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Parochial Church Council PCC


In 1894 the Local Government Act introduced elected Parish Councils and local government

reform. It is a vast subject, but briefly the main elements that apply to Hastingleigh are as follows:

Parish Councillors had a One year term of office, then retired, with the new council taking office on the

 15th April each year.

The Parish Council consisted of a chairman and 5 to 15 councillors. The number of councillors was fixed

 by the County Council.

Nominations for Councillor vacancies should be submitted before the 15th April, and if there were more

 nominations than positions, this would trigger a poll or election.

The Parish Council would be able to hold their meetings free of charge in a room of a state supported

 elementary school. This explains how Hastingleigh and Elmsted School came to be used for the meetings

 in subsequent years, rather than The Bowl Inn.

The Parish Council adopted all powers formerly held by the Parish Vestries, except those dealing with

the church or church charities, these included ownership and maintenance of village greens and

recreation grounds, public footpaths or rights of way, which could not be closed or diverted without

permission of the Parish and the District Councils..

The Parish Council would also take over responsibility for the Poor Houses from the Poor Law Guardians.

Parish Councils had the power to buy or receive as a gift, land and property for public use.

The role of nominated Guardian of the poor was abolished. Guardians could be male or female and must

be elected to the post which they held for a term of three years.

The minimum population for a Parish to have a Parish Council, was 300 people, to this end, Elmsted and

Hastingleigh were united in to one Parish for the purpose of local governance.

A Parish Council could apply to the County Council to divide the Parish in to Wards. This could be done is

 the area of the parish is so large , or so situated as to make a single Parish Meeting impracticable or

 inconvenient, or that it was desirable for any reason that certain parts of the parish should be

 represented separately on the council. Separate elections of councillors would then be held.

This is in fact what happened to Hastingleigh and Elmsted.  After several years of a joint Parish Council

the Rector did decide that a division of the two was necessary, and the two Parishes parted to become

 individual entities and the joint bank account divided in to two separate accounts.

The Vestry Minutes Book is not used for several years, as the Parish Council took over from the Vestry

 for local matters. However the book does eventually get used by the Parish Council to record Council

Minutes and appointments. The book notes

// No minutes of the Hastingleigh Vestry have been kept for many years//

Then is used by the Rector and churchwardens to record the church accounts followed by being used to

 record Parish Council matters.

To view the VESTRY appointments and minutes  from 1862 to 1894 ((Click Here))

11 April 1917 ? Meeting held at the Institute

                Present: CWB Cobb, Rector [Charles William Beresford Cobb]

                                Wetherell [Walter Wetherell ? School Master]

                                C Tappenden [Cubison Francis Tappenden]

                                K Lloyd [Rhys Kenneth Lloyd ? living at the Old Rectory]

                                The church accounts were presented showing an expenditure of £19.7.9

                                Given by C Tappenden exactly balanced without any deficit.

Mr Wetherell and Mr C Tappenden were appointed at churchwardens.

10 Apr 1818 ?Meeting held at the Institute

                Present: Rev.CWB Cobb, Cubison Tappenden and R. Kenneth Lloyd.

                Church Accounts presented showed expenditure £21.7.5

Against receipts of £18.13.3½

Leaving a deficit of £2.14.1½

Of which £1.15.0 was guaranteed at this meeting. It was decided to ask for donations in the church box for the rest. Mr Cubison Tappenden was re-elected as peoples warden, and the Rector nominated Mr R Kenneth Lloyd in the place of WW Wetherell who had left the parish. The rector said he would like to record a note of thanks to Mr Wetherell for the office he had held for so many years. He also brought forward the matter of forming a tally of electors for the parish and said that he would find out more about the matter.

24 Apr 1919 - Meeting held at the Institute

Present: Rev.CWB Cobb and Cubison Tappenden

Church accounts showed £17.12.6½

With receipts of £21.10.10

Leaving a balance in hand of £3.18.3½

Mr Cubison Tappenden and Mr Rhys Kenneth Lloyd were selected as churchwardens.

The matter was discussed of the necessity for raising the sextons burial fee under present conditions, it was decided that in future they should be 12/6. Namely tolling Bell 1/6, Funeral 8/6, Rectors Fee 2/6.

13 Apr 1920 ?

Present: Rev.CWB Cobb, Cubison Tappenden and Rhys Kenneth Lloyd

Church accounts showed expenditure of £24.18.5½

Receipts of £23.9.6

A balance from early 1919 of £3.18.3½

Leaving a balance this Easter of £2.9.4

Mr Cubison Tappenden and Mr Rhys Kenneth Lloyd were selected as church wardens.

31 Mar 1921- Meeting held at the Institute

Present: Cubison Tappenden, Rhys Kenneth Lloyd, Rev Horace Hammond

Church accounts were presented

Receipts £25.8.6

Balance from previous year £2.9.4

Expenditure £ 22.15.9

Leaving a balance of £5.2.1

Rhys Kenneth Lloyd and Cubison Tappenden were selected as Church wardens

Edward George Tappenden and William Eric Fisher appointed as Sidesmen

1st May 1921

It was decided to apply to the registrar for permission to put up a memorial tablet to the fallen in the late war.

20 Apr 1922 - Meeting held at the Institute

Present: Cubison Tappenden, Rhys Kenneth Lloyd, Rev. Horace Hammond

Rhys Kenneth Lloyd and Cubison Tappenden elected as Church wardens.

5 Apr 1923 ? Meeting at Hastingleigh and Elmsted School

Present: Cubison Tappenden, Rhys Kenneth Lloyd, Rev. Horace Hammond

Rhys Kenneth Lloyd and Cubison Tappenden elected as Church wardens.

23 Apr 1924 - Meeting at Hastingleigh and Elmsted School

...continued 29 Apr 1924 at the Institute

Present: Cubison Tappenden, Rhys Kenneth Lloyd, Rev.Horace Hammond

Rhys Kenneth Lloyd and Cubison Tappenden elected as church wardens

William Eric Fisher and Edward Tappenden and A. Wood selected as Sidesmen

16 Apr 1925 Meeting held at the Institute

Present: Cubison Tappenden, William Hayward, Mrs Florence Tappenden [wife of Cubison], Mrs Sophia A Blackford [nee Mills], Rev. Horace Hammond.

Rhys Kenneth Lloyd and Cubison Tappenden selected as churchwardens

[Note that this is the first occasion that females are noted as being present at a church meeting.]

15 Apr 1926 Meeting at Hastingleigh and Elmsted School

Present: Cubison Tappenden. Mrs Cubison Tappenden, Mrs Lloyd [nee Alice Woodbine Lewis], Mrs Pilcher, Mrs Blackford, Mrs Wilson, Mr J. Bidwell, Rev. H Hammond

The Vestry inspected a diagram of a stained glass window which the relatives of the late Mr R Sankey proposed to put in Hastingleigh church. The chairman was asked to write saying that the vestry approved of the design and colouring. (Click for window image)

21 Apr 1927 Meeting at Elmsted School

Present: Mrs Pilcher, Mrs Blackford, Mr A Wood, Mr W Hayward, Mr C Tappenden, Rev H Hammond.

Rhys Kenneth Lloyd and Cubison Tappenden selected as church wardens

12 Apr 1928 Meeting at Hastingleigh and Elmsted School

Present: Mrs Lloyd, Mr Lloyd, Mrs Pilcher, Mrs Wood, Mr J Bidwell, Mr C Tappenden and Rev. Hammond

Rhys Kenneth Lloyd and Cubison Tappenden re-selected as Church Wardens.

4 Apr 1929 Meeting at Hastingleigh and Elmsted School

Present: Mr Dive, C Tappenden, Mrs C Tappenden, Mrs Pilcher and Rev. Hammond

Mr H.A. Dive and Mr C Tappenden were elected as Church Wardens.

24 Apr 1930 Meeting at Hastingleigh and Elmsted School

Present: Mr Tappenden, Mr Dive, Mrs Tappenden and Rev. Hammond

Mr Thomas Dive and Cubison Tappenden selected as Church Wardens

22 Apr 1931 Meeting at Hastingleigh and Elmsted School

Present: Miss Curling [school head mistress], Mrs Pilcher, Mr Hayward, Mr Bramley, Mr and Mrs E Hopkins, Mr S Hopkins, Mr E Tappenden, Mr and Mrs Miskin, Mr Thomas Dive, Mrs Chapman, with the Rector in the chair.

Mr H.A. Dive and C Tappenden re-selected as Church Wardens

31 Mar 1932 Meeting at Hastingleigh and Elmsted School

The Rector Royston Cole in the chair, Mr and Mrs C Tappenden, Mr and Mrs E Hopkins, Mr S Hopkins, Mr Miskin, Mr Hayward, Mr Bramley, Mr Chapman, Mr Marsh, Mrs CH Cole,  Mr and Mrs Dive, Mrs Lee and Mr and Mrs Youard.

Mr Dive and Mr C Tappenden re-elected Church Wardens

19 Apr 1933 Parochial Church Council Minutes ? Easter Vestry held at Hastingleigh and Elmsted School.

18 members present plus the chairman.

The accounts of the council were

Elmsted debit balance £6.13.2

Hastingleigh debit balance of £4.9.0

The fabric of both churches, were stated to be in need of repair.

The following officers were elected:

Diocesan Conference: Mrs Coverdale

Ruridecanal Conference: Mrs C Tappenden

The council of Parishes were elected:-

Mrs Pilcher

Mr and Mrs Hopkins

Mrs Dive

Mrs Blackford

Mr and Mrs Hayward

Mr and Mrs Bramley

Mrs Marsh

Mrs Lee

Mrs Chapman

Mr and Mrs Youard

Mr S Hopkins

Sidesmen were appointed:

Hastingleigh                                                       Elmsted

Mr Tappenden                                                  Mr Hopkins

Mr Wood

Mr Hopkins

Church Wardens

Hastingleigh                                                       Elmsted

Mr Tappenden                                                  Mr Bramley

Mr Dive

The fact that Poultry were damaging the graves was discussed and it was stated that the matter was being attended to.

Signed R Coverdale    and H.G. Dive

8 Feb 1934 Meeting at the Institute

Present: 15 members and the chairman.

The financial position was stated to be unsatisfactory owing to uncertain income. Elmsted was stated to be 1/3 [one shilling threepence] in hand.

Hastingleigh £2.9.7 in hand.

Balance of Parochial Church Council fund was £ 17.3.11

Repairs: The ceiling of Elmsted  is precarious

The roof of Hastingleigh is causing anxiety.

The following officers were appointed:

Diocesan Conference: Mrs Coverdale

Ruridecanal Conference: Mrs Tappenden

The council of the Parish elected:

                Hastingleigh                                       Elmsted

                Mr and Mrs Hopkins                         Mr and Mrs Bramley

                Mrs Blackford                                    Mrs Marsh and Mrs Lee

                Mr and Mrs Hayward                         Mrs Chapman

                Mrs Wood                                           Mr and Mrs Youard

                                                                                Mr S Hopkins

                                                                                Mrs Argar

                                                                                Miss Fletcher

Church Wardens:

                Mr Dive                                                    Mr Miskin

                Mr Tappenden                                        Mr Bramley


                Mr E Tappenden                                   Mr S Hopkins

                Mr G Tappenden                                     Mrs Lee

                Mr E Hopkins

The Rev. Coverdale proposed that separate Council meetings be held in future.

There were 8 votes in favour and none against

A proposal that the Parochial Church Council be closed and the balance due to each parish be paid in to their own account was carried

there being no votes against.

A PCC meeting for Elmsted was fixed for the second Tuesday in April

And for Hastingleigh the second Thursday

14 Feb 1935 ? Meeting in the Parish Room

Present: Rector, Messrs C. Tappenden, E. Clarke, W.G. Hayward,

Mesdames C. Tappenden, E Tappenden, A Wood, and Blackford.

A copy of the electoral roll was laid on the table. The treasurer presented the audited accounts for the year ending Dec 31st last.

Total Receipts £61.9.10

Total disbursements £39.1.5

Leaving a credit balance of £21.16.3

Mr C Tappenden re-appointed as Church Warden

Sidesmen: Cubison Tappenden, Edward Tappenden and Edward (Ted) Clark

Parish Council Elected:

Mr Tappenden

Mr Lee

Mrs Wood

Mr Clark

Mr Hayward

Mrs Blackford

Mrs Clark

Mrs Hayward

Mrs Tappenden

Mrs Wood

Mr Tappenden made a statement with reference to the church roof.

It was resolved in the motionof Mr E Tappenden and Mr E Clark that the quarterly meeting of the council be held on the second Tuesday in

March, June, September and December.

10 Mar 1936 A Meeting in the Parish Room

Present: Rector, Messrs Tappenden and Clark, Mrs E Tappenden, Mrs C Tappenden, Mrs A Wood.

Total Receipts £51.13.10

Disbursements £38.17.9

Balance £12.16.1

Parish Councillors:

Diocesan Conference: Mrs Coverdale was appointed to act as representative to the Diocesan Conference.

Mrs C Tappenden appointed to represent for the Rurideconary Conference

Parochial Council:- Mr A Wood, Messrs W.G. Hayward, E Clark, Mrs Blackford, Mrs Hayward, Mrs E Tappenden, Mrs A Wood, H Graham, Miss F Graham [should be Phylis Graham] were elected on to the Parochial Church Council

Sidesmen: Edward Tappenden, Cubison Tappenden, Edward Clark

Church Warden: Mr G Tappenden

Mr Cubison Tappenden and Mr M Wood- proposed to collect eggs for the Ashford Hospital at evening of the 2nd Sunday after Easter April 26th next.

 /// 1937-1949 will be added soon

1950-1951 Hastingleigh Parochial Church Council

Our year started with the resignation of the Rev. R Hill after his resignation a special meeting of the joint councils to discuss the
future of the parishes. It was unanimously decided that we ask that the Parishes should not be divided. A request from this meeting

was sent to our patron the Archbishop of Canterbury requesting that the church wardens be granted an interview with his grace

before an appointment was made. This was granted.

Owing to the shortage of clergy no appointment was made.

The council then asked Rev. J Wells Vicar of Wye if he would be willing to serve Hastingleigh as priest-in-charge, to which he kindly

agreed. This arrangement started in September. The council are very grateful to Major Duffield Parochial Lay Reader of Crundale for

taking services in the interregnum.

Parish Magazine :            This continues to serve both parishes. There have been several alterations Miss Harwood has kindly

undertaken the editorship and there are now pages for secular matters of interest to the villages. It is proving a great success and the

finances are satisfactory.

Guide to the Church:     This leaflet compiled by Miss Harwood was published in September. It has been much appreciated.

Contributions received have more than covered the cost of printing etc. Offerings in the box in the church have increased since the

leaflets have been placed there.

The Organ:          This has been taken away and repaired at a cost of £12

Fabric of the Church:      At Rev. Wells suggestion Mr Anderson architect in Cantberbury was asked if he could make a survey and

give a report. This Mr Anderson agreed to do and kindly said there would be no fee.

Mural Paintings:              through the generosity of Mr Tappenden, on March 10th 1950 Mr E. Clive Rouse of Gerrards Cross came to

examine the walls of the church for evidence of ancient paintings in his report Mr Rouse said it is most desirable in my view to make

every effort to have these interesting relics attended to and I shall be pleased to undertake the work in due course, if funds can be

raised the estimated cost is £60 - £100. The Rector the Rev. R Hall, the Rural Dean, Dr Graham Brade Birks, Mr Tappenden

churchwarden, Miss Harwood and Miss Graham were present at the examination.

Free Will Offering           subscribes to this have fallen off considerably this year.

Churchyard:       Work has been started by volunteers but much more remains to be done.

Social Evening:                 Miss Bartlett and Mr Kenneth Clark arranged s social evening for church funds.

Gifts:     The reverend mother superior and the sisters of the community of the epiphany ? a purple burse and veil and some altar linen.

Miss Harwood gave a lace veil

We are most grateful for these gifts as our linen was in need of replacement.

[The council has met five times and the meetings have been well attended]

We extend our sympathy to Mr Douglas Wood in his illness this winter and express our gratitude to Miss Harwood and Mrs Newport

for playing for the services in his absence. We would also like to express our thanks to Miss Ashton who as Sacristan has taken such

care of the altar linen and prepared the altar for services.

Thanks to Mrs Bartlett the church has been warm for our festival services, with help of oil lamps recently lent by Lady Mary Findlay.

Members of the Council 1950-1951

Rectors warden:            Mr George Tappenden [1902-1960]

Peoples warden:            Mr Clark

Decanal Conference:     Mrs Newport

Sacristan:                       Miss Marian Louise Ashton [1880-1954]

Organist:                        Mr Douglas Wood [Alfred Douglas Wood 1886-1968]

Mothers Union Secretary:           Mrs Link

Editor Parish Magazine: Miss Mary Harwood

Sidesman:                       Mr Kenneth Clark

Hon Secretary and Diosecan Conference:   Miss Phylis Graham

Priest in Charge:             Rev. J.N. Wells

Miss Bartlett

Mrs Cooper

Miss Kerr

Mrs Wood

Mr Chandler

Mrs Chandler

Mrs Cox


1951-1952 Hastingleigh Parochial Church Council

Two main pieces of work have been undertaken by the council this year: The Vicarage and the Churchyard.

The Vicarage: the sequestrators obtained the necessary permits for the alteration and modernization of the building. Two flats have been

made leaving the main part suitable for a small vicarage. The flats and vicarage are let at present. A small piece of land at the entrance

gate which was not required has been sold to Elham Rural District Council.

The Churchyard: a small sub committee was formed under the chairmanship of Mr Lloyd and work started at once with the help of a large

body of volunteers. Trees have been cut down and trimmed where necessary, most of the graves have been levelled and preliminary

cultivation has been done.

As far as possible a plan has been made and the identification of the graves and metal numbers have been purchased and will be used

as soon as the cultivation is completed. Much still remains to be done it is hoped to carry on with the work this summer.

Parish Room: It has been ascertained that the Parish Room was built on Glebe land. Steps are being taken to legalize this and the

building will become the property of the council.

Coir Matting: The coir matting from the church has been removed and sold.

Altar Linen: The Altar Linen is now in good condition. A new white set has been made and coloured sets repaired by a sister of the

community of the Epiphany.

Parish Magazine: This is now seen by a representative committee from both parishes and includes general parish news. The editor is

Miss Harwood.

Village History: A history of the church and village has been written by Miss Harwood and is being published by the Parochial Church

Council. Copies have been ordered some bound and some in cloth. These will be available shortly. All profits after printing expenses

have been paid, will be used for Church purposes.


1952-1953 Hastingleigh Parochial Church Council

The main event of the year was a service held in the church in August commemorating the link now severed with St Thomas Hospital,

London. This was arranged by Miss M Harwood. After a local history exhibition held in the hall of Court Lodge, by kind permission of

Commander and Lady Mary Findlay, a --??service adapted from a commemoration service held at Southwark Cathedral on the previous

St Thomas Day was conducted by the Rev. R.J. Wells. The treasurer of the hospital the Hon. Arthur Howard gave an address and

Mr Bowes a student at the hospital and whose home is in the village read the lesson. The visiting clergy were the Rural Dean The

Rev. D.S.G. Brade Birks, The Diocesan Missioner of the Deaf and Dumb the Rev. E.R. Sowten and the Rector of Thannington the

Rev. A.J. Stevens a former rector of this parish.

After the service a shrub given by Mr Lloyd of the old Rectory, was planted in the churchyard by the Hon. Howard near the window

containing the arms of St Thomas Hospital.

With the passing of Mr J Mills steps are being taken to try and secure the clarinet and bassoon, which were in his possession when

he died and which had been used in Hastingleigh by his ancestors.

An unfortunate incident occurred in the church in the Autumn. It was discovered that the cupboard in the vestry and also the small

cupboard inside had had the locks forced. There was nothing of value missed. The holy vessels were not in the church.

Estimates have been received from Browns of Canterbury for the repair of the organ.

The council again paid the expenses of the choir to join Wye Sunday School outing.

The roof of the church is bad condition but steps are being taken for its repair.

With increasing cost of printing,

 The Parish Magazine is still a source of worry, but the circulation is good.


1953-1954 Hastingleigh Parochial Church Council

The council held two meetings in the past year. The sudden death of Miss Ashton came as a great shock. She had been a member of the

council for 12 years. She acted as Secretary to the council 1944-1947 and also held the office as Sacristan for 12 years.

Fabric of the Church: The building has been examined by Mr Anderson an architect of Canterbury. A very unfavourable report was received

on the condition of the roof especially the tower. The clerical requested Mr Anderson to undertake the supervision of the work. The cost was

estimated at about £250. Commander and Lady Mary Findlay offered to guarantee the money as a loan.

The church yard: This has been sown with rye grass and is now in good condition. It has been cut twice by hand in the year.

The Organ: This has been successfully repaired by Mr Hill of Bishops Cottages at much less cost that the estimate tendered by Browns of


The Bassoon and Clarinet: which had been used in the church were put up for auction on the death of Mr J Mills in whose family they had

been for over 100 years. The bassoon was bought by the council for £10/- but the clarinet was bought by a dealer at a higher price than

the council were prepared to pay.

The Choir Outing: was again paid by the council

The Parish Magazine: This is being printed at a cheaper rate.

The funds benefited by 30/- raised .

The village Dai--??at a small local art exhibition.

Miss Hammond a member of the Sankey family has again made generous gifts at Christmas and Easter for flowers for the altar.

There are 56 names on the electoral roll.


1954-1955 Hastingleigh Parochial Church Council

The PCC have met 5 times since the annual meeting held in May last year.

The news of the death on January 15th of our Priest-in-charge, the Rev. J.N. Wells Vicar of Wye, was received in the parish with very great

regret. Colonel Duffield, Diocesan Lay Reader took evening services until January 30th; after that date the Rev. C.W. Chastel de Boinville,

a former vicar of Hythe consented to serve in the Parish, officiating from March 6th. Very soon afterwards the churchwardens received

news that the Archbishop of Canterbury as patron had offered the united benefice of Elmsted with Hastingleigh to the Rev. A.E. Prior

Curate at Chislet, which Mr Prior has accepted.

REPAIRS TO THE CHURCH: a grant of £250 has been made by the historic churches preservation trust. The work has continued through

the year and is now completed. The ladies of the council were asked to organise a Garden Fete for Whit Monday May 30th to raise the

rest of the money needed, estimated at £100. This fete is to be held at Court Lodge by kind permission of Commander and Lady Mary Findlay.

The Ashford Archaeological Society has visited the church; some of the documents relating to its ancient history, with photographs,

were on view and books for sale.

THE CHURCHYARD grass has been cut twice during the year.

The freewill offering scheme reorganised and with Miss Lowden kindly acting as Hon. Treasurer is working well.

Parish Room: the transfer of the parish room to the parochial church council has been held over for the time being.

Names on the electoral roll now number 65.

The committee of the parish magazine, with Miss Harwood as Editor and Mr AF Marsh as Hon. Treasurer, report an encouraging year.


1956 Hastingleigh Parochial Church Council

The Fete organised by the council and supported by all parishioners realized £233.16.0

The repairs to the church roof and floor have been completed. The possibility of installing electric light in the church was investigated

but a proposed scheme drawn up by an architect proved too costly.

It was decided to improve the heating arrangements.

Commander Findlay kindly loans two Tilly Lamps, it is proposed to have two brackets each side of the screen to hold them.

Further work is having to be done to the beams in the roof of the chancel as a prevention against wood worm.

A wafer box inscribed to the memory of the late Marian Ashton was given to the church by friends of Miss Ashton and the PCC. An oak

table which after treatment will be suitable for use as an altar has been given by Mrs Lloyd from the old rectory, also some linen for

the altar.

There are 59 names on the electoral roll.


1956 - 1957 Hastingleigh Parochial Church Council

Four meetings of the council have been held during the year. Several gifts have been presented to the church as follows:

Members of the Council and friends gave an inscribed wafer box in memory of Miss Marian Ashton who served for many years as


Mr Lloyd gave an Oak table which is being used as an altar in the Lady chapel, also some small altar linen which is being used for

private communions.

Mr Tappenden gave a brass cross, vases and candlesticks for the small altar in memory of his parents.

Possibilities for installing electricity in the church were investigated but it was decided it was too costly at present. An electric battery
has been fitted to the mass Altar bookment.

The beams in nave have been creosoted and the walls cleaned. The furnace has been repaired.

A choir stall on the south side of the chancel has been removed and the priests stall moved into the chancel. The Kent archaeological

Society has visited the church also the Folkestone Historical Society and also some missions.


The council has agreed to share with Elmsted PCC the cost of connecting the vicarage to the main electric system.

Both councils have agreed to pay a quarterly sum of money to the Rector for petrol. Mr and Mrs Nancollas have been appointed joint

editors of the Parish magazine in the place of Mrs Harwood who resigned.