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          After coming across more new words than I care to think of while researching for this website, I have now begun a
          Glossary which I hope might shed some light on certain words, phrases, terms and place names.

Appurtenances =  miscellaneous equipment used for a particular trade (farming equipment, ploughs, carts etc)

Acquitances = a legal document showing the discharge or payments of a debt.

Batt =

Boots =

Cill = a foundation of a structure

Clear Rent =

Covenants = bound by contract to be responsible and accountable for something.

Demesnes = land owned and kept by the landlord or landowner for his own personal use and benefit.

Digree =

Distress = the seizure and holding of property as security for payment of a debt.

Ernolument = the perks, profits or gains from a particular job or role.

Factor = a man who acts as an agent or broker between two businesses for a commission payment.

Falling or Felling = the cutting down of trees

Fillers =

Fine =

Guinea = a gold coin worth 21 shillings or the equivalent of £1750.00 in todays salary (circa 2008) 

Herriots/Heriots = a payment or tribute paid to the landlord on the death of a tenant. Often it was the best farm animal or a measure of crops or money etc.

Hither end = the nearest end as opposed to farther end.

Justice =

Laths = A thin, narrow strip of wood, nailed to the rafters, studs,    or floor beams of a building, for the purpose of supporting    the tiles, plastering, etc.

Perch = 16.5 feet in length or 5 metres 3 centimetres in length.

Pollards = A tree having its top cut off at some height above the ground, so that it may throw out branches.

Quitrent = A rent reserved in grants or leases of land, and by paying the quitrent they are exempt from other service to the landlord.

Rent Rolls =  a register of rents showing the names of tenants and the amount of rent they pay.

Rood = a quarter of an acre in size, or five and a half yards in length.

Roull =

Saintfoin = a plant grown as horse fodder

Saplings = a young tree

Scrubbed = a stunted tree or

Shaw = a small wood

Sheave = a bundle of cut down wood

Standills = or Standel is a young tree left to grow when others around it are cut down.

Storers =

Tallers =

Tillers = A sprout or young tree that springs from a root of a tree /  Or a young timber tree.

Tun = 2240 lbs (pounds) in weight or 1018 kilos

Underwood = small trees and brush that grown in the shade of bigger trees in a wood.

Wavers = A sapling left standing in a fallen wood

Woodreeve = an overseer of the woods, employed to manage the sustainability of a wood as a crop.

Woodsearch =

Worsted =