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Hastingleigh and Elmsted School


1851 census: Miss Elizabeth Nugent
1861 census: Mrs Elizabeth Evans (possibly the same lady mentioned in the previous census, but now using her married surname.)
1871 census: Miss Mary Clark Patten
1872- 1910 : Mr Walter Wetherell [School Master] and his wife Mrs Esther Wetherell (nee Paxton.)[Assistant Teacher]
1910-1914 : Mr John Udall [Headmaster]
1914 - 21st Dec 1923: Mr W.J. Taylor appointed Headmaster
1914 - Easter 1928: Mrs Taylor appointed assistant teacher with her huband, but remained teaching for 5 years after her
             husband retired, allowing them to remain living in the School House.
May 1918: Miss GA Gornall [Infant Teacher] resigned as she was getting married
1918 -June 1920: Miss Emily Hayward [b.1902] recruited as a [ class monitor] when she was 15 years old,
2 June 1920 - summer 1935: Miss Emily Hayward became a permanent infant's teacher on the staff on her 18th Birthday, and remained at the
                                                    school until she resigned in 1935 as she getting married.
Jan 1924 - Sep 1932: Miss M Curling Appointed Headmistress
29 Aug 1930: Miss Millicent Eugenia Yalden appointed assistant teacher [b.1910]
29 Sep 1932: Miss EM Mawer appointed Head Mistress starting 10 Oct 1932
8 Feb1933: Miss H Reid of Stoke on Trent appointed assistant teacher.
1939: Ms Beryl Langston Field
Easter 1947- July 1950: Eileen Pearson (married 1949 surname became Tarris), carried on teaching for a short time after her marriage.
? - Sep 1949: Madge M Job (pronounced Joe-B) Head Teacher, [b.1892] married Harvey S. Warren in 1949 and emigrated to South Africa.
Sep 1949- ?: Mrs Rhiannon Sergeant, Head Teacher
1949-1954: Richard (Dick) Puttock, Head Teacher, and his wife Paula Putton (Infant Teacher)
1954 - 1986: Mr Henry John Nancollas M.B.E. and his wife
1954 - c.1986: Mrs Freda D. Nancollas nee Weal (1928-2015)

Mrs Dorothy Miskin [nee Chetwynd-Stapylton, wife of Wm. Miskin],
she was previously married to Lt. Cmdr. Walter John Fletcher (d.1917 buried at West Farleigh). She may not have been a full time teacher,
but she was on the Governors and did carry out some teaching classes.

(please do let me know the names of other teaching staff that are missing from this list if you can - thankyou) 

For the current list of staff working at Bodsham School, please visit the school's own website (Click)

                                                                                                     [updated Aug 2015 - with thanks to Mr Pearson and Mrs Tarris for supplying more information about the 1940's and 50's staff.]