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Archdeacon Records for HASTINGLEIGH c.1566 - 1730

Hastingleigh 'Parish Records' date from c.1730 to c.1930. The earlier Parish Records have been
missing for nearly 200 years. As it is, without these books we can only get a snapshot of the records
before then, from examining the individual sheets of paper sent once or twice a year to the
Archdeacon at Canterbury Cathedral and which are supposed to be an account of BMDs for the year.
One can be fairly confident that for the most part, a high percentage of events were recorded, but as some
events are duplicated in two consecutive return papers, and some years are missing it is incomplete.
The years are based on the
Julian Calendar, which made March 25th the start of the new year until 1752.
The Archdeacon returns were sent every Lady Day [and sometimes Michaelmas,] to Canterbury Cathedral.

If you are researching a family or individual after c.1730, then please goto the 'Parish Records' pages.
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