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Census - out of parish Sunday 30 March 1851

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 A list of the people born in Hastingleigh, that are resident outside of the Parish of Hastingleigh
in the 1891 Census.
          Abbreviations used: w = widow or widower,u = unmarried,m = married,Ag lab = agricultural labourer,
                    gen lab = general labourer,  serv. =servant  Name Underlined = born in Hastingleigh.
Note: Only 6 out of 206 people born in Hastingleigh and living outside of Hastingleigh, are living outside of the County of Kent.
A barrister, a rector, a medical student, a coachman, and two in the military. Most are in neighbouring Parishes.

Robert Amos 44 farm lab husband of Margaret Amos 37 father of James Amos 17, Elizabeth Amos 13,
George Amos 11, Susan Amos 9, Thomas Amos 7, Jane Amos 5, Robert Amos 3, Mary Ann Amos 1.
living at Honey Hill, Chilham, Kent.
[Robert Snr. is the son of David Amos & Elizabeth Hawkings m. Jan 1802 Hastingleigh]

Mary Ann Andrews 48 wife of Richard Andrews 45 Ag bailiff, parents of William Andrews 13, Charlotte Andrews 7, Mary Ann Andrews 5
living at Rhodes Minnis, Lyminge, Kent

Stephen Andrews 55 Ag Lab living Elmsted, Kent, husband of Frances Andrews 31 , parents of Edward Andrews 11 , Mary Andrews 9,
Caroline Andrews 6 , John Andrews 5, Jane Andrews 3 and Stephen Andrews 5m
all living at Helchin, Elmsted, Kent

Frances Ansley 26 wife of James Ansley 37 farm lab, parents of
William Ansley 5 and Mary Ann Ansley3
living at Little Thorpepet(?), Waltham Kent.
[possibly nee Frances Dodd daughter of David & Sarah Dodd]

George G Baker 34 Capt. in HM Army, husband of Sarah M. Baker 27
living Compton Gifford, Devon
[George Granville Baker son of John and Frances Baker]

Jane B Benson 21 wife of Rev Martin Edgar Benson, Curate of Deal
living at 1 Albert Terrace, Deal, Kent.
[nee Jane Buchanan Duthie daughter of Rev Archibald Hamilton Duthie]

Thomas Berry 23u nephew general servant to Thomas Berry and family of 10 at their farm
living in Boughton under Blean, Kent

William Berry 21 ag Lab lodger at the house of Lucy Ing 57u a pauper cripple, also her nephew William Ing 36u
and her niece Keziah May 16
living in Boughton-Under-Blean, Kent 
[Might be son of Henry Berry & Mary Elizabeth Lowd?]

Caroline Bett 3 daughter of Joseph Bett 28 general dealer and Mary A Bett 27, sister of Thomas Bett 11m,
all living at 22 Ellington, St Lawrence Thanet, Kent.

Henry Worrell 28 bailiff or allworks also
John Blackman 20
waggoners mate
George Blackman 18
errand boy
Betsy Blackman 16
nursemaid all living with William Tapill 42 farmer and family at
Coldharbour Farm, Wye, Kent
[children of Joseph Blackman 48w and the late Charlotte Blackman]

Ann Blatcher 30 wife of Edward Blatcher 32 labourer, parents of Frances Blatcher 9, Ann Blatcher 4, Jane Blatcher 1
all living at Withersden, Wye, Kent

Martha Boughton 26 wife of Robert Boughton 29 shoemaker, parents of Mary Ann Boughton2, John Boughton 4m,
living at Heardell Wood House, Upper Hardres, Kent

Stephen Brett 31u farm labourer, lodger with Stephen Tuff 39 and Mary Ann Tuff 28
living at Anville Green, Waltham, Kent.

Sarah Ann Brice 47 wife of Thomas Brice 54 farmer
at Spelders Hill, Brook, Kent

Elizabeth Browning 18 niece and house servant of
Elizabeth Wellard 48 and William Wellard
at Hapton Farm, Brabourne, Kent.
[Elizabeth Browning daughter of George Browning and Sarah Brice]

Eliza Browning 24,
James Browning 20,
Rebecca Browning 17,
Isabel Louisa Browning 12
- children of Rebecca Browning 50w of
Hastle Street (Hassell St.) Wye, Kent
[nee Rebecca Brice m. 1823 Hastingleigh to James Browning]

Elizabeth Ann Casssell 45 wife of Thomas Cassell 39 Ag lab
of South Wootten, Petham, Kent

Sophia Ann Cloke 28u and
George Cloke 26u children of Thomas Cloke 62 and Ann Maria Cloke 51 , parents of Mary Ann Cloke 17
also William Waters 18u servant on farm
all living at Spong Farm, Elmsted, Kent
[Thomas Cloke and Ann Maria Sayer m.23 Jun 1822 Hastingleigh]

Charlotte Conley 46u pauper daughter of Frances Conley 77 pauper,
also with brother Silas Conley 37u ag lab,
all living at Lympne Street, Lympne, Kent

H Conley 36? butcher, husband of Catherine Conley 36, parents of Thomas Southen Conley 10,
Kennett Southen Conley 9, Fanny Conley 6, Harry Conley 4, Emily Conley 2,
all living at Mill Road Whitstable, Kent
[possibly surname could be Cunley rather than Conley]

Henry Conley 54 widower , father of Matilda Conley 14 and Victoria Conley 12
living at The Street, Brook, Kent

Mary Croucher 22 daughter of William Croucher 50 labourer and Sarah Croucher 69
also their grandson Henry Croucher 2
at Staple Lees, Wye, Kent
[parents are William Croucher & Sarah Ptollard m.1821 Hastingleigh]

Charlotte Crowd 63 wife of Thomas Crowd 77 pauper Ag lab
at Reast Lane Cottage, Swingfield, Kent

William Culver 20 farm labourer servant to Thomas Hopkins 48 and wife Mary Hopkins 47
with their family and two other farm servants
all living at Waddenhill Farm, Waltham, Kent

Henry Cutress 25 ag lab husband of Catherine Cutress 29 parents of Thomas Cutress 11m also
Ann Cutress 34 visitor household servant
all residing at Wimbledon Hall, Lympne, Kent
[Henry son of John Cutress & Elizabeth Knowles m.1809 Hastingleigh]

Thomas Daisy 45 basket maker, husband of Judith Daisy 41, parents of William Daisy 20, Susannah Daisy 18,
John Daisy 11, George Daisy 9, Alfred Daisy 7, Eleanor Daisy 5, James Daisy 3 and HenryDaisy 10m
all living at Smeeth, Kent

Hannah Dray 48 wife of Thomas Dray 46 farm labourer, parents of Charlotte Dray 12, George Dray 8,
Maria Dray 6, Rebecca Dray 2
all living at Church Lane, Waltham, Kent

Ellen Dodd 15 servant at Withersdane, Wye, Kent

John Dodd 27u servant on farm of James Newport 45u and his niece/housekeeper Sophia Newport 27u
at Court Lodge, Elmsted, Kent. [employing 24 staff]

Mark Dodd 14 servant, assistant baker,
living at Stowting Common Bake House, Stowting, Kent
[son of David and Sarah Dodd]

William Dodd 24 ploughman
at East Stour Farm, Chilham, Kent

Thomas Down 12 and
Twiness Down 14, adopted nephews of Stephen Down and Elizabeth Down [nee Blackman] parents of
Edward Down 9, George Down 6, Richard Down 4
all living at Scotton Street, Wye, Kent 
[Thomas and Twiness were the sons of the late Joseph and Charlotte Blackman]

Elizabeth D'Oyly 63 wife of Thomas D'Oyly 78 Sergeant at Law staying at
Hotel, 27 Gloster Place, Brighton, East Sussex.

William Duncan 49 tin plate worker
living at Brabourne, Kent
[William Duncombe born to William & Eleanor Duncombe 1802 Hastingleigh]

Margaret Duthie 18 daughter of Rev Archibald H Duthie (born Jamaica) Rector of Upper Deal, Kent and
Mary Duthie 41, parents of Mary E Duthie 15, Charlotte Duthie 12, Charles Duthie 9, Archibald Duthie 7, John F Duthie 5
also Maria Duthie 35u Aunt of Margaret, plus 3 servants
all living at the Rectory, Upper Deal, Kent
[nee Mary Murray m.Stirling, Scotland 6 Jan 1828]

Mary Fagg 52 wife of John Fagg 55 parents of Priscilla Fagg 14, Edward Fagg 11,
all living at Pett Bottom, Lower Hardres, Kent

William Foord 75 shoemaker and husband of Elizabeth Ford 44, parents of Thomas Beadly Foord 21,
Elizabeth Foord 19, Harriett Foord 18
all living at Brabourne, Kent
[William son of Richard Ford and Mary Birch m.1783 Hastingleigh]

George Godfrey 36? Ag lab husband of
Mary A Godfrey 28
living at Village of Bettinge, Herne, Kent

Richard Godfrey 42 Ag servant
at Moat Farm Shaddoxhurst, Kent

Charles James Golder 1 son of Charles James Golder a mariner and Henrietta Golder 28
also Mary Golder 4 and Kate Daniels a visitor
all living at North Street, Folkestone, Kent
[Henrietta Golder nee Henrietta Daniels]

Rebecca Goldup 4 and
Frederick Goldup 2 children of Henry Goldup 47 and Mary Goldup 36, parents of Martha Goldup 11, Sarah Goldup 7
of Newgate, Wye, Kent
[Henry Goldup and Mary Croucher m.1841 Crundale]

Sarah Hams 39 wife of John Hams 33 shoemaker, parents of Hannah Hams 9, Louisa Hams 8 and Francis Hams 5
all living Dymchurch Road, Hythe St Leonard, Kent

William Hawkings 9
Elizabeth Hawkings 7
Stephen Hawkings 8
children of Charlotte Hawkings 37 widow farm worker
living at Hastle Street (Hassell Street), Waltham Kent
[Charlotte widow of James Hawkings]

Anne Frances Hayward 16 granddaughter .companion to Mary Hayward 68w retired farmers wife
[Living next door to George and Sarah Hayward]
at Bostle Hill, Seasalter, Kent
[Mary Hayward might be Mary Over m. Stephen Hayward 1814 Hastingleigh]

Charlotte Hayward 32 house servant to Jonathan Rutter
at Watling Street, Canterbury, Kent.

Edward Hayward 21 servant on father's farm, husband of
Caroline Hayward 22 housekeeper, parents of William Hayward 1
all living at Cuckholds Comb, Wye, Kent.
[children of Stephen Hayward and Mary Over m.1814 Hastingleigh]

Ellen Hayward 16 general servant to Mary Harmon 49 and her mother Jane Hamon 75
also William Birchett 21 general servant
all living at Grove House, Sellinge, Kent
[daughter of George Hayward and Charlotte Hayward m.17 Mar 1823 Hastingleigh]

George Hayward 15 apprentice grocer to Stephen Davey 36 grocer
at Sturry Street, Sturry, Kent.
[son of James Hayward and Sarah Caistor]

George Hayward 28 farm servant, husband of Elizabeth Hayward 27, parents of George Hayward 8,
Ann Hayward 6, Stephen Hayward 3, William Hayward 1m
Also William Beer 15 farm servant
all living at Northleigh, Elmsted, Kent

James Hayward 13 and
Ellen Hayward 7
children of George Hayward 43? Farmer and Sarah Hayward 42 farmer
also farm servants Mary Beer 24u , Edward Young28u, and Henry Clayson 19u
of Bostle Hill, Seasalter, Kent.

James Hayward 21 farm servant to William Theather,
The Street, Brook, Kent
[son of George Hayward and Charlotte Hayward m.17 Mar 1823 Hastingleigh]

William Sankey 34 member of Royal College of Surgeons, also
John William Haywood 10 scholar, also John A Day 32u assistant to Wm Sankey, and Lydia Higgens 56u housekeeper
all living at Sutton Valence, Kent

John Hayward 28 Ag lab husband of Mary Hayward 26 , father of John Hayward 8, Harriett Hayward 5
and Sophia Hayward 1
all living at Staple Lees, Wye, Kent [in other census Staple lees is within Hastingleigh boundaries]

John Hayward 38 shoemaker, husband of Phoebe Hayward 40, father of John Hayward 12, Ellen Hayward 10,
Thomas Hayward 8, Elizabeth Hayward 6, Frances Hayward 1,
living at Roads Minnis, Lyminge, Kent
[Possibly be son of Thomas Hayward and Christiana Webb m.16 Oct 1802]

Mary Hayward 19 general servant to William Dunk 44 and Eliza Dunk 43 and family, Inn Keepers of
The Dukes Head Inn, Sellinge, Kent

Mary Hayward 40 widow Laundress at
7 Burgate Lane, Canterbury, Kent

Samuel Hayward 96 widower Lodger (on Parish Relief) with John and Catherine Adams,
Bridge Street, Wye, Kent 
[son of George & Anna Hayward baptism 1754]

Stephen Hayward 32 farm servant to Stephen and Maria Birch
at Mislin Farm, Elmsted, Kent.

Thomas Hayward 23 journeyman blacksmith living with his brother Henry Hayward 35 and wife Sarah Hayward 36,
Parents of William Hayward 8, Sarah Hayward 7 , Edward Hayward 4, Elizabeth Hayward 2 and Anna Hayward 2m
living at Sturry, near Canterbury, Kent.
[Thomas and Henry sons of James Hayward & Sarah Caistor]

William Hayward 44 farm labourer, husband of Caroline Hayward 36, parents of Charles Hayward 12,
Harriet Hayward 10, Charlotte Hayward 7 and Eliza Hayward 3
all living at Richdoor, Waltham, Kent.

William Hearnden 32 and wife
Ann Hearnden 28 parents of Sophia Hearnden 3and Henry Hearnden 2
living at Artillery Street, Canterbury, Kent
[William Harnden b. 1818 to Richard and Mary Harnden]

Esther Hoar 72 wife of Henry Hoar 62 Ag Lab
of Sole Street, Crundale, Kent

Thomas Hogben 19 farm servant at
Holt Farm, Elmsted, Kent
[son of Wm Hogben and Susanna Barman]

Martha Hopkins 45 wife of John Hopkins 52 Ag lab
living at Minnis, Stelling, Kent
[might be Martha Pilcher baptised 1806]

Charlotte Howland 12
John Howland 16
children of John Howland 45 carpenter and Sarah Howland 50
living at Hanville Green, Waltham, Kent
[John Howland & Sarah Howland b.Crundale abt. 1801]

William Howland 21 nephew and
Elizabeth Howland 19 niece of Stoaks Howland and
living at Ashenfield Heath, Wye, Kent

Thomas Kidder 50 grazier husband of Caroline Kidder 32, father of Caroline Amelia Kidder 2,
and Susannah Kidder 6m
of Evington Lees, Elmsted, Kent
[baseborn son of Esther Hayward 1800]

Jeremiah Kingsland 67 Ag lab husband of Mary Kingsland 68
living at Nonington, Kent
[son of John Kingsland and Mary Spicer m1783 Hastingleigh]

John Kingsland 10 scholar at Kemps Corner, (boarding school)
Kemps Hall, Boughton Aluph, Kent 
[Kemps Commercial and Finishing Academy]

Eliza Knott 41 wife of John Knott 43 mariner, parents of Isaac Knott 9, Catherine Knott 7,
Eliza A Knott 5, Jane E Knott1
living at 18 Harbour Street, Thanet, Kent

William Lancefield 44 Ag lab husband of Susan Lancefield 28, parents of James Lancefield 9, George Lancefield 7,
William Lancefield 4, Mary Lancefield 2, Susannah Lancefield 3m.
living at Willesborough Kent
[son of Edmund Lancefield and Mary Kingsland m. Crundale 25 Mar 1806]

Mary Lucas 30 wife of William Lucas 33 labourer (his place of birth Not Known), parents of William Lucas 15,
Albert Lucas 4, Thomas Lucas 2 at
Windmill Row, St Leonard Hythe, Kent

Thomas Lucas 50 farm bailiff husband of Phoebe Lucas 56, father of Sarah Lucas 20
living at Grany Court, Sellinge, Kent

Daniel Manuel 36 Ag lab husband of Ann Manuel
Living at Brabourne, Kent 

George Manuell 39 husband of Frances Manuel 39
at Hawking House, Brook Read farm, Wye, Kent

Henry Manuel 30 Ag lab husband of Amy Manuel 31, father of Frances Manuel 5, Jane Manuel 4,
Daniel Manuel 2 and William Manuel 6m
living in Brabourne, Kent
[son of Thomas and Elizabeth Manuel]

James Manuell 13 Ag lab servant at
Bull Town Farm Brabourne, Kent

Frances Marshall 26 (female) house servant to William Clements 40 post master and his wife
Elizabeth Clements 40
all living at St Stephen, Nackington, Canterbury, Kent

William Marshall 33 [or Sayer] blacksmith husband of Susanna Marshall 30 [nee Dunster m.27 Apr 1844 West Ashford], father of John Marshall 4,
William Marshall 2, Robert Marshall 3m
living at NewTown, Ashford Kent.
[illegitimate son of William Thomas Marshall  and Elizabeth Sayer  m.1818 Hastingleigh] [certificates kindly provided by V.S. to update this entry]

Frances Meadow 56 wife of John Meadow 54 carpenter, parents of Mary A Meadow 28, Emma Meadow 21,
John Meadow 19 and Eliza Meadow 16
all living at 6 Laurenton Place, Dover Kent
[nee Frances Coulter]

Sarah Miller 10 daughter of Richard Miller 38 carpenter and Harriet Miller 37, parents of Richard Miller 7,
Harry Miller 5, Harriett Miller 3, John Miller 1, William Miller 1m,
all living at Willesborough, Kent

Edward Mills 11 grandson of Arthur Mills 72 farm labourer and Ann Mills 73 parents of
Robert Mills 26u, and other grandchildren Francis Mills 28u, and Sarah Mills 23u,
also James Hayward 18u farm servant
all living at Pickersdane, Wye, Kent

Elizabeth Mills 42 wife of Edward 41 farm lab and mother of
Maria Mills 20,
John Mills 11,
Sophia Mills 9,
Susannah Mills 8,
and Harriet Mills 5
of 'Some House', Wye, Kent
[Edward Mills and Elizabeth Manuell m.1830 Hastingleigh]

Mary Ann Mills 15 house servant at Troy Town, Brook, Kent
[daughter of Edward Mills and Elizabeth Manuell m.1830 Hastingleigh]

Mary Moon 25 wife of George Moon 21 carpenter, parents of Maria Moon 3, Emmaly Moon 1, Francis Moon 8m
living at Hastle Street (Hassell Street), Waltham, Kent

Sarah Mutton (might be Sutton) 71 mother in law widow of Robert Mutton 47 farm lab
living at Whiteacre, Waltham, Kent

Sarah Newport 37 wife of John Newport, miller and parents of
Frances Newport 14,
John Newport 13,
James Newport 10,
Mary Newport 9,
Maria Newport 7,
Sophia Newport 6,
Edward Newport 5,
George Newport 4,
William Newport 2,
Sarah Newport 1

at Holt Middle, Elmsted, Kent
[John Newport and Sarah Hayward Over m.1836 Hastingleigh]

Grace Noble 32 wife of Thomas Noble 38 Farm Bailiff , mother of
William Noble 10m , Jane Noble 8, John Noble 11m
living at Great Owens Court, Selling, Kent.
[Thomas Noble and Grace Pitcher m.1840 Elham]

Harriett Noble 38 laundress wife of George Noble 42 cordwainer, parents of Robert Noble 17,
Jane Noble 16, Harriet Noble 14
all living in Canterbury, Kent

Charles Norris 64 visitor to Alfred Jenning 24 butcher and Maria Jenning 23
parents of Elizabeth Jenning 1, William Jenning 1m also Mary Turner 19u servant
living at 12 Butchery Lane, Canterbury, Kent

Thomas Norris 51 coachman to Rev. D H Finch-Hatton and family, plus 7 other servants
all living at Rectory House, Great Weldon, Northamptonshire

William Oliver 20 farm lab
at Waddenhall Farm, Waltham Kent

John Over 57 farm lab husband of Mary Ann Over 45 parents of Mary Over 16, George Over 13, Frances Over 10
living at Cake Street Waltham Kent
[son of John Over and Ann Rayner m. Wye 1 Dec 1787]

Elizabeth Pemble 72 widow / house servant to John Coolman78, living at Church Forstall, Waltham, Kent

Mary Philpot 39 wife of Thomas Philpot 40 Ag Lab, parents of William Philpot 14, John Philpott 12, Jane Philpott 9,
Ann Philpot 7, Grace Philpot 4, Ruth Philpot 4, Basil Philpott 2, and Alfred Philpot 1m
all living at Hamlet, Monks Horton, Kent.

Frances Pibus 40 wife of Henry Pibus 37 farmer , parents of Lydia Philpot 1
all living at Northleigh, Elmsted, Kent

Francis Pilcher 29 blacksmith, husband of Elizabeth Pilcher , parents of Elizabeth Pilcher 3, John Francis Pilcher 1 and Mary Jane Pilcher 4m
also with them is George Hawkins 18w and Hester Greenstreet 15
at Spelders Hill, Brook, Kent
[son of John Pilcher and Grace Hawkins]

David Ponyer 52 farm lab husband of Charlotte Punyer 51, parents of Jane Ponyer 16, William Ponyer14,
Caroline Ponyer 12, John Ponyer 10, Maria Ponyer 6, and Martha Ponyer 6.
at Bridge Street, Wye, Kent.
[son of David Ponyer and Sarah Conley m. 13 Jun 1795 Hastingleigh]

Rhoda Prebble 61 wife of George Prebble 77, parents of John Prebble 31, Thomas Prebble 29, Edward Prebble 23m
and Walter Prebble19
living at Mersham, Kent

Sarah Richardson 33 wife of James Richardson 36 cabinet maker, parents of James Richardson 5, Henery Richardson 3
and Thomas Richardson 18m,
all living at North Street, Ashford, Kent.
[nee Sarah Else]

Elizabeth Roberts 32 wife of John Roberts 32 Ag lab, parents of
George Roberts 11, William Roberts 9, Caroline Roberts 7, John Roberts 5
living at Nettlebush, Bircholt, Kent

John Roberts 18 farm lab son in law of James Croucher 62 and Elizabeth Croucher 43
living at Hastle Street (Hassell Street), Wye [sometimes also in Hastingleigh]
[Son of John Roberts & Elizabeth Cuttress m.Wye 17 Oct 1829]

George Sankey 20 medical student
living at St Mary Newington Lambeth London
[son of Samuel Sankey and Mary Bassett m.Cheriton 8 Feb 1809]

John Sankey 28 assistant grocer
living at High Street, Ashford, Kent
[son of Samuel Sankey and Mary Bassett ]

Richard Sankey 33 farmer brother of
Henry Sankey 26,
Mary Sankey 35,

of Burmarsh, Kent
[children of Samuel Sankey and Mary Bassett ]

William Sankey 34 member of Royal College of Surgeons, also
John William Haywood 10 scholar , also John A Day 32u assistant to Wm Sankey, and Lydia Higgens 56u housekeeper
all living at Sutton Valence, Kent

Elizabeth Scott 53 wife of Sutton(?) Scott 56 parents of Richard Scott 14, James Scott 11,
and Emma Scott 7
living at New Raymans(?), Wye, Kent.
[nee Elizabeth Divers, daughter of Stephen Divers and Hannah Sim]

Elizabeth Ann Setterfield 28 wife of John Setterfield farm lab and William James Hawkins 4
living at Spileters(?) Hill, Wye, Kent
[states William James Hawkins 4 (born Brook) lodging as child taken in to keep equivalent of fostered. ]
[Elizabeth Ann the baseborn daughter of Elizabeth Browning]

Susannah Sharrard 24 servant to Frances Quested
at Church Street. Wye, Kent
[parents of Susannah were Thomas Sherrard and Elizabeth Reynolds m. Crundale 5 Aug 1823]

William Sharrard 23 ploughman servant to Edward Knight Esq
at Godmersham Court, Godmersham, Kent
[Thomas Sherrard and Elizabeth Reynolds m. Crundale 5 Aug 1823]

Caroline Shilling 25 [nee Godfrey] wife of Robert Shilling 32 Waggoner, parents of Sarah A Shilling aged 4,
also George Godfrey 17 and also Sarah Godfrey (nee Goldup) 60, [widowed mother of Caroline]
all living at Boughton Aluph, Kent 

Edward Simons 69 Rector of Ovington, husband of Susannah Maria Somins 64
living at The Village, Ovington, Norfolk
[son of Nicholas Simons and Elizabeth Tucker m.8 Jan 1781 Hastingleigh]

Joanna Simons 66u Visitor Vicar's Aunt (her nephew Rev. William Falconer 48 Vicar of Orpington)
at Church Hill, Orpington Kent
[unmarried daughter of Nicholas Simons and Elizabeth Tucker m.8 Jan 1781Hastingleigh]

Nicholas Simons 62 Barrister
living at 11 New Square Court, St Clement Danes, London
[son of Nicholas Simons and wife Elizabeth nee Tucker]

Thomas Sims 50 farm bailiff husband of Phoebe Sims 56, parents of Sarah Sims 20u,
also William Andrews 17 general servant and Jane Sims 2 grandaughter
all living at Grany Court, Sellinge, Kent

Jane Sindus 65u annuitant living
at 15 St George Place, Canterbury, Kent

Emma Southen 72 wife of Augustine Southen 70 farm labourer and Edward Southen 32u grandson
all living at Hassell Street, Waltham, Kent

Mary Southon 81w receiving Parish Relief, mother of William Southon 46
living at Denard(?)Street, Crundale, Kent 

Emma Steddy 26 wife of Constantin Steddy 24 grocer with her father
Henry Conley 54w grazier, and his other daughters Matilda Conley 14, Victoria Conley 12
all living at Street, Brook, Kent

William Stephens 44 ag lab husband of Mary Stephens 46
Living at 10 The Row, Elham, Kent

Eliza Stevens 10
John Stevens 8
children of
Henry Stevens 33 carter and his wife Jemima Stevens 30, parents of Frances Stevens 6(f), Sarah A Stevens 1
also with George Duckett 60w father
all living at North Lane, Westgate Without, Canterbury Kent

Henry Stickles 13 lodger at 8 Castle Row, Canterbury, Kent

John Stickles 33 farm lab
at Postling Court Farm, Postling, Kent

George Stickles 45 carpenter husband of Harriet Stickels 41, father of JohnStickels 18, Edward Stickles 16,
Thomas Stickles 13, George Stickles 11, Elvey Stickles 6, Emma Stickles 4, Esther stickles 2, Charles Stickles 7m

all living at Cake Street, Waltham, Kent
[son of Thomas Stickles and Frances Elvy m.1803 Hastingleigh]

Harriett S/L Sutton 2 granddaughter of Thomas Sutton 67 and Elizabeth Sutton, farmers
at Postling Court Farm, Postling, Kent

Henry Sutton 57 labourer son of Daniel Sutton 84w
at Evington Lees, Elmsted, Kent.
[Daniel Sutton and Dorcas Kidder married 3 Apr 1793 Hastingleigh]

James Sutton 29,
Ann Sutton 18,
Robert Sutton 12,
Jane Sutton 10,
Dulcibella Sutton 8
children of Thomas Sutton 53 blacksmith and wife Ann Sutton 42
at Bodsham, Elmsted, Kent

Mary Ann Sutton 61w Farmer, mother of Mark Sutton 34, Edward Sutton 32,
grandmother of Thomas Marshall Sutton 9
at Dead Farm, Elmsted, Kent

Thomas Sutton 15 apprentice tailor to George Davis,
Sturry Street, Sturry near Canterbury, Kent.
[son of Thomas and Ann Sutton]

Jane Swain 55 wife of William Swain 56 Ag lab, parents of Jane Swaine 22, Rodgers Swaine 15,
and Sarah A Swaine 11,
at Canterbury Lane, Wye, Kent

Ann Swinnard 53 nurse to newborn un-named baby of Edward Simmons and Mary Jane Simmons
in Mersham, Kent

Mary Terry 31 dressmaker wife of James Terry 32 carpenter journeyman, parents of William Terry 8m
also Sophia Terry 75w mother pauper,
all living at 7 High street, Elham, Kent

Elizabeth Thompson 33u cousin of William Pittick 66 retired surgeon and wife Elizabeth Pittick 63,
living at Bridge Village, Bridge, Kent

Jane Vane 21 house servant
living Bridge Street, Wye, Kent
[son of Robert Vane and Elizabeth Andrews m.13 Oct 1817]

William Vane 26 servant waggoner on farm of George Noyes 47u with several family and staff members listed
all living at Hinchcombe Farm , Crundale, Kent
[son of Robert Vane and Elizabeth Andrews m.13 Oct 1817]

Robert Wain 26u farm labourer to Henry Bing 59 Farmer and his family and several members of staff
all living at Tunford Farm, Thanington, Kent

James Warrent 17 pauper
at East Ashford Union Workhouse, Willesborough Kent

Catherine Waters 10,
Frances Waters 6,
Thomas Waters 5,
John Waters 2,
children of Thomasin Waters 33w on Parish Relief also her mother Sarah Hayward 69
all living at Bridge Street, Wye, Kent.
[Thomas Waters and Thomasine Hayward m.Wye 24 Mar 1838]

Elizabeth Wellard 48 wife of William Wellard
at Hapton Farm Brabourne, Kent

Frances Wenham 55 wife of George Wenham 56 railways
at SER Chartham Gatehouse, Chartham, Kent 

Elizabeth Wood 38 wife of James Wood farmer 100 acres, parents of Sarah Ann Wood 13, Eliza Wood 10
at St Stephen, Kent

Ann Woodland 67 wife of John Woodland 64 ag lab, parents of George Woodland 34 and John Woodland 31
Living at Standford, Kent

Emma Worrell 12 pauper
at East Ashford Union Workhouse, Willesborough Kent
[sister of George Worrell 14 b. Waltham also at the workhouse]

Henry Worrell 28 bailiff or allworks
John Blackman 20
waggoners mate
George Blackman 18
errand boy
Betsy Blackman 16
all living with William Tapill 42 farmer and family at
Coldharbour, Wye, Kent
[Henry son of Richard Worrell and his second wife Mary Ann Sharpe m 23 Dec 1815]

Knowler Young 47 master blacksmith husband of Elizabeth H Young 44 father of Edward K Young20
living at St Laurence Street, Thanet, Kent
[son of William Young and Ann Knowler m.12 Oct 1801 Ramsgate]

Mary Young 38 wife of John Young 44 Ag lab parents of William Young 15, Ann Young 13, Elizabeth Young 6,
and Sarah Young 3
at Little Gain, Elmsted, Kent
[daughter of John Pilcher and Grace Hawkins m.20 Oct 1804]

[updated 24 March 2011]