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Ecclesiastical Cause papers: (held at Canterbury Archives)

Many of these are in Latin,


DCb/J/J/1/90  16 Sep 1595

Contents: Plaintiff: Schedule excom (instance); Defendant: Thomas Mone of Hastingleigh for non-payment


DCb/J/J/12/66  29 Apr 1606

Contents: Plaintiff: Schedule excom; Defendant: Elizabeth Rooke, lately of Hastingleigh now of Charing, John Cason of Ickham gentleman,
Edward Gennings of St Nicholas-at-Wade


DCb/J/J/12/93  7 Oct 1606

DCb/J/J/1/109  Plaintiff: Elizabeth Pising of Great Mongeham; Defendant: Thomas Buttrice of Hastingleigh;
Documents: Addl Pos; Case: M

  23 Sep 1606

Plaintiff: Elizabeth Pysing, daughter of Henry Pysing of  Great Mongeham; Defendant: Thomas Buttrice of 
Hastingleigh son of William Buttrice of Great Mongeham (next to Deal, Kent)
Documents: Arts; Case: M


DCb/J/J/13/24  28 Sep 1607

DCb/J/J/12/109 Plaintiff: Elizabeth Pising of Great Mongeham; Defendant: Thomas Butteris of Hastingleigh;
Documents: Sent; Case: M


DCb/J/J/14/110  26 Nov 1608

DCb/J/J/1/113 Plaintiff: David Birchett & Thomas Wood farmers Rector of Bilsington; Defendant: George Belling of Hastingleigh;
Documents: Arts; Case: T

  15 Nov 1608

DCb/J/J/1/110 Plaintiff: Schedule excom (instance); Defendant: Susan Marrett, widow of  St Mary in the Marsh, George Belling of Hastingleigh


DCb/J/J/24/95  7 Jul 1619

DCb/J/J/25/29,25/28 Plaintiff: Schedule excom (instance); Defendant: Richard Halke of Hastingleigh, Edward Turner &
wife Margaret Kenninton (scored through), Ann Vylett also known as Bartlett wife of Thomas Bartlett of Hoath or Reculver &
Isabel Bubb wife of John Bubb of Herne


DCb/J/J/25/29  14 May 1619

DCb/J/J/24/95 Plaintiff: Sir Francis Barneham Proprietor Rector at Bilsington; Defendant: Richard Halke of Hastingleigh;
Documents: Arts; Case: T


DCb/J/J/36/80  15 Dec 1625 Plaintiff: William Halke gentleman executor; Defendant: Alice Halke relative; Wm Halke son; Mary,
Elizabeth, Martha, Jane, Ann & Alice Halke daughters; Documents: Sent; Case: Test Richard Halke of Hastingleigh


DCb/J/J/48/155  2 Dec 1630

DCb/J/J/36/80 Plaintiff: William Halke of Bircholt executor;
Documents: Alleg & a/c; Case: Test Richard Halke of 

  14 Jan 1635 
Plaintiff: James Chittenden of Hastingleigh; Defendant: Agnes Pilcher of Wye;
Documents: Arts; Case: M