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Indenture of George Hawke [Halke] c.1624
Likely a first cousin of Dr. William Harvey [whose mother Joane Hawke was the sister of William Hawke]
(with apologies for the gaps - it is very difficult to read the original document)

This Indenture made the last day of March in the yeare of the reign
Of our Sovereign Lord James by the grace of god of England, Ffrance and Ireland King
Defender of the faith the two and twentieth and of Scotland the Seventy and fifth
George Hawke sonne of William Hawke of Hastingleigh
in the county of
Kent, Yeoman of the one part and John Ffolkestone of the antient towne of Rye in the county
of Sussex, hopdresser of the other part. Witnesseth that the said George
Hawke of his own free and voluntary will and with the consent of the said father
William Hawke hath put himself apprentized to the said John Ffolkestone with him to dwell
and do service  from the feast of (communion) of our Lady St Mary the virgin last
past until the full end and tearme of 21 yeares from thence next and y.... with
following fully to be complete and ended. And the said George Hawke doth command
C.... and grant for himself to and(---) the said John Ffolkestone his 21 yrs to( p----)
His said 21yrs faithfully employ and truly all the said tearme his secrets being
lawfull & shall keepe and not disclose At jin. card &  tables or any other unlawfull
Games and shall not play Taverns (---) (------) the company of woman persons
& shall not cost gau..t or frequent 2 matrimony with any woman and shall not contract
with in the said tearm from the service of his said 21 yrs and shall not absent employ
by day or night and in all other things shall (..ell) ( ...nth) truly behave himself and becomes
a good servant to (---) And the said John Ffolkestone doth covenant promise and grant
for himself his executors and administrators to (---) (--) (---) the said George Hawke his
apprentize to teach and instruct him, or cause him to be taught and instructed in the
trade sciencemisterie or occupancy of a hempdresser (---) & (----) coseth in the best
manner he can or may before the end of the said tearm And during the said tearm
shall and will find for his said personal sufficient meats drinks lodgings apparell
and all other necessaries meets (---) (-ontement?) for such a servant to have And at the
end of the said terme shall and will give to his said servant duble apparell vizt
apparell for the Even.. daies and apparrell for the working daies Futhere
wherof the gties  first above named  pair interchangeably either to other sett theire Seales
the day and yeare above written / 1624-/.
By(----) and (----) in
the presence of
William Lansdale
William Hawke                                                                 Signed Georgii Hawke    (his mark)
John Lansdale