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Nathaniel Conant 1822 (Click) [Civil Servant]

13 Dec 1924 Fatal Fall- Shock following a fractured thigh was stated by Dr. Murray Jones (Wye) at an inquest on
Wednesday to be the cause of death of Mrs Sarah A Begent 77 widow of Edward T Begent who fell while retiring to
bed at her home Thatch Cottage, on the 2nd instant, and died on Sunday. Her son Wyndham Begent, told the coroner
that she had been subject to fainting fits, and that after she had gone to her bedroom he heard a scream and found
her on the floor. She said she had fallen and broken her leg. Evidence was also given by Miss C Waters (sister)
District Nurse Wilson (Wye) and Dr. Murray Jones who had attended the deceased for heart attacks and bronchitis.
Death by misadventure was recorded.

Rev. Anthony Collett 1924 (Click) [Rector of Hastingleigh, Vicar of Elmsted]

27 Dec 1924 Bekesbourne:- John Birchett [Dealer and Grocer]
we regret to announce the death of Mr John Birchett who was 80 years of age, and had lived in the
same house at Elmsted for 56 years. [Rose Cottage, Evington Lees]He had been staying at his son's home at
Bekesbourne for a holiday and while there was taken ill. He passed away peacefully on Tuesday the 16th, after only
a week's illness. He was known for miles around as Captain Birchett, and was much respected. The funeral took
place at Elmsted Churchand was attended by his aged brother and sister and three sons and their wives and one
daughter and a grand-daughter.

24 July 1942 'Old David' Dodd has passed on.
Basket Maker and Tinker of Brabourne
Renowned as a basket maker and tinker Mr David Dodd of Brabourne Lees died aged 88. Known as Old David all over
East Kent he was a distinctive figure, with his flowwing white beard and black cap, pushing his grinding machine
for more than 50 years. As a tinker he would take on practically any job, from making kettles, particularly of
copper, which he delighted in doing, to fitting pins in to spectacle frames.
He was especially proud of his basket making and always said 'Machinery can't compete with me here.'
This was true, for he seldom made one that was not true in shape and finish. If one happened to be half an inch
out of the true he would not sell it. Those he did sell, lasted for years.
Old David was born at Hastingleigh and after living in various places finally settled at Brabourne. He died at
the home of his eldest daughter Mrs stapleton, in Folkestone on Wednesday of last week a few weeks after an
operation on his throat.
The funeral took place at Smeeth on Monday when the family mourners included
Mr and Mrs F Stapleton (son in law and daughter)
Mr and Mrs J Dodd
Mr and Mrs C Dodd
Mr and Mrs G Dodd (sons and daughters in law)
Mr and Mrs E Allenback (son in law and daughter)
Mr T Dodd (son)
and Miss J Dodd (granddaughter)

Alfred Young 1943: FRIEND OF ALL [Blacksmith/Shoesmith]
The parishes of Elmsted and Hastingleigh have lost a good neighbour and friend with the sudden death of Mr Alfred Young,
of the Forge House, Bodsam.
A correspondent writes:- Alfred Young was one of the kindest of men. His happy home at Forge House, Bodsham, was always
welcoming, and its inmates always ready to help a friend in need - An example, indeed, for any village.
I feel that the passing of so unselfish a man can best be marked by one who was his friend and who respected all he stood for.
For some time past Mr Young had not been in good health. By nature public spirited and of the stoic type, nothing would
induce him to give up. He died as he would have wished - in harness. I well know that the sympathy of all who knew and
respected him goes out now to his sorrowing family and his devoted wife.

30 Jan 1953 Link With the Past The last employee of St. Thomas Hospital when it owned part of Hastingleigh Village in the early
part of this century, Mr William Hayward (82) died at his home Myrtle Cottage, Hastingleigh, this
week. For many years he worked at Court Lodge, former hospital property, and for over 40 years
had been sexton. he had always lived in the district, and retired 3 years ago from his church work.
Last August, when a shrub was planted in the churchyard to commemorate the village association with
St. Thomas Hospital Mr Hayward was among those who took part in the ceremony.
He leaves a widow, three sons and two daughters. The funeral is tomorrow at hastingleigh church.

Rev. John Newbery Wells 1955 (Click) [Rector]

1960 Evelyn Mary Dunbar (Click for Wikipedia page) [Official War artist, illustrator & designer]

1976 Noel Charles Mansfeldt Findlay - [Commander of HMS Danae]

1982 Michael Lethbridge Gorell-Barnes [script writer and television producer aka Michael Barnes] (Click for BFI page)   and his Filmography (Click)

24 Oct 2001 Mr Jehan Daly (Click) [Artist]

12 July 2002 - Mr Gerald Campion [actor Billy Bunter/ Restauranter] (Click)

12 September 2002 - Mr.Andrew Forge  [Artist, Writer & Lecturer]

There are countless articles about Andrew Forge and his art career, on the internet. He is buried in the Forge family plot at Hastingleigh.

George P. Tappenden 1960

Village mourns loss of its champion:
The tiny village of Hastingleigh perched on top of the North Downs is mourning the loss of a man who has done more for
it than any other in its history.
He was Mr. George P. Tappenden who collapsed and died over the wheel of his car on Sole Street, Crundale on Tuesday evening
as he was on the way to a meeting.
Mr. Tappenden who was 58, deserved the title of the unofficial "Mayor of Hastingleigh". His family has played a leading part
in the village activities for well over 100 years.
During his lifetime in this remote village Mr. Tappenden who was until recently a farmer, the village grocer and general store
keeper and sub-postmaster [he gave up the farm Lees Farm, a few months ago.] He had fought to gain all the modern amenities a
village in this 20th century is entitled to.
He helped to bring electricity, was founder chairman of the village sports club, had been the guiding hand behind the new
village hall, did much of the spade work each year in the village carnival and even tried hard to get a parish council for the
village which has only had a parish meeting of which he was the chairman.
Mr. Tappenden will also be remembered for the sterling work he has done during the winters when so often the village has been
cut off by great snow drifts. He always kept large stores of food in his shop so villagers would not have to suffer from lack
of supplies
He had also been largely responsible in urging snow ploughs to be kept permanently in the village and on neighbouring farms
to help clear the roads.
Three years ago his business celebrated its centenary in the village.
He was also one of Ashford's keenest Rotarians and a vice-president of the branch.
He is survived by his wife and one son, a Regular officer in the Army.

Funeral Tribute to Mr. G.P. Tappenden
Many old friends, business associates and fellow Ashford Rotarians were among those at the funeral at Hastingleigh Parish
Church on Friday of Mr. George P Tappenden, sub-postmaster of Hastingleigh and proprietor of the village stores, who died
suddenly last Tuesday.
The church was filled and the Vicar of Elmsted with Hastingleigh Rev. A.E. Prior, paid tribute to Mr. Tappenden, one of his
churchwardens for a number of years. Mr. Tappenden, he said, had been a regular helper at both Hastingleigh and Elmsted chrches,
and would always be remembered for his ever-ready help for people in need. He took a practical interest in the welfare of both
old and young people, he especially loved children, and was affectionately known as the 'father' of the village.
After the service, burial was in the churchyard.

Mr. George Tappenden the sub-postmaster of Hastingleigh and sole proprietor of the village stores died suddenly on Tuesday
He was found in his car in a state of collapse in Sole Street, Crundale on Tuesday afternoon. When a doctor arrived he was dead.
Although he hadn't been in good health for over a year, his death came as a shock to his many friends. In Hastingleigh and the
surrounding villages he was a well known and popular figure and because of all that he had done for Hastingleigh, he was
affectionately known as its 'Mayor'.
One of the things for which he will always be remembered is the New village hall. for nearly 10 years he was the inspiration
behind this project and when the hall was completed this year, it was for him the realisation of an ambition.
At every Hastingleigh Carnival, Mr. Tappenden was an untiring worker. He also took an active interest in practically every
local organisiation, was chairman of the Parish Meeting and a church warden at Hastingleigh church.
From 1953 he had been a Rotarian and a member of the Ashford Rotary Club.
In 1957 Tappenden's store celebrated its centenary. It was founded by Mr Tappenden's grandfather, who passed it to his sons
about 88 years ago, and 13 years ago Mr Tappenden became the proprietor.
He leaves a widow and one son Capt. Peter Tappenden.