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Census - out of parish Sunday 23rd April 1861

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 A list of the people born in Hastingleigh, that are resident outside of the Parish of Hastingleigh.
          Abbreviations used: w = widow or widower,u = unmarried,m = married,Ag lab = agricultural labourer,
                    gen lab = general labourer,  serv. =servant  Name Underlined = born in Hastingleigh

  8/ 232 born in Hastingleigh, but resident outside the parish, are living outside of the County of Kent.


Emma Allen 45wife of Sladden Allen 45 carpenter,
living at Street, Minster in Thanet, Kent

John Amos 58 cement labourer husband of Maria Amos 59, parents of Mary A Amos 22
all living Standard Rd, Faversham, Kent

Mary A Andrews 57 wife of Richard Andrews 54 Ag lab & farmer
living at Lymbridge Green, Stowting, Kent

Frances Ansley 38 wife of James Ansley 48 waggoner, parents of
William Ansley 15, Frances Ansley 9, James Ansley 6, Richard Ansley 4, Henry Ansley 6m (also David Dodd 3 nephew)
all living in Little Sheep Court, Waltham, Kent

Mary Arnold 45 wife of Charles Arnold 52 Ag lab, parents of Jane A Arnold , Harriet Arnold 13
all living at Pope Street, Godmersham, Kent

George G Baker 44 Army Captain HP husband of Mary M Baker 35,
residing at 1 Alma Cottages, Stoke Damerel, Devon.

Mary Bartlett 58 wife of Henry Bartlett 62 carpenter parents of Sarah Bartlett 40, William Bartlett 15
all living at 57 St Peter?s Place, Canterbury, Kent

Jane B Benson 31 wife of Marten E Benson 38 rector of St Andrews, Deal (also visiting Maria Duthie 50, who is Jane?s sister)
all living at 5 Albion Terrace, Deal, Kent

Henry J Berry 34u lodger carter living at 17 North Lane, Boughton under Blean, Kent

Thomas Berry 34 coachman domestic servant Husband of Emma Berry 27, parents of Ellen N Berry 3, Amelia E Berry 1,
all living in Burgate Street, St Mary Magdalene, Canterbury, Kent

Martha Boughton 39 wife of Robert Boughton 41 Ag lab, parents of Mary Ann Boughton 11, John Boughton 10, Sarah Boughton 9,
Maria Boughton 4 and Robert's brother William Boughton 43u
all living at Stone Street, Petham, Kent

Sarah Ann Brice 56 wife of Thomas Brice 62 Farmer also
Ann Pilcher 15 servant, and Silas Kingsmill 31 Ag lab
all living at Brook Green, Brook, Kent

Stephen Birchett [Burchett] 15 carter to Samuel Brice at Sheep Court, Waltham, Kent

James Browning 38 Farmer husband of Ann Elizabeth Browning 32 also Edward Prebble 20 servant and Thomas Rogers 17 servant,
all at Watsole Street, Elmsted, Kent

Rose Browning 17 house maid to Sarah Amos
at Bridge Street, Wye, Kent

Soloman Browning 27 miller, husband of Ann S Browning 17
living at Brabourne, Kent

Edward Burchett 38 Ag Lab husband of Eliza Burchett 35, parents of Eliza Burchett 18, William Burchett 13, Elizabeth Burchett 11,
Edward Burchett 9, Ann Burchett 7, John Burchett , Louisa Burchett 4, Maria Burchett 1
all living at Sturges, Whitstable, Kent

Sarah Burton 20, wife of George Burton 32 Ag Lab parents of Isabell Burton
living at Marshall Farm, Lenham, Kent

Mary Case 42 wife of Edward Case postman (he absent from home at time of census)
living at No.5 Lower Brook Terrace, Margate, Kent

Elizabeth Cassell 55 wife of Thomas Cassell 49 Ag Lab
living at Garlinge Green, Petham, Kent

Elizabeth Chittenden 26 wife of James Chittenden 28 tile maker parents of Elizabeth H Chittenden, Henry Chittenden 3,
Mary A Chittenden 10months
all living at Naccolt Wye, Kent

Maria Cloke 60 widow Farmer living with son George Cloke 35, his wife Christianna Cloke 29 and 2 servants
all at Spong, Elmsted, Kent

William Conley 30 Pork Butcher, husband of Sarah Conley 30 parents of Henry Conley 9
all living at Lower Street, Deal, Kent

Isabella Louisa Cook 21 wife of Walter Cook 28 Miller parents of Albert Thomas Cook 6months, also
Isaac Hogben 22 grinder and other staff
all living at Mill House, Brook, Kent

Jane Cook 21 wife of William Cook 31 Grazier also Janes daughter
Emily Dodd 3
all living at Ashenfield Heath, Wye, Kent

Caroline Croucher 17
John Croucher 13
children of James Croucher 40 Farm Labourer and wife Martha Croucher 42, parents of Thomas Croucher 9,
Ann Croucher 7, Stephen Croucher 5, Jane Croucher 2
all at Bridge Union Workhouse, Kent

Sarah Croucher 17 servant at Perry Court, Wye, Kent

Charlotte Crowd 70 widow [of Thomas Crowd of Swingfield]
at Elham Union Workhouse, Lyminge, Kent

Elizabeth Croucher 54 wife of James Croucher 70 Ag Lab parents of Elijah Croucher 16, Henry Croucher 10
all living at Willsborough, Kent

John H Croucher 10
Ellen Croucher 8
Emily Croucher 6
Susannah Croucher 6
children of William Croucher 39 Ag Lab and wife Sarah A Croucher 31,
also siblings Eliza Croucher 4, Roseanna Croucher 2
all living at Hassell Street, Waltham, Kent

Henry Cutress 40 Ag Lab husband of Caroline 39 parents of Thomas Cutress 10, George Cutress 7, Elizabeth A Cutress 5,
Henry E Cutress 1 also Ann Kennet 77 mother in law
all living at Turnpike Rd, Lympne, Kent

Henry Cutress 17 Ag Lab and
William Cutress 27 Ag Lab to William Waters and family
at Otterpool Farm, Lympne, Kent

Frances Cuttridge 20 general servant to Philip and Amy Gotts
at Lower Park Farm, Aldington, Kent

Sarah Cutterage (or Cuttridge) 17 Dairymaid at Crundale House, Crundale, Kent

William Daisy 53u general plate worker living with his housekeeper Susannah Smith 64w
living at Brabourne, Kent

Edward Dodd 16 Gardener to William Welch 71 and Harriet Welch 69,
living at No.3 Barrow Hill Terrace, Ashford, Kent

Ellen Dodd 25 wife of Charles Dodd brickmaker and parents of George C Dodd 8months
living at Brabourne, Kent

Ellen Dodd 27 servant at Withersdane House, Wye, Kent

John Dodd 37 journeyman carpenter brother of
Sarah A Woodland 42 wife of Richard Woodland 41 at Staple Lees, Wye, Kent

Mary Ann Down 32 wife of Charles Down 29 Tile Maker parents of William Charles Down 6 and Roseanna Down 1,
all living at Brook Street, Brook, Kent

Thomas Dunscombe 35 Basket Maker, husband of Judith Dunscombe 31 parents of Ellen Dunscombe 13, Thomas Dunscombe 4
all living at Smeeth, Kent

William Duncombe 58 General Plate Worker at Brabourne, Kent

Mary Epps 35 wife of Henry Epps 34 Ag Lab parents of Henry Epps 12
all living at Fish ponds Cottage, Wye, Kent

Mary A Fagg 59 wife of John Fagg 68 Ag lab
living at Little Broxhall, Upper Hardres, Kent

William Fetherstone 82 Farmer husband of Elizabeth Fetherstone 80
at Pheasant Hall, Kingston, Kent

George Godfrey 46 carter husband of
Mary A Godfrey 38 at Hillbrough, Reculver, Kent

Richard Godfrey 53 widower lodger Ag Lab at Newchurch, Kent

Frederick Goldup 12 son of Henry Goldup 55 and wife Mary Goldup 45
at The Green, Wye, Kent

Charles Harris 4 son of William Harris 40 Carter and Mary A Harris 25 and brother of Elizabeth J Harris 2, Alice Harris 4 months
all living at Church Street Molash, Kent

Elizabeth Harvey 42 wife of John Harvey 38 Omnibus Driver and parents of William J Harvey 17, John Harvey , Kate E Harvey 7,
Mary Harvey 6, Ann F Harvey 3,Henry L Harvey 7months
all living at 11 Minehead Terrace, Camberwell, Surrey

Jane Hawkins 23 servant to Edward Sutton and family
Living at Deane, Elmsted, Kent

John Hawkings 64 Ag lab husband of Mary Hawkings 64 parents of Jane Hawkings 37u
all living at Brook, Kent

John Hawkins 26 Ag lab husband of Sarah 23, parents of Elizabeth Hawkins 2 and Stephen Hawkins 1
all living at Bockholt, Petham, Kent

Stephen Hawkins 18 carter for George Noyes
at Winchcomb, Crundale, Kent

Ann Hayward 11
Stephen Hayward 13
Frances Hayward 7
children of John Hayward 41 Carter and labourer husband of
Frances Hayward 39 siblings of Harriett Hayward 15 and George Hayward 1
all living at Sellinge, Kent

Charlotte Hayward 32 Farm labourer single mother of
Elizabeth Hayward 11
Mary Hayward 8
Richard Hayward 5
and Abraham Hayward 2
all living at Brabourne Kent

William Hayward 40 Farmer husband of Elizabeth Hayward 39 parents of
Mary Hayward 18,
Richard Hayward 16,
Harriet Hayward 14,
Caroline Hayward 12,
Emily Hayward 9,
William Hayward 7,
Elizabeth Hayward 5,
Jane Hayward 3,
and Rose A Hayward 8months
all living at Cocklescomb, Wye, Kent

Edward Hayward 30u son of Stephen Hayward 74 Farmer and Mary Hayward 70, also living with their grandsons William Hayward 11,
Marina Moon 13 and two farm servants
at Great Goldwell, Great Chart, Kent

George Samuel Hayward 24
James Robert Hayward 22
Ellen Susanna Hayward 17
children of George Hayward 55 Farmer and Sarah Hayward 54
at Borstall Farm, Seasalter, Kent

George Hayward 39 carter husband of Elizabeth Hayward 38, parents of Stephen Hayward 13, William Hayward 10, Alfred Hayward 4,
Jane Hayward 7, Eliza Hayward 5months
all living at Elham, Kent

George Hayward 17 carter servant to Daniel Bourne 63
at Cherry Garden Farm, Hothfield, Kent

George Hayward 35 railway labourer, husband of Mary Hayward 33, parents of Ellen Jane Hayward 11, Annie Eliza Hayward 8,
Frederick S Hayward 5, Gertrude Mary Hayward 11m,
all living at St Helens, East Barming, Kent

Harriet Hayward 20 house servant to Emily Cotterell
at 8 Pleydell Gardens, Folkestone, Kent
[daughter of John and Charlotte Hayward]

James Hayward 71 Retired Farmer husband of Susanna Hayward 61
living at Rollington Street, Chartham, Kent

James Hayward 29 carter husband of Hannah Hayward 23, parents of Frederick Hayward 5
all living at Downs Farm Cottages,
Whitstable Kent

John Hayward 63 widower Ag Lab living with William Smith 24 son in law and Mary Smith 24 his wife and John Smith 2months (grandson)
all at Brabourne, Kent

John Hayward 42 Ag lab husband of Mary Ann 37, parents of Harriett Hayward 14, Sophia Hayward 11, Edward Hayward 9,
Emily Hayward 5, John Hayward 2, Rose Hayward 4months
all at Great Chart, Kent
[next door to Stephen & Mary Hayward likely his parents]

John Hayward 48 Shoe maker husband of Phoebe Hayward 51, parents of John Hayward 22, and Fanny Hayward 11
living at Rhodes Minnis, Kent

John W Hayward 20 medical assistant to William E. G. Pearse a General Practitioner
at 46 Marsham Street, John the Evangelist, Westminster, Middlesex

Rebecca Hayward 21 Dairymaid to Ann Bowes 33w
at Farm House Worth, Kent

Thomas Hayward 33 Blacksmith husband of Mary A Hayward 35, parents of Anne Hayward 7, Elizabeth Hayward 5, Harry Hayward 3,
Sally Hayward 1 and nephew Richard Miller 17
all at Staple Street, Staple, Kent

Fanny Hills 16 house servant to George Rolfe and family
at BullTown Farm, Brabourne, Kent

Esther Hoare 82 wife of Henry Hoare 72 Ag Lab living
at Sole Street, Crundale, Kent

Charlotte Hodges 45 wife of Daniel Hodges 45 Farm Bailiff, parents of Daniel Hodges 21, Mary Ann Hodges 16, Harriett Hodges 12,
Emma Hodges 10, John Hodges 14
all living at Street, Great Chart, Kent

Isaac Hogben 22 grinder living with Walter Cook28 and family
at Mill House, Brook Kent

James Hogben 15 carter for Richard Cobb 40
at Cold Blow Farm, Wye, Kent

Thomas Hogben 29 Ag Lab husband of Sarah A Hogben 28, parents of Mary E Hogben 3 and Emma S Hogben 9 months
living at Street, Postling, Kent

Susanna Hogbin 28u housekeeper to her uncle Thomas Castle 72 pensioner owner of house,
at Town Wall Street, St James, Dover, Kent

Richard Holiday 24 Ag Lab husband of Rebecca Holiday 24 parents of
George Richard Holiday 1
all living at Lacton Green area, Willesborough, Kent

Samuel Holiday 20 carter servant to Thomas Ellis 48 a Bailiff
at East Stone Farm, Chilham, Kent

Elizabeth Holladay 8 daughter of James Holladay 34 and Susanna Holladay 25 parents of Thomas Holliday 6, Bofsa? Holladay 4,
Allice Holladay 3, Kate Holladay 1
all at Evington lees, Elmsted, Kent

Elizabeth Hopkins 30 wife of Thomas Hopkins 29 Ag lab parents of Ann Frances 3, and William S Hopkins 5months also
Elizabeth Howland 60 Aunt of Thomas
all at Chilham, Kent

John Hover 66 Ag lab father of Mary Hover 26
living at Cake Street, Waltham, Kent

Charlotte Howland 24 housemaid to Rev. R Deake
at Stourmouth Rectory House, Stourmouth, Kent

Eliza Howland 34 wife of Stokes Howland 49 master wheelwright
at Ashenfield Heath, Wye, Kent

Elizabeth Jennott 46m House Keeper born Hastingleigh with Ann Peacock 21u servant Kitchen Maid born Dannington Berkshire,
both living at Turnpike Road, Darsham, Suffolk

Thomas Kidder 60 Farm Bailiff, husband of Caroline Kidder 42 parents of Norris Kidder 6, Mary A Kidder 7
all living at 1 Burgate Lane, St Mary Magdalene, Canterbury, Kent

Harriet S Kingsland 12 pupil at Hempstead Place, Ashford, Kent

William Lancefield 53 Ag lab husband of Susana Lancefield 37 parents of William Lancefield 14, Mary Ann Lancefield 12,
Mark Lancefield 7, Caroline Lancefield 4, Amy Lancefield 1
all living at Willesborough Lees, Willesborough, Kent

Adelaide Leggett 27 wife of Charles Leggett 32 Ag Lab and parents of Elizabeth Leggett 7, Henry Leggett 4
living at 114 Northgate Street, Northgate, Kent

Mary Leggett 30 wife of Stephen Leggett 34 farmer and parents of Francis F Leggett 7, Mary Ann Leggett 5, Elizabeth Leggett 4,
William M Leggett 2, Maria Leggett 1 month
all living at Upper South Street farm, Whitstable, Kent

Mary Luckhurst 50 charwoman wife of William Luckhurst 48 labourer parents of Albert Luckhurst 13, Thomas Luckhurst 11,
all living at St Leonard Rd Hythe, Kent

David Manuel 39 labourer husband of Mary A Manuel 35 parents of
David Manuel 10 and Alfred W Manuel 1
all at 17 Hancock Buildings, Canterbury, Kent

Daniel Manuel 44 Dealer husband of Ann Manuel 46 with brother
William Manuel 30 and also Elizabeth Shrubshall [Shrubsole] 57 sister of Ann,
all living at Brook, Kent

George Manuel 49 Ag lab husband of Frances Manuel 49 with grandson Daniel Pay 6
all living at Hinxhill, Kent

Harriett Manuel 45 daughter of Elizabeth Manuel 76 also
John Manuel 22 and
Tabitha J Manuel 14 grandchildren of Elizabeth Manuel
all living at 2 Nunnery Cottages, Canterbury, Kent

Henry Manuel 49 Ag lab husband of Amy Manuel 47 parents of Frances Manuel 15, Jane Manuel 14, Daniel Manuel 12,
William Manuel 10, Charlotte Manuel 8, Ann Manuel 4, Althemia Manuel 10 months
all living near Limes Farm, Brabourne, Kent

James Manuel 31 Grocer husband of Ann Manuel 32 also her sister Elizabeth Roalf/Rolfe 21u
all living at 58 Castle Street, Canterbury, Kent

Edwin Marshall 5 pupil boarder, Borough of Langham, Canterbury, Kent

John Marshall 14
Sarah Marshall 13
Elizabeth Marshal 10
Daniel Marshall 8
children of William Marshall 42 Farmer and Hannah Marshall 39 also parents of Esther Marshall 5,
George Marshall 4, Emily Marshall 1 and Henry Marshall 11 days old,
all living at Red House, Norton, Kent

Elizabeth Maxted 64w Book Binder, mother of Daniel Maxted 34, grandmother of Edwin Maxted 9 John George Maxted 5
Living at Commons, Sandbach, Cheshire.

George Mills 34 sawyer and wattle hewer, husband of
Sarah Ann Mills 29
living at Brook, Kent

Ann Mills 22u servant cook to James Amos and Family
at Boughton Court, Boughton Aluph, Kent 

Ann Mills 28 wife of Robert Mills 36 Ag Lab parents of Robert Mills 7, Henry Mills 6, Walter Mills 2
living at Bridge Street, Wye, Kent

Mary Ann Mills 26 boarder at Bridge Street, Wye Kent

Margaret Isabella Monro 28 wife of Rev. Horace S Monro 29 Curate of Highmoor, parents of Charlotte Monro 2, and Mary Monro 1,
also with them is Mary C Duthie 25u sister of Margaret, Charles F Duthie 19u brother of Margaret,
also Isabella M Wright and Mary C Wright, cousins of Horace,
and 4 servants Janet Anderson 29u, Sarah F Goodban 26u, Elizabeth Bailey 33u and Amy Wilde 14u
all living at Highmoor Cross, Rotherfield Greys, Henley on Thames.

Mary Moon 34 wife of George Moon 32 carpenter parents of Emily Moon 11, Frances Moon 8,
Matilda Moon 8, Ann Moon 5
all living at Hassell Street, Waltham, Kent

Mary Moore 46 wife of William Moore 46 farmer and parents of William Moore 14, Samuel Moore 7,
all living at Watermill, Sellinge, Kent

Sarah Mutton 83 mother of Robert Mutton 56 and his wife Mary 50
at Lower Hardres, Kent

Sarah Newport 47 wife of John Newport 47 labourer, parents of
Mary Newport 19
Maria Newport 17
Sophia Newport 16
Edward Newport 15
George Newport 13
William Newport 11,
Sarah 10, Caroline 8
all living at No.10 Star Cottages, Ashford, Kent

Hannah Noble 47 wife of George Noble 53 pork butcher, parents of Jane E Noble 26 and Harriet Noble 21
all living at Butchers Shop, Wincheap Street, Canterbury St Mildred, Kent.

Charles Norris 78 widower at Preston Street, Faversham, Kent
[census states place of birth Hastingleigh Sussex, but most likely should read Kent .]

Mary Norris 40u house servant to Dorothy Plumtree
at St Stephen Rd, Hackington, Kent

William Norris 45 Labourer husband of Phoebe Norris 42
living at Bodsham, Elmsted, Kent

Frances Pibus 50 wife of Henry Pibus 49 carpenter
also with them are several employees including Edward Stickles 24 Nephew of Henry
All living at Northleigh, Elmsted, Kent

Francis Pilcher 41 blacksmith husband of Elizabeth Pilcher 37, parents of Elizabeth Pilcher 13, John Francis Pilcher 11,
Mary Jane Pilcher 10, Thomas Pilcher 8, Sarah Ann Pilcher 7, Alice Pilcher 1, also Richard Hawkins 18 servant,
all living at Spelden Hill, Brook, Kent

John Pilcher 12 carter servant to Thomas Ellis
at East Stone Farm, Chilham, Kent

Richard Pilcher 45 Ag lab husband of Sarah Pilcher, parents of
Richard Pilcher 11,
Susannah Pilcher 9,
Sarah Pilcher 7, Mary Pilcher 5, Grace Pilcher3, Jane Pilcher 10 months
all at Staple lees, Wye, Kent

Edward Pollard 40w Ag lab and daughter Mary Pollard (Ptollard) living with Mary's grandfather John Butcher 65 Bailiff
at Bagshole Farm, Whitstable, Kent

Rhoda Prebble 70w mother of John Prebble 41 also her grandchildren (not Johns children) Frederick Prebble 16,
Sarah Jane Prebble 6 and George E Prebble 3
all at Mersham, Kent

David Punyer 62 Ag Lab husband of Charlotte Punyer 61 and parents of Martha Ponyer 15
at Bridge Street Wye, Kent

Sarah Richardson 43 wife of James Richardson 46 Master cabinet maker, parents of James Richardson 15, Henry Richardson 13,
Thomas Richardson 11, John Richardson, William Richardson 4
all living at North Street, Ashford, Kent

Elizabeth Roberts 42 wife of John Roberts 42 Ag Lab parents of Harriet Roberts 8
living at Bircholt, Kent

George Sankey 30 general practitioner uncle of
George Frederick Sankey 18 medical student
at Lower Stone Street, West Maidstone, Kent

John Sankey 40 farmer husband of Sarah Sankey 25 parents of Louisa E Sankey 2, Sidney J Sankey 1
living at Water Lakes, Sevington, Kent

John S Sankey 15 scholar with William H Sankey 16 as assistant school master in
Battersea, London

Thomas J Sankey 13 pupil at School, Belvedere Rd, Battersea, Surrey

William Sankey 44 Surgeon husband of Margaret Sankey 46
living at Lower Street, Sutton Valence, Kent

Elizabeth Scott 63 wife of Sutton Scott 66 parents of Thomas Scott 28, Richard Scott 24, James Scott 21
at Scotts Hall, Wye, Kent

Elizabeth Setterfield 28 wife of Charles Setterfield 33 cooper parents of Charles 8, Elizabeth 5, Mary 2, Mercy 1
all living at Willesborough, Kent

Elizabeth C Setterfield 32 wife of John Setterfield 42 Ag Lab
living in Cottage in Wye, Kent

Elizabeth Sherwood 12
Susannah Sherwood 11
John Sherwood 8
Frederick Sherwood 4
children of John Sherwood 35 Ag Lab and Sarah A Sherwood 32 and siblings of Celia Sherwood 7,
Sarah A Sherwood 1, Mary A Sherwood 3months
all living at Hassell Street, Crundale, Kent

William Sherwood 32 Ag Lab husband of Mary Sherwood 27, parents of John Sherwood 3, William Sherwood 1
living at Bilting, Kent

Caroline Shilling 35 wife of Robert Shilling 44 Ag Lab, parents of Sarah A Shilling 14,
also Sarah Godfrey 70widow mother of Caroline
all living at Paradise Villa, Kennington, Kent

Thomas Simmonds 51 Ag Lab husband of Mary Ann Simmonds 55
living at Saltwood, Kent

Nicholas Simons 72 widower Barrister in practice
living at 6 Richmond Place, Stretford, Lancashire

[Reverend] Edward Simons 79 husband of Susannah Simons 74
living at The Rectory, Ovington, Norfolk

Mary Southen 88 widow lodger
at Hunt Street, Crundale, Kent

Anna Southen 85 widow and mother of Caroline Scott 60 wife of Daniel Scott 56 Ag lab
at Kick Door? Waltham, Kent

William Stevens 53 Ag Lab husband of Mary Stevens 55
living near the Square, Elham, Kent

Edward Stickles 48 Farmer husband of
Sarah Stickles 51, parents of
Roseanna Stickles 21,
John C Stickles 19,
Sarah Stickles 14,
Thomas E Stickles 14,
Mary Jane Stickles 6,
Emily Stickles 3,
all living at Murton Farm, St Mary Bredin, Canterbury, Kent

Elizabeth Stickles 11 pupil at 3 Oaten Hill, Canterbury

George Stickles 53 master carpenter husband of Harriet Stickles 50, parents of Elvy Stickles 17, Emma Stickles 14, Esther Stickles 12,
Lucy Stickles 7, Alfred Stickles 5
living at Church Lane, Waltham, Kent

James Stickles 45 Butler to Mr William Pearson 81 gent.
At Hopebourne House, Harbledown, Kent

Jane Swaine 67 wife of William Swaine 67 , parents of Roger Swaine 25, his wife Mary Ann Swaine 19, and their daughter Ellen Swain 2
also Jane Swain 30 daughter of Jane & William,
all living at The Square, Elham, Kent

Ann Swinnard 63 mother of Ann Swaffer 28, with husband Daniel Swaffer 28 parents of Daniel Swaffer 5, Alfred Swaffer 4, Anne Swaffer 2,
Flora Swaffer 1month
all living at Conscience Farm, Mersham, Kent

Mary Ann Swinnard 61 wife of Charles Swinnard 60 Ag Lab with daughter Eliza Brett 26 widow and her daughter Louisa E Brett 3
all living at Mersham Street, Mersham, Kent

Rebecca Swinnard 27 wife of Alfred Swinnard 30 farmer parents of Alfred J Swinnard 3, Eliza J Swinnard 5 weeks,
all living at Penny Pott Farmsted Farm, Waltham, Kent

Phoebe Taylor 35 wife of William Taylor 35, parents of Mark E Taylor 2
living at Maygers? Row, Chartham, Kent

Sarah Tournay 33 wife of Wiliam Tournay 37 Parish Clerk parents of
William L Tournay 11, George Edward Tournay 7 and Emma Tournay 2
all living at Church Hill, Hythe, Kent

Henry Vane 28 Ag Lab husband of Sarah Elizabeth Vane 27, parents of Frederick Vane 3 and Jane Vane 1
All living at Seakum Cottage, Wye Bridge, Wye.

Henry Worrell 35 Ag Lab husband of
Rebecca Worrell 33 (nee Browning) parents of Dick [Richard Worrell] 6, Henry Worrell 4,
John Worrell 2,
William T Worrell 1
living in Cottage at Wye, Kent

Catherine Waters 19 farm servant at Stone Hill, Sellindge, Kent

Frances Waters 18 House servant to Sarah Jones
at Yew tree Farm, Standford, Kent

John Waters 12
Thomas Waters 15
both Labourers to George Divers
at Scotton Street, Wye, Kent

Elizabeth Wellard 58 school mistress and wife of William Wellard 61 Ag Lab
at 13 Park Place, Willesborough, Kent

Charlotte White 69 pensioner with granddaughters Sarah Wintle 12 and Emma Wintle 11
living at 19 Military Road, Canterbury, Kent

Julia E White 5 daughter of John White 34 warehouseman and Ann White 32, parents also of Frederick G White 2, Emily A White 1,
all at Quay Cottage, Milton, Kent

William Worrell 29 labourer lodger with William Blackman 58 and wife
at Noahs Ark, Whitstable, Kent

Ann Woodland 77 wife of John Woodland 74 farmer parents of George Woodland 46u and John Woodland 41u
living at Street, Standford, Kent

Mary Woodland 15 daughter of Ann Tutt 45, also Stephen Tutt 53 her stepfather and Charles Tutt 14, Edwin Tutt 5 her half brothers
at Swan lane, Sellindge, Kent

Sarah A Woodland 42 wife of Richard Woodland 41 Ag Lab also her brother John Dodd 37
all living at Staple Lees, Wye, Kent

Charles Worrell 36 railway worker husband of Jane Worrell 31 parents of Emily Worrell 6, Alice Worrell 4 and Mary Ann Worrell 2
also Charles Leeds 9 his stepson
all living at Borstall Hill, Seasalter, Kent

George Worrell 34u school master working at the Union Workhouse, East Ashford, Willesborough
Edward Young 55 Blacksmith husband of Mary Young 59, parents of Henry Young 29u , Peter Young 19u both of whom are blacksmiths,
also servant Hannah Bristow 57 housekeeper is living with them
at Ash Street, Ash near Sandwich, Kent

Frederick Young 51 Blacksmith husband of Joana Young 55 parents of Thomas Young 28, Fredrick Young 12, Frances Young 24,
and granddaughter Catherine Young 4
all iving at Garlinge, Margate, Kent

Knowler Young 56 widower blacksmith, father of Amelia Young 28, Hazeldine Young 30 blacksmith
all living at St Lawrence Street Blacksmith Forge, Thanet, Kent