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Census -  out of parish on Sunday 31st March 1901

34/ 243 natives are living in England, and outside the County of Kent.


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A list of the people born in Hastingleigh, that are resident outside of the Parish of Hastingleigh in the 1891 Census.

Abbreviations used: w/wid = widow    u=unmarried   m=married   Ag lab= agricultural labourer  

        Underlined = stated as born in Hastingleigh,   

Emma Allen 84w Living on own means
at High Street, Minster, Kent

Tabitha Amos 53 wife of George Amos 56 ironmonger, parents of Florence L Amos 27u, Sydney G Amos 25u, Jessie E Amos 21,
Harold H Amos 17
all living at 20 Barton Gardens, Dover, Kent

Albert G Anderson 37 stableman husband of Mary J Anderson 36, parents of Edith Anderson 14, Florence Anderson 12,
Mabel Anderson 9, Bert Anderson 6
All living at 18 Havock Lane, Maidstone, Kent

Stephen Andrews 85 retired Ag lab
at Hill Street Farm House, Elmsted, Kent

William Annesley 55 Ag lab husband of
Emily Annesley 47
parents of Edith E Annesley 13
all at Hill Street Farm house, Elmsted, Kent

Frances Annesley 70 widow mother of Harry Annesley 36, grandmother of Richard Landen 22,
Also John Dodd 82u her brother,
all living at Gate Lodge Evington lees, Elmsted, Kent

Ann Bailey 55 wife of John Bailey 54 gen labourer, parents of Maurice Bailey 18,
all at 9 Victoria Row, Dover, Kent

Ann Frances Baker 38 wife of Alfred John Baker 33 gen labourer, parents of Alfred Thomas Baker 3, Frank S Baker 1,
George H Baker 3m and Edward Simmonds 12 (adopted son)
all at Meadow Cottage, Elham Kent.

Louisa Barker 27 wife of Frederick Barker 30 guard
living at Birling Gap, East Dean, Sussex

Amy C E Begent 24 cook domestic serv. To Sir John Honeywood
at Shooting Lodge, Elmsted, Kent.

Richard Begent 29 coachmans groom husband of Rosa Begent 30, parents of Arthur Begent 5m
at Old Tree, Hoath, Kent.

Joseph H Best 16 Garden florist brother of Mary A Best 7, son of Joseph Best 47 carter and Dinah Best 46
(Also Eliza Farrance 21 married sister)
all living at Hallbank Cottages, Canterbury, Kent.

Caroline Betts 53u cook domestic with her brother Thomas Betts 50 yeast merchant, his wife Amelia Betts 40,
and children Stephen Betts 17, Sylvia Betts 15, John Betts 9, Gladys Betts 9m
all living at 11 Mildmay Road, Chelmsford, Essex

Sophia Blackford 28 wife of James Blackford 29 coachman, parents of Mabel Blackford 7, Ethel Blackford 6,
May Blackford 4
All at Broadwater Lodge, East Malling, Kent

Fanny Borer 64 widow Aunt of Amelia Back 44 widow Inn Keeper
of the Victoria Inn, Wye, Kent.

Sarah Boulding 32 wife of Edward Boulding 33 farmer with children Annie Cook 8, Ellen Boulding 5, Walter Boulding 3,
Also cousin William Manuel 25u
all at Podlinge, Waltham, Kent.

Robert Brooks 22 member of Garrison (Royal Navy at sea and in ports abroad)
Sinho, Peiho River, North China

Annie C Browning 23 a general domestic servant residing
at Mill Bank, Headcorn, Kent.

George A Browning 53 grazier husband of Emma Browning 55, parents of
James E Browning 14

living at Lone Barn, Wye, Kent.

James Browning 69 farmer retired husband of Anne Elizabeth Browning 74
living at 71 Folkestone Rd, St Mary, Kent.

John C Browning 19 grandson of
Mary Browning 72

living at Meadow Cottages, Elham, Kent

Theodore Browning 38 waggoner husband of Harriett Browning 29 parents of Annie Browning 5
living at London Road, Harbledown, Kent.

William S Browning 43 coachman husband of Harriet Browning 37 parents of Edith B Browning 19, Mary E Browning 12,
Harold S Browning 5, William S Browning 7m
all living at Herne Common, Herne, Kent

Julia Bunce 33 wife of William Bunce 37, parents of Maggie Bunce 8, Jack Bunce 6, Violet Bunce 4
All living at Almsyard, Northaw, Hertfordshire

Albert Burchett 20 boarder, domestic gardener
at 26 Collins Street, Lewisham, London

Beatrice Helen Butcher 11 daughter of John Isaac Butcher 49, farm foreman and Elizabeth Butcher 48
at 96 Rish? Farm Cottages, Bromley Kent.

Sarah Burton 60 wife of George Burton 76 butcher, parents of Charles Burton 26, Rosa Burton 18, Florence Burton 15
All at Charing Heath, Charing, Kent.

Rebecca Button 48 wife of Samuel Button 48 cattle dealer, parents of Violet C Button 14, Dorothy Button 13,
Hetty Button 8, Daisy Button 4.
All living at 36 Beaver Road, Ashford, Kent.

Harriet Chalkley 55 wife of Henry Chalkley 66 shopkeeper
living at 275 Kentish (Town) Rd, St Pancras, London

Emily Chittenden 49 wife of James Chittenden 52 market gardener parents of Edith Chittenden 22, Frederick Chittenden 18,
Minnie Chittenden 14, Norman Chittenden 12, Herbert Chittenden 10
all living at Kingsford Street, Mersham, Kent.

Henry Chittenden 33 shepherd husband of Mary Chittenden 38
living at Kemps Corner, Boughton Aluph, Kent

Percy J Chittenden 28 shop keeper husband of Lucy M Chittenden 25
living at 26 Monarch ? St Mary, Dover, Kent

Julia E Church 45 wife of Charles E Church 41 accountant
living at 3 St Anne?s Rd, Faversham Within, Kent

Ellen Cobb 35 wife of William Cobb 33, farmer, parents of
Florence Cobb 11
Louisa Cobb 9
and Albert Cobb 2m
living at Evington Lees, Elmsted, Kent.

Godfrey Cook 12 son of Henry Cook 43 organ blower and Georgiana Cook 42, parents of Lilian Cook 8,
Wilfred Cook 7 and Alice Cook 5,
all living at 2 North Road, Portsmouth, Hants

Marian Cook 8 daughter of Richard Cook 33 carter and Elizabeth Cook 30,
also living with them is Annie Conley 27 ( sister of Elizabeth)
all at Brabourne Street, Brabourne, Kent.

Richard Cook 28 gardener husband of Margaret Cook 28, parents of Dora Cook 3, William Cook 2
living at Bodsam, Elmsted, Kent

Isabel E Coombes 12 daughter of Mary Coombes 46 widow charwoman, sister of Matilda Coombes 17,
Lucy Coombes 9,
William George Coombes 5,
all living at Evington Lees, Elmsted, Kent

Mary Coombes 15 house servant domestic
at Stone Hale, Stone Street, Lyminge, Kent

Rose Croucher 41 wife of William Croucher 39 publican, parents of Herbert Croucher16,
Hilda Croucher 14 and Archie Croucher 7
all living at 43 Grand Walk, Ashford, Kent

Charles Cutress 92 ordinary ag lab widower resident
at East Ashford Union Workhouse.

Dulcibella Daniels 58 wife of James A Daniels 56 gardener with grandson Harry G Sutton 12
All living at 9 Meadow Cottages, Canterbury, Kent

Ernest Day 25 baker confectioner husband of Jessie Day 24 parents of Ernest Day 1
living at 10 Marchmont Street, Bloomsbury St George, London

Susanna Ditcher 51 (nee Sherwood) wife of Thomas William Ditcher 52 farm bailiff parents to Elsie M Ditcher 15,
Mary B Ditcher 12
all living at No.1 Gate House, Saltwood, Kent.

Eliza Divers 36 wife of John W Divers 31 waggoner, parents of John W Divers 9, Henry W Divers 8, Harry W Divers 5
also Fanny Croucher 65 mother of Eliza,
all living at Haine Drive, St Lawrence Extra, Kent.

David Dodd 40 basket maker husband of Sarah Dodd 33, parents of David Dodd 16, Jessie Dodd 10,
Annie Dodd 8
and Phillis Dodd 6, Charles Dodd 4, George Dodd 1
all living at Court at Street, Lyminge, Kent

Edith Dodd 23 daughter of Emily Mills 43 also Emily's husband James Edward Mills 30 farmer
All living at Bodsham, Elmsted, Kent.

Ellen Dodd 64 widow living on own means with son Charles Dodd 26
at West Street, Harrietsham, Kent.

John Dodd 82u farm labourer brother of Frances Ansley widow
living at The Gate Lodge, Elmsted, Kent.

William Dodd 70u boarder Ag lab
living at Perry Wood, Selling, Kent

Mary Ann Down 73 mother in law of William H Hart 46 coal wharf foreman, his wife Rose Hart 41,
Also Arthur E Hicks 15 boarder
All living at Romney Road, Willesborough, Kent.[nee Mary Ann Browning]

Edward Earl 30 labourer husband of Mary Earl 25, parents of George Earl 2
living at 11 Northcote Rd. Gravesend, Kent

Ellen Earl 14 daughter of William Earl 53 church verger CofE husband of Grace Earl 47, parents of Henry R Earl 10,
George Earl 18, Frederick Earl 14, Florence Earl 9,
all living at 90 Besley Street, Streatham, London

George Earl 35 carpenter, husband of Sarah Earl 33, parents Florence G Earl 11, Winifred M Earl 8, Ethel K Earl 5,
Gladys M Earl 3,
all living at Lancefield Cottages, Sellindge, Kent

Rosa Earl 56 wife of George Earl 59 general labourer, parents of Kate Earl 16, Sidney Earl 14
All living on Little Paddock Farm, Challock, Kent

Mary Epps 78 wife of Henry Epps 76 Ag lab
living at Brook Street, Brook, Kent

Caroline Finn 52 wife of William J Finn 55 watch & Clock maker parents of daughter Laura Finn 14
living at Bridge Street, Wye, Kent

Horace Daniel Foster 28u living with Letitia Wraight 63 Aunt,
at Little Northland Farm, Bodiam, Sussex

Mabel L Foster 25 daughter of Mark Foster 56 licensed victualler and Dennie A Foster 53, also Godfrey R Foster 20,
Jane L Foster 18, Louise E Foster 16, Mark Foster 14, Dorothy A Foster 9,
all at George Hotel, Salehurst, Sussex

Lilian Gloster 32 wife of Maurice J 44 gardener
living at Lodge House, Godington Park, Ashford, Kent

Rosa Jane Gold 31? Wife of Ernest John Gold 32 ag horse waggoner on farm, parents of Helen Dorothy Gold 4,
Arthur Stephen Gold 2 and Rhoda Jane Emma Gold 1,
all living at Meadow Cottages, Bobbing, Milton near Faversham Kent.

Agnes Gregg 26m clay pottery hand and daughter Gladys Gregg 1,
lodging at 16 The Lays, Kingswinford, Staffordshire

James T Halliday 48 gen lab husband of Ellen Halliday 48, parents of George Halliday 12, Susan Halliday 10, Frank Halliday 8,
Lily Halliday 6, Molly Halliday 4 and an infant Halliday 9days old
All living at 21 East Mount Road, Dover St James, Kent.

Lydia Halliday 32
Julia A Halliday 24
daughters of Susannah Halliday 67w
all living at 4 Glencoe Cottage, Garlinge, Kent.

William Halliday 29 general carter husband of Lydia Halliday 24 parents of May Halliday 4, William Halliday 2
Living at 2 Doughts Cottages, Garlinge, Kent.

Annie E Hammond 51 wife of William H Hammond 54, parents of Mona R Hammond 17
living at Milton Farm House, Chartham, Kent.

Louise Hance26 wife of Edward Hance 28 gardener, parents of Ada Hance 2, John Hance 1
living at Manor Lodge, Little Missenden, Buckinghamshire

Maria F Harnett 39 wife of Frederick W Harnett 40 gas works fireman, parents of Thomasine C Harnett 18,
living at 98 Milton Rd. Margate, Kent

Cora L Harris 25u nurse domestic in the household of Rev. Norman C Robertson 40w and family with other staff
All living at The Rectory, Sutton and Duckmanton, Chesterfield, Derbyshire

Albert Hawkins 16 porter railways, son of George Hawkins 45 and Sarah A Hawkins 48, parents of Percival G M Hawkins 21,
Reginald J Hawkins 13,
living at 32 William Street, Herne Bay, Kent

John Hawkins 66 Ag lab husband of Sarah Hawkins 63 parents of Edith Hawkins 20
living at Sole Street, Crundale, Kent

Stephen F Hawkins 21
Arthur Hawkins 18
Frederick Hawkins 16
Kate Hawkins 14
Minnie J Hawkins 12
Victor H Hawkins 10
children of Arthur Hawkins 48 blacksmith and Emily Hawkins 46, who also have another daughter Lily Hawkins 6
All living at 10 Nursery Terrace, Frindsbury extra parochial, Strood, Kent.

Stephen Hawkins 59 sexton husband of Jane A Hawkins 52
living at Fruer? House, Harbledown, Kent

Bessie Hayward 20 servant cook domestic
at Glenart, Sandgate, Folkestone

Charles S Hayward 39 blacksmith and cycle agent husband of Louisa Hayward 40, parents of Harry C Hayward 14, Walter N.L. Hayward 4
Living in West End, Marden, Kent.

Ellen S Hayward 57u daily school governess sister of
George S Hayward 65u
number taker on railway
Both living at 3 Chapel Road, Reigate, Surrey

Emily J Hayward 14 servant domestic to Sir John Honeywood
at Shorting Lodge, Elmsted, Kent.

George Hayward 36m superintendent insurance agent
living at 53 Winchendon Rd, South Fulham, London

James Hayward 73 Ag lab, father in law of George Austen 33 wife is Fanny Austen 34, parents of George J Austen 1m
living at Bludden Rd, Adisham, Kent

John William Hayward 60 surgeon, father of Edith Louisa Hayward 33, Constance Alice H Hayward 24,
living at 63 Oxford Street, Whitstable Urban, Kent

Rosina Hayward 14 domestic servant
at Church Street, Wye, Kent

Samuel Hayward 70 blacksmith husband of Jane Hayward 67
living at Ashford Rd, Tenterden, Kent

Thomas H Hayward 50 gamekeeper husband of
Jane Hayward 43
parents of Annie F 18
John E Hayward 12,
Sidney H Hayward 10, Frank A Hayward 3,
all living at Keepers House, Bogmarsh, Holme Lacy, Herefordshire

Thomas Hayward 73 grazier husband of Ellen Hayward 33, (2nd wife- Mary Ann has died) her son Frank Wilson 9,
their children Dorothy E Hayward 5, Winnifred G Hayward 2,
all living at New Street, Woodnesborough,Kent

Annie Hills 35 wife of Ernest Hills 37 grocer & draper, parents of George Hills 9, Ernest Hills 8, Kenneth Hills 6, Gladys Hills 2
all living at Newnham Street, Newnham, Kent

Isaac Hogben 64 gardener husband of Margaret Hogben 56
living at 6 Ladywell Place, St James, Dover, Kent

Thomas Hogben 43u carrier son of Charlotte Hogben 69w, with siblings James Hogben 45,
Rosa E Hogben 38
and Thomas J Hogben 10
also Sarah Doreill 72u sister of Charlotte
at Pound House, Sellinge, Kent

Thomas Hogben 69 gardener (not domestic) husband of Sarah A Hogben 68
living at 13 Gorley Alms Houses, St Mary Kent.

William Hogben 36 beer retailer husband of Edith Hogben 32, parents of Frederick Hogben 10
Also Ellen Weaver 61w boarder domestic servant
All living at Blue Anchor Inn, Bridge Road, Brabourne Lees, Kent

George Holliday 38 coach porter husband of Harriett Holliday 39 parents of Gladys Holliday 3,
living at Causeway, Chiddingstone, Kent

Sarah Ann Honess 37m mother of George Allen Honess 10, Alice Maud Jay Honess 7, Edward Kenneth Honess 4
living at 10 Richmond Road, Cheriton, Kent
[nee Sarah Ann Howland m.1889 Dartford]

Lilly Hook 16 daughter of William Hook 46 farm waggoner and Fanny Hook 40, parents of Augusta Hook 15, Kate Hook 13,
Charlie Cook 10, Christopher Cook 7 all living at Farbrace Cottages, Willesborough, Kent

Elizabeth Hopkins 70 widow & sick nurse mother of Anne Malthouse 40w beer seller, mother of
Annie Malthouse 15, Lilian Malthouse 11, Percy Malthouse 5, Bessie Malthouse 3
living at 19 Sussex Rd, Hove, Sussex

Richard Hopkins 33 gardener domestic, husband of Kate Hopkins 35
Both living at North Lodge, East Malling Kent

Sophia Hopkins 49 wife of James Hopkins 49 farmer, parents of James Hopkins 19, Sallie Hopkins 13, Hannah Hopkins 11,
Thomas Hopkins 9, Frances Hopkins 17
all living at Hill Street Farm House, Elmsted, Kent.

Stephen Hopkins 8 son of John Hopkins 48 and Martha Hopkins 34, parents of Edith Hopkins 1,
George Hopkins 12, Lily Hopkins 10, Mary Mary Hopkins 5, Ellen Hopkins 5, Alfred Hopkins 3, Arthur Hopkins 8m
all living at Debden, Petham, Kent.

Sarah Ann Horan 49 wife of George M Horan 57 stone mason, parents Frances A Horan 20,
John C Horan 19, Francis J Horan 11, Leo R Horan 9,
also Richard Hayward 81w her father
all at No. 3 Adelaide Street, Canterbury, Kent.

Frank Howland 15
John Howland 14
sons of Frank Howland 44 cattle yard man and Elizabeth Howland 44,
parents of George Howland 10, May Howland 5, Fred Howland 4
all at Bossenden, Dunkirk, Kent

Charlotte Jones 62 widow laundress mother of Charlotte Jones 25, Fanny Jones 23
living at Howland House,
Blacksole Rd, Herne Bay, Kent.

Sarah Judge 50 wife of Charles Judge 46 lodging house keeper, parents of Frederick Judge 24u, Rosa Judge 21u, and Elsie Judge 13
All living at 6 Castle Hill, St Mary in the Castle, Sussex

Annie Keeler 28 wife of Stephen W Keeler 27 farmer
Both living at Coxsole Farm, Stelling, Kent

Stephen W Keeler 27 farmer husband of Annie Keeler 28
living at Coxsole Farm, Stelling, Kent

Sarah A Kingsmill 38 wife of John Kingsmill 31 shepherd parents of Annie E Kingsmill 4,
living at West Brabourne, Kent

Thomas Kidder 53 shepherd husband of Eleanor Kidder 46 parents of Alice Kidder 18, Kate Kidder 11, Frank Kidder 3
all living at Sutton House, Kent

George Laker 33 blacksmith husband of Alice Laker 33 parents of Annie Laker 10, Elsie Laker 7, Dorothy Laker 1,
all living at Ingleden Cottage, Tenterden, Kent

Thomas Laker 30 farmer husband of Mary A Laker 34 parents of Annie Laker 5, Ellen Laker 3
also with Mary Laker 66 his widowed mother,
all at Hatch Farm, Stelling Kent.

Dora Laws 26 wife of George Laws 29 farmer, parents of Frederick Laws 2, Dorothy Laws 1,
(also William Cook 72w shepherd father of Dora, and Hetty Cook her niece.)
living at Pott Street Farm, Wye, Kent

Ellen A Legg 28 wife of Rev. Richard Wickham Legg 33 also William Legg 54 father in law,
all living at St Johns Vicarage, Newbury, Berkshire

Charlotte Levitt 45 wife of John Levitt 41 gardener, parents of John Levett 17, Alice Levitt 11, George Levitt 9,
Alfred A Levitt 7, Frederick R Levitt 5, Thomas E Levitt 2
all living at Frickly Hollow, Catsfield, Sussex

Frances Mackelden 35u servant mothers helper,
at 7 High Street, Maidstone, Kent

Thomas Mackelden 35 gardener husband of Rose E Mackleden 27
living at 33 Perry Street, Chatham, Kent.

William Mackelden 32 journeyman baker husband of Elizabeth Mackleden 33
living at Mill Cottage No.3, Aldington, Kent

David Manuel 51 sausage manufacturer husband of Mary Ann Elizabeth Manuel 50 parents of Maud Manuel 19, Sidney David Manuel 17,
Annie Manuel 13, Victor Ernest Manuel 10, Amy Manuel 5
all living at 14 New Rd, Sittingbourne, Kent

Alberta Marsh 21 house maid servant at 99 Sandgate Rd, Folkestone, Kent

Annie E Marsh 9 daughter of John W Marsh 33 gardener and Mary A Marsh 35, parents of Lucy E Marsh 10,
Richard Marsh 6, Frederic Marsh 4, Robert Marsh 8m
all living at Brabourne Lees, Brabourne, Kent

Elizabeth Marsh 16 domestic servant at The Harrow Inn, Ulcombe, Kent

Emily Marsh 12 daughter of Thomas Marsh 43 carter and Charlotte Marsh 39, parents of Thomas Marsh 16, Alfred Marsh 10,
William Marsh 7, Nellie Marsh 5, Frederick Marsh 3, Ethel Marsh 6m
all living at Wingham Well Hill, Wingham Kent.

Kate Marsh 14
Florence Marsh 9
Frederick H Marsh 3
children of Charlotte Marsh 47 and Frederick Marsh 43 cowman,
all at Cheriton Rd, Newington, Kent

Nelly Marsh 17 kitchen maid servant at Elmsted Vicarage, Elmsted Kent

John Marshall 55 cement oven stoker husband of Susan Marshall 38, parents of Leonard Marshall 15, William Marshall 8,
Frank Marshall 6, Lydia Marshall 2
all living at Walnut Tree Cottages, Aylesford, Kent

Reginald Marshall 43 house painter husband of Mary Marshall 42 parents of Herbert Marshall 18, Lillian Marshall 16,
May Marshall 15, Olive Marshall 8, Alma Marshall 5,
also Louisa Martin 70 widow mother in law,
all living at 11 Victoria Rd, Milton next Sittingbourne, Kent

Eliza A Martin 42 wife of Robert C Martin 40 Brea... maker parents of Ethel C A Martin 18, Charles J Martin 16, George W Martin 11
all living at The Street, Boughton under Blean, Kent.

William Measday 37 gamekeeper husband Annie Measday 32, parents of Anne Measday 11, William Measday 9,
Hilda Measday 8, Sidney Measday 5, Leonard Measday 3, Ella Measday 8m
all living at Park Gate, Challock, Kent.

Arthur Mills 50 farmer husband of Emma Mills 57, parents of Flora Mills 20
living at Chelsbourne, Wye, Kent

Francis Mills 55 farmer husband of Esther Mills 52 also nephew Charles Mills 38
all living at Sole Street, Crundale, Kent

James Mills 68 carpenter husband of Jane Mills 65, parents of
Elsie Mills 42u
all living at Evington Lees, Elmsted, Kent.

Jessie Mills 20 sister in law of Peter Tickner 64 bailiff on farm husband of Jane Tickner 47, parents of George Tickner 16,
Mark Tickner 15, Fred Tickner 9
all living at Withersden Hall, Wingham, Kent

John A Mills 39 gardener servant at The Vicarage, Sellinge, Kent

John Mills 61 agricultural labourer husband of Kate Mills 56, parents of Frank Mills 19, William Mills 16, Charles Mills 14
all living at Town Lane, Petham, Kent

Philip J Mills 33 Ag lab husband of Elizabeth Mills 32, parents of Philip W Mills 7, John E Mills 3,
all living at Staple Lees, Wye, Kent

Robert Mills 56 butchers labourer husband of Mary 54, parents of
Arthur Mills 33u living at Apsley Cottages, Sellinge, Kent

Rosa J Mills 31 servant housemaid at Guinea Hall, Sellinge, Kent

William Mills 67 farm labourer husband of Elizabeth Mills 67
Both living at Brabourne Lees, Kent

Margaret Isabella Monro 68 wife of Rev. Horace G Munro 69 , parents of Charlotte Monro 42u, Mary H Monro 41u,
Horace C Monro 39u, Margaret E Monro 35 plus four servants
All living at Rectory Stratfield Saye [nee Margaret Isabella Duthie]

William Morgan 14 son of Henry Morgan 40 Ag lab and Jenny Morgan 38, parents of Herbert Morgan 12,
Frederick Morgan 10, Alfred Morgan 8, Louie(f) Morgan 6, Edith Morgan 3, Baby Morgan (under 1m)
all living at Park Houses, Wickham, Kent

Esther Morris 45 wife of Robert Morris 40 shoe salesman, parents of William Thomas Morris 12,
all living at 152 High Street, Chatham, Kent

Harriet Nash 32 wife living at 8 Rix Cottage, Queenborough, Kent

Rebecca C Neves 24 wife of George E Neves 33 coachman not domestic, parents of George E Neves 5 and Hilda M Neves 2
living at Swan Street, West Malling Kent.

John Newport 43 Ag lab husband of Mary Newport 43, parents of Emily Newport 13, William Newport 8
living at Forge Lane, Boughton Aluph, Kent

William Noble 59 brickfield engine driver husband of Margaret Noble 53, parents of Edwin Noble 22u
living at 34 Abbey Fields, Faversham within, Kent

Clara Oldfield 19 daughter of Thomas Oldfield 50 bricklayer and Mary Jane Oldfield 47,
living at 2 Ivy Lane, Canterbury, Kent

Elizabeth Oldfield 25 servant cook domestic, at Oswald House, Watling Street, Canterbury, Kent

George Oliver 68u General labourer at Jamin Arms, Mersham, Kent

Robert Page 20 son of George Page 45 housepainter and Annie Page 45 parents also of John Page 18, Charles Page 16,
Frederick H Page 15, Amilia E A Page 10, Margaretha Page 7
all living at Thanet Rd, Margate, Kent.

Louisa Pay 62w mother of John Pay 23, and Blanche Pay 21
living at Brook Street, Brook, Kent

Clara Payne 39m mother of Charles Payne 17, Ernest Payne 15, Bertram Payne 11
all living at Victoria House, Margate, Kent.

Sophia Payne 53 wife of George Payne 57 gen labourer, parents of James Payne 21, Sophia Payne 19, Herbert Payne 17
all living at Woodmenbrook, Sandwich, Kent

Ethel Lilian Penfold 6 daughter of Arthur H Penfold 38 and Ellen E Penfold 31 parents of Susan E Penfold 10,
Mabel J Penfold 7, Albert Penfold 3 and Thomas F Penfold 1m
All living at Water Mill House, Willesborough, Kent

Matilda L Pierson 60 widow lodging house keeper with daughter Lucie Pierson 25u
at Victoria Grove, Folkestone, Kent

Rachel Philpott 25u general domestic servant to Frederick and Sarah Elmes and family
at Southwood House, Station road, Canterbury.

John Pilcher 53 teamster [ag horse] on farm, husband of Eliza Pilcher 48 parents of John Pilcher 30, James Pilcher 15
All living at Hunt Street, Crundale, Kent

Lucy Pilcher 39 wife of William Pilcher, parents of William Pilcher and Beatrice Pilcher
at Cottage Spring Court Ridgeway, Enfield, London

May J Pilcher 14 daughter of Thomas Pilcher 39 forgemans assistant railways and
Emily Pilcher 41 parents of Charlie E Pilcher 16, Henry Pilcher 8, Alfred Pilcher 5, Leonard J Pilcher 1
all living at 6.Creadworth Rd, Williesborough, Kent.

Francis Pilcher 81 widower farmer father of Alice Pilcher 40u house keeper
living at Spelders Hill, Brook, Kent

Richard Pilcher 51 farmer husband of Olive Pilcher 49 at Great Holt Farm, Elmsted, Kent

Frances L Pope 19 housemaid domestic / a visitor at the home of Edward Sutton46 gardener domestic and Ellen J Sutton 47 his wife,
parents of Julia E Sutton 18u, Emily M Sutton 9
All living at The Street, Borden, Milton, Kent

Charles Prebble 31 labourer boarder at No. 6 Church Street, Wouldham, Kent

John Prebble 19u carter on farm of Richard file 47 Farmer and wife E.A. File 34, parents of Frank File 5,
also J.H. Riddles 63w postman and father in law of Richard file,
all living at Holmans Farm, Stone cum Ebony, Kent.

Kate Prebble 19 servant housemaid at Elmsted Vicarage, Elmsted, Kent

Ellen Quested 49 wife of George W Quested 52 labourer parents of Herbert H Quested 10, William J Quested 9
all living at Stone Street, Waltham, Kent

Sarah Rains 56 wife of John Rains 61 carriers carter, parents of Sarah Rains 13,
all living Lees, Willesborough, Kent

Fred Ralph 17 apprentice wheelwright son of Thomas S Ralph 43 and Edith Ralph 44, and several siblings,
All at 10 Hogbens Cottages, Worth, Kent.

James Roberts 29 engine fitters labourer husband of Julia Roberts 29
both living at 151 Maxey Road, Plumstead London.

Stephen Roberts 31 postman, husband of Alice Roberts 32, parents of Ellen L Roberts 9, Stephen J Roberts 7,
also Thomas Steptoe 26u bricklayer scaffolder is a boarder with them
at 8 Bloomfield road, Plumstead, London

Louisa Rogers 27 wife of George Rogers 59 parents of George Rogers 2 and John Rogers 7m
all living at Greys Inn Road, London.

Mabel Sands 4 daughter of Albert Sands 35 waggoner and Kate Sands 28?, Parents of Kate Sands 6
all living at Cottage, Harty, Kent

Richard J Sankey 59 merchant farmer husband of Fanny F Sankey 54
at Park Hill Rise, Croydon, Surrey

William H Sankey 56 mining engineer coal,
also Sarah L Forbes 47w domestic servant and Annie E Forbes 16 domestic servant
All living at Morley Lane, Morley, Derbyshire

Frances Schofield 57 widow dressmaker, mother of Horace Schofield 20, Jessie Schofield 17,
all living at 7 Meadow Cottages, Canterbury, Kent

Elizabeth Setterfield 68 wife of Charles Setterfield 73 Wattle gate maker,
living at Lees, Willesborough, Kent

Elizabeth Setterfield 78w housekeeper to James Day 70w living on own means
At Hunter Road, Willesborough, Kent

Frederick Sherwood 43 waggoner, husband of Harriet Sherwood 40, parents of Celia Sherwood 19, John Sherwood 18,
Albert Sherwood 14, Walter Sherwood 12, Elsie Sherwood 4, Frank Sherwood 2
all living at Underdown, Chartham, Kent

John Sherwood 48 carter husband of
Frances Sherwood 46 parents of Harry Sherwood 22, Ernest Sherwood 20, Herbert Sherwood 19, Mildred Sherwood 17,
Harold Sherwood 12, Percy Sherwood 14, Reginald Sherwood 10, Gertrude Sherwood 5
also George Cheeseman 52w brother in law
all living at Hegdale Lane, Challock, Kent

William Sherwood 72 Ag lab husband of Mary Sherwood 67
living at Billing, Godmersham, Kent

Elizabeth Shorter 45 wife of John Shorter 55 farmer
at Pested Farm, Challock, Kent (Elizabeth is listed as deaf)

Charles Sinden 19 son of Arthur Sinden 45 labourer husband of Mary Jane Sinden 42, parents of George E Sinden 8,
Ada Sinden 14, Ethel Sinden 12, Agnes Sinden 9
all living at Minn Cottages, Great Chart, Kent

Jane Elizabeth Skinner 42w dressmaker living at Hazeldene, High Halden, Kent

Arthur Smith 31 shoemaker /bootmaker husband of Edith Smith 27 parents of Arthur Smith 4
living at Petham Street, Petham, Kent

Elizabeth A Smith 48 wife of George Smith 47 conductor carman
living at 13 Setterfield Rd, Margate, Kent

Matilda Smith 49 wife of George Smith 55 farmer
living at Chitty Lane, Chislet, Kent

Edith Southen 13
Kate Southen 11
Lily Southen 7
daughters of Edward Southen 49 Ag lab and Jane Southen 38, parents of Florence Southen 3,
Thomas Southen 10m,
all living at Winchcombe, Godmersham, Kent

Ethelbert E Southen 25 chemist assistant husband of Caroline M Southen 32, parents of Jeanie A Southen (under 1m),
also Alex K Coggle 6, Dorothy Coggle 5, Edna M Coggle 3 wife?s children
all living at 27 Furnival Rd, Balby with Hexthorpe, Yorkshire

Percy G Southen 29 timber porter husband of Charlotte Southen 27, parents of Percy E Southen 2, Reginald Southen 10m,
all living at 25 Ordnance Rd, Plaistow, West Ham, Essex

Jemima Stevens 77 boarder widow at 1 Boulton Street, Gillingham, Kent

Martha Staples 46 wife of William R Staples 46 rivetter, parents of Jessie Staples 12, Alfred Staples 8, Lucy F Staples 5
All living at Osborne Road, Willesborough [nee Martha Cutress]

Anne M Stickels 44u confectioner baker living at 9 Priory Street, Dover Kent

Edward Stickells 88w father in law of Alfred Sutton 64 farmer his wife
Roseanna Sutton 61 also with
Mary J Stickells 48 Edward?s daughter
all living at Water Farm, Brabourne, Kent

Elvy J Stickles 29 labourer in railway works husband of Caroline Stickles 26, parents of Elvy E stickles 3
all living Faversham Road, Kennington, Kent

Frederick Stickels 38 farmer husband of
Adelaide Stickles 36 parents of Ella Stickels 15, Frederick Stickles 11, Adelaide Stickels 10, Lilian Stickles 6,
Sidney Stickles 4, Frank Stickles 2, Edward Stickles 3m
all living at Brasher Farm, Newchurch, Kent

John Stickells 88u boarder retired farm labourer living at Church Lane Cottage, Elmsted, Kent

Thomas E Stickels 54 coachsmith husband of Alice Stickels 58, parents of Henry Stickels 27u
Living at 82 Military road, Canterbury St Gregory, Kent.

William Stickles 41 estate carpenter husband of Fanny Stickles 37, parents of Alice Stickles 12,
Flora Stickles 10, Rosie Stickles 5, Charley Stickles 3, Elsie Stickles 1
all living at Enton, Witley, Surrey

Jane Sutton 60u housekeeper servant at 37 Findsbury Rd, St Lawrence Intra, Kent

Jessie Sutton 45 wife of Joseph Sutton 54 Tailor,
living at 40 Simpsone Rd, Bromley, Kent

Kate L Sutton 20 daughter of James Sutton 63 farmer and Kate Sutton 56, sister of James N Sutton 29,
also John Sutton 59 (brother of James)
all living at Park Farm, Brabourne, Kent

William Sutton 24 servant grocers assistant living at Brabourne Lees, Brabourne, Kent

Ralph Taylor 75 pauper (feeble minded) at East Ashford Union Workhouse, Willesborough, Kent

Richard Taylor 36 labourer at Royal Arsenal, husband of Emma Taylor 39
living at Station Rd, Plumstead East, Plumstead, London.

Sarah E J Terry 29 wife of Walter Terry 39 domestic coachman
living at Woodneston Street, Woodnesborough, Kent

Alfred F Thornby 6,
William Thornby 15
son of Henry George Thornby 41 cattleman on farm, and Phoebe A Thornby 39, parents of Emma Thornby 13,
John Thornby 12 and Alice M Thornby 9, Annie Thornby 3
All living at Rock Cottages, Hinxhill, Kent.

George Thornby 15 servant farm labourer at Court Lodge, Brabourne, Kent

Jane Tickner 47 wife of Peter Tickner 64 bailiff, parents of
George Tickner 16 Mark 15, Fred 9, also
Jessie Mills 20 (Jane?s sister)
all living at Withenden Hall, Wingham, Kent

Sarah Tournay 70 widow living on own means with daughters Frances Tournay 28, Georgina Hancock 26m
and grandson Albert Hancock 2,
all living at 18 Park Rd, Hythe St Leonard, Kent

Robert Vane 77 widower retired Ag lab living at Elham Union Work House, Lyminge, Kent

William Vane 78 Ag lab widower father of Annie Vane 25
living at Brook Street, Brook, Kent

Catherine Ward 60 wife of Edward Ward 63 ag lab on farm
Both living at Maple Lane? Harbledown, Kent

Anne Waters 50 wife of William Waters 52 general labourer corporation parents of James Waters 27, George Waters 25,
John Waters 25 also John Hayward 82 widower Ag lab (father of Anne)
all living at 40 Plantation Rd, Faversham Within, Kent

Dorcas Waters 38 charwoman wife of William Waters 45 railway factory labourer
living at 19 Park Street, Ashford, Kent

George Waters 41 milkman husband of Emily Waters 37 parents of Ellen Waters 12,
Grace Waters 10, George Waters 6, Alice Waters 4
all living at Ebbsfleet, Minster, Kent

John Waters 52w carter father of Mary Waters 18, George Waters 12, Alice Waters 10,
also with Christopher Drivers 63 brother in law shepherd,
all living at Godmersham Street, Godmersham, Kent

Rosa Waters 32 cook servant at Belle Hill, Bexhill, Sussex

Alice Way 35 wife of Robert Way 37 clogmaker leather parents of Cecil Way 2, Gladys Way 1,
living at 1 Tuscan Rd, Plumstead East, Plumstead, London

Sophia Weller 55w sister in law to Thomas Stanners? 51w and his son Harry Stanners?21
at 152 Godenton Rd, Ashford, Kent

Isaac Wiles 46u waggoner with his sister
Mary Wiles 44u living at Hitchin Cottage, Elmsted, Kent

Percy John Wiles 34 [occupation unreadable] husband of Jane Wiles 36, parents of Frederick James Wiles 11,
Morris Wellard Wiles 8, Gertrude Annie E Wiles 9
all living a 7-8 Crabble Hill Terrace, Dover St Mary, Kent

Percy Wiles 39u shepherd at Walnut Tree Cottage, Northbourne, Kent

William Wiles 67 farm labourer husband of Elizabeth Wiles 67
living at Brabourne Lees, Brabourne, Kent.

Florence M Wise 24 wife of Thomas H Wise 28 ag lab
living at Rhode Common, Stelling, Kent

John Worrell 40 Ag lab husband of Amy E Worrell 45, parents of John H Worrell 9,
Lilian H Worrell 8 , Amy E Worrell 5
also Harriet Howland 74 widow mother in law
all living Bodsham, Elmsted, Kent

Richard Worrell 43 domestic groom husband of Julia Worrell 41, parents of Leonard Worrell 11, Daisy Worrell 9,
Philip Worrell 8, Dora Worrell 6
all living at The Forstal, Mersham, Kent

[William] Thomas Worrell 41 yardman on farm, husband of Jane Worrall 31, parents of Lillian Mary Worrell 12,
Rose Sarah Worrell 10, Daisy Worrell 8 and Thomas Worrell 5
all living at Little Ruckinge Farm, Herne, Kent [nee Jane Elizabeth Amos]

Frederick Wyborn 18 boarder, carpenter and joiner living at The Green, Littlebourne, Kent

[updated 29 Aug 2010]