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Hastingleigh Buildings 

Here are photographs of various properties in Hastingleigh Parish. The majority were taken
circa 2000, for the millennium exhibition in the Village Hall. Many properties will have been altered since these
pictures were taken, and some have changed their names too.
If you have any older photos of Hastingleigh properties to share, please e-mail me; also please send in corrections
to the labels of these photos if you spot any errors. Thankyou.

Badgers, Hassell Street. circa 2000  


Basque Close. circa 2000                 


Beckets Close. circa 2000                  


Bowl Field circa 2000                         


Bowl Field                                          


Brambledown circa 2000                   


Cold Blow circa 2000                         


Court Lodge circa 2000                      


Crabtree Farm circa 2000                   


Dean Farm                                          


Erica and Benscott circa 2000            


The Village Hall                                   


Evington Shooting Lodge circa 1900  


Folly Town circa 2000                         


Hastingleigh Store 1982                    


Hawksdene Cottage circa 2000        


Hazel Grove, Hassell St. circa 2000  


Hazel Grove circa 2000                     


Hazel Tree circa 2000                       


Little Coombe circa 2000                  


Lyddendane circa 1980                     


Moorlands circa 2000                       


Parish Farm circa 2000                     


Penang Lodge circa 2000                 


Primrose Cottage circa 2000            


Primrose Cottage                             


Rashalay and Trefule                       


Rose Cottage                                   


South Hill gardens                           


Staple Farm circa 2000                    


Stoakes Cottage                              


Stokys Cottage                                


Stone Cottage circa 2000               


Sweet Apple Cottage circa 2000    


Sycamore Cottage circa 2000        


The Briars circa 2000                     


The Firs, circa 2000                       


Tree Stumps circa 2000                


Vigo Farm circa 2000                   


Vigo Farm circa 2000                   


The Witches Pond circa 1900      


Woodmans, Hassell St. c.2000    


Woodmans, Hassell St. c. 2000