas Dodd, John Pemble, Laura Wood
24 Aug 1915    Christopher    BUSHELL 27   B Barrister at Law / Lieut. In Sussex Regt. Chatham Reginald Bushell -deceased
[Merchant and J.P]
&    Rachel Edith Florence    LAMBERT 23   S . Wye Edgar Lambert
[Clergyman, Vicar of Wye]
MBL Edgar Lambert, Caroline Bushell
6 Nov 1915    George Arthur    VAUGHAN 28   B Soldier Maidstone Oliver Vaughan -deceased
&    Hilda Mary    CHEESEMAN 25   S Dom Serv Wye Robert Cheeseman
[Ag Lab]
MBL Ellen Jane Cheeseman, Frank Storer
20 Nov 1915    Percival Henry    MACKLIN 24   B ...man(?) Wye Richard Macklin
&    May    LINKINS 22   S . Wye Edwin Linkins
Banns Edwin Linkins, John Mummery
2 Dec 1915    Robert Reedman    GREENFIELD 22   B Soldier BEF France Henry Greenfield
&    Alice    WILSON 18   S . Wye John Wilson
MBL William Epps, Annie Epps
29 Jan 1915    James Walter    GREENGO 43   B Baker Cranbrook James Greengo -deceased
&    Emma    OALFORD 43   S Dom Serv Wye George Oakford -deceased
Banns Susan Wardell, Leonard Oakford Wardell, Alice Elizabeth Greengo, Alfred Wardell
5 Feb 1916    Eric Bacheler    WALKER 24   B 2nd Lieut Colchester Edward Bacheler Walker -deceased
[Major in Buffs]
&    Agatha Frances Beyans    LAWSON 22   S . Wye William Tod Brown Lawson -deceased
[Gentleman Farmer]
MBL William Murray, Olivia Nyne Walker, George Eric Miall-Smith
15 Mar 1916    Arthur Henry    MARRIOTT 22   B Private R.M.L.I HMS Prince Eugene John Charles Marriott
[Insurance Agent]
&    Sybil Mildred    RIDEOUT 22   S . Naccolt William Rideout
MBL William Rideout, Elizabeth Marriott, Charles Marriott
10 May 1916    David    BEACH 29   B Runner R.F.A Salisbury Plain Edmund Beach
&    Eleanor Francis    ALLARD 30   S . Wye John Allard
MBL John Edward Pennell, John (x) Allard
1 Jun 1916    John    PUNYER 57   W Tradesman Wye
&    Lucy Ann    DAVEY 37   S . Falmer, Sussex Reuben Davey
Banns Eva Joy Tully, Alban James Tully, Edward John Davey
17 Jul 1916    Frederick William George    BLACKMORE 29   B Civil Engineer/Cpl Duke of Connaughts Rifles, Canada Folkestone William Henry Blackmore
[Civil Service - retired]
&    Dorothy May    GOLDUP 20   S Dom Serv Wye Sutton Goldup
MBL Horace E Pidduck, Sutton Goldup, Claribel Sophia Goldup
29 Jul 1916    Arthur Murray    DOWNTON 29   B Capt R.F.A Battisfield Park Camp, Salop Henry Murray Downton
[Clerky in Holy Orders -Vicar of Hoxne,(Suffolk)]
&    Joan Margaret    DUNSTAN 20   S . Wye Malcolm James Rowley Dunstan
[Principal of Wye College]
Banns Laura C Downton, M.V.R. Dunstan
7 Aug 1916    William Joseph    LEICESTER 34   B Wine Cellarman Pimlico John Leicester -deceased
&    Fanny Florence    BEAN 36   S Dom Serv Wye Louis Bean
Banns May Celia Bean, Louis Bean, Alice Duke, H Leicester
19 Aug 1916    Frederick Edwin    SINCLAIR 28   B Coachmaker /Sapper RE Willesborough Horace George Sinclair
[Loco Inspector]
&    Lilian Mary Theresa    ANDREWS 26   S . Wye Richard Andrews
Banns Daisy Violet Andrews, Harry Ernest Clarence Sinclair
21 Oct 1916    Jack Vincent    GOODHEW 26   B Pvt Royal Fusiliers Rui..ton by Sea William Goodhew -deceased
[Professional Cricketer "Billy" Goodhew]
&    Nellie Louise    STAPLEY 25   S . Wye George Stapley - deceased
Banns Frederick George Stapley, Mabel Florence C. Mahony
23 Oct 1916    Leonard Percy    HAYWARD 25   B Sergeant ASC M.T. BEF France Henry Hayward
[Paper Maker]
&    Catharine Sarah    COOPER 25   S . Wye James Coooper - deceased
MBL Jane Pennells, William Herbert Pennells
28 Oct 1916 George Benjamin    SELBY Full   W Business Manager Westerham Summerton Selby -deceased
&    Rosa    JARVIS 49   S Dom Serv Wye William Jarvis
[Farm Labourer]
MBL Edward Jarvis, Emma Jarvis
3 Jan 1917    Freerick Charles    DODD 35   B Pvt West Kents Wye Edward Charles Dodd
&    Harriette Selina    MERCER 40   W Assistant to Bookseller Stoke Newington Thomas Silverthorne Jackson -deceased
MBL Mabel Alice Dodd, Henry(?) Charles Dodd
24 Feb 1917    Randolph Philip    RUDDELL 29   B Pvt Winchester Ernest Ruddell
&    Kate Emma    LUCK 30   S Dom Serv Wye Jonathan Luck
[Foreman Railway Works]
MBL Thomas Lusted, Edith Emily Norris(?)
7 Apr 1917 Frederick George    GIDDINGS 31   B Lce Cpl Suffolk Rgt. Shoreham by Sea Ebenezer Giddings
[Chimney Sweep]
&    Mabel Alice    DODD 30   S Dom Serv Wye Henry Charles Dodd
MBL Henry Charles Dodd, Harriet Dodd
9 Apr 1917    Richard Taylor    HOBDAY 28   B Coachmaker and Aeroplane Constructor Chelsea Richard Taylor Hobday
[Coach Fitter]
&    Ethel    DODD 26   S Dom Serv Wye Thomas Dodd
Banns Clara Dodd, RJ Hobday, William Howe
14 Oct 1917    William Walter    STOTT 25   B Soldier Bath Clement Stott -deceased
&    Annette Mary    AUSTIN 18   S . Wye John Austin
[Under Gardener]
MBL Henry Charles Dodd, Charlotte Austin
10 Nov 1917    Frank    PURSE 26   B Gardener Sevenoaks Alfred Purse
[Farm Bailiff]
&    Elizabeth Charlotte    RUMLEY 29   S . Wye John Rumley
Banns John Rumley, Edith Rumley, James Willshire
30 Nov 1917    Henry    CAMPBELL 24   B Soldier Port Patrick, Wigtownshire Hugh Campbell
&    Emily    CHITTENDEN 26   S Dom Serv Wye James Chittenden
MBL Ruby Ella Chittenden, Alice Mary McMeikan, James Chittenden
22 Dec 1917    Alfred Henry    PHILLIPS 28   B . Newbold Barracks, Ireland Andrew Phillips -deceased
[Cider Merchant]
&    Florence May    HANN 20   S Dom Serv Wye William Hann
Banns William Hann, John Bond, Dorothy Hann