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 Lychgate commemorating 1293-1993

1993 was an eventful year in the life of Hastingleigh. Two main and lasting features of the numerous events to
celebrate the 700th anniversary of recorded worship in the church, are the stained glass window panel and the
lychgate.  The progress of the bulding of the lychgate was recorded by Mr and Mrs K. Young on video tape, from
which the images on this page have been taken.

The Main Patron of the Lychgate project was Sir Charles Jessel of Hastingleigh, and it was his idea.
It was designed by George Denny, architect from Elmsted, who supervised the project.
The woodwork frame was constructed by carpenters John Brooker and his son Doug Brooker.
Some of the kent peg tiles were manufactured at Robus Pottery and Tiles, in Elmsted.
The building of the lychgate in situ, and the tiling was done by Bob Young and his nephew Glenn Young of Hastingleigh.



In 1992, before the lychgate, the fence around the church yard had a small utility gate on to the footpath.

The oak frame of the lychgate is in place on 18th June 1993 


Work on the roof, laying battens for the tiles on 23rd June 1993


 Planting flowers for the dedication service 4th July 1993


The service of dedication - 4th July 1993
- with VIP visitor The RIght Reverand JRA Llewellin, Bishop of Dover.


The addition of the benches and brickwork surrounding the lychgate pillars is a later addition and a plaque on them
commemorates the turn of the millennium.