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1871 Hastingleigh Out-parish Census Sunday 2nd April

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A list of the people born in Hastingleigh, that are resident outside of the Parish of Hastingleigh
in the 1871 Census. 16 are living outside the County of Kent.
Abbreviations used: w/wid = widow   u=unmarried  m=married  Ag lab= agricultural labourer  Underlined = born Hastingleigh,

Julia Allen 39 wife of George Allen 40 Farmer, also her father in law James Allen 80w,
Edwin Marshall 14
nephew farm worker
all living at Lower Hardres, Kent

Albert George Anderson 7 son of George Anderson 33 wife Amelia Anderson 27 brother of Frederick Anderson 4m
all living at Market Place, Charing, Kent

Stephen Andrew 56 labourer husband of F. Anna Andrew 52, parents of Sarah Andrew 13, Hannah Andrew 11, Roseanna Andrew 9
at Hill Street, Elmsted, Kent

Frances Ansley 48 wife of James Ansley 55 farmer, parents of William Ansley 27?, James Ansley 16, Richard Ansley 14, Henry Ansley 10
Living at Little Sheep Court Cottage, Waltham, Kent

George Birchett 21 servant to James Harris Farm Bailiff,
at Brabourne Street, Brabourne, Kent

Jane Buchanan Benton 41, wife of Rev, Martin Edgar Benton 48,
at Rectory House, Ringwould, Kent

John Berry 44u servant Ag Lab indoor,
at Water Ham, Hernhill, Kent

Thomas Berry 40 coachman husband of Emma Berry 33, parents of Ellen Berry 13, Amelia Berry 11, Henry Berry 10,
William Berry 8, Elizabeth Berry 6, Thomas Berry 4, Jane Berry 2, Emma Berry 2m
all living at Black Friars, St Alphage, Kent

George Blackman 37 Ag lab husband of Eliza Blackman 31, parents of daughter Francis Blackman 10
all at Vale Farm Cottage, Sturry, Kent

Fanny Borer 35, wife of Henry Borer 35 brush maker,
at 3 Cofsington Street, St Mary Bredin, Canterbury, Kent

Jane Brazier 34 wife of Robert Brazier 32 Ag lab, parents of Stephen Brazier 11, Mary A Brazier 9, Robert Brazier 7,
Maria Brazier 5, Elgar Brazier 3, Elizabeth A Brazier 3m
all living at Woodland, Lyminge, Kent

Alice Brice 25 wife of Daniel Brice 30 farm lab, parents of Elizabeth Brice 8, Samuel Brice 6, William Brice 4
all at Cox Hill, Waltham, Kent

Sarah Ann Brice 67 wife of Thomas Brice 74, farmer
at Brook Fostal, Brook, Kent

Solomon Browning 31 brewer labourer, husband of Sarah Browning 37, parents of Sarah J Browning 14,
William Browning 8, Frances K Browning 5, Hester E Browning 2
all at 45 New Street, Ashford, Kent

Theodore Browning 9 son of Ann Hopkins 27 wife of Stephen Hopkins 30 Labourer
all at Lower Hardres Kent

William Browning 15
Thomas Hobday 17
both servants at Great Holt Farm, Elmsted, Kent

Sarah Burton 31 {deaf about 10 years} wife of George Burton 34 butcher, parents of Isabel Burton 11, George Burton 9,
William Burton 6, Henry Burton 4 and Caroline Burton1
all living at Lenham Heath, Kent [nee Sarah Hayward]

Mary Case 52w Lodging house keeper,
at 3 Addington Sq, Margate, Kent

Elizabeth Castle 65 wife of Thomas Castle 59 Ag lab
at Garlinge, Petham, Kent

Elizabeth Chittenden 35, wife of James Chittenden 37 brick maker , parents of Elizabeth Chittenden 14, Henry Chittenden 13,
Mary Chittenden 10, Emily Chittenden 8, George Chittenden 4, Caroline Chittenden 1
all living at Nackholt Tile Kiln, Wye, Kent

George Cloke 45 butcher & innkeeper husband of Christine Cloke 38 parents of Anna MCloke 9, Thomas Cloke 8,
Mark Cloke 4, Catherine Cloke 1
all living at Dukes Head, Sellindge, Kent

Elisabeth Conley 9 daughter of Fanny Conley 29m labourers wife and sister Annie E Conley 1
living at Norse Cottages, Faversham, Kent

Mary Rachel Cook 5 daughter of Robert Cook 41 labourer and Cordelia Cook 26,
parents of Thomas Cook 7, Robert Edward Cook 1, and
Charlotte Anna Cook 4
all living at Wigmore Heath, Elmsted, Kent

Eliza Croucher 6 daughter of Fanny Croucher (nee Southon) 35, sister of Rosa Croucher 9
visiting George and Caroline Southon and family
at Cold Harbour, Newington, Hythe, Kent

Frances L Croucher 24 general servant
At Ivy House, New Romney, Kent

Helena Croucher 19 general servant
at Young Farm, Lower Hardres, Kent

John Croucher 24 farm servant
At Wye Court Farm, Wye, Kent

John Croucher 24 visitor
at Ham Farm, Barham, Kent

William Croucher 4 grandson of James Croucher 58 farm lab and Martha Croucher 55
at Hazel Street Cottage, Waltham, Kent

John Cutress 23 boarder labourer
at New Street, Ashford, Kent

Hannah Dray 68 wife of Thomas Dray 65 farm labourer
at Church Lane, Waltham, Kent

Ellen Dodd 33 wife of Charles Dodd 36 brick and tile maker, parents of George C Dodd 10, Stephen F Dodd 9, Reuben Dodd 7,
Ellen Dodd 4 & Sarah Dodd 2
all living at Leacon, Westwell, Kent

John Dodd 47u, brother in law of Richard Woodland 60 and his wife
Sarah A. Woodland 57,
all living at Staple Lees, Wye, Kent

Mark Dodd 35u baker and patient at Kent County Lunatic Asylum (lunatic), Maidstone, Kent br>
William Dodd 46 brother in law of James Ansley 55 and wife Frances Ansley 48 and family living
at Little Sheep Court Cottage, Waltham, Kent

Charles Harris 13 son of William Harris 50 & Mary Ann Harris 34 Ag lab
at Busley, Molash, Kent

Alice Holliday 14 domestic servant
at 133 High Street, St John Margate, Kent

Eliza Howland 44 wife of Stoakes Howland 59 wheelwright,
living at Ashenfield Heath, Wye, Kent

Mary A Down 42 wife of Charles Down 39 tile maker, parents of Charles Down 16, Rosana Down 11, Walter Down 9
all living at Willesborough Street, Willesborough Kent

Martha Duckett 45 wife of William Duckett 40 ag lab and mother of Mary Ann Barton 20, Sarah Barton 19
all living at Troy Town Brook, Brook, Kent

Thomas Duncombe 65w basket maker father of William Dunscombe 40u, Frederick Dunscombe 15
all living at Cottage, Smeeth, Kent

Charles Cutress 36 Ag lab husband of Phoebe Cutress 47, parents of
William Cutress 13, Mary Ann Cutress 11, Lizzy Cutress 8, Caroline Cutress 6, George Cutress 3
all living at Scotton Street, Wye, Kent

Mary Epps 44 wife of Henry Epps 45 with father William Croucher 75
at Fish Pond, Wye, Kent

Sarah Gibbs 44 wife of George Gibbs 46 Ag lab, parents of Knowler Gibbs 14, James Gibbs 11, Arthur Gibbs 9,
George Gibbs 5, Vickery Gibbs 2
all living at Cottages near Old Workhouse, Waltham, Kent.

George Godfrey 56 Ag lab husband of Maryann Godfrey 48
living at Hillborough, Reculver, Kent

Richard Godfrey 61 Ag lab at Union Workhouse, Romney, Kent

Charles Golder 21 son of Charles Golder 50 & Henrietta Golder 47
living at Hawkings Retreat, Folkestone, Kent

Frederick Goldup 24 Ag lab husband of Mary J Goldup 23, parents of Mary Ann Goldup 2, Rebecca Goldup 6m
all living at Blackvale, Hinxhill, Kent

Thomas Goldup 45 farm lab husband of Sarah Goldup 43, parents of John Goldup 9
all living at Stone Street, Waltham, Kent

Frances Hambrook 75 wife of Nicholas Hambrook 67 clerk,
living at Broadway, Petham, Kent

James Hawkins 19 servant
at East Stone Farm, Chilham, Kent

John Hawkins 36 Ag lab, husband of Sarah Hawkins 33, parents of Elizabeth Hawkins 11, Winifred Hawkins 7,
Annie Hawkins 2, John Hawkins 1m
all living at Pear Tree House, Wye, Kent

Anne Hayward 21
Stephen Hayward 23
children of John Hayward 57 farm bailiff
at East Stone Farm, Chilham, Kent

Ellen S Hayward 27u granddaughter of Mary Hayward 88 annuitant
living at 3 Fountain Street, Whitstable, Kent

Frances Hayward 17 farm servant
at Walnut Tree Farm, Waltham, Kent

George Hayward 48 carpenter husband of Elizabeth Hayward 47 parents of William Hayward 20, Walter Hayward 6,
living at Elham, Kent

George Hayward 71w Ag lab inmate at East Ashford Union Workhouse, Willesborough, Kent

George J Hayward 35u cousin visitor to William Reuben 54 railway inspector and wife Caroline Reuben 53
all residing at 63 Pages Walk, Bermondsey, London.

James Hayward 40 farm servant, husband of Hannah Hayward 32 parents of Frederick J Hayward 15, Fanny J Hayward 5
living at Ratling Street, Nonnington, Kent

James Hayward 81 retired farmer husband of Susannah Hayward 50
residing at Deanery, Chartham, Kent

John Hayward 55 Ag lab, husband of Mary Hayward 48, parents of
Harriet Hayward 23, Emily Hayward 16, John Hayward 13, Rose Hayward 9, Alice Hayward 7, Alfred Hayward 3
all living at 1 Hartley Street, Hougham, Dover, Kent 

John W Hayward 30 general practitioner husband of Alice Hayward 32 , parents of Annie Hayward 4,
Edith L Hayward 3, Helen Hayward 1
all living at 48 Harbour Street, Whitstable, Kent

Mary Hayward 60w Laundress
at Dover Street, Canterbury, Kent

Samuel Hayward 40 blacksmith husband of Jane Hayward 37 parents of
Jane Hayward 12
Charles Hayward 9
George Hayward 7
and Walter Hayward 3
all living at Elham, Kent

Thomas H Hayward 20 farm bailiff
at Pett Street, Wye, Kent

William Hayward 50 farmer husband of Elizabeth Hayward 49 parents of Ellen Hayward 20, William Hayward 17,
Elizabeth Hayward 15, Jane Hayward 12, Rosa Hayward 10, Lina Hayward 5, grandson Edward Hayward 6
all living at Cucklescombe, Wye, Kent

Ann Hoare 90w of Ag lab inmate at East Ashford Union House, Willesborough, Kent

Thomas Hobday 17 servant
at Great Holt, Elmsted, Kent

Isaac Hogben 34 green grocer husband of Margaret Hogben 25
at 5 Trevaniun Street, St James, Dover Castle, Kent

James Hogben 15 garden boy servant
at Evington House, Elmsted, Kent

Thomas Hogben 39 Ag lab husband of Sarah Ann Hogben 38 parents of Annie Hogben 7, Rose E Hogben 4
all at Postling, Kent

Francis Holliday 30 licensed victualler husband of Ann Holliday 27, parents of William J Holliday 6, Georgia M B Holliday 4,
Lizzie Holliday 2, Edith Holliday 5m
all living at The Rose Farm, East Farleigh, Kent

Richard Holliday 33 Ag lab husband of Rebecca Holliday 33, parents of
George R Holliday 12, Rebecca J Holliday 9, Elizabeth Holliday 6, Caroline Holliday 4, Thomas W Holliday 2
Also George H Croucher 18 Ag lab, [brother in law of Richard]
all living at 4 Coles Cottages, Dean Street, East Farleigh, Kent

Samuel Holliday 29 Ag lab
at Suttons Cottage, Waltham, Kent

Elizabeth Hopkins 39w sick nurse to Thomas M Evans 36 former analytical chemist now imbecile, and his
wife Ellen M Evans 34,
living at 5 Cossington Street, St Mary Bredin, Canterbury, Kent

Martha Hopkins 64 wife of John Hopkins71 farmer, parents of James Hopkins 18,
living on Minnis, Stelling, Kent

Richard Hopkins 3 son of Richard Hopkins 30 Ag lab, and Mary Hopkins 26
living at Withersdane Hall Wingham, Kent

John Hover 77 road mender husband of Mary Ann Hover 64 parents of Mary Hover 37u, grandparents of Rosa Jane Hover 1,
all living at Cake Street, Waltham, Kent

Eliza Howland 44 wife of Stoakes Howland 39 wheelwright
living at Whinfield Heath, Wye, Kent 

John Huckstepp 65 gardener husband of Anne Huckstepp 60
living at Cottage W. Smeeth, Smeeth, Kent

William Hulse 60u farm labourer
at Little Catts Farm Lower Hardres, Kent

Thomas Kidder 70 Ag lab husband of Caroline Kidder 53 parent of Norris Kidder 16, Mary Ann Kidder 18
living at 1 DeRaufle Row, Chartham, Kent

Mary Leggett 40 wife of Stephen Leggett 45 farm bailiff, parents of Francis J Leggett 17, Mary J Leggett 15,
Elizabeth Leggett 13, William M Leggett 12, Susannah Leggett 8, Ada Leggett 1
all living at 9 Copsington Rd, Canterbury, Kent

Louisa Lilley 9 daughter of Henry Lilley 36 Ag lab and Jane Lilley 33 and family
living at Brabourne Lees, Kent

Mary Luckhurst 56w Nurse mother of Albert Luckhurst 24, Thomas Luckhurst 19
living a Slade Street, St Leonard Kent

Elizabeth Mackelden 7
Thomas Mackelden 6
Frances Mackelden 5
William Mackelden 2
George Mackelden 1
all children of William Mackelden 40 farm bailiff and Eliza Mackleden 30,
living at Ouseley, Hinxhill, Kent

Daniel Manuel 54 master grocer husband of Ann Manuel 60 living with brother
William Manuel 61
at Brook Street, Brook, Kent

David Manuel 49 coal and coke dealer husband of Mary Ann Manuel 45 parents of Mary Ann Manuel 23u
all living at 2 Gas Street, Canterbury, Kent

George Manuel 69 Ag lab husband of Frances Manuel 59
living at Naccolt, Wye, Kent

Harriet Manuel 55u daughter of Elizabeth Manuel 85 living on interest of money,
residing at 1 Nunnery Grove, Canterbury, Kent

Henry Manuel 37 farm lab husband of Amy Manuel 51, parents of William Manuel 20, Ann Manuel 14,
Althamia Manuel 10, Catherine Manuel 8, and grandson Lewis Manuel 5
living at Brook Street, Brook, Kent

James Manuel 45 general dealer husband of Ann Manuel 47
living at 6 Dover Rd, Canterbury, Kent

John Manuel 32 shoemaker husband of Ann Manuel 38 parents of Mildred Manuel 3, Ada S Manuel 1
living at 1 Oaten Hill , Canterbury, Kent

Edward Marshall 64m lodger with Thomas Sayer 60 and wife Eliza Sayer 47
at St Lawrence Canterbury, Kent

John R Marshall 24 Ag lab husband of Frances Marshall 23 parents of William Marshall 2, Edmund Marshall 1
George Marshall 1m,
all living at Staggers Oak, Detling, Kent

Mark Marshall 72 uncle farmer of Mary Ann Sutton 61w
at Halch, Stelling, Kent

William Marshall 52 famer husband of Harriett Marshall 48, parents of
Daniel Marshall 18,
Esther Marshall 16,
George Marshall 13, Emily Marhsall 11, Frank Marshall 10, Frederick Marhsall 6,
Alison Marshall 5, Robert Marhsall 1,
all living at Saggers Oak, Detling, Kent

Rose A Metcalfe 31 wife of Rev. Joseph P Metcalfe 47 Rector of Bilbrough, parents of John O Metcalf 6, Lucretia E E Metcalf 5,
Agnes RA Metcalf 11m
all living at The Rectory, Bilbrough, Yorkshire

Amelia Miles 8
William Miles 4
children of William Miles 45 labourer and wife Eliza Miles 45 siblings of James Miles 13, Jacob Miles 2
all living at Lincoln, Westwell, Kent

James Mills 39 carpenter husband of Jane Mills 33, parents of
Charles Mills 6
Frances Mills (f) 17
Eliza Mills 10
Dorcas Mills 8
Lucia Mills 4
Ann Mills 2
all living at Evington Lees, Elmsted Kent

John Mills 22 lodger carpenter
residing at Little Holt, Elmsted, Kent

George Mills 45 wattle maker husband of
Sarah Ann 39,
at Troy Town Brook, Brook, Kent

James Mills 39 carpenter husband of Jane 33, parents of
Charles Mills 6,
Frances Mills 17,
Eliza Mills 10,
Dorcas Mills 8,
Lusia Mills 4,
and Ann Mills 2
all living at Evington Lees, Elmsted, Kent

Margaret Munro 38 wife of Rev. Horace G Monro curate of High More, parents of Charlotte Monro 12, Mary H Monro 11,
Horace G Monro 9, Charles Monro 8, Margaret E Monro 5, Archibald Monro 3, William H Monro 1
all at Highmore Rectory, Rotherfield Greys, Oxfordshire

Mary Moore 54 wife of William Moore 56 farmer, parents of Samuel J Moore 17
living at Parish Road, Chartham, Kent

James Newport 34 Ag lab
living at 11 Grand Walk, Ashford, Kent

John Newport 13 son of John Newport 37, Ag lab husband of Esther Newport 41, parents of William Newport 21,
also with Thomas Reynolds 21 son in law and wife Esther Reynolds 16
all living at Bridge Street, Wye, Kent

Norton Newport 19 servant carter
at Sole Street Farm, Crundale, Kent

Sarah Newport 57w charwoman mother of Sarah Newport 19, Caroline Newport 18, with granddaughter Ellen Newport 6,
all living at East Hill, Ashford, Kent

Sophia Newport 25 serv. Parlour maid to George Blomfield, Rector of Aldington,
living at 3 Priory Gardens, Folkestone, Kent

Harriett Noble 58 wife of George Noble 62 gardener
at Rose Cottage, 8 Tudor Rd, Canterbury, Kent

Edward Norris 19 under footman servant
at 19 Sackville Street, London
(to household of Annie Honeywood 36 and family.)

Matilda L Pierson 32 wife of Frederick Pierson 39 baker, parents of Henry Pierson 1, Frederick W Pierson 1m
living at 1a Granville Terrace, Folkestone, Kent

Francis Pilcher 37 blacksmith husband of Elizabeth Pilcher 46, parents of Mary Jane Pilcher 20, Thomas Pilcher 13,
Sarah Ann Pilcher 16, Alice Pilcher 11, Susannah Pilcher 8
all at Brook Street, Brook, Kent

John Pilcher 60u general servant
at Naccolt Hill, Wye, Kent

Richard Pilcher 52 Ag lab husband of Sarah Pilcher 48 parents of Mary Pilcher 13, Jane Pilcher 9, Thomas Pilcher 8,
George Pilcher 8, William Pilcher 6, Edwin Pilcher 4
all at Staple Lees, Wye, Kent

David Ponyer 71 Ag lab husband of Charlotte Ponyer 71, parents of Adria? Ponyer 29, and Martha Lonsdale 31
with grand children Emma Ponyer 10, John Ponyer 7 and Jane Ponyer 3 and Emma Lonsdale 7
all living at Bridge Street, Wye, Kent

John Ponyer 65u Ag lab
living at Cobham Cottage, Thornham, Kent

Henry Ponyer 62w Ag lab
living at The Green, Wye, Kent

Rhoda Prebble 81 widow mother of John Prebble 51u master carpenter and smith,
living at Flood Street, Mersham, Kent

Sarah J Prebble 16, daughter of Edward Prebble 43 farmer and Sarah Prebble 38, parents of John Prebble 7, Alice M Prebble 5,
Ernest Prebble 3, Edward Prebble 2, Ellen M Prebble 5m
all at Offen Farm, Thanington, Kent

Sarah A Rains 25 wife of John Rains 32 Ag lab parents of Frances Rains 8m
living at Withersdane Forstal, Wye, Kent

Sarah Richardson 53 wife of James Richardson 55 cabinet maker, parents of James Richardson 25, Henry Richardson 23,
Thomas Richardson 21, John Richardson 18, William J Richardson 14
all living at 1 North Street, Ashford, Kent

Elizabeth Roberts 52 wife of John Roberts 52 gamekeeper parents of Harriet Roberts 18
living at Naccolt, Wye, Kent

Frances Sackett 60 mother in law of James Lawrence 26 wife Fanny Lawrence 22 and her sister Ellen Sackett 19
at 120 New Road, Hoxton Old Town, Shoreditch, London

John Sankey 50 grocer and husband of Sarah J Sankey 55, parents Louisa E Sankey 15, Sidney Sankey 11,
Percy Sankey 9, Arthur Sankey 7, Walter C Sankey 15, Herbert E Sankey 2, Frances Sankey 1
living at High Street, Chelmsford, Essex

John S Sankey 26 brewers clerk husband Emily Sankey 23, parents Lizzie Sankey 3m
all living at Baker Street, Enfield, Middlesex

William Sankey 54 General Practitioner husband of Margaret Sankey 56, with Margaret Harrison 78w Mother in Law
all living at The Elms, Sutton Valence, Kent

Frances Scholfield 27 wife of Thomas Schofield 34 labourer at Lead Works, parents of Alfred Scholfield 1,
living at 26 Horley Place, Waterloo Rd Second, Lambeth, London

Elizabeth Setterfield 38 wife of Charles Setterfield 43 carpenter, parents of Mary A Setterfield 12, Mercy Setterfield 10,
John G Setterfield 8
all living at Willesborough Lees, Willesborough, Kent

Fred Sherwood 18 domestic servant
at Sarness Farm, Waltham, Kent

Susannah Sherwood 21 housekeeper to her father John Sherwood 45w Labourer, sister of Sarah A Sherwood 11
and Mary A Sherwood 10
all living at Hassell Street, Crundale, Kent

William Sherwood 43 Ag lab husband of Mary Sherwood 39, parents of John Sherwood 13, William Sherwood 11,
Walter H Sherwood 8, George A Sherwood 6, also Thomas Greenstreet 72w father in law
all at Bilting, Godmersham, Kent

Caroline Shilling 56 wife of Robert Shilling 53 Ag lab
living at Parridise Cottage, Kennington, Kent

Arthur Smith 2 son of George Smith 40 labourer and wife Hester Ann Smith, and their children
Clara Mary Smith 10, William Smith 11 days, Emily Smith 9, Annie May Smith 6
living at Bodsham Elmsted, Kent

Rosa Smith 1 daughter of Stephen Smith 39 Ag lab and wife Jane C Smith 34 parents of Herbert F Smith 9,
Hammond Smith 7, Olive M Smith 3,
all living Clare?s Forstall, Throwley, Kent

Emily Southon 18 wife of George Southen 25 Farm Labourer, parents Letitia Southen 12m
living at Pett Bottom Rd, Stowting, Kent

Sarah Spillett 57 wife of Thomas Spillett 59 Ag lab, parents of Frank Spillett 15,
living at Hash Hambrooks, Chartham, Kent

Harriet Stevens 27 wife of John Stevens 28 Ag lab, parents of Charlotte Stevens 6 also Emma Louisa Swaby 8
all living at Old Rides Cottages, Eastchurch, Kent
[Emma Louisa Swaby was born in Bermondsey to James Swabey and Emma nee Swabey]

Roseanna Sutton 31 wife of Alfred Sutton 34 Farmer with her mother Sarah Stickles 61 visitor,
residing at Sole Street Well Farm, Crundale, Kent

Edward Stickles 56 farmer Innkeeper father of
John C Stickles 24,
Elizabeth Stickles 21,
Jane Stickles 16,
Emily Stickles 14
All living at High Street Hill Hotel, Mayfield, Sussex

Emily Stickles 18 assistant dress maker
at Scotton Street, Wye, Kent

George Stickles 63 carpenter husband of Harriett Stickels 61 parents of Alfred Stickels 15, granddaughter Lucy Drivers 15,
son Elvy Stickles 26 his wife Catherine Stickels 21 and their son Francis Stickels 18m
all living at Church Lane, Waltham, Kent

James Stickalls 55 butler domestic servant
at Hopebourn House, Harbledown Kent

Thomas E Stickles 25 coach smith, husband of Alice Stickels 30
living at 19 North Aster Street, West Maidstone, Kent

Thomas Stickles 30 Sergeant in Army, husband of Elizabeth Stickels 23
[who was born in Canada, as were many of the regiments children and wives therefore
must assume they had returned from a lengthy posting there.]
All living at District The Camp, St Botolph, Essex

Anne Sutton 35 general servant
at Moss Side View, Moss Side, Manchester, Lancashire

Dulcibella Sutton 29 cook domestic servant
At Little Mongeham Farm, Little Mongeham, Kent

James Sutton 40 blacksmith son of Ann Sutton 61w, husband of Harriett Sutton 40 father of George Sutton 20u
all living at The Forge, Bodsham, Elmsted, Kent

Jane Sutton 30 ladies maid to Dorothy Plumtree,
At St Stephens Rd, Canterbury, Kent

Robert J Sutton 32 blacksmith, husband of Emily Sutton 32 parents of William Sutton 12
living St Lawrence, Canterbury Kent

Roseanna Sutton 31 wife of Alfred Sutton 34 farmer and visiting is her mother Sarah Stickles 61.
All at Sole Street Well Farm, Crundale, Kent

Thomas Sutton 35 tailor husband of Maria E Sutton 41, parents of Emily Sutton 7, Alice Sutton 5, Thomas Sutton 1
all living at 1 Cossington Street, St. Mary Bredin, Canterbury, Kent

Rebecca Swinyard 36 wife of Alfred Swinyard 40, parents of Alfred Swinyard 13, Elizabeth Swinyard 10, Ellen Louisa Swinyard 8,
Mary Ann Swinyard 6,Ann Swinyard 5, Minnie Swinyard 2
all living at Penny Pott, Shrusted Farm, Waltham, Kent

Thomas William Tappenden 12 pupil at Kemps Hall School, Boughton Aluph, Kent

William Taylor 72 labourer husband of Susan Taylor 78
living at Evington Lees, Elmsted, Kent

Harriet Terry 22 wife of Thomas Terry 22 master butcher, parents of Harriet M 2m
living at 127 Lower Street, Deal, Kent

Sarah Tourney 43 wife of William Tournay 47 builder, parents of William S Tournay 21, George E Tournay 17, Emma Tournay 12,
Ashley Tournay 10, Edwin M Tournay 8, Neston Tournay 6, Fanny Tournay 5, Bertha Tournay 4, Ellen Tournay 2, Georgenia Tournay 4m
all living at Church Hill, St Leonard Hythe, Kent

Henry Vane 36 Ag lab husband of Sarah Vane 32 parents of Frederick Vane 12, Jane Vane 10, William Vane 9, Eliza Vane 6,
Edward Vane 5, John Vane 3, Elizabeth Vane 1
all living at Soakham Cottages, Wye, Kent

Robert Vane 40 widower Ag lab living at Hawkings, Hawkinge, Kent

William Vane 43 farm servant husband of Mary A Vane 36, parents of Mary J Vane 11, Elizabeth R Vane 9, Robert W Vane 5,
all living at Robsacks, Wye, Kent

Catherine Ward 30 wife of Edward Ward 34 Ag lab, parents of Thomas Ward 8, William Ward 6, Frances Ward 1,
all living at cottages in Boughton Aluph, Kent

George Waters 11
James Waters 8
sons of Thomas Waters 44 Ag lab and Sarah Waters 36, brothers of Emily H Waters 1,
all living at Staple Lees, Wye, Kent

John Waters 28 Ag lab husband of Sarah Waters 20, with her son John J Divers 1,
all living at Spicers Cottages, Sevington, Kent

Eliza Wellard 68 wife of William Wellard 70 labourer
at 13 Park Place, Willesborough, Kent

Frances Wenham 76 lodger widow annuitant
residing at Cudworth Rd, Willesborough, Kent

Charlotte White 81w domestic helper
at Beak Street, Westminster, London

Julia E White 15 cousin residing with John Jarvis 38, school master husband of Mary A White 29 and son William L White 2,
living at The School House, Appledore, Kent

Ann Woodland 87w mother of Charles Woodland 59 Ag lab, his wife Harriet Woodland 55 parents of Henry Woodland 24,
George Woodland 21,
residing at Kennett House, Stanford, Kent

Sarah A Woodland 57 wife of Richard Woodland 60 Ag lab
also John Dodd 47 [brother of Sarah]
residing at Staple Lees, Wye, Kent

Henry Worrell 48w Ag lab father of
Thomas Worrell 11, Stephen Worrell 9
residing at the Blue Anchor, Ruckinge Corner, Ruckinge, Kent

Richard Worrel 15 farm servant to Samuel Brice
at Well Farm, Guston, Kent

Mary Young 57 wife of John Young65 labourer (cripple)
living at Elmsted, Kent