Transcription of Newspaper clip for the Wedding of Tom Young & Emily Hayward which took place 22 August 1935.
As it names a very large number of Hastingleigh residents, it might be of use, as the 1931 census is a good 20 years
away from being published. It is also a good insight in to a 1930's wedding and the types of gifts given when starting
up a new home. Emily was born in Hastingleigh and prior to her marriage was a teacher at Bodsham school.
She was also the organist at Hastingleigh Church.

Text in block brackets [ ] are additional notes. If you can help to identify some of the names on this list, please e-mail the details.

The wedding took place at St Mary's Hastingleigh, last Thursday, of Mr Thomas Henry Young second son of the late Mr &
Mrs T. Young of Wildage Farm, Stelling, and Miss  Emily  Hayward only daughter o
f Mr & Mrs W. Hayward, of Myrtle Cottage,
Hastingleigh. Miss Peggy Kerr a friend of the bride, was organist for the choral service.

The bride, given away by her father, wore a gown and coatee of turquoise blue silk marocain and a beige crinoline hat trimmed
with turquoise blue velvet. The small bridesmaids attending her were the Misses Dorothy & Joyce Marsh, and Joy Young (nieces
of the bridegroom), Nora Hayward and Margaret Chapman (nieces of the bride). They looked charming in dresses of cream silk
made for them by the bridegroom's sister. Each wore a wreath of pink rosebuds, and their cream necklaces were the
bridegroom's gifts. They carried little bunches of pink carnations and white sweetpeas, and these together with the bride's
bouquet were the gifts of Mrs Kerr.
Mr J. Young, brother of the bridegroom, was best man, and Mr Alwyne Hawkins was usher.
The reception was held in the village Institute, where many guests were entertained.

[Mr Alwyne Sibbert Hawkins took over Wildage Farm from Thomas Young in April 1938]


Bride's mother: blankets and household linen [Ellen Eliza Hayward nee  Potts]
Bride's father: Treasury notes (cash) [William Hayward]
Nelson: Treasury notes [Ernest Nelson Hayward - bride's brother]
Annie  & Jim: wedding cake [Annie nee Young and Jim Marsh - Annie was the groom's sister]
Dorothy & Joyce: bolster set [surname Marsh, nieces of the groom, two of the bridesmaids]
Glad & Bert: box fire curb [Gladys nee Marsh and husband Bertie George Hayward, the bride's brother]
Stan: Ye Olde Curiosity Shop jam jar & spoon, butter knife, and pickle fork [Stanley Hayward, the bride's nephew, son of Gladys and Bert]
Bunny & May: silk bedspread [William Hayward and May nee Blackford, William was bride's brother]
Nora: aluminium teapot [Nora May Hayward bride's niece and daughter of William and May Hayward]
Baby Betty: bunny jelly mould [Elizabeth Hayward bride's niece and one of the bridesmaids]
Peter: hopping basket [Peter Hayward bride's nephew]
Eva & Cyril: silk bedspread [Eva nee Webb bride's cousin and foster sister, and her husband Cyril Chapman]
Margaret: cheque [Margaret Chapman, Eva and Cyril's daughter and one of the bridesmaids]
Uncle Fred & Aunt Em (of Appledore): silver teapot [Frederick Pott and Emily nee Hill his wife, Fred is maternal uncle of the bride]
Aunt Alice & Uncle George: Treasury note [Alice Mary Padgham & George Young the groom's paternal uncle]
Aunt Polly: fancy pepper pot and salt cellar [ Mary Ann Turner nee Potts widow of Charles Turner maternal aunt of the bride]
Aunt Lucy & Uncle Alf: tablecloth [Lucy Jane Pott bride's maternal aunt and her husband Alfred George Hoare]
Horace & Daisy: biscuit barrel and cheese basket [Horace Hoare  son of Lucy & Alf Hoare][Daisy is as yet unidentified]
Aunt Fanny, Elsie, Dot & Mable: trinket set [Frances nee Pott, maternal aunt of the Bride, wife of Jesse Cobb mother of Elsie, Dorothy & Mabel Cobb]
Aunt Clara & family: tablecloth and table napkins [Clara Burchett, wife's father's half sister]
Wilf, Kath, Joyce & Reggie (of Beckenham): case of tea knives [Wilfred E. G. Potts, his wife Kathleen Emily E. nee Velvick
and their two children Joyce and Reginald Potts. Wilfred is the son of above Frederick and Emma Potts, and first cousin of the bride.]


Congregations of St.James (Elmsted) and St.Marys (Hastingleigh): oak music cabinet
School managers, teachers, scholars & parents: oak bureau [click on gift cards on the right]
Mr & Mrs Hawkins and family (Stelling): dinner service [Ernest Mostyn Hawkins  and Tammie File -                                                                                      parents of the usher Alwyne Sibbert Hawkins]
Mr E. G. Tappenden: cheque[Edward George Tappenden of Tappenden stores, Hastingleigh]
Mr & Mrs C. F. Tappenden: nest of oak tables [Cubison Francis Tappenden]
Mr & Mrs G. Tappenden: tea service[George Tappenden]
The Boy's Club: time & alarm clock
Colonel & Miss Mary Graham: Miller vestal lamp [The father and sister of Phyllis Graham of
                                                                                                                           Myrtle Cottage]

Mr & Mrs P. S. Leonard: hand painted dessert bowls [Percy Stokes Leonard & Florence Mary 

Miss M. Mawer: cookery book
Mr & Mrs A. C. Ashby: Jacobean glass dish
Miss Miskin: hand embroidered afternoon tablecloth [of Bodsham][Marion Stapylton Fletcher]
Mrs Rex (of London): glass
Mr & Mrs Payne and family: glass butter dish
Mr & Mrs Coleman and family: aluminium kettle
Mr & Mrs Alf Southen: towels, teacloths and dusters
Mr & Mrs W. Mills and George: tablecloth [William Mills & family lived in cottages just before
                                            the current village hall, the cottages have since been pulled down.]

Mrs Marlow, Kath & George (of Malling): tablecloth
Mr & Mrs Argar: treasury note [The Argars at Whatsole Street]
Mrs Birch: duchesse set
Mr & Mrs E. Hopkins (of Brabourne): silk cushion covers
Mrs Cox (of Brabourne): duchesse set (dressing table embroidered mats)
Mrs & Mrs Bidwell: teacloths [lived at The Bakery next to Tappendens Shop in Hastingleigh]
Mr & Mrs Bramley: Pyrex dish
Mrs Halford & Mrs Fagg: silk cushions [Lilian Halford nee Fagg and probably her mother Caroline Fagg]
Mr & Mrs Smith and Hilda (of Maidstone): art silk tablecloths
Mr & Mrs A Wood and Douglas: three tier cake stand [The parents of Dougie Wood who played the church organ at Hastingleigh]

Mrs Wood sen.: Jacobean jam jar and silver spoon
Mr & Mrs S. Prebble: set of jugs [Stephen Prebble & Ellen Prebble]
Mrs Kerr and Doris: Irish Linen tablecloth[Alice & daughter Doris Kerr, Alice is mother of Peggy Kerr, the bride's bestfriend & Publican at The Bowl Inn, Hastingleigh]
Jean: pillowslips
Peg & George: pair of Dormer sheets[Peggy Newport nee Margaret Kerr and husband George Newport]
Mr P. Hart: cheese basket and cheese
Mrs Blackford: hotwater jug
Mrs Richardson and Ruth: embroidered cushion [of Hassell street]
Mrs J. Hopkins: cheque
Mrs G. D. Fagg (of Misling Farm): butter cooler [Gertrude Daisy Fagg widow of Charles Fagg]
Miss Winnie Twyman (of Wye): eggcups and stand [The Twymans ran a garden centre at Wye]
Mr and Mrs W. Langford: Irish embroidered pillow and bolster set [WIlliam (Bill) & Mary Jane (Molly) Langford]
Mr W. Langford: glass jug [their son William Richard Langford]
Mr F. Chapman: table runner
Miss Joan Chapman: fancy salt cellar and pepperpot
Miss C. Chapman (of Lancing): guest towels
Mr & Mrs Albert Southen and family: flower vase and stand [Albert and wife Sybil nee Croft]
Miss Joyce Pell and Mr Tom Croft: salad bowl and servers [Tom Croft of Wye /  Joyce Pell of Kingsmill Down]
Mr Ron Martin and Dorothy Croft (of Staplehurst) : brass crumb brush and tray
Mrs Pearson and Hilda (of Eridge): doormats [Norman Pearson's family]
Mr T. Marsh: three tier cakestand
Mr R. Marsh: aluminium saucepan scrubbing brush and pail
Miss M. Marsh: biscuit barrel
Mr S. Marsh: fruit set
The Misses Smith: tea cosy and teapot holder [The Misses  Smith  were at The Prince of Wales Pub, Bodsham, now known as The Timberbats] Mr & Mrs Laws and Cis: silver jam spoon
Mr & Mrs H. Neame: set of jugs [Henry  Curtis  Neame & Alice Neame]
Mr J. Begent: tapestry table cover [Julius Begent]
Mr W. Begent: flower vase and stand [Wyndham Begent]
Mr & Mrs Hukins: pillowslips
Mr & Mrs Epps: Irish Linen tablecloth [builders by trade - their company was in Wye]
Master John Epps: silver bread fork
Mr & Mrs T. Cannon and Brenda: glass tumblers and cheese dish [The Cannon's lived at Podlinge]
Mr & Mrs E. Clarke and Ken: tablecloth [Nellie & Edward (Ted) Clarke and son Kenneth]
Mrs and Miss Coverdale: tablecloth [a teacher at Bodsham school]
Mrs J. Cole Pincott and Miss Pincott: fruit set [Sarah Ellen nee Taylor wife of Dr. James Cole Pincott MD, and one of her daughters.]
Mr & Mrs E. Fowle: fancy cloth
Mr & Mrs H. Pilcher (of Stelling): set of enamel saucepans
Mrs Amos (of Stelling): table cloth
Mr & Mrs Boorer (of Stelling): table runner and cloth
Mrs E. Southen: lace table centre
Mr & Mrs Smith and family (of Frant): case of spoons
Mr & Mrs J. Wood and Jim: glass pickle jar
Mr & Mrs Cook, Nell and Marjorie: lemonade set
Mr & Mrs G. Ogilvie: Marmalade pot [of Vigo farm]
Mrs T. Lusted and Frank (of Wye): pillowslips [Sarah Ann nee Hoare widow of Thomas James Lusted, the signalman at Wye Rail Station and their son Frank Percy Lusted]
Mrs E. Newport and Daisy (of Wye): towels
Miss Eileen Bartlett: lace duchesse set [van driver at Tappendens store, Hastingleigh]
Mr & Mrs Bartlett: pillowslips [George Stephen Bartlett & Harriet Helena Bartlett nee Hopkins]
Connie: Irish Linen fancy cloth [Connie Bartlett daughter of above George and Harriet.]
Mr & Mrs P. Wraight: set of glass dishes [Percy Wraight and wife Kate nee Prebble, lived at Hassell street, then Bodsham  ]
Betty & Joe: fruit dish
Mrs L. Finn (of Brabourne): box of stainless desert knives [Ada Maria nee Worrell wife of Leonard Finn, Ada was a distant cousin of the bride]
Mr and Mrs R. Else and Kath (of Brabourne): table runner
Mr and Mrs F. Marsh: afternoon tablecloth and traycloth
Mr and Mrs Kingsmill (of Stelling): fruit set
Mr J. Kingsmill (of Stelling): marmalade jar
Mr and Mrs W. Pilcher (of Stelling): towels and teacloths [William C. Pilcher and wife Alice J. Finn, parents of Doris Grace Pilcher who
                                                                                                                              later married Alwyn Hawkins the usher at this wedding]
Mr and Mrs M. B. Francis (of Stelling): tray

A Photograph taken at that wedding.  A rare surviving photo of the wedding has come to light thanks to Stanley Hayward's family.

Back row:  Dorothy Marsh, Ellen Hayward (nee Potts) , Thomas Young (the groom), Emily Young nee Hayward (the bride), and William Hayward.
Front row:  Joyce Marsh, Joy Young, Nora May Hayward and Margaret Chapman.

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