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    The Wills for Hastingleigh, from 1466 to 1966
Listed in chronological order, with their reference numbers and a brief
description of the contents of the Will, to identify family connections.



SUNAME FORENAME TRADE Date Will Written... Date of Burial...... Place of Burial Date of Probate..... MicroFilm No. Details of Names mentioned in Will
John . . . . 20 Oct 1466 PRC 17-1-page-236 Gilbert Bette, William Serlys and William Belling
Belling William . July 1468 . . 1468 PRC 17-1-page-479 There are two pages in Latin. Names mentioned include Thomas Clock, Laurence Fforstall and William Cos.
Mount Simon . . . . 1477 PRC 17-3-page-130
PRC 17-3-page-146
Laurence Fforstall, Robert Baker, Hamon Fforstall. The will is in Latin across two pages, one of which is probate.
John . . . . 1478 PRC 17-3-page-173 In Latin, a tough read. It mentions Thomas Ffordred, Gilbert ..?.., Nicholas and Thomas ..embett.
Also William Pyper, John Serlys and Johanna Serlys
Robert . . . . 1479 PRC 17-3-page-277 One page of Latin text split over two pages, the second page is very scratched on Microfilm and if you want this Will, it would probably be worth requesting to see the original.
Forstall Laurence . . . . 1482 PRC 17-3-page-424 In favour of William Fforstall (in Latin over two pages)
William . . . . 1484 PRC 17-3-page-506 William Woods and Robert Baker executors. 3 full pages in Latin.
Jeffrey Thomas . . . . 1487 PRC 17-4-page-138 In favour of John Halke, William Jeffrey, Thomas hench, John Jeffrey, Juliane Jeffrey, Richard Jeffrey
and Pira.. Jeffrey etc.
Dence Nicholas . . . Hastingleigh 1488 PRC 17-5-page-7 Requests to be buried in the churchyard of Our Lady of Hastingleigh.
He left money 'to ye moste nedefull reparion of ye same church'.
His son, executor and chief beneficiary is William Dence and the will also benefits daughter Johan Dence.
This will is in English.
Thomas . . . . 1490 PRC 17-5-page-270
PRC 17-5-page 282
PRC 17-5-page 289
In olde english, and very hard to read. I can make out the names of William Dayle (Dally?)and Thomas Bishops.
It is a lengthy will, but you will need to study it for a long time to decypher it.
Fordred Annabel . . . . 1495 PRC 17-6-page-136 The film at Canterbuy is very poor. The original Will is held at Maidstone record office and I would suggest if you want to see this Will, that you request a copy of the original.
It benefits Christopher Ffordred also William Ffordred among other names.
Fordred Richard . . . Hastingleigh 1501 PRC 17-8-page-109 He requests to be buried in Hastingleigh churchyard.
His wife is Marjorie and his brother is Christopher Ffordred.
The Will also mentions Thomas Young, and Johanna Ffordred his daughter.
Executors: Mathias Bunting, Nicholas Mount of Wye and Thomas Mottmofsish(?)
William . . . . 1502 PRC 17-8-page-209 Late of the parish of Hastingleigh, bequests to Edmund Metcalf and wife Johanne Metcalfe, also Martha Baker, Margaret daughter of Richard Gybbes , also godson Nathan George,Thomas son of William Halke of Hastingleigh, Simon ..?.., Robert Dodd, Thomas Godsell and Nathan Ffuston(?).
Thomas . . . . 1502 PRC 3-1-page-160 Main beneficiary is Thomas Sedbrooke of Sellindge
Belling Thomas . 1505 . . . PRC 17-10-page 30 Written in the 20th year of King Harry (Henry VII).
It mentions Thomas Kempe knyght, John Stott, Christopher Gay, Humfrey Gay gentlemen, William Daly and John Kenwood.
Richard Belling is his son and heir.
he leaves a bequest to the poore de hastynglee.
Baker Johanne Widow 1507 . . . PRC 3-2-page 58 Beneficiaries are Thomas and William Baker.
Also Thomas Biarlott with 4 lines of details.
Thomas . 1507 . . . PRC 3-2-page 44 His wife Johan Dally is a beneficiary from what I can make out
( a very tough Will to read through even though only a small paragraph.)
Thomas . 1509 . . . PRC 17-11-page 166 .
Cecily . 1509 . . . PRC 3-2-page 102 Benefits William Boldon and others.
Richard . 1512 . . . PRC 3-4-page 6 In favour of Robert Bartlett of Crundale.
William . 1515 . . . PRC 17-12-page 510 The will is missing from the Canterbury Archive microfilm, and I have been advised that the original probably is held at Maidstone Archives.
Fordred Christopher . 1517 . . . PRC 17-13-page 92 He requests to be buried in the churchyard of the Blessed Lady of Hastinleigh.
There are four pages of bequests.
Some of those mentioned are Christopher Allard and Christopher Bolden, his godchildren, Johane Gunth goddaughter, and Johane Atwater.
Thomasine wife of John Brohans(Brown?).
His sons are the main beneficiaries John Fordred eldest son, and he mentions his brother Richard Fordred.
Denis . 1518 . . . PRC 3-4-page 109 .
Fordred John . 1518 . . . PRC 3-4-page 111 .
Mone Peter . 1518 . . . PRC 3-4-page 106 .
John . 1519 . . . PRC 17-14-page 94 Benefits his wife Johan.
Also mentions Richard Halke as his father and beneficiary.
He left money for the making of a cottage.
No children or siblings mentioned.
It is likely he died young and from an illness he knew to be terminal.
Baker Thomas . 1522 . . . PRC 17-15- 136 His wife is Mariom and son is Sampson.
Both are executors. Also benefits daughter Thomasyn.
Witnesses are Henry Allard, Richard Bellyng and William Swiham(?)
Henry . 1524 . . . PRC 3-6-page 22 Beneficiary is Johana his wife.
Allard Henry . 28 Jan 1524 . . . Pro 11-21 Available ONLINE from National Archives (Click).
William . 1524 . . . PRC 17-16-page 211 Benefits his son David Borham and wife Bennet Borham.
Probate mentions William, Bennet and Gilbert Pilchard (probably should be Pilcher)
Fordred John . 1524 . . . PRC 3-6-page 9 No beneficiary named
Henry Sir / Rector 1528 . . . PRC 3-7-page 56 Rector of Hastingleigh.
Mentions his wife Jane Crosseley and Richard Belling and Thomas Gybbes.
Fordred Avice . 1528 . . . PRC 17-18-page 38 Written in English but hard to read.
Lands in Hastingleigh, Elmsted, Waltham and Wye.
It mentions ..?.. Sharpe, Richard ..?.., Thomas Emethe.
Richard Bellyng, Symon Hempsted and John Sharpe.
William . 1531 . . . PRC 17-19-page 171 He leaves one torch to the church of Our Lady of Hastingleigh.
His wife is Margery and she is sole executrix.
It mentions sons and daughters but not names.
Mentions William Petytt of Brabourne, gentleman and William Halke of Bircholt yeoman.
Gilbert Bett, John Johnson, Symon Hemsted and Thomas Wyllis.
Witnesses: Thomas H Sanieson, William Petytt Jnr., Gilbert Bett and John Johnson.
Harris William . 1536 . . . PRC 17-21-page 35
PRC 17-21-page 115
Beneficiaries are Thomas Payne (wife7#39s son), Ammys Payne (wife's daughter), wife Margery Payne and Johane Pylpin(?), John Johnson, Robert Mount and Robert Payne.
Harris Margery . 1537 . . . PRC 3-8-page 87 .
Simon . 1537 . . . PRC 17-21-page 133 He mentions a mother in Nether Thorpe.
His sons are Richard Hempsted and William Hempted and daughter is Margaret Hempsted.
Wife is Johann Hempsted.
Witnesses: Richard Payne, Robert Bytt, Laurence Chayning, John Hempstede, Richard Stone and Baliff Sornay Cother(?)
Belling Richard . 1538 . . . PRC 17-21-page 154 Very hard to read, mentions Thomasyn and Thomas Gybbes, Philippe Emitge and John Ffrank.
Baker John . 1548 . . . PRC 17-26-page 176 .
Richard . 1549 . . . PRC 17-27-page 253 A very brief will, written in the reign of Edward VI, he leaves all his goods to his father Thomas Halke and instructs his father to repay a debt of Barley to William Hylte.
Witnesses: Christopher Belling and John Hoore..
Johane . 1549 . . . PRC 17-26-page 307 Son Thomas Hogben and daughter Isabel Hogben, son Robert Hogben etc.
Lengthy list of beneficiaries in her family plus her various Godchildren.
Christopher Belling as executor was awarded probate.
William . 1550 . . .

PRC 17-29-page 210

PRC  16-10-page S/2

John . 1552 . . . PRC 3-13-page 19 Benefits his wife Amey Halke and Richard Halke yeoman.
Smith or Smeeth
Philip . 1553 . . . PRC 17-29-page 30 .
Margery . 1554 . . . PRC 3-13-page 131 Margerus Hempsted of porhus (poorhouse) de Hastingley in favour of William Ffode of Elmsted and Johannus Hamwirdi(?) of Waltham.
Norrell William . 1556 . . 1556 PRC 17-32-page 209
PRC 16-23-page N/4
Thomas . 1558 . . . PRC 3-15-page 55 .
Robert . 1558 . . 1558 PRC 17-34-page 5a
PRC 16-26-page  IJ/4
John . 1558 . . 1561 PRC 17-35-page 224a
PRC 16-34-page p/3
John . 1566 16 Jun 1566 Hastingleigh 1567 PRC 17-40-page 13
PRC 16-48-page p/3
Coveney Hugh . 1571 7 May 1572 Hastingleigh 1571 PRC 17-41-page 121a
PRC 16-56-page C/11
Henry . 1578 . . . Plomer Will 44-184 .
Richard . 1585 17 Feb 1585 Hastingleigh 1585 PRC 17-46-page 371
PRC 16-84-page f/1
Wood William . 1586 20 Jan 1586 Hastingleigh 1588 PRC 17-47-page 182a
PRC 16-91-page W/4
. 1588 Jan 1588 Hastingleigh 1588 PRC 17-47-page 228a
PRC 16-90-page f/2
Epps Gilbert husbandman 24 Jan 1592 30 Jan 1592 Hastingleigh 1592 PRC 17-50-page 9b
PRC 16-98-page e/3
To son John Epps when he reaches 22yrs £20.
To William Epps second son when he reaches 23 yrs £20
To Peter Epps third son when he reaches 23 yrs £20
To Roger Epps fourth son when he reaches 20 yrs £20
His wife Joane Epps is left all and manner goods and chattels etc.
The land is distributed among his sons.
She is sole Executrix.
Signed by Witnesses: Roger Coveney(x), John Bull (x) and Gilbert Epps(x)
Belling Christopher . 1593 . . 1593 PRC 17-49-page 267
PRC 16-101-page b/20
9 pages of Will bequests.
Requests to be buried in the church of Hastingleigh.
He leaves 25 shillings to the poor of Hastingleigh at 5 shillings a year for 5 years.
His daughter is Alice Norton, and her children Henry Norton, Clement Norton, Abraham Norton, and Agnes Norton.
Another daughter of Agnes Austen and her son is Jerome Austen.
To daughter Tamasyn Lawrence(?) £12
... the rest still to be read...
Richard Yeoman 20 Jan 1596 . . 1596 PRC 17-50-page 213a
PRC 16-107-page g/1
To be buried in the churchyard.
He leaves his dwelling house to his young son Naboth Gibbes, and lands; West demesne, north demesne, two long crofts, Great Marden Croft and Little Marden Croft, and a barn to be left to his father Henry Gibbes during the term of his life, and if Naboth dies in infancy or before Henry, the full and whole estate is left to Henry his father.
Signed Richard Gibbes(x), William Pymgton, Thomas Dorman and John Hunt- Curate.
Naboth was baptised in 1595
Robert husbandman 27 Apr 1596 24 Feb 1597 Hastingleigh 1598 PRC 17-51-page 264
PRC 16-113-page p/5
To the most poor people of Hastingleigh, 2 shillings to be distributed at his burial.
Bequests to his four daughters: Agnes Oddin the wife of Stephen Oddin, Catherine Payne, Elizabeth Payne now the wife of Samuel Payne, and Rose Hode the wife of Thomas Hode £5 each to be paid 2 years after the death of Robert Payne.
To John Payne his son, £5 to be paid 1 year after his death.
To wife Joane Payne £10 to be paid within 1 month of his death, along with all household stuffe and one good cow.
The executor is William Payne his son.
Signed by Henry Gibbes(x), Richard Gibbes(x) and John Dense- the writer. "
Godfrey Arthur shepherd 1599 . . 1599 PRC 17-51-page 291a
PRC 16-115-page g/5
CLICK to read this facinating will in full.
Coveney John Yeoman 1603 . . 1605 PRC 17-54-page 151
PRC 16-126-page c/12
Henry . 16 Nov 1605 . . Dec 1607 PRC 17-54-page 36b
PRC 16-130-page g/1
To be buried in the churchyard of Hastingleigh.
Moveable goods are left to Naboth Gibbes his grandson, son of Richard Gibbes deceased.
To David Gibbes the son of Thomas Gibbs his son deceased £3.
To John Dewberry, the son of Martha Dewberry alias Gibbes his daughter deceased £3
And if David and John die within the year then their portions to go to Naboth Gibbs the son of his son Richard Gibbes.
Executor is Robert Rolfe of Howton Parish
Peter Woodland of Brabourne is appointed overseer, guardian, tutor and governor of the said Naboth Gibbes until he is 21.
Signed Henry Gibbes(x), Edward Myles and Mr John Hunt the Minister "
John . 21 Jan 1611 4 Apr 1612 Hastingleigh 1612 PRC 17-55-page 116
PRC 16-145-page S/23
4 pages of will bequests.
To be buried in the churchyard of Hastingleigh.
He leaves money to the poor of Hastingleigh.
To Thomas Skilton his son a bequest.
To William Skilton his son, 'the bedstead that now i lye on'(and various linens.)
Land in the parish of Hastingleigh and Elmsted.
A bequest to godson (grandson) John Skilton, son of Thomas Skilton.
A bequest to the son of Martha Belling
Another son John Skilton the Younger is mentioned.
His wife is mentioned but not by name.
Brother Richard Skilton.
Kinsman William Skilton
Signed John Skilton(x)
Witnessed: Thomas Taylor son of Hastingleighs Th...thye Paltett(?) William Skilton and Richard Coveney
Lushington Ingram Yeoman 18 Oct 1612 25 Nov 1612 Hastingleigh 1612 PRC 17-55-page 222
PRC 16-144-page L/9
Allison Elizabeth widow 1614 4 Oct 1614 Hastingleigh 1614 PRC 17-60-page 286b
PRC 16-149-page A/7
To be buried in the church of Hastingleigh.
To the eldest daughter of her brother Richard Allison £20.
To Joane Browne his second daughter £20.
To Elizabeth Allison a sister £20, (which might be a sister in law, as the testator is called Elizabeth)
To Ann Allison a sister £20
To Catherine Allison the youngest sister £25
Nephew Richard Allison, son of brother Richard Allison, is sole executor.
Witnessed by Thomas Sturges(x), Elizabeth Allison (x)and John Taylor- Parson. "
John . 4th Jan 1615 21 Jan 1615 Hastingleigh Feb 1615 PRC 17-55-page 294a
PRC 16-154-page P/19
Requests to be buried in the churchyard at Hastingleigh.
To John Pilcher his son, his house he was dwell in, with the borded stable and goods belonging and also all the lands thereto belonging lying in Hastingleigh, Crundall and Waltham.
To his beloved wife Clement Pylcher, her bequest (profits from various farms) to be paid to her quarterly.
Also the great chest standing in the .... chamber .
A bequest also goes to daughter Joane Mount To the children of John D.aters and Robert Medowers(?) £30 to be shared equally when they reach the age of 21.
His son John Pylcher is appointed as executor.
Signed John Pilcher (x)
Witnessed: John Taylor-parson of Hastingleigh, John Payne (x) and Edward Marshall.
Berry Richard Yeoman 13 Aug 1616 11 Aug 1616 Hastingleigh Sept 1616 PRC 17-55-page 325b
PRC 16-155-pageB/13
Requests to be buried in Hastingleigh churchyard.
He leaves 6 shillings to the poor of the Parish.
To son John Berry he leaves house and land, and his beloved wife Elizabeth Berry is left a decent legacy.
Ten pounds to each of his 5 daughters, Rebecca, Suzan, Elizabeth, Joane and Margaret Berry when they reach 21 years of age, and should any of them die before coming of age, their share to be divided equally among the surviving daughters.
Witnesses: John Taylor the Parson, John Payne and John Berry
Richard . 1623 31 Jan 1624 Hastingleigh 1625 PRC 32-47- page 116 10 pages long. Briefly it benefits David Harvey-Halke (nephew and son of sister Joane: Joane is the mother of Dr William Harvey who discovred the circulation of blood.)
Also mentions son William Halke, Godson David Haywood, Godson John Harvey (nephew and son of Joane), Godson Elias Harvey (nephew and son of sister Joane), Godson Richard Norris, Godson William Rigden, Wife Alice (nee Pemble) etc .
(Godson is grandson)
Epps Roger Yeoman 22 May 1629 31 May 1629 Hastingleigh June 1629 PRC 17-67-page 79b
PRC 16-192-page E/3
Leaves the house and stables etc to his son Roger Epps jnr.
To son Sampson Epps a house and land in Hastingleigh, and 40 shillings when he reaches 21.
To daughters Elizabeth and Sarah Epps, £7 each at 24 years of age.
Son Roger to profit from the house and land until Sampson is of age.
Son Roger Epps is sole executor.
Signed Roger Epps(x), William Epps(x), and Mathew Browne(x)
Berry Henry . 1631 9 Sep 1631 Hastingleigh 1631 PRC 17-68-page 31 PRC  16/197-page B/19 .
Mounte Richard . 1631 2 Jun 1631 Hastingleigh 1631 PRC 17-68-page 71
PRC 16-198-page M/7
To be buried at Hastingleigh with 10 shillings paid to the Minister for his pains.
the same sum to be paid to the executor.
To brother Edward (Mount) £6 which is in the hands of Josias Page within 14 days after his death.
To John Mount the son of my brother Daniel Mount £3
To Mary Mount and Ann Mount daughters of my brother Daniel Mount 20 shillings a piece.
To Elizabeth Mount, daughter of my brother John Mount 20 shillings and 20 shillings is already in his hands and to be paid to her when she shall demand it.
To the daughter of his brother George Mount 20 shillings to be paid to her father 14 days after the death.
He wills 'for the behoofe of the poore people of Hastingleigh' the sum of 20 shillings and a further 20 shillings to be invested to the best profit by the churchwardens for the time being and the yearly arising, to be bestowed upon the poore at the discretion of the said churchwardens. To be paid in the 3rd month after death.
To the right sons and daughters of my Master James Crux viz:
To John, James, Michael and Thomas, to Margaret, Elizabeth , Mary and Hester Crux the sum of 5 shillings a year to be paid them by their father out of the .... .... profits.
Whereas my Master James Crux oweth me this day the sum of twenty and fower (24) pounds and that I have his bond for £15 thereof to be paid unto me at the first of All Saints next coming after the date hereof, my mind is to release him of the use of the same for that year ......etc
Best suit of apparell to brother George Mount immediately after the death.
The rest of the apparell goes to brother Daniel.
Executor: Daniell Mount
Signed Richard Mount(x)
Witnessed: Daniel Mount(x), George Mount (x)
Probate: 4 July 1631
Mount Daniel . 8 Oct 1632 1 Nov 1633 Hastingleigh Dec 1632 PRC 17-68-page 255
PRC 16-201-page M/2
Requests to be buried in Hastingleigh churchyard.
His wife Alice gets the house and land for her use during her whole life, thereafter to their son John Mount and his heirs of his body lawfully begotten forever.
To two daughters Mary and Agnes £10 each.
Executors are Daniel Mount's brothers John and Edward Mount.
Will witnessed by Steven Mount and John Taylor- Rector of Hastingleigh
Everden Elizabeth . 1633 25 Aug 1633 Hastingleigh 17 Oct 1633 PRC 16-203-page E/4 To her mother, she leaves 20 shillings.
To John Coveney, the son of her sister Ann Coveney, 30 shillings.
To Mary Everden another sister £12.
All the rest of her estate and apparel is left to her mother and her two sisters Anne and Margaret.
James Coveney her master is the sole executor.
her death is noted as August 1633, and her uttered will declared 2 or 3 days before her death.
'These or the like words in effort were uttered by the aforesaid Elizabeth Everden in the presence of Margaret Coveney, Elizabeth Coveney and the wife of Squire Denne.'
Witnesses: Margaret Coveney and Elizabeth Coveney.
John . 1645 . . 1646 PRC 16-249-page H/8 no.782 Will dated 9 Feb 1645 a Monday, about 8 or 9 of the clock, weak in body but fit of mind.
The will benefits his wife is Ann, and his sister's son Richard Castell.
Witnesses: Dennis the wife of James Browning Sarah Ladd (x) and Dennis Browning(X)
Taylor John Rector 25 Aug 1646 . . 27 Apr 1648 Prob 11-204 Available ONLINE from National Archives.(Click)
His son is Thomas Taylor and is chief beneficiary.
Also mentions sons James and George Taylor, daughters Mary and Joane Taylor, daughter Marie Stoker, grandson John Stoker.
He left 20 shillings to the poor of Hastingleigh. Witnesses: William Henry and Edward Browne.
John Snr. Yeoman 1646 7 Jan 1648 Hastingleigh 1648 PRC 16-258-page p/3 no.1123 To his son 12pence to be paid one month after John Pilcher&#s death.
To his daughter Elizabeth wife of Anthony Barnstall 12 pence.
To his daughter Mary wife of Matthew Newman 20 shillings.
To youngest daughter Ann Pilcher £20, after these payments the residual estate to be put in the hands of William Martin of Waltham, yeoman. With profits to accrue until Ann Pilcher is 20 years of age, then the estate to be handed to her. If she should die before reaching the age of 20, then the estate to be handed to John Pilcher's current wife also called Ann.
Executors: John Pilcher junior and Thomas Martin of Waltham.
Signed: John Pilcher the elder 8 Jan 1646
Witnessed: William Britten senior and Nicholas Longe (x his mark)
Wood Stephen . 26 May 1658 . . 20 Nov 1658 Prob 11-284 Available ONLINE from National Archives.(Click)
His wife is Joane Wood and only daughter is Elizabeth Wood.
His sons are James and Stephen Wood.
Crux James . 1652 . . Oct 1661 PRC 17-71-page 75
PRC 16-266-page c/3
Left 20 shillings to the poor of Hastingleigh.
His wife is Margaret, their late daughter was Margaret Parson,(wife of Edward Parson.)
Other children: Elizabeth Crux, Thomas Crux, James Crux and Mrs Thomas Knight. 5 pages of details written in English
Courtney Edward . 1661 . . 1665 PRC 16-274-page c/5 // unable to locate
Smithett Margaret . 1661 23 Dec 1661 Hastingleigh 8 Jan 1661 PRC 17-71-page 176
PRC 16-267-page S/2
Executor Thomas Philpott
Witnessed by Thomas Crux and Susan Mount.
Wood Stephen . 5 Oct 1662 20 Oct 1662 Hastingleigh 8 Oct 1662 PRC 17-71-page374b
PRC 16-269-page W/4
Executors Henry Pibus and James Wood.
His brother is James Wood, James' wife is Elizabeth.
Also benefits Elizabeth, wife of William Wanstall of Patrixbourne.
Pilcher John . 1667 . . 1667 PRC 17-72-page 347
PRC 16-279-page p/2
This will is in English but the handwriting is very poor.
To his wife (whose name looks like) Cedine, the sum of 5 shillings
And his son John Pilcher also 5 shillings
three daughters who are unmarried 20 shillings each,
Hester to be paid 12 months after death
Margaret when she reaches 24yrs
Ann when she gets to 24yrs
All lands he gives to his sons who are to pay £6 per annum to his wife for her natural life.
Sole Executor: John Pilcher the younger
Coveney John Gentleman 1675 17 Dec 1675 Hastingleigh 1676 PRC 7-74-page 13b
PRC 16-295-page c/3
Requests to be buried inside the church next to his wife,( this would probably be the grave stone in the vestry doorway which is very worn down, but the name Coveney can be made out still)
To three poor widows of the parish he leaves 10 shillings each to widow Philpott, widow Carden and widow Lamprill.
To Stephen Lamprill 20 shillings
To Mary Legget his servant, one feather bed and bolster , and 10 shillings.
To Elizabeth Hayward, a servant and 4 manservants: John Smeeth, Thomas Smith, Clement White and John Pilcher, 10 shillings each.
To daughter Elizabeth wife of William Andrews of Hinkshill gentleman, £20
To her son Edward Andrews £20
To her daughter Elizabeth Andrews £20
To daughter Alice wife of Nicholas Bourne of Westwell, gentleman, £20
To her two sons John and Nicholas Bourne £20 each
To son Thomas Coveney of Hinkshill gentleman the bulk of the estate.
A bequest to St Mary Magdalene College Oxford.
To grandson John Coveney (the son of Thomas Coveney of Hinxhill) the estates in due course.
Executor: Thomas Coveney of Hinxhill
Witnesses: John Coveney, Henry Pibus Rector of Hastingleigh, and Mary Leggett (by her mark)
Michael Yeoman 1680 . . Feb 1680 PRC 17-75-page 141b
PRC 16-304-page p/14
Executors: James Wood and John Philpott
Instructs Stephen Philpott of Wye, a carpenter by trade, to pay Judith the wife of Michael Philpott £200, and give her a bedsted, flockbed and Furniture.
To Stephen Diapor, son in law of Michael Philpott £5
To Thomas Austen the younger of Wye, also son in law of Michael Philpott £5
Witnesses: Jane Kennett and William Fenby
Richard Gentleman 1680 . . 12 Jan 1681 PRC 17-75-page 258
PRC 16-305-page H/19
All the land and stock of the estate in Hastingleigh is left to his wife Elizabeth for her natural life.
The rest of his estates all go to William Halke his younger son and his heirs forever.
William to pay the eldest of Richard's daughters Susan Butcher wife of Thomas Butcher £30 at £10 a year for 3 years. To Sarah Penvold the younger daughter and wife of John Penvold, the same amount.
To the three children of Elizabeth late wife of Godfrey Cheeseman deceased £5 each.
To Thomas Whitewood (Richard's grandson) son of Susan now wife of Thomas Butcher £5
If he should die before reaching 21yrs of age then that same sum is to go to his half brother James Butcher.
To Elizabeth Halke daughter of Richard's son Richard Halke deceased, £5 on reaching 21yrs.
The will is dated 22 Jan 1686. Signed Richard Halke x his mark.
Witnesses: Henry Coulter, John Handfield and Margaret Handfield.
Executors: William Halke the younger son, and Thomas Butcher 'son in law'
Henry Rector 1686 . . 1686 PRC 17-76-page 426
PRC 16-315-page p/1
Clerk late Rector of Hastingleigh: 'memorandum written 31 Dec 1686 being the day before his death in his own house where he then lay sick declares his last will by word of mouth.'
In favour of his son Marmaduke Pibus who is also executor.
Witnesses James Quested(x), Elizabeth Everden(x) and William Whittall (who is also instructed to oversee the care of Henry's wife).
Will was proven 1686 in Latin.
Thomas . 1691 . . 1691 PRC 17-78-page 28a
PRC16-324-page S/6
All to be sold and money divided among 5 children, William Skilton, Thomas Skilton, Paul Skilton, John Skilton and Mary Skilton.
Executor is Thomas Crux.
Witnesses: Mary Carden(x), John Friend and George Pibus,
Will written 5 May 1686 and proven May 1691
Fagg George . 1691 16 Mar 1691 Hastingleigh 1692 PRC 17-78-page 115b
PRC 16-325-page F/3
His son John Fagg is sole executor.
The will is in favour of sons John and William Fagg. Wife Catherine Fagg gets 20 shillings a year, 1 pig, 2 bushells of wheat and to stay in the family house till Michaelmas next!
Also benefits his 4 daughters Elizabeth Fagg, Margaret Fagg, Jane Fagg and Ann Fagg.
George's brother is Robert Fagg.
Also mentions Thomas Sharpe of Wye, and granddaughter Elizabeth Moon who gets a calf.
Witnesses: Elizabeth Hamill, Robert Fagg and Thomas Sharpe.
Will written 2 May 1691 and proven 6 Apr 1692.
Browning James Yeoman 1693 . . 1694 PRC 17-78-page 338
PRC 16-329-page B/14 
Will in favour of son Edward Browning of Hastingleigh and Wye and Edward's children James and Edward Browning.
James' sister Sarah Joffars(?).
The five children of James' daughter Mary Reoly(?).
Nicholas Hogbin (son in law of Elizabeth.) David Hogbin and James Hogbin, grandchildren, also the daughters of Edward Browning.
Executor is Edward Browning.
Witnesses: John Jenkin, John Shatwater and James ?eath.
Will written 15 Aug 1693 and proven March 1694 part English and part Latin.
Swaine Thomas Yeoman 1717 . New Romney 1718 PRC 17-83-page 33g
PRC 16-372-page S/7
Yeoman of Coombe Farm. To be buried in church of New Romney where his 2 dear children Mary and Elizabeth who lie there interred.
Will benefits dear beloved wife Ann Swaine, 2 sons Nicholas and Thomas Swaine jnr.
Also 20 shillings to the poor of Wye, 20 shillings to the poor of Hastingleigh.
Thomas' brother is William Swaine and brother in law John Lancefield of Crundale (husband of his sister Elizabeth.)
His dear wife's 4 children by a previous marriage namely Richard, Mary, John and David Hogbin are not beneficiaries but their respective children are all beneficiaries.
Witnesses: Elizabeth Philpott(x), Ann Marshall(x) and Thomas Miller.
Will written 1 Nov 1717 and proven 6 Jul 1718.
Pilcher William . 1730 . . 1730 PRC 17-88-page 15b
PRC16-394-page p/7
Benefits Elizabeth, Mary and Sarah (the daughters of Jemima Saffat(?)).
William, Herbert, Thomas, Sarah and Mary Ovitt (children of his daughter Mary Ovitt wife of William Ovitt.)
Daughter Sarah Pilcher wife of Thomas Pilcher.
Witnesses: John Haywood, Ann Burch and Thomas Miller
Will proven August 1730 in Latin with bleedthrough ink over two pages.
Moorland Lydia Spinster 1740 16 May 1740 Hastingleigh 1740 PRC 17-91-page before 6a
PRC 16-409-page M/5
Benefits in favour of her nephew Thomas Moorland of Stowting a single man (son of her late brother John Moreland late of Brabourne.)'Should Thomas die then to his brother Selyard Moorland, then his brother John Moorland or lawful heirs of the Moorlands unto the end of the world and not to the female heirs neither shall they have power by this my will to lay claim or right to the same'.
Also legacees to her sister Margarett Moorland (spinster of London.) Niece Mary Godden (wife of Allen Godden of Sittingbourne and daughter of her brother John Moorland),
John, William, Richard and Stephen Moorland (sons of brother John Moorland)
children of sister Susanna Salter (or Saltwell) namely William, John, Thomas and George Salter.
Two nieces Mary and Margarett.
Elizabeth wife of John Mower of Merhsam.
3 children of her sister Mary Denterman, namely William Denterman, Margaret Bourten and Ann Carter.
Nephew Thomas Moorland of Stowting to be executor with John Ffordred of Elmsted to oversee Thomas in his duty of office.
Will written 25 Apr 1741 and proven 7 Jun 1741
Witnesses: Jane Share, John Devier and William Devier.
Tarp Stephen Blacksmith 1743 6 Feb 1743 Hastingleigh 1743 PRC 17-92-page 74f
PRC 16-409-page T/1
Blacksmith of Hastingleigh.Benefits his wife Jane Tarp with 'the bed that I lay apon as it stands and one more pair of sheets, not the best and not the worst'.
Also daughters Sarah, Mary and Jane Tarp.
Will written 23 Jun 1742 and proven 11 Feb 1743.
Witnesses: Ann Haywood(x)
Leggett George Yeoman 1748 1 Dec 1749 Hastingleigh 1749 PRC 17-94-page 94
PRC 16-415-page  L/1
Benefits his wife is Mary, his son George and they are executors.
Also benefits Thomas Stuting Fford's six children Augustin, Edward, George, Elizabeth, Marey and Sarah.
(Their late mother Sarah was a daughter of George and Mary Leggett.)
Also daughter of Mary, (wife of John Jarman of Postling.)
Also daughter Elizabeth, (wife of James Draimar or Draymar of Willesborough.)
Witnesses: Hammell Collar and Elizabeth Collar.
Thomas . 30 May 1750 . . 28 Jul 1750 PRC 17-94-page 136a
PRC 16-416-page S/6
Benefits his wife Mary, sons Thomas and William Stickles.
Daughter Elizabeth Stickles (under 24 years old).
Sons Richard and John Stickles.
Holmes Joseph . 1738 17 May 1751 Hastingleigh 1751 PRC 17-94-page 301
PRC 16-417-page H/7
'very weak in body but of perfect mind and memory'.
Main beneficiary is Joseph Holmes son of Joseph Snr. ,also Joseph Snr''s brother Thomas. Also John, Thomas and William Holmes (sons of Thomas).
Nieces Anne Swaine and Elizabeth Marshall, children of his sisters'.
Executor: Kinsman Nicholas Swaine of Hastingleigh.
Witnesses: Thomas Miller, Ann Holmes and Ann Miller.
Will written 7 Aug 1738 and proven 5 Jun 1753.
Swaine Nicholas . 1760 . . 1760 PRC 17-96-page 132a
PRC 16-426-page S/3
Benefits wife Abigail with 100 pounds 'for which I had given her a bond which is now lost or misplaced'.(nee Abigail Halke).
His 7 surviving children, the youngest are Catherine and William, eldest are Nicholas and Thomas.
Will written 16 Sep 1760 and proven 13 Dec 1760.
Witnesses: John Lilly(x), Sarah Pott(x) and John Beale.
Pilcher Thomas Snr. Yeoman 1762 19 Dec 1765 Hastingleigh 1765 PRC 17-97-page 239  PRC 16-433-page  p/3 In favour of Paul Pilcher his son. Thomas Pilcher his grandson (Paul's son) with John Gafto of Petham, Blacksmith as trustee 'to support and protect the contingent estates from being defeated and destroyed and for that purpose to make entries and actions as the cost will require' etc .
Witnesses: Ann Isken Trimnell, Frank John Isken.
Will proven 16 Dec 1768
(several pages outlining the Pilcher lineage of succession to ensure that land stays in the Pilcher male line.)
Sankey John . 1744 . . 1767 PRC 17-97-page 529 PRC 16-346-page S/14 Benefits wife Frances Sankey, son Richard Sankey (5 pages of instructions- but suffering from bleed through ink and hard to read.)
Witnesses: James Hanson, J. Pomfret Jnr., Thomas Browne.
Will proven 1 Aug 1767.
Sankey Frances Widow 1764 . . 1773 PRC 17-99-page 106 PRC 16-443-page S/8 Leaves money to sister Elizabeth Buckhurst (spinster of Canterbury. )Nephews John and Stephen Buckhurst, son in law Richard Sankey of Hastingleigh gent.
Written 29 Jun 1764 and proven 11 Sep 1773.
Witnesses: John Conant and Richard Coleman
Note: 'and I do hereby desire to be buried in Hastingleigh and that there be no persons to hold up the pain but be buried as private as possible'.
Bliss Robert . 20 Apr 1748 . . 20 Nov 1769 PROB 11-952 Available ONLINE from National Archives.(Click)
His father is John Bliss and mother is Charlotte Rolifs of Farthingstone in Northampton.
Mentions Frances Stimo(?) his servant.
Witnesses: Rev. John and Mary Conant and Elizabeth Scott.
Kidder Susannah Widow 8 Dec 1783 . . . Prob 11-1111 Available ONLINE from National Archives.(Click)
Widow of Canterbury, Mother of Thomas Kidder, it mentions children and grandchildren.
Swaine Thomas Yeoman 1786 20 Oct 1789 Hastingleigh 1789 PRC 17-101-page 416a                              PRC 16-464-page S/7 of Coombe Farm Yeoman. To brother John and sister Sarah Swaine also sister Cathrine Glover ('so long as not to be enjoyed by husband'), nephew Thomas Glover. Brother Nicholas Swaine.
Executor is Nicholas Swaine
Witnesses: John Birch, Susannah Birch and Halke Birch,
Written 28 Oct 1786 proven 14 Nov 1789.
Swaine John Yeoman 1791 10 Sep 1797 Hastingleigh 1797 PRC 17-103-page 118 PRC 16-472-page S/5 Yeoman of Coombe Farm. To brother Nicholas Swaine and sister Sarah Swaine and sister Catherine the wife of William Glover ('without controll of her husband') also mentions Catherine's son Thomas Glover.
Written 15 Jan 1771 and proven 16 Nov 1797.
Executors: Nicholas and Sarah Swaine.
Witnesses: Ann Coleman, Elizabeth Coleman and Richard Coleman.
Sankey John . 1812 22 Oct 1812 Hastingleigh 1812 PRC 17-104-page 463b                         PRC 16-495-page S/3 Benefits wife Mary with an annuity plus goods.
To each of his sons John, William, Edward and Richard Sankey- One hundred pounds a piece.
(Son Samuel Sankey is exempt as he has already inherited the estate of John's cousin Richard Sankey.)
Also benefits his daughters Ann Weekes (the wife of John Weekes,) Mary Ursula (the wife of William Ffoord,) Sarah Knowler (the wife of James Knowler,)and Frances Sankey spinster.
Executors: Son in law John Weekes, brother William Sankey (of Wingham, Surgeon)
and John Bently of Brabourne (Yeoman).
The Will was written 20 Sep 1812 and proved 21 Nov 1812.
Witnesses George Browning, Stephen Hayward and Edward Tournay.
Swaine Stephen Shopkeeper 1813 26 Apr 1818 Hastingleigh 1818 PRC 17-105-page 459a  PRC 16-505-page S/2 Shopkeeper of Hastingleigh, to his lawful wife Mary (late widow of John Ratcliff) he leaves the store house and garden.
In the event of her death, it goes to George Stickles his son in law and his wife Emma Stickles, thence to their eldest daughter Elizabeth Stickles and her heirs forever, upon condition that one pound is paid per year to James Ratcliff who is Stephen's son 'in law' (by this he means stepson as we know the term today.)
Executor: Mary Swaine(his wife).
witnesses: William Young and Ann Young and John Hammilton.
The will was written 1813 and proven 2 Jun 1818.
Browning James . 1804 20 May 1819 Hastingleigh 1819 PRC 17-106-page 17  PRC 16-506-page B/5 His wife Martha is sole executrix.
Written 31 May 1804 proven 26 Jun 1819.
Witness James Oliver of Wye and William Allen of Wye.
Browning George . 1812 2 Mar 1819 Hastingleigh 1819 PRC 17-106-page 18b PRC 16-506-page B/8 Benefits wife Martha unless she marries again, thereafter to his friends John Marshall, Yeoman of Hastingleigh and Stephen Leggett, Yeoman of Elmsted or their heirs etc. The Will also makes provision for George's children but it is a complicated Will.
Witnesses John Sankey, Edward Tournay and Thomas Fisher. The will was proven20 Jul 1819.
The executors are John Marshall, Stephen Leggett and Martha Browning.
Browning Martha . 1819 13 Dec 1822 Hastingleigh 1823

PRC 17-107-page 44a

PRC 16-514-page B/4

Daughter is Sarah Holmes, the wife of Francis Holmes.
James Oliver, Farmer of Boughton Aluph.
Two granddaughters Ann Terry and Matilda Terry (daughters of her late daughter Ann Terry of Wye.)
Executors: Francis Holmes and James Oliver.
Witnesses: James Gibbs and Mary Gibbs.
The Will was written 20 Jul 1819 and proven 20 Jun 1822.
Richard . 1804 . . 1826 PRC 17-107-279  PRC 16-521-page R/2 His wife is Hannah and her son by a previous relationship is Richard Obey, they inherit the whole estate, half to each of them.
Mr Thomas Stickels the elder, of Hastingleigh is the executor.
Witnesses: John Allen and Thomas Stickels Jnr.
Signed Richard Rolfe (x his mark)
Sankey Richard . 13 Feb 1806 . . . Prob 11-1439 Available ONLINE from National Archives (Click)
Newport Mary . 7 Nov 1826 18 Sep 1832 Hastingleigh 1 Mar 1832 PRC 17-109-page 12b PRC 16-532-page N/3 Her natural daughter Mary Moreland, now Mary Sankey, wife of Richard Sankey, she leaves the house and land known as 'The Bowl' at Evington Leeze and all household furniture etc.
If the Sankey couple should die without heirs then all to be divided equally between John and Thomas Newport, natural sons of Ann Monday, and their heirs.
Executors: Richard Sankey and George Newport of Elmsted now Keeper to Sir John Honeywood.
Witnesses: George Newport, Thomas Stickles and Henry Gambrill.
Browning James . 10 Jun 1841 17 Mar 1842 Hastingleigh 7 May 1842 PRC 17-110-page 645a  PRC 16-551-page B/8 His wife Rebecca, children Edmund, Eliza, Mary Ann, James, Rebecca and Isabel-Louisa Browning.
Executors: Wife Rebecca, George Browning of Hastingleigh (his brother) and Stephen Gambrill of Waltham.
Witnesses: Henry Gambrill and James Hayward.
Marshall John . 1843 31 Dec 1846 Hastingleigh 28 Feb 1846 PRC 17-111-page 321a   PRC 16-560-page M/3 His wife is Elizabeth, children are Mary Sutton (wife of John Sutton deceased), son Thomas Marshall, son Mark Marshall, son Edward Marshall, and daughter Sarah Stickles (wife of Edward Stickles). Also Thomas Sutton his son in law and nephew.
Executors: son Thomas Marshall and son in law/nephew Thomas Sutton.
Pilcher John . 1847 23 Dec 1846 Hastingleigh 1847 PRC 17-111-page 493b  PRC 16-560-page P/3   His wife is Grace Pilcher and 9 children (not named).
His will was written by Rev. Gostwyck Prideaux and signed by John Pilcher(x) on 9 Dec 1846.
The will was proven 2 Oct 1847 after a trip to Canterbury by Thomas Stickles and Gostwyck Prideaux to swear on oath because there was no executor named in the will.
Kidder Thomas Yeoman 1853 27 Apr 1853 Hastingleigh 30 Jun 1853 PRC 17-112-page 400a   PRC 16-571-page K/1   Wife is Susannah Kidder, daughter is Elizabeth Kidder and mentions his late daughter Susannah (wife of George Hawkins),
Executor: James Weekes of Brabourne
Witnesses: Austin Jarvest and John Brice. Thomas Kidder died 11 April 1853

For Wills dated after 1858 up to the present
These are all listed in the National Probate Calendar, which is published each year in book form.
The volumes are held at the Probate Research Room, First Avenue House, 42-49 High Holborn, London WC1V 6NP. 
The cost is £5.00 per Will ordered.

[In the case of Administration being granted it is unusual for there to be any extra information available over what is stated in the index notes.]

Comparing the burial records with the index list of Wills and Administration the following were located:
SURNAME FORENAME Date of Death Date of Probate Estate value Probate Office Index Notes
Mills Edward 05 Nov 1860 29 Nov 1876 under £200 Canterbury Administration of the effects of Edward Mills late of the Parish of Wye in the county of Kent, Labourer who died 5 November 1850 was granted at Canterbury to William Mills of the Parish of Brabourne in the said county, Labourer the son and one of the next of kin.
Kidder Susannah 12 Jan 1862 25 Jun 1862 under £600 Canterbury The Will of Susannah Kidder late of Lyddendane Farm in the Parish of Hastingleigh in the County of Kent, widow deceased, who died 12 January 1862 at Lydden Dane Farem aforesaid was proved at Canterbury by the oath of Austin Jarvest of Dover in the said County, Stonemason the sole executor.
Sankey Richard 28 Mar 1862 22 Jul 1862 under £1000 Canterbury The Will of Richard Sankey late of Hastingleigh in the County of Kent, Farmer deceased who died 28 March 1862 at Hastingleigh aforesaid was proved at Canterbury by the oaths of Samuel John Sankey of Hastingleigh aforesaid Gentleman the Nephew and James Kidder Newport of the Parish of Elmsted in the said County Farmer, Executors
Kingsland William 15 Mar 1865 01 May 1865 under £1500 Principal Registry The Will with a codicil of William Kingsland late of Hastingleigh in the County of Kent Farmer deceased who died 15 March 1865 at Hastingleigh aforesaid was proved at the Principal Registry by the oaths of Elizabeth Kingsland of Hastingleigh aforesaid widow the relict of George Marshall of Great Chart in the said county Farmer and Thomas Rolfe of Stanford in the said county Corn Factor; the Executors.
Jennote / Jennott Elizabeth 10 Jun 1870 06 Aug 1870 under £100 Canterbury Administration of the Personal estate and effects of Elizabeth Jennott late of Hastingleigh in the County of Kent widow deceased who died 10 June 1870 at Hastingleigh aforesaid were granted at Canterbury to John Pilcher of Wye in the County aforesaid Farmer the brother and one of the next of kin of the said deceased he having been first sworn.
Widow of Charles Jennott , butler to Charles Andrew Vanneck, Baron Huntingfield of Heveningham Hall, Suffolk.
Manuel Harriett 11 Jan 1874 29 Nov 1876 under £200 Canterbury Administration of the effects of Harriet Manuel late of Nunnary Grove in the City of Canterbury spinster who died 11 January 1874 at Nunnary Grove was granted at Canterbury to Daniel Manuel of the Parish of Brook in the County of Kent Farmer the brother
Manuel William 04 Oct 1874 29 Nov 1876 under £200 Canterbury Administration of the effects of William Manuel late of the Parish of Brook in the County of Kent Labourer a bachelor who died 4 October 1874 at Brook was granted at Canterbury to Daniel Manuel of Brook; Farmer; the Brother.
Manuel Elizabeth 03 Nov 1875 28 Nov 1876 under £100 Canterbury Administration of the effects of Elizabeth Manuel late of Nunnary Grove in the City of Canterbury widow who died 3 November 1875 at Nunnary Grove was granted at Canterbury to Daniel Manuel of the Parish of Brook in the county of Kent Farmer the Son and one of the next of Kin.
Sankey Mary 06 Mar 1875 15 Jun 1875 under £100 Canterbury The Will of Mary Sankey late of the Parish of Hastingleigh in the County of Kent Widow who died 6 March 1875 at Hastingleigh was proved at Canterbury by Samuel John Sankey of Hastingleigh Gentleman the nephew the sole Executor
Prideaux William Gostwyck 16 May 1875 16 Jul 1880 under £100 Principal Registry Administration of the personal estate of William Gostwyck Prideaux late of Mahogany Vale, St Andrews, Jamaica who died 16 May 1875 at Paisley Four Paths, Clarendon, Jamaica was granted at the Principal Registry under the usual Limitations to Arthur John Campbell Gwatkin of 9 New Square, Lincoln's Inn in the County of Middlesex, Solicitor the lawful Attorney of Jessie Forbes Prideaux widow of the relict now residing in Leipzig. [he was born in Hastingleigh]
Kidder Eliza 13 Dec 1877 08 Jun 1878 under £600 Canterbury The Will of Eliza Kidder late of Barn Tithe Farm in the parish of Guston in the county of Kent spinster who died 13 December 1877 at Barn Tithe Farm and Samuel Brice of Sheep Court Farm Waltham in the said County; Farmers; the Executors.
Deedes Julius 24 Oct.1879 17 Nov.1879 under £14,000.0.0 Principal Registry The Will of the Reverend Julius Deedes late of Marden in the County of Kent Clerk who died 24 October 1879 at Marden was proved at the principal registry by Henrietta Charlotte Deedes of Marden widow the relict one of the executors.
Pilcher John 24 Feb 1880 25 Mar 1880 under £450 Principal Registry Administration of the Personal estate of John Pilcher late of wye in the County of Kent gentleman a bachelor who died 24 Feb 1880 at Wye was granted at the Principal Registry to richard Pilcher of Wye, labourer the brother and one of the next of kin.
Prideaux Gostwyck 24 Mar 1880 05 Aug 1880 under £1000 Principal Registry Administration (with the Will) of the personal estate of the Reverend Gostwyck Prideaux late of Hastingleigh in the County of Kent clerk who died 24 March 1880 at Hastingleigh was granted at the principal registry under the usual limitations to Arthur John Campbell Gwatkin of 9 New Sq. Lincoln's Inn in the County of Middlesex solicitor for the use and benefit of Jessie forbes Prideaux widow.
Pilcher Richard 17 Oct 1882 07 Jun 1883 Estate £20 Principal Registry The Will of Richard Pilcher late of Wye in the County of Kent grazier who died 17 October 1882 at Wye was proved at the principal registry by Sarah Pilcher of wye widow of the relict and Henry John Daniels of Lyminge in the said County Farmer; the executors.
Wyborn Mary Ann 05 Dec 1882 21 Feb 1884 Estate £50 Canterbury Administration of the personal estate of Mary Ann Wyborn (wife of George Wyborn) late of the Parish of Hastingleigh in the County of Kent who died 5 December 1882 at Hastingleigh was granted at Canterbury to the said George Wyborn of Hastingleigh gardener
Stickles George 10 Sep 1883 31 Oct 1883 Estate £540.5.0 Principal Registry The Will of George Stickles late of Hastingleigh in the County of Kent Farmer who died 10 September 1883 at Hastingleigh was proved at the principal registry by George Stickles of Hastingleigh Farmer the son one of the executors.
Sankey George 27 Jan.1885 09 Jun.1885 Estate £4148.12.5 Principal Registry The Will of George Sankey late of Maidstone in the County of Kent Surgeon who died 27 January 1885 at sea domiciled in England was proved at the principal registry by Henrietta Sankey of 96 Week Street, Maidstone widow the relict and George Merthyr Sankey of Streeton Village and of Fence Colliery Woodhouse Mill both near Rotherham in the county of York mining engineer the son; the executors.
Stickells Cubison 17 May 1886 28 Jun 1886 Estate £24.17.0 Canterbury The Will of Cubison Stickells late of Hastingleigh in the County of Kent shoemaker who died 17 May 1886 at Hastingleigh was proved at Canterbury by Frances Pibus f Mill House Elham in the said county widow, the sister and George Tappenden of Hastingleigh Grocer;the executors.
Manuel Henry 02 Dec 1886 31 Jan 1887 £414.16.11 Canterbury The Will of Henry Manuel late of Brook in the County of Kent who died 2 Dec 1886 at Brook was proved at Canterbury by Charlotte Manuel of the Beeches OldDover Rd in the city of Canterbury spinster, Ann Manuel of Chartham asylum, Chartham in the said county spinster, and Frances Barth (wife of Benjamin Barth ) of Brook; the daughters; the Executrixes.
Browning George 09 Dec 1886 24 Jan 1887 Estate £17.17.3 Principal Registry The Will of George Browning late of Hastingleigh in the County of Kent Yeoman who died 09 Dec 1886 at Hastingleigh was proved at the Principal Registry by Edward Sutton gentleman and Stoddard Fagg Wheelwright both of Hastingleigh; the executors.
Sankey Ann 28 Sep 1890 07 Oct 1891 Estate £477.2.8 Canterbury The Will of ann Sankey late of 3 Watling Street in the city of Canterbury widow who died 28 september 1890 at 3 Watling street was proved at Canterbury by William Henry Sankey of Sandiacre in the County of Nottingham civil engineer the son and Ann Elizabeth Hammond (wife of William Henry Hammond) of Chilham in the County of Kent the daughter; the executors.
Cook William 15 Oct 1891 27 Nov 1891 Estate £858.18.3 Canterbury The Will of William Cook formerly of 3 Rural Terrace but late of the Windmill House, Wye in the County of Kent Gentleman who died 15 October 1891 at the Windmill House was proved at Canterbury by James Samuel Page of Woodbine Cottage Kennington in the said County, Brewer's agent and Mary Ann Cook of the Windmill House widow; the executors.
Tappenden Thomas William 20 Dec 1893 29 Jan 1894 Estate £1050.10.7 London Thomas William Tappenden of Newnham Kent grocer and draper died 20 December 1893 Administration London 29 January to elizabeth Tappenden widow.
Sankey Graham George James 08 Sep.1902 14 Aug.1903 Estate ££188.8.3 London of Nowshera Punjab India, Lieutenant in the 35th Sikhs died 08 September 1902 Administration London 14 August to Richard John Sankey gentleman .
Pilcher Ann 26 Apr.1905 16 May.1905 Estate £142.4.1 London Anne Pilcher of Thorn Cottage, Stone street, Elmsted near Ashford Kent spinster died 26 April 1905 Administration Canterbury 16 May to richard Pilcher farmer
Tappenden George 25 Oct.1905 05 Dec.1905 Estate £3998.6.11 London George Tappenden of Hastingleigh Kent died 25 October 1905 Probate London 5 December to Edward George Tappenden and Cubison Francis Tappenden grocers and drapers.
Rooke Frederick Kenyon 29 Sep.1909 30 Oct.1909 Estate £6268.0.3 Canterbury Frederick Kenyon Rooke of Little Horton Bovingdon Hertfordshire and of 45 Lincoln's Inn Fields Middlesex died 29 September 1909 at Little Horton Probate London 30 October to Gerald Bradley Rooke and Francis Cuthbert Watmough barristers.
Weekes Ellen 08 Aug.1912 18 Nov.1912 Estate £163.10.7 Canterbury Ellen Weekes of Limes House, Brabourne Kent widow died 8 August 1912 Probate Canterbury 18 November to James William Weekes farmer.
Philpott Lydia 12 Apr.1913 30 May.1913 Estate £144.14.1 Canterbury Lydia Philpott of Crab Tree Road, Hastingleigh Kent (wife of Thomas Philpott) died 12 April 1913 Administration Canterbury 30 May to the said Thomas Philpott agricultural labourer.
Croucher Harriet 14 Dec.1917 25 Mar.1918 Estate £53.7.6 Canterbury Harriet Croucher of Staple Farm Hastingleigh near Ashford Kent spinster died 14 December 1917 at Chartham Kent Administration Canterbury 25 March to William Croucher farmer.
Taylor George 12 Apr.1918 15 Jul.1918 Estate £3425.0.2 London George Taylor of Coombe Grove Hastingleigh Ashford Kent died 12 April 1918 Probate London 15 Jul to Caroline Eliza Taylor widow
Blackford James Herbert 07 Jul.1918 05 Oct.1918 Estate £379.3.11 Canterbury James Herbery Blackford of Rose Cottage, Hastingleigh Kent carrier died 7 July 1918 Probate Canterbury 5 October to Sophia Ann Blackford widow.
Sankey Fanny Fox 29 Jun.1919 19 aug.1919 Estate £6340.17.2 London Fanny fox Sankey of Queen Anne's Mansions, St. James' Park Middlesex (wife of Richard John Sankey) died 29 Jun 1919 at 14 Henrietta street, Cavendish Square Middlesex Probate London 19 August to Leslie Richard Sankey esquire and Hilda Charlotte Fitzclarence (wife of William Henry Fitzclarence)
Weekes James William 28 Nov.1919 22 Mar.1920 Estate £2285.9.1 London James William Weekes of Limes House, Brabourne Kent died 28 November 1919 Administration London 22 March to norman Reginald Weekes farmer.
Tappenden Eliza Ann 08 Apr.1920 24 Aug.1920 Estate £130 London Eliza Ann Tappenden of Cleveland Hastingleigh near Ashford Kent (wife of Edward George Tappenden) died 08 April 1920 Administration London 24 Augst to the said Edward George Tappenden grocer.
File William 24 May.1920 15 Sep.1920 Estate £70 London William File of Glenthorne House, Lydd Kent died 24 May 1920 Probate London 15 September to Joseph Thomas Goble farmer
Philpott Thomas 03 Dec.1921 16 Feb.1923 Estate £147.3.0 Canterbury Thomas Philpott of 16 Knotts Lane Canterbury died 3 December 1921 at the Home, Nunnary Fields Canterbury Probate Canterbury 16 February to Rachel Philpott spinster.
Sankey Richard John 06 Nov.1923 20 Dec.1923 £80,039.10.9 London of South Hill Hastingleigh Kent died 6 November 1923 at the Manor House, The Leas, Folkestone. Probate London 20 December to Leslie Richard Sankey chartered accountant and the Public Trustee. Effects £80,039.10s.9d
Collett Anthony 10 Dec.1924 31 Jan.1925 Estate £29602.0.7 Canterbury The Reverend Anthony Collett of Ellerslie, Barton fields,Canterbury clerk died 10 December 1924 Probate Canterbury 31 January to Philip James Hannam retired civil servant.
Marsh Ellen 08 Dec.1925 28 Aug.1925 Estate £312.10.0 London Ellen Marsh of Hastingleigh Kent (wife of Robert Marsh) died 08 December 1925 Administration London 28 August to the said Robert Marsh Farmer.
Cook George Sidney 27 Oct.1926 01 Mar.1927 Estate £463.0.2 Canterbury George Sidney Cook of Hazel Grove Farm, Hastingleigh Kent died 27 October 1926 Probate Canterbury 01 March to George Laws farm Bailiff and Walter Denzell Cook farmer.
Prebble Stephen 20 Apr.1928 08 May.1928 Estate £374.9.11 London Stephen Prebble of Folly Town Cottages Hastingleigh Kent died 20 April 1928 Probate London 08 May to Kate Wraight (wife of Percy Wraight) and John Henry Gill solictor.
Philpott Charlotte Rachell 21 Aug.1928 02 Oct.1928 Estate £976.15.0 Canterbury Charlotte Rachell Philpott of The Vicarage, Faversham Kent spinster died 21 August 1928 at Kent and Canterbury Hospital, Canterbury Probate Canterbury 02 Octber to the Reverend Percy Amelius Lovell clerk and Robert James Ferguson surgeon.
Ansley Mary 27 Feb.1929 05 Apr.1929 Estate £640.15.7 London Mary Ansley of Woodmans Arms Cottage Hassell Street Hastingleigh Kent widow died 27 February 1929 Probate London 5 April to William Pilcher gardener and William Brenchley farmer.
Marsh Robert 19 Mar.1929 07 Jun.1929 Estate £1011.5.0 London Robert Marsh of Smeed Farm Hastingleigh Kent died 19 March 1929 Probate London 7 Jun to Jesse Thomas Pullen surveyor and Frederick Marsh farmer.
Waters Caroline 08 Aug.1929 10 Sep.1929 Estate £2944.7.1 London Caroline Waters of 15 Sutherland Road, Tunbridge wells spinster died 08 August 1929 Probate London 10 September to William Prebble retired tax collector and Reginald Strickland clerk.
Barrett Charles Matthew 02 Jan.1931 24 Feb.1931 Estate £2646.14.5 London Charles Matthew Barrett of Lees Cottage, Evington Lees Elmsted Kent died 02 January 1931 Probate London 24 February to Mabel Gertrude Barrett spinster
Birchett Harry 16 Jan.1931 18 Apr.1931 Estate £994.12.8 London Harry Birchett of 4 Best Lane, Canterbury died 16 January 1931 Probate London 18 April to George Thomas Croxall labourer and Francis Mary Dibley widow.
Wood Marsh James 06 Mar.1932 18 May.1932 Estate £1684.14.7 London Marsh James Wood of Staple Farm Hastingleigh Kent died 6 March 1932 Probate London 18 May to Marsh James Wood farmer and Emma Elizabeth Wood spinster
Croft Annie 10 Oct.1934 14 Dec.1934 Estate £1013.16.2 London Annie Croft of Lydden Dane Farm Hastingleigh Kent widow died 10 October 1934 Probate London 14 December to Gilbert stanley Croft farmer and Tom Croft labourer
Mills Francis 07 Nov.1934 23 Jan.1935 Estate £1078.9.5 London Francis Mills of The Red House Hastingleigh Kent died 07 November 1934 Probate London 23 January to Charles Mills gardener.
Graham William Porteus 15 Jan.1935 21 Feb.1935 Estate £2033.9.6 London William Porteus Graham of ZigZag, Hastingleigh Ashford Kent died 15 January 1935 Probate London 21 February to Mabel Prior Graham widow and John William Kennard solicitor.
Sankey Leslie Richard 12 Jun.1936 13 Aug.1936 Estate £58597.6.10 London Leslie Richard Sankey of 95 Milton Street, Finsbury Middlesex and Fairlight, Blue House Lane, Limpsfield Surrey died 12 June 1936 at Fairlight, Probate London 13 August to Graham Richard Sankey assistant merchandise manager and The Public Trustee.
Tappenden Edward George 28 May.1937 01 Jul.1937 Estate £8406.7.7 London Edward George Tappenden of Hastingleigh Ashford Kent died 28 May 1937 Probate London 01 July to Cubison Francis Tappenden grocer and John William Kennard solicitor.
Cole Royston Whalley 21 Oct.1937 06 Dec.1937 Estate £15827.10.0 Lewes The Reverend Royston Whalley Cole of The Vicarage Reculver near Herne Bay Kent clerk died 21 October 1937 at Kent and Canterbury Hospital Canterbury Probate Lewes 6 December to constance Hannah Cole widow.
Cobbe Charles William Beresford 31 Dec.1927 15 Dec.1927 Estate £3536.18.1 London The Reverend Charles William Beresford Cobbe of Belfast House, Park Avenue Dover clerk died 31 October 1927 Adminisration (with Will) London 15 December to Jane Selina Cobbe widow
Cobbe Charles William Beresford 31 Dec.1927 29 May.1931 Estate £956.9.0 London The Reverend Charles William Beresford Cobbe of Belper House, Park Avenue Dover clerk died 31 October 1927 Adminisration (with Will) London 29 May to Eadith Mary Simner spinster .Former Grant P.R.15 Dec 1927

Jane Selina Cobbe of Belper House 47 Park Avenue, Dover widow died 10 November 1930 Probate London 24 January 1931 to Eadith Mary Simner spinster. Effects £23,631.0.6
Hukins Sydney John 01 Dec.1937 19 Feb.1938 Estate £689.2.6 Effects£10 London Sydney John Hukins of St. Lucia Barracks, Bordon Camp near Aldershot Hampshire died 1 December 1937 at Cambridge Hospital Aldershot Administration London 19 February to Harold Vanamburgh Hukins baker
Timins Francis Charles 18 May.1941 11 Sep.1941 Estate £13144.17.2 Llandudno The Reverend Francis Charles Timins of Westonbirt Rectory Tetbury Goucestershire clerk died 18 May 1941 Probate Llandudno 11 September to Emily Timins widow George Ernest Timins barrister at law and the Reverend John Francis Holmer Timins clerk
Hukins Reginald Frederick Leslie 29 Jun.1941 09 Sep.1941 Estate £177.15.7 Llandudno Reginald Frederick Leslie of the Coach and Horses, Eastry near Sandwich Kent died 29 June 1941 at Grosvenor Sanatorium Kennington near Ashford Kent Administration Llandudno 09 September to Harold Vanumburgh Hukin licensed victualler.
Tappenden Edwin Albert 09 Nov.1939 09 Dec.1939 Estate £1083.12.5 London Edwin Albert Tappenden of the Post Office Stores, Brook, Kent died 9 November 1939 at The Hospital Chartham, Kent. Administration 9 December to Alice Tappenden widow.
Dive Amy 29 Apr.1941 22 Aug.1941 Estate £672.16.6 Llandudno Amy Dive of Coombe Grove, Hastingleigh, Kent widow died 29 April 1941 Probate 22 August to Henry Aston Dive farmer.
Tappenden Cubison Francis 11 Nov.1943 28 Dec.1943 Estate £6667.1.9 Llandudno Cubison Francis Tappenden of South View, Hastingleigh, Ashford, Kent died 11 November 1943 at Willesborough Hospital Probate 28 December to John William Kennard solicitor and Sarah Ann Tappenden widow.
Lloyd Alice Woodbina 20 Jul.1944 23 Jan.1945 Estate £1653.29.6 Llandudno Alice Woodbina Lloyd of The Old Rectory, Hastingleigh, widow died 20 July 1944 Probate (save and except settled land) 23 January 1946 to Rhys Kenneth Lloyd retired stockbroker's clerk.
Johnson Lilian Emma 11 Aug.1946 20 Dec.1946 Estate £8522.15.4 London Lilian Emma Johnson of Court Lodge, Lyminge Kent, widow died at The Hythe Nursing Home, Kent. Probate 20 December 1946 to Richard Herbert Johnson engineer.
Leonard Florence Mary 08 Apr.1945 12 Jul.1945 Estate £5330.9.4 Llandudno Florence Mary Leonard of Staple Farm, Hastingleigh near Ashford Kent (wife of Percy Stokes Leonard) died 8 Apr 1945 at Cloud End, Aldington Kent. Administration Llandudno 12 July to Kenneth John Leonard estate agent and surveyor.
Green Nellie 30 Apr.1945 04 Jul.1945 Estate £188.14.4 Llandudno Nellie Green of Darjeeling, Hastingleigh, Ashford, Kent (wife of William Green) died 30 April 1945 at Ashford Cottage Hospital. Administration Llandudno 4 July to the said William Green retired transport official.
Green William 15 Feb.1946 10 Apr.1946 Estate £248.10.11 London William Green of 10 Northwood Rd, Tankerton, Whitstable, Kent died 15 February 1946. Probate London 10 April to Margaret Green spinster and William Green chartered civil engineer.
Cook Annie 16 May.1946 16 Jul.1946 Estate £582.15.8 London Annie Cook of Hazel Bungalow, Hastingleigh near Ashford, Kent (wife of Walter Denzil Cook) died 16 May 1946. Administration to the said Walter Denzil Cook retired farmer
Graham Mabel Prior 18 Jun.1947 25 Aug.1947 Estate £241.10.1 London Mabel Prior Graham of Tamley Cottage, Hastingleigh near Ashford, Kent, widow died 18 June 1947. Administration London 25 August to Phyllis Clare Graham spinster.
Pilcher Edward 12 Aug.1947 17 Sep.1947 Estate £683.12.9 London Edward Pilcher of Sweet Apple, Hastingleigh, Kent died 12 August 1947 at Willesborough Hospital. Probate London 17 September to Elizabeth Pilcher widow.
Mills Charles 07 Mar.1948 13 Apr.1948 Estate £1543.0.5 London Charles Mills of The Red House, Hastingleigh ,Kent died 7 March 1948. Probate London 13 April to John Robert Hopper aircraft storeman.
Forge Sidney Wallace 07 Dec.1948 18 Mar.1948 Estate £5202.1.2 London Sidney Wallace Forge of Court Lodge, Hastingleigh died 7 December 1948 at Kent and Canterbury Hospital. Probate London 18 March to Joanna Ruth Forge widow.
Leonard Percy Stokes 21 Jul.1948 17 Sep.1948 Estate £7397.7.1 London Percy Stokes Leonard of Well Cottage, Shamley Green near Guildford, Surrey died 21 July 1948. Probate London 17 September to Edward Robert Leonard research botanist and Kenneth John Leonard surveyor.
Hayward William George 25 Jan.1953 27 Feb.1953 Estate £783.6.4 London George William otherwise William otherwise William George Hayward of Myrtle Cottage, Hastingleigh near Ashford, Kent died 25 January 1953. Probate London 27 February to Ellen Eliza Hayward widow.
Mills James Edward 11 Mar.1953 25 Apr.1953 Estate £897.15.9 London James Edward Mills of Evington Lees Cottage, Elmsted, Kent died 11 March 1958 Probate London 25 April to William Wood shepherd.
Ashton Marion Louise 21 Feb.1954 06 Apr.1953 Estate £1413.17.1 London Marion Louise Ashton of The Briars, Hastingleigh near Ashford, Kent, spinster died 21 February 1954 Probate London 6 April to Edward Ashton smallholder.
Ashton Edward 26 Sep.1954 21 Oct.1954 Estate £1463.7.10 London Edward Ashton of The Briars, Hastingleigh near Ashford, Kent died 26 September 1954 at The County Hospital, Hothfield, Kent Probate London 21 October to Frank Leslie Radcliffe Helmer farm worker.
Hayward Ellen Eliza 21 May. 1955 29 Jun.1955 Estate £532.5.11 London Ellen Eliza Hayward of Myrtle Cottage Hastingleigh Kent widow died 21 May 1955 Probate London 29 June to Thomas Henry Young farmer.
Graham John Henry Porteus 13 Jun.1956 29 Jun.1956 Estate £22473.8.6 London John Henry Porteus Graham of Down Field, Hastingleigh, Ashford, Kent died 13 June 1956 Probate London 9 August to Lloyds Bank Limited.
Hayward Bertie George 09 Nov.1957 17 Jan.1958 Estate £498.14.5 London Bertie George Hayward of 1 Low House Farm, West Thurrock, Grays, Essex died 9 November 1957 Orsett Lodge, Orsett Essex. Probate London 17 January 1958 to Stanley George Hayward electricians mate.
Kerr Alice 05 Mar.1958 01 May.1958 Estate £412.14.4 Lewes Alice Kerr of The Bowl Inn, Hastingleigh, Kent widow died 5 March 1958 Administration Lewes 1 May to Margaret Kirkwood Newport (wife of George William Newport)
Tappenden George Pibus 18 Oct.1960 11 Nov.1960 Estate £15364.9.3 London George Pibus Tappenden of Cleveland, Hastingleigh near Ashford, Kent died 18 October 1960 at Sole Street, Crundale, Kent Probate London 11 November to Ethel Mary Tappenden widow and John William Kennard solicitor.
Hayward Ellen Eliza 15 Apr.1963 12 Aug.1963 Estate £487.12.5 London Gladys Ellen Hayward of 1 Lowshoe Cottges Stonehouse Lane, West Thurrock, Essex widow died 15 April 1963 Administration London 12 August to Stanley George Hayward impregnator.
Lloyd Rhys Kenneth 24 Feb.1964 01 Apr.1964 Estate £3879.0.0 London Rhys Kenneth Lloyd of The Old Rectory, Hastingleigh near Ashford, Kent died 24 February 1964 Probate London 1 April to Helen Matilda Walter Bell Lloyd widow.
Page Albert George 11 Mar.1966 29 Jun.1966 Estate £12419.0.0 Lewes Albert George Page of Lyddendane Farmhouse, Hastingleigh near Ashford, Kent died 11 March 1966 Probate Lewes 29 June to Eelin Louise Page widow.
Marsh Frederick James 14 Apr.1966 22 Jul.1966 Estate £9168.0.0 London Frederick James Marsh of Smeed Farm, Hastingleigh, Kent died 14 April 1966 Administration London 22 July to Annie May Marsh widow and Ronald Robert Marsh farmer.