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1881 Hastingleigh Out-parish Census Sunday 03 April

A list of the people born in Hastingleigh, that are resident outside of the Parish of Hastingleigh.
17 / 219 natives living outside of Hastingleigh are living outside of the County of Kent
Abbreviations used: w/wid = widow    u=unmarried  m=married  Ag lab=agricultural labourer

Underlined = born in Hastingleigh, Green text= birth family details

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Robert Amos 75w Ag Lab living
at Old Wives Lees, Chilham, Kent
(son of David Amos & Elizabeth Hawkings)

Tabitha J Amos 33 wife of George Amos 36 Ironmonger, parents of Florence L Amos 7,
Sydney G Amos 5, Jessie E Amos 1
all living at No2, Gloster Cottage, Charlton, Dover, Kent
(nee Tabitha Jane Manuel bp 21 Feb 1847 base born daughter of Harriet Manuel)

Albert Anderson 17u Ag Lab born Hastingliegh, son of George Anderson 42 Ag Lab born Charing, and
Amelia Anderson 37 born Egerton, parents of Frederick 10,born Charing, Mary J Anderson 5 born Lenham and William
Anderson 31 brother of George, born Charing
all living at Court Lodge Cottages, Harrietsham, Kent

Steven Andrews 65 Ag Lab husband of Francis A Andrews 61
at Hill Cottage, Elmsted, Kent
(base born son on Elizabeth Andrews)

Frances Ansley 52 wife of James Ansley 65 farm labourer, parents of James Ansley 26, Richard Ansley 24, Henry Ansley 20
of Sheep Court, Waltham, Kent
(nee Frances Dodd m. 1843)

William Ansley 30 farm labourer husband of Emily Ansley 26
living at Yorkletts Cottage, Waltham, Kent.

Ann R. Bailey 37 wife of John Bailey, General Labourer and parents of Arthur, John, Ann and Rosy Bailey
at 9 Victoria Row, Dover, Kent

Jane B Benson 51w sister of Charles J Duthie 39 Clerk in HolyOrders, May E Duthie 45, Charlotte Duthie 42,
and William H Duthie 41
all living at The Vicarage, Ringwould, Kent.
(nee Jane Buchanan Duthie bp 30 Apr 1830 daughter of Rev. Archibald Hamilton Duthie and Mary Murray)

Thomas Berry 57 Railway Porter husband of Emma Berry 44, parent of Amelia Berry 22, William Berry 18,
Thomas Berry 14, Jane Berry 12, Julia Berry 9,Mary Berry 6, Harriet Berry 2,
all living at Hawks Lane, St Margarets, Canterbury Kent
(son of Henry Berry & Mary Elizabeth Loud)

George Birchett 31 farm labourer husband of Emma Birchett 22, parents of Frederick Birchett 2, Albert Birchett 6months
all living at Hassell Street, Waltham Kent
(son of Henry Burchett and Charlotte Brett)

Sarah A Birchett 42 wife of Edward Birchett 42 ground labourer, parents of Minnie E Birchett 11, Maria L Birchett 8,
Eliza E Birchett 6, Edward J Birchett 4
all living at 35 Priory Rd, St Marys, Dover Kent
(nee Sarah Ann Kennett)

Fanny Brice 45 laundress wife of Henry Brice 45 brush maker,
living at 23 Lansdown Terrace, Canterbury Kent.
(nee Fanny Hayward)

Thomas Boughton 32 bricklayer husband of Maria Boughton 32 , parents of George Boughton 8, Emma Mary Boughton 6
all living at Petham Street, Petham, Kent

Sarah A Brice 70 wife of Thomas Brice 82 farmer and grazier
living at Nats Lane, Brook, Kent
(nee Sarah Ann Browning m. 1824 Hastingleigh )

Robert Brooks 3 son of Henry Brooks 35 farm labourer and wife Annie Brooks 43,
parents of Harry Brooks8, Annie Mary Brooks 6,
living at Brabourne Lees, Brabourne Kent.

James Browning 50 Retired Farmer and husband of Alice Browning 54
at 71 Folkestone Road, Hougham, Dover, Kent

George Browning 38 Coachman Domestic husband of Jesse Browning 33
parents of Andrew Browning 1,
living at 51 Banks Street, Layton on the Warbeck, Blackpool, Lancashire

Solomon Browning 40 gardener, husband of Sarah Browning 48, parents of Sarah J H Collins 24 (step daughter),
Frances R Browning 5, Esther E Browning 12, Frederick A Browning 9, Rosa Alice Browning 7,
Fanny Emily Browning 5, Jessie Julia Browning 2,
all living at 65 New Street, Ashford, Kent.
(son of George Browning and Sarah Brice)

William Browning 24 groom husband of Sarah Browning20 parents of Alice Browning 1 Olive Browning 4m,
all living at Cottage, Bodsham, Elmsted, Kent
(son of George Browning and Mary Mills)

Stephen Burchett 30 Ag Lab
living at 23 St Martins Hill, Canterbury , Kent

Emily Chittenden 28 dressmaker wife of James Chittenden 33 iron works labourer, parents of Edith A Chittenden 2,
Alice F Chittenden 10months
all living at Canterbury Rd. Willesborough, Kent
(nee Emily Frances Kingsland m. Dec 1862 Hastingleigh )

Julia E Clinch 25 wife of Charles Edward Clinch 24 Chemist to Gunpowder works,
living at 3 Park Place, Faversham, Kent
( nee Julia Ellen White)

George Cloke 55 licensed victualler and butcher husband of Christiana Cloke 48 , parents of Annie M Cloke 19,
Thomas Cloke 17, Mark Cloke 14 and Anne M Cloke 81w (mother)
at Dukes Head, Sellindge Kent.
(George Cloke was son of Thomas Cloke and Ann Maria Sayer)

Elizabeth A Conley 19u Cook Domestic for Rev George Booth Perry Rector of Monks Horton and Vicar of Brabourne
at Brabourne Vicarage, Brabourne, Kent

Charlotte A Cook 13 daughter of Robert Cook 49 farm bailiff and wife Cordelia Cook, parents of Thomas Cook 17,
Mary R Cook 15
all living at Grandacre, Waltham, Kent

Dora Cook 6
Edith Dodd 5
Richard Cook 10
Sarah Cook 11
all siblings of Mary Ann Cook 15 also
John Dodd 38 lodger
all living at Snags Den, Brabourne, Kent

George Cook 19u domestic servant
living at High Street, Beckley, Sussex

Walter Cook 18 farm servant indoor
at Beddlestone Farm, Brook, Kent.

John Croucher 30 farm servant indoor
at Prim Farm, Stelling, Kent

Susan Croucher 26 daughter of William Croucher 60 farm labourer and wife Sarah A Croucher,
parents of Sally Croucher 18
all living at Hassel Street, Waltham, Kent.
[Sally Croucher deformed from birth]

Harriett Curling 31 wife of William Curling 2 Ag Lab
living at Lower Street, Stourmouth, Kent.
(nee Harriett Croucher)

Charles Cutress 66 Ag Lab husband of Phoebe Cutress 58, parents of Lizzie Cutress 18, George Cutress 13,
also Ellen C Cutress 3 (granddaughter) George Cutress 62 (brother of Charles and blind two years)
living at High Street, Wye, Kent.

Henry Cutress 63 shepherd husband of Caroline Cutress 58, parents of George Cutress 26, Elizabeth Cutress 23, Charles Cutress 21,
Mary Cutress 18, Ann Cutress 13
all living at Turnpike, Lympne, Kent.

John Cutress 32 farm servant husband of Elizabeth Cutress 42, parents of James A Willis 15,
Elizabeth Cutress 10, Phoebe Cutress 7, Charles Cutress 4
all living at Ashford Road, Hothfield, Kent

Dulcibella Daniels 38 dressmaker -living with John Daniels 34 (Blacksmith) and wife Elizabeth 38
and their children Mabel6 and George3
at 14 Alfred Place, Ramsgate, Kent.

Louisa J Day 7
Ernest J Day 6
children of Thomas Day 38 Coachman, and wife Jane Day 38,parents of Thomas Day 13, Alice Day 12,
Richard W Day 10, Agnes V Day 2, and Frank Day 5months
all living at Packhams Livery Stables, Townwall Lane, Dover, Kent

Hannah Day 78 widow Pauper Inmate
at Bridge Union Workhouse, Bridge Kent.
(nee Hannah Over bp.1803 , daughter of John Over & Ann Rayner)

James W Diamond 6 grandson of James Croucher 64w, also living there George Diamond 54 son in law, his wife Ann Diamond 28,
Percy G Diamond 4, John J Diamond 1
all at Hassell Street, Waltham,Kent
(nee Ann Croucher and surname is Dimon at James William Dimons baptism)

Susanna Ditcher 31 wife of Thomas William Ditcher 32 farm bailiff parents of William Sherwood Ditcher 8,
Frederick George Ditcher 6, Albert Thomas Ditcher 2
all living at Farm House, Postling, Kent.

Ellen Dodd 44 wife of Charles Dodd 47 brickmaker , parents of George Dodd 21m Arthur Dodd 19, Rueben Dodd 18,
Ellen Dodd 14, Sarah Dodd 13, Charles Dodd 8
all living at Brick Yard, Lenham, Kent.

William Dodd 53u farm servant
at Hatch Farm, Chartham, Kent.

Martha Duckett 57 wife of William Duckett 45 farm labourer, also
John Cuteridge 34 (son in law) and
wife Maria Cutteridge 24, William Cutteridge 6, Thomas Cutteridge 3, Martha Cutteridge 1, Mary A Parker 26 (daughter)and
James Parker (son in law)
all living at Little Cliffs End, St Lawrence, Ramsgate, Kent

Rosa Earl 36 wife of George Earl 39 ag lab, parents of
Ellen Earl 16,
Mark Earl 13,
Edward Earl 10
, Frances Earl 4, Thomas Earl 1
all living at Winterbourne Cottages, Dunkirk, Faversham, Kent.

George Earl 15 nephew farm labourer to Thomas Earl 37 and wife Mary Earl 42
living near Moorstock, Sellinge, Kent.

Mary Epps 53 wife of Henry Epps 55 farm bailiff also with brother in law Edward Pollard 70w
living at Pickersdane, Wye, Kent

Alice Halliday 23u domestic servant
at 49 King Street, Canterbury, Kent

Harriett Halliday 16 general domestic servant
at 18 Tontine Street, Folkestone, Kent

Samuel Halliday 38w ag lab father of Elgar Halliday 14, Alfred Halliday 14
living at Badlesmere, Kent.

Ann E Hammond 31 wife of Henry William Hammond 33, parents of Constance R Hammond 4,
Harold J Hammond 2, Kathleen R Hammond 1
all living at Milton Farm, Thanington and Wilton in Bridge, Kent

Annie Hann 27 wife of Henry Hann 29 gamekeeper, parents of Ada Hann 5, William Hann3, Percy Hann 2, also
Ada Hayward 15 (Annie Hanns sister)
all living at Keepers Lodge, Challock, Kent

Maria J Harnett 19 born Hastingliegh, wife of Frederick W Harnett 20 Dairyman born Margate,
parents of Bessie A Harnett 3m born Brighton,
all living at 14 North Garden, Brighton Sussex.

Charles Harris 23 farm labourer husband of Ellen Harris 19,
living at Chalk Pit Cottages, Hacklinge, Kent

George Harris 2 son Charles Harris 34 and Emily Harris parents of Jane Harris 15, Mercy Harris 8, William Harris 5
all living at Heart Delight, Barham, Kent

John Hawkins 46 ag lab husband of Sarah Hawkins 43 parents of Annie Hawkins 12, John Hawkins 10, William J Hawkins 6,
Edith J Hawkins 8m
all living at Perry Cottages, Chartham, Kent

Stephen Hawkins 38 ag lab husband of Jane A Hawkins 34, parents of John S Hawkins 16, Joseph W Hawkins 15,
also Mary A Stokes (mother in law)
all living at 40 London Rd, Canterbury St Dunstan, Kent

Thomas Kidder Hawkins 32 ag lab husband of Ellen Hawkins 26, parents of Eliza Ellen Hawkins 8, Thomas John Hawkins 5,
Alfred William Hawkins 3, Walter Lewis Hawkins 9m,
all living at Sutton, Kent

Ellen Hayward 30 House Keeper (to George Rand - Schoolmaster)
at school House, High Halden, Kent

Fanny Hayward 26 wife of Thomas Hayward 28 Ag Lab parents of George Hayward 3, Bessy Hayward 2m
all living at Cottage, Evington lees, Elmsted, Kent.

George Hayward 17 grocers assistant for Clifford Baker grocer
at Hoath, Chiddingstone, Kent.

James Hayward 50 farm servant husband of Hannah Hayward 42 living
at Ratling Court Cottage, Nonington, Kent

Thomas Henry Hayward 30 game keeper husband of
Jane Hayward 22, parents of Henry Stoddart Hayward 10m
living at Rattle Hall, Wye, Kent

John W Hayward 40 general practitioner husband of Alice Hayward 43, parents of Annie Hayward 14, Edith L Hayward 13,
Constance A M Hayward 4,
all living at Oxford St, Whitstable, Kent.

Louisa M Hayward 18 cook servant to Samuel Shoughall
at Willesborough House, Willesborough, Kent.

Richard Hayward 35 Brewers Labourer husband of Mary Ann Hayward 41, parents of John E Hayward 9, Louisa E Hayward 6
all living at cottage, Ash, Kent

Stephen Hayward 33 gardener farm servant husband of Louisa Hayward 29
living at Godmersham Street, Godmersham, Kent

Thomas Hayward 53 grocer and blacksmith husband of Mary A Hayward 55 parents of Annie Hills 27w, Sally Hayward 21,
all living at Staple Street, Staple, Kent.

William Hayward 60 farmer husband of Elizabeth Hayward 59, parents of Rose Hayward 20, Louie Hayward 15,
Edward Hayward 16(grandson) Elizabeth Martin 25m, Jane Martin 7 (granddaughter)
Rose Martin 3 (granddaughter), Louie Martin 1(granddaughter), Laura Hayward 1m (granddaughter)
all living at Cuckles Coomb, Wye, Kent

Charles Hayward 19 son of
Samuel Hayward 50 blacksmith and Jane Hayward 47, parents of Walter Hayward 13, Edith Hayward 9,
all living at Ashford Road, Tenterden, Kent.

Jane Hayward 22 assistant dressmaker
at 4 Thames Terrace, Norwood, Lambeth, London

George Samuel Hayward 45 railway guard brother of Ellen Susannah Hayward 37 governess
both living at Gatton Road, Reigate Foreign, Surrey

Charlotte Hodges 66 wife of Daniel Hodges 66 Farm Bailiff , parents of Daniel Hodges 44u , Maria Hodges 39
all living at Part of Court Lodge, Great Chart, Kent.

James Hogben 26 farm labourer for Arthur and Martha Smith
at Sellinge,Kent

Thomas Hogben 22 ag lab visitor to brother
William J Hogben 16 general servant
at Coney Hall, Crundale, Kent.

Thomas Hogben 49 gardener husband of Sarah A Hogben 48 parents of Thomas F Hogben 5,
all living at 1 Russell Place, Dover St James, Kent

Richard G Holliday 21 farm waggoner son of
Richard Holliday 43 Waggoner Ag Lab and wife Rebecca Holliday 43 (born Elmsted), parents of
Caroline E Holliday 14, Frank Holliday 8, Charles H Holliday 4 and Stephen Holliday 1
all resident at Ulcombe Street, Ulcombe, Kent

Austin Holliday 46 farmer husband of Mary A Holliday 39 parents of George Holliday 16
all living at Longridge Farm, Marden, Kent

Eliza Holliday 40u inmate (lunatic) domestic cook
at Union Workhouse, Willesborough Lees, Kent

Francis Holliday 39 labourer in paper mill, husband of Ann Holliday 37, parents Ernest J Holliday 18,
William F Holliday 16, Georgia M E Holliday 14, Edith Holliday 10, Beatrice Holliday 8,
Eliza A Holliday 3, Tappley S Holliday 1
all living at 31 Tovel Hill, East Farleigh, Kent.

Elizabeth Hopkins 49w lodger nurse
at 2 Star Villas, Ashford, Kent

Richard Hopkins 13 son of
Richard Hopkins 44 Ag lab husband of Mary Hopkins 39, parents of William Hopkins 8, Edward Hopkins 6, Ernest Hopkins 3,
George Hopkins 8m,
all living t Evington Lees, Elmsted, Kent

Sophia Hopkins 29 daughter in law of Sarah Hopkins 66w carrier , wife of James Hopkins 28m, parents of Stephen Hopkins 5,
Minnie Hopkins 3, John Hopkins 2, Frank Hopkins 7m,
all living at Elmsted, Kent.

Theodore Hopkins 20 Farm Labourer servant
at Calcott Hill Farm House, Sturry Kent

Sarah A Horan 29 wife of George M Horan 37 mason, parents of George H J Horan 4, Annie M Horan 1, Frances A Horan 9m,
all living at 3 Adelaide Place, Canterbury St. Mildred, Kent

Elizabeth Hoskins 26 wife of James D Hoskins 29 House Painter, parents of Louisa R Hoskins 8, Alice Mary Hoskins 7,
Clara Hoskins 5, Emily Hoskins 4, James Hoskins 2, George Hoskins 1m
all living at Millbrook, Shirley St James, Hampshire

Sarah A Howland 19 housemaid
at No.3 Elwick Rd, Ashford, Kent.

John Huckstep 75w late gardener
living in Smeeth, Kent

William Howland 51 head game keeper husband of Grace Howland 51 (nee Gibbs) and parents of Charlotte Howland 21,
Lydia Howland 19, Allen Howland 16 and Harry Howland 11,
all living at Maltmans Hill, Smarden, Kent.

Charlotte Janes 42 wife of George James 43 groom and gardener, parents of William H James 15, Sarah AJames 10,
George James 8, John A James 7 , Charlotte James 5, Fanny James 3
all living at Horton Cottages, Chartham, Kent

Sophia Jennings 30 wife of John Jennings 30 butcher, parents of John H Jennings 9, Florence S Jennings 8,
Maude M Jennings 4, Joseph Jennings2
all living at 10 Alfred Square, Deal, Kent

Sarah Judge 30 wife of Charles Judge 26 Grocer parents of Frederick 4 and Rosa 1
at 3 Milton Terrace, Lewes, Sussex

Walter Keel 3
Fanny Keel 2
children of John Keel 44 Ag Lab and Elizabeth Keel 33, parents of Richard Keel 10, John Keel 8,
George Keel 7, William Keel 5
all living at Cottage, Elmsted, Kent

Thomas Kidder 80m Pauper Inmate Ag Lab
at Bridge Union Workhouse, Bridge Kent.

George Laker 15
Julia Laker 13
Thomas Laker 11
Annie H Laker 8
children of John Laker 33 general labourer and Mary A. Laker 45,
all living at Bladben, Elham, Kent.

Stephen Leggett 55 farm bailiff, husband of Mary Leggett 50, parents of Mary Jane Leggett 25, Elizabeth Leggett 23,
Harry Leggett 13, Ada Leggett 11
all living at Chaney Farm, Harbledown, Kent

Alice Linkins 8
John Linkins 6 children of Jame Linkins 30 ag lab, and wife Alice Linkins 36 also parents of Jame Linkins 4
all living at Garlinge Green, Petham, Kent

George Manuel 69 general labourer husband of Frances Manuel 68 also with Thomas Birchett 58 boarder
all living near Crows Corner, Brabourne, Kent

Henry Manuel 61 general labourer husband of Amy Manuel 61, parents of Catherine Manuel 18 and grandson Lewis Manuel 15
all living at Brook Street, Brook, Kent

Horace D Manuel 9
Mabel Manuel 6
William Manuel 4
all grand children of William Cook 74 farmer, Dorothy Cook 62, also in household are William Cook 31w (son)
and Letitia Wraight 40w (relative)
all living at Stone Street, Petham, Kent

Esther Marshall 26 daughter of William Marshall61 farmer, Harriett Marshall 58, parents of Frank Marshall 20,
Frederick Marshall 16, Alice Marshall 15 , Robert Marshall 11,
all living at Scragged Oak, Detling, Kent

Georgina Marshall 22
Francis Marshall 20
Gostwyck Marshall 16
Lillian Marshall 12
John S Marshall 7
all children of Mary Ann Marshall 50w farmers widow
of Ball Lane, Kennington, Kent.

Reginald W J Marshall 23u Porter on S.E. Railway,
living at Holmes Farm, Betchworth, Surrey

Rose A Medcalf 41 wife of Rev. Joseph Powell Medcalf 57 Rector of Bilbrough , parents of Lucretia EE Medcalf 15,
Agnes Riff Medcalf 10, Humphrey G. Medcalf 9, Christopher P Medcalf 8,
Ceceilia M Medcalf 2, Lucy E Medcalf 10m
all living at Rectory, Bilbrough, Yorkshire
(nee Rose Althamia Prideaux)

William Mills 15 son of William Mills 55 ag lab and wife Eliza Mills 52, parents of George Mills 31, Jacob Mills 12,
all living at Mill Pond, Hill No.1, Pluckley, Kent.

Arthur Mills 31 farm bailiff husband of Emma Mills 31, parents of Alice Mills 2, Flora Mills 10m,
all living at Station Rd, Stanford, Kent.

James Mills 49 carpenter husband of Jane Mills 44, parents of
Elsie Mills 20,
Charles Mills 16
, Ann Mills 13, James Mills 10, Eliza Mills 7, Jane Mills 5
all living at Evington Lees, Elmsted, Kent

Dora Mills 18 general servant
at The Deanery, Chartham, Kent

Lucy Mills 16 domestic nursemaid
for the File family at Elham Street, Elham, Kent

Robert Mills 38 farm bailiff husband of Mary E Mills 36, parents of
Arthur J Mills 13,
Rosa J Mills 11
all living at North Lyminge, Lyminge, Kent

Susannah Mills 50 servant Ladys Maid,
at 17 Maun Rd, Folkestone, Kent

William Mills 47 labourer husband of Elizabeth Mills 47, parents of George Mills 22, Annie Mills 11,
Edith Mills 9, Sidney Mills 4
all living at Cottage, The Lees, Brabourne, Kent

Margaret I Monro 48 wife of Rev. Horace G Monro, Rector of Stratfieldsaye, parents of Charlotte Monro 22, Mary H Monro 21,
Horace C Monro 19, Margaret E Monro 15, Archibald V Monro 13, Isabella W Wright 70w (aunt in law), Jane A Wright 38u (cousin)
All living at Stratfieldsaye Rectory, Stratfieldsaye, Hampshire

Harriet Nash 31 wife of Robert Nash 27 licensed victualler
of Priory Hotel, Hougham, Kent

Esther Newport 51 wife of John Newport 66 Ag lab,
living at Bridge street, Wye, Kent

James Newport 41 bricklayers labourer husband of Louisa Newport 32, parents of Maria Newport 12, Sophia Newport 10
all living at 52 Gravel Walk, Ashford, Kent

John Newport 23 Ag lab husband of Mary A Newport 22, parents of Esther Newport 1
all living at Withersdane, Wye Kent

Sarah Newport 67 charwoman
at 3 Apsley Street, Ashford, Kent

William Noble 49? Farm labourer husband of Margaret Noble 35, parents of George Noble 13, Fanny Noble 7,
Rose Noble 4, Edwin Noble 2
all living at MacKnade Cottages, Preston Next Faversham, Kent

Frances Pibus 70w mother in law of Edward G Sutton 40 and wife Lydia Sutton 30
all living at Mill House, The Row, Elham, Kent

Matilda Pierson 39w dressmaker and children Harry S Pierson 11, Frank W Pierson 10, Susannah L E Pierson 7,
all living at 39 Guildhall, Street, Folkestone, Kent

George Pilcher 17 and
Richard Taylor 16 both farm servants
at Court Lodge Farm, Petham Kent

Richard Pilcher 31 Ag lab born Hastingleigh husband of Olive Pilcher 29 born Wye and sons
Thomas Richard Pilcher 6
Sarah E Pilcher 3 born Hastingleigh
all living at Wye Downs, Wye, Kent

Sarah J Prebble 26u boarder ladys helper domestic
at Curtisden House, Goudhurst, Kent

Ellen Quested 28 wife of George W Quested 34 ag lab, parents of Alfred W Quested 6,
Arthur C Quested 4, Rhoda B Quested 1,
all living Near Minnis, Stelling, Kent

Thomas Quested 49u labourer
at Westfieldsole Cottage, Boxley, Kent

Sarah A Rains 35 wife of John Rains 42 ag lab and parents of Frances E Rains 11, Mary A Rains 8, Charlotte M Rains 5,
Caroline E Rains 2
all at Crundale House Cottage, Crundale, Kent.

William Ransley 12 son of Jasper Gatehouse 40 licensed hawker and Esther Gatehouse 39,
parents of Celia Ransley 19, James Ransley 17, Sarah Ann Ransley 9
all living at 4 Terrace Square, Sittingbourne, Kent

George Reynolds 40 ag lab husband of Elizabeth Reynolds 39 ,
parents of Percy Reynolds 12, Sarah Reynolds 9, Ellen Reynolds 6, Edith Reynolds 3,
all living at Soles Street, Crundale, Kent

Sarah Richardson 62 wife of James Richardson 66 cabinet maker parents of William J Richardson 24
all living at 14 North St, Ashford, Kent

Alice Roberts 15 niece of Steven Hall 50 and Louisa Hall 47
of 10 Bloomfield Rd, West Pumsted, Greenwich, London

Elizabeth Roberts 62 wife of John Roberts 62 labourer
living at Naccolt, Wye, Kent

Mary A Roberts 24 ladys maid servant
at Eagle House, High Street, Eltham, London

George Sankey 50 general practitioner husband of Henrietta Sankey 49, parents of Henrietta Sankey 20,
living at 96 Week Street, East Maidstone, Kent

John Sankey 60 grocer husband of Sarah Jane Sankey 45, parents of Louisa E Sankey 22, Sidney John Sankey 21,
Walter C Sankey 15, Herbert E Sankey 13, Frances E Sankey 11, John Morgan Sankey 9,
William Henry Sankey 8, Francis Octavius Sankey 6, Alice Maude Sankey 4,
all living at 19 High Street, Ashford, Kent

John S. Sankey 85 widower Brewers Clerk,
boarding at Hoddesdon Lord Street, Ware, Hertfordshire

Richard J Sankey 39 farmer husband of Fanny F Sankey 34 parents of Leslie R Sankey 5, Hilda C Sankey 4, Graham GJ Sankey 2,
living at Dent de Lion Farm, Garlinge,Margate, Kent.

Thomas Sankey 33 Brewer husband of Susannah Sankey 19
at 36 Public House, Ash Arms, Ramsgate Kent.

William Sankey 64w MD not practising ,
living at Sutton Valence,Kent

William H Sankey 36w mining engineer father of William H Sankey 4, Mabel E Sankey 3,
all living with parents-in-law Edward Gover 63 & Elizabeth Gover 61
at Windmill Hills, Chellaston, Derbyshire

Matilda Scott 2 born Hastingliegh, daughter of John Scott 23 Ag Lab born Brook and Harriet Scott 21 born Waltham,
parents of Alfred Scott 11m born Wye
all living at Grove Cottage, Newington, Kent

Elizabeth Setterfield 48 wife of Charles Setterfield 52 carpenter, parents of John G Setterfield 18,
Daisy Setterfield 2 (granddaughter)
all living at Willesborough Lees, Kent.

Elizabeth A Setterfield 58 wife of John Setterfield 60 Ag Lab,
living at Naccolt, Wye, Kent

Frances Sherwood 27 wife of
John T Sherwood 28, parents of George Sherwood 6, Frederic Sherwood 3, John H Sherwood 2, Ernest W Sherwood 6m
all living at Hassell Street, Crundale, Kent

Frederic Sherwood 24 Ag Lab husband of Harriet Sherwood 21 and son in law of Thomas Newport 58 and Elizabeth Newport 60
all living at Soles Street, Crundale, Kent

William Sherwood 52 farm labourer husband of Mary Sherwood 48 parents of George A Sherwood 16
all living at Bilting, Godmersham, Kent

Caroline Shilling 55 wife of Robert Shilling 63 farm bailiff,
living at Ashford Road, Buxton Farm, Kennington, Kent

Rosa J Smith 11 scholar daughter of Stephen Smith 48 Farm Lab and wife Jane E Smith 43, parents of Herbert F Smith 19,
Edgar G Smith 8, George AW Smith 6
all living at Hope Cottages, Molash, Kent

Elizabeth A Smith 27 wife of George Smith 26 Ag Lab
living at Little Gain, Elmsted, Kent

Matilda Smith 38 born Hastingliegh wife of George Smith 36 Shepherd born Lenham, parents of William Smith 10 born Chislet,
Frank Smith 8 born Chislet, Clara Smith 6 born Chislet, George Harry Smith 4 born Chislet,
all living at Shepherd House, Chislet, Kent.

Amy Southen 17 domestic servant
at Hauts Place, Waltham Kent

Florence Spickett 6 daughter of Henry Spickett 36 waggoner and wife Jane Spickett 33, parents of William Spickett 16,
Jane Spickett 14, Sarah Spickett 12, Ernest Spickett 8, James Spickett 2m
all living at Way Street, Hernhill, Kent.

Martha Staples 24 wife of William Robert Staples 26 Riveter parents of William C Staples,
all living at The Barracks, Boughton Aluph ,Kent
[nee Martha Cutress]

Eliza Stevens 29 dressmaker daughter of
Henry Stevens 54 general carrier and wife Georgina 50, parents of John Stevens 15
all living at Canterbury Rd, Birchington, Kent

William Stevens 74 Ag Lab husband of Mary Stevens 73
living at The Square, Elham, Kent.

Annie M Stickells 24 nurse on the staff
at Barming Place,Barming, Kent.

Frances Stickells 29 wife of Frederick Stickells 27 Ag Lab parents of
William Stickells 3
living at Stonehill, Smeeth, Kent

James Stickels 65 butler domestic servant husband of Frances Stickels 62
living at 10 Love Lane, Canterbury St Paul, Kent

Ann C Weston 30 wife of Luke Weston 28 Publican, parents of Charles Weston 5, Rosa Weston 1, also
John C Stickles 39 brother in law waiter,
Mary J Stickles 26 sister in law servant
all living at Fleur de Lys Inn, Leigh, Kent

Thomas E Stickles 34 coach smith husband of Alice Stickles 40, parents of Henry Stickles 7, George E Stickles 2m,
all living at 82 Military Road, Canterbury St Gregory, Kent

Edward Stickles 68w father in law of Alfred Sutton 44 farmer and
Roseanna Stickles (nee Sutton) 42, also
Emily Stickles 24 farm servant, plus other staff
all living at Ashenfield, Waltham, Kent

William Stickells 30 Carpenter
at White Hall, Hawkinge, Folkestone, Kent

Ann Sutton 65 nurse servant
at Plette Saline Guernsey, Channel Islands

James Sutton 50 blacksmith husband of Harriet Sutton 50, also brother George Sutton 46
all living at Bodsham Forge, Bodsham, Elmsted, Kent

Thomas Sutton 45 tailor husband of Maria Elizabeth Sutton 51, parents of Alice Sutton 15, Thomas Sutton 11,
all living at 42 Dover Street, Canterbury St George Martyr, Kent

Jane Swain 85w (nee Punyer) mother in law of George Swain 47 baker and wife Sarah Ann Swain 40, parents of George Swain 20,
William Swain 16, Bessie Swain 13, Harry Swaine 9, Edith Swain 8, John Swain 5, Ethel Swain 2
all living at The Square, Elham, Kent

Rebecca Swinnard 47 wife of Alfred Swinnard 50 farmer, parents of Elizabeth Swinnard 19, Mary A Swinnard 17, Annie Swinnard 14,
Minnie Swinnard 12, Rhoda Swinnard 9, Harry G Swinnard 5, Thomas N Swinnard 4,
all living at Harm House, Crundale, Kent

Alfred Swinnard 22 corn miller servant
at Richdoor, Waltham, Kent

Edwin Tappenden 17 nephew drapers assistant, living with Charles Tappenden 45, Emma Tappenden 39, Ada Tappenden 15,
Charles Tappenden 14, Sydney Tappenden 6, Hilda Tappenden 4, Walter Tappenden 3,
all living at 13 Regents Place, Ashford, Kent

James Taylor 20 servant
at Amage Farm, Wye Kent

Phoebe Taylor 49 wife of William Taylor 34 Ag Lab, parents Emily Taylor 14, Kate Taylor 10, Ellen Taylor 8,
all living at Chapel Row, Chartham, Kent

Rebecca Thomsett 39 wife of James Thomsett 42 Shepherd Agri Lab, parents of Mary 9 Elizabeth 7 and Amy 2
at Ash Street, Ash, Kent

Henry Vane 47 farm labourer husband of Sarah Elizabeth Vane 42, parents of John Vane 13, Elizabeth Vane 11,
Robert Vane 9, Emma Vane 7, Mary Ann Vane 5, Ellen Maria Vane 3, Alfred Henry Vane 1,
all living at Loakham, Wye, Kent

William Vane 57 Ag Lab husband of Mary Ann 44 , parents of Anne 5,
all living at Brook Street, Brook, Kent

Ann Waters 30 wife of William Waters 33, parents of William Waters 8, James Waters 7, John Waters 5, George Waters 5,
all living at Harbour Cottage, Chartham, Kent

Thomas Waters 35 engine driver in brewery, husband of Sarah Ann Waters, parents of William Waters 12, Thomas Waters 11,
Alfred J Waters 9, Charles Waters 7, Henry Waters 1, Sarah J Waters 2m
all living 2 Watling Square, Canterbury St Mildred, Kent.

Sophia Weller 35 (nee Newport m.20 May 1877 Ashford) 35 wife of Frederick Weller 35 manager at Gas works,
also niece Ellen Newport 16
all living at South House No2, Gorleston Suffolk

Emily Wiles 20u niece and housekeeper to Henry Wiles 62 and family
at Church Lane. Molash, Kent.

Lewis Wiles 28 coachman husband of Martha Wiles, parents of Martha Wiles 4m
all living at Little Heath Nursery, Charlton Next Woolwich, London

Percy J Wiles 12 son of Frederick Wiles 40 farm bailiff and wife Eliza Wiles 41 parents of Lilly C Wiles 5, Daisy M Wiles 2,
Bertie F Wiles 4m, all living at High Halden, Kent

Peter Wiles 25 grocers assistant husband of Emily Wiles 20,
living at 37 Albion Rd, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Mary Young 66 (nee Pilcher) wife of John Young 75 with granddaughter Ann Philpott 5,
all living at cottages in Elmsted, Kent