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Crundale, Kent
Vestry Notes 1698-1725 (including the Great Storm of 1703)
These notes are found written up in the Parish Records book with illustrations
as shown here. Transcribed as per the original spellings where it could be read.

1698 Richard Forster M.A. formerly of BraseNose College Oxon, sometime Usher of the Free School at Tunbridge, afterward Master of that at Sutton Valence in Kent, & then Rector of Beckly in Sussex, being presented by Sir Robert Filmer of East Sutton, Baronet to this Church of Crundale was by virtue of a Retainer to the Right Honourable Thomas Earl of Pembroke & Montgomery (First Lord Privy Seal next Lord Pre.. of the Council and lastly Lord High Admiral of England under King William ye 3rd as his Chaplain, made likewise Rector here in May 1698.

Who finding the Parsonage Hous in a very ruinous & dilapidated condition without any Garret that had neither Window or Floor in, or stairs up to it & being encouraged by the generous offer of his Patron to give Timber to make the Hous better, he immediately caused a Cellar to be dug at the Southwest End & the Rooms to be built over it, in the middle floor of which was in his absense by the carpenters mistake pitch something lower than that in the old Building over the Kitchen and at Michaelmas 1698 came to reside in it with his family.

1699 He sealed the yards, which he found fenced only with dead Birches and repaired the stable and took in part of the Glebe Field for a Garden Planting it with several Apple trees and being instructed by Sir Henry Filmer Baronet to East Church in Shepey, he quitted p..tely.

1700 He built the new hous & Gave adjoining to it. in the same year the parrish union took down the old decayed shaft of the steeple and erected a new one covering it for the most part with Lead and set up a new Rail & Balichr(?)[Balusters?] the Chancel for which Rail & Balichr(?) Sir Robert Filmer have the Timber.

1701 He tok down the old stair Case & two Rooms on a Floor West and North and rebuilt them, furnishing two of them besides a closet with wainscoat intirely, and a third in part.

1702 He new covered about 3/4 of the Chancel and laid a new leaden Gutter with a new wall plate of Timber under it being whiting and new glazing the whole. Neh. 13.4 Record mei Deus etc

1703 By removing a great deal of Earth he made a place for a Court on the North side & walled it round with Brick & built a new Chimney in the old room over the Buttery and built otherwise a necessary hous in the Garden. [the toilet]

In the same year - in the night- betwixt the 26th and 27th of November there happened a most prodigious and dradful Storm fatall to the Kingdom both at Sea & land, which with the violence of its tempestuous wind overset two great old Beeches which grew on the West near the Churchyard; one of which with its top Boughs reacht the Roof of the Church at the Southwest Corner & swept of abundance of Tiles & made way for the Wind to carry away most of the rest, which drove some of them into the severall Grounds called Branty & Crundale Field, the other of the Beeches brought up the intire Skeleton of a Man wrapt in its roots. By which it may be supposed that either the Churchyard extended further of old than at present, or else that some excommunicated Person or Felo de se [suicide] was there buried by the highway. This skeleton lay with its feet to the East, as Christians Bury, whereas the several bodies discovered this year 1703 to have been long time burired on Tremworth Down by the highway not far from Warren wood gate, lay all with their Feet Westward where a Roman Sepulture of Burying Place may be supposed to have been by several Urns of different shapes which have been dug up there, if they are not rather to be calld LachrimaSones; besides some Patera [saucer] or wide flat vessels the figures of all which are here exprest.

By the Tempest the body of the Church was rendered altogether unserviceable for the Worship of God, so that the Pulpit was removed for some time into the Chancel within the Rail, & prayers were read at the Communion Table till the Body of the Church was intirely new latted & covered with Tiles at the great Charge of the Parishioners in the Spring following.
The two aforesaid Trees the Rector with the consent of the Parish converted to his own use,& at his own charge set up the Pews, Desks, Benches & Wainscoat of Deal on each side of the Chancel without the Rail.

1704 The carved Altar Piece of East Country Oak was erected at the Charge of Sir Robert Filmer Baronet and the two wings and Returns of the same wainscoat together with the Communiion Rable were made at the Charge of the Rector.

1705 He planted a hedg crosse the Glebe from the Corner of the Garden Eastward

1706 The Back stairs dowwn into the Brewhous were made

1707 The Walls of the old Hous & those of the New Rooms wch her first built South West being of Timber he rebuilt 'em all of Brick & alterd the windows. the whole Roof except that on the North was new fram'd as like wise the Garret Floor over the Kitchen wch before lay much lower & all raised to a levell. The partitions in the Kitchen & Room over it were new made & a Stove built in a closet. The cellar stairs were new laid & the little room over them gaind. The Parlor floor over the Cellar, wch at first had Con false nitcht was sunk to a levell with the rest , & the Room Wains-coated as were likewise the Window sides of the Room over that & the kitchen, & Slats made to the Windows.

1708 An old decayed Barn wch stood on the Southside very neer the Dwelling Hous was rebuilt & joined to the other. and where it stood he walled in a little Garden. & built the Well hous.
Jn 16 same year he undertook the Ceiling of the Church for the value of an 8d Sen: to bee pd at 35:v.val payment last of wch payment was to be made at Easter in the year 1711 the whole charge of the Parichioners was 7L.12s [7.12shillings] the rest he bore himself & the work was finished in the Spring of the year 1709

1711 The Pews in the Body of the Church were rebuilt upon a Platform of good Oak & furnisht with Matts to sit & kneel on by the Rector for wch he was by Agreement to be reimburst in Seven years, which with the Oil & Color for painting was accounted at no more than 37.14.6 The Parish being neither charged with the prime Cost of the Tiles wherewith the Body of the Church was new paved, nor with Workmanship of painting wch was performed by his own Servant. He gave likewise the new Pulpit of East Country Oak & new paved the Chancel within the Rails.

1712 The North Door Case was rebuilt & a new Porch made of Brick & one of the Side Coves converted into a Vestry by Boarding & ceiling it & making a Chimney & a new window, & Securing the Arch by the Rector. In consideration of which the yearly payment to him was advanced to 8.15s for the Remainder of the seven years. The Parishioners were likewise to be at the expence of fetching stone steps from Canterbury & paving tiles from Boughton Blean where with the Chancel was in the same year adornd by him; where he new built likewise the North Window. In the same year he took down an old decayd low built stable & rebuilt it of Brick & raisd a Pigeon Loft over it.
In ther Expences the Rector was assisted by some of his friends who were Proprietors of Lands in the Parish whose Benefaction he thinks fit to make a grateful Memorial of since they lessend the Charge of the Parishioners & his own likewise.

Sir Robert Filmer Baronet the Worthy Patron of the Church & son and Heir Apparent Edward Filmer Esq. gave two Ash Trees wch being converted into Money amountd to 2.10

William Brodnax Esq. gave Brick Earth & the Use of his Kiln.

Richard Thornhill Esq.

Robert Whitehead Gent.

Andrew Johnson, Baker

& the Governors of the Hospital of St. Thomas London, gave each of two Oak Trees & Peter Gott Esq. gave one. 9 in all wch were used about the Platform, Porch & Vestry. [this oak tree donation was noted 20 Nov 1710 in the hospital minutes book. Click ]

Bonham Hays Gent. gave 20 shillings

William Chapman & William Ruck eleven shillings a piece

Francis Barrel Esq. Proprietor of Ashenfield gave one Guinea. [21 shillings]

GeorgeCarter of Winchcomb Gent. in the year 1705 gave a decent Silver Chalice for the Communion Service

Mrs Katherine Carter Widow (his mother) gave this Painting of the Queens Arms

& Mr Robert Carter of Bilting (his Uncle) gave the Writing of the Creed, the Commandements & the Lords Prayer in the year 1710

And Mr Knight Carter (one of his younger brothers) gave a green velvet Cushion for the Pulpit.


In the year 1713, Upon Tremworth Down there was one Grave opend, near those mentiond before in which there were found 3 urns, two on the right side of a Skeleton betwixt the Skull & the shoulder with their orifices dipping Eastward and the third standing by the left knee.

The dimensions of All these Earthen Vessels that were taken up 1703 & 1713 were in inches and the parts of an inch as follows.

No. Perpendicular Height
Diameter from out to out
At the top
Diameter from out to out
At the bottom
1 4 inches and  1/4 3 inches and  6/10 2 inches and 1/4
2 3 inches and  1/10 3 inches and 4/10 1 inch and  4/10
3 2 inches and  5/10 7 inches and 3/10 4 inches  
4 5 inches and  8/10 2 inches and 1/10 1 inch and 3/10
5 4 inches and  1/10 1 inch and  5/10 1 inch  
6 3 inches and  4/10 3 inches and 1/4 2 inches and 1/4
7 4 inches 3 inches and 5/10 1 inch and  9/10

A further account of all which may be seen in Dr Harris's History of Kent. Part 2 pa 89

1713 The Rector new paved the Kitchen with large Tiles

1716 He gave a new door to the Vestry at the Church and built up a new Brick wall against the Road and along the Garden in liew of an old Hedg. and on the Southside of the Barn he set up a Brick Wall and made new doors & repaird the East end.

1719 He built a little stable of Brick at the Church yard Gate & tiled the Roof, for the Convenience of himself & his Parishioners, whenever any of them should think Fit to ride to Church - At the Parsonage hous he made some alteration in the lower part of the Roof in the front, putting up a Mundelion Cornish & covering it with lead.

1724 He new tiled almost the whole Westside of the Chancel & fixd the defective Rafters & made good the Eves

1725 He built the Summer hous in the Parsonage Garden.