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The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

Hastingleighs Greatest Day
[transcribed from the 5th June 1953 edition of Kentish Express]

Free beer and plenty of it for everyone over 18 years added to some spirited celebrations at Hastingleigh in which Elmsted
people joined. Festivities began on Coronation Eve with a party in the Parish Room for all the Over 60s who sat down to a
spread of ham, tongue and salad, with fruit salad, trifle and jelly and drank the Queens health in port. Afterwards there was
an entertainment organised by Mrs Newport of the Bowl Inn.

On Coronation Day, the Bowl Field was the focal point for all villagers. After a fancy dress parade with the Coronation
theme much in evidence, there were sports and then schoolchildren had their tea in the village hall.

Maypole dancing brought back memories of other Coronation days to the elderly folk who came to watch and who were
pleased to see that children of to-day still keep alive the dances of by-gone generations.

Mrs. Miskin chief guest, proposed a toast of Her Majesty. Mr G Tappenden deputising for Commander NCM Findlay thanked
the organisers. For Over 70s who entertained were Will Mills, Fred Pritchard, Harry Carey and Alf Southen.

One of the largest fancy dress parades seen in the village was judged my Mrs. Massie, Mrs. J. Forge and
Capt. Peter Tappenden (deputising for Commander N.C.M. Findlay.

Winners :

1. Michael Young (beefeater)

2. George and William Griggs (E&R)

3. Shirley Stokes and Donald Ferguson (Jack and Jill)

Special prizes, Jack Luck (pirate) and Johnny Thorpe (tramp) and Christine Lilley.

Elmsted beat Hastingleigh in Tug-of-War by two clear pulls.

Teams: Elmsted= J. Argar, F. Brown, N. and W. Wood, P. Durnford, W. Hardistry, C. Smith, G. Gardiner and Col. A. Massie (coach)

Hastingleigh: D. and N. Wood, A. Pearson, T. Lockwood, T. Young, D. Ferguson, D. Powell, R.Marsh and B Bowes (coach) .
Mr S. Puttock was umpire. For the winners there was a pint of beer each and half a pint for the losers.

Sports Results:

Flat Races 14-15 years

1.       E.  Young

2.       D Young

3.       D White

11-13 years

1.       J P Hoare

2.       J Thompson

3.       M Hill

8-10 years

1.       K Young

2.       J Durnford

3.       B Young

5-7 years

1.       B Chisholm

2.       R Lockwood

3.       D White

Under 5s

1.       P Lockwood

2.       S Stokes

Slow Bicycle

1.       R Luck

2.       D White

3.       M Hardistry


1.       M Hill and J Luck

2.       J Thompson and P Cahill

Sack Race 8-10 years

1.       L Willott

2.       P Griggs

3.       A Lockwood

Potato Race 5-7 years

1.       R Lockwood

2.       B Chisholm

3.       P Hill

Ladies 3 legged race

1.       E Young and S Thompson

2.       W Stokes and K Pollard

Farmyard race

1.       Lockwood and Bryant

2.       K and M Pollard

Tilting Bucket

1.       T Young and M Bowes

2.       D Young and B White

Pulling Weight

1.       D Powell

Tossing the Sheaf

1.       Ron Marsh

Mr T Lockwood was sports organiser.

                                                                        PALACE CAKE

There was tragedy in the pigeon race, one of the 42 birds released flew straight into a telephone wire and was killed.

A large iced cake, weighing over 19lbs was given for competition [raffle]by Mr G.P. Tappenden and made in his bakery
by Miss Eileen Bartlett. It was a magnificent model of Buckingham Palace and the Mall complete with miniature
soldiers and trees. The winner was Mrs Hawke and the competition raised over 10 Pounds towards the new hall fund.

School children in fancy dress gave a display of maypole dancing arranged by Mr and Mrs Yates.

Teas for everyone were served under cover. Villagers crowded into the hall in time to hear the Queens Speech and port
was handed round for a Royal Toast proposed by Commander Findlay.

Those who still had enough energy joined in a dance in the hall, the last event before the midnight finale at New Barn Hill.

A very large crowd walked nearly a mile out of the village to the highest point where a gigantic bonfire was lit. From the
hill a chain of other bonfire could be seen stretching across the countryside. A fitting finish to one of the brightest days
the villagers remember.


WOMEN KEPT A SECRET [transcribed from the 12th June 1953 edition of the Kentish Express]


                                                                       Hastingleigh WI gets a surprise
When Hastingleigh and Elmsted Womens Institute set out for their usual monthly meeting last week they sensed nothing
unusual, although it was Coronation Week.

But when they reached the village hall they could hardly believe their eyes. Instead of rows of chairs there were tables
laid with gleaming white tablecloths forming a letter E. Decorations were vases of red white and blue flowers and a delicious
meal was waiting.
Planned by a shadow committee, who held a secret meeting at the Bowl Inn, a month before, this was the Coronation
memento for their President, Committee and the rest of the members.
Heading the plotters was Mrs Newport, acting as president, Mrs Thompson (vice president), Mrs Cooper (secretary),
Miss Graham (treasurer), Mesdames Pearson Snr., Sheville, Taylor, Young, Stokes, Parrett. Miss Lowden and Miss Bartlett.
These 12 women kept their secret until the moment their first guest arrived in the hall.

                                                                     HOSTESSES WERE ELIZABETHS

There were 51 members and two guests at supper. Four hostesses - all named Elizabeth - showed members to their places.

Toast to Her Majesty, The Queen, was by Lady Mary Findlay who was among the invited guests at the Coronation in the Abbey.
The president Mrs Helmer thanked all those who had planned the party and Miss E Bartlett proposed a vote of thanks to
Lady Mary for her description of the Abbey ceremony.

Entertainment by the organising committee included a song Good Elizabethans and the Elizabeth Dance demonstrated by
Mrs Newport and Mrs Cooper.

The finale was the appearance of the 14 members of the shadow committee each carrying a letter. Put together by the committee,
they spelled out Coronation 1953.