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Census - 1911  out of parish Sunday 2nd April

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A list of the people born in Hastingleigh, that are resident outside
of the Parish of Hastingleigh in the 1911 Census. 45 natives /247 are living outside the County of Kent.
Abbreviations  used: w = widow/widower   u=unmarried  m=married  
Ag lab= agricultural labourer
  (x) = illiterate
Underlined = born Hastingleigh  green text = family details  text= living outside Kent.

Jessie Alexander 53 (1858) [married 8 years / no children ] wife of Joseph Alexander 69 with his son Joseph A. Alexander 35u
all living at Meadow View, Littlebourne, Kent. [5 rooms]

Albert George Anderson 47 [ 1863-nee George Albert Anderson] horse keeper at brewery, husband of Mary Jane Anderson 45
[married 25 years /7 children /3 deceased],parents of Ethelbert George Anderson 15
also living with Clara Timmins 11 a boarder and scholar
All living at 11 Sheals Crescent, Maidstone, Kent. [5 rooms]

Rosa Ball 38 (1873- nee Rosa Waters) [married 2 years / no children
wife of Edgar John Ball 38 born Brighton, Sussex, mother of Winifred Edith Ball aged 10
living at 32 Dorset Rd, Tonbridge, Kent. [5 rooms]

Louisa Barker 38w (1874- nee Louisa Jane Day) dressmaker [mother of 3 children /1 deceased
with daughter Amy Louisa Barker 8 , and William Frederick Barker 6
living at 37 Garden Road, Folkestone, Kent. [5 rooms]

Amy Caroline Beavis 24 (1876- nee Amy Caroline Elizabeth Begent) [married 5 years/ 2 children
with husband William Frederick Beavis 34 Carpenter b. Kensington London,
Arthur William Beavis age 2 b. Folkestone and Violet Amy Beavis age 1 b. Folkestone
living at 37 Garden Rd, Folkestone, Kent. [2 rooms]

Arthur Begent 27u (1883) gamekeeper
living at Kixley Lane, Knowle, Solihull, West Midlands. [ 5 rooms]

Ernest Begent 28 (1882- Ernest Edward Begent) game keeper [married 1 year/ no children]
wife Martha Begent 24 b. Hore Sussex,
living at Heath, Bolsover, Chesterfield, Derbyshire. [ 3 rooms]

Joseph Henry Best 26u (1884) Gardener Fruit Grower with his parents Joseph Best 57 Farm waggoner and
Dina Best 56 (nee Dinah Brown) [married 37 years / 8 children/3 deceased], and his sister Mary Ann Best 17u b. Chilham
living at 1 Hallbank Cottages, Canterbury, Kent. [5 rooms]

Caroline Betts 63u (abt- 1847) House Keeper to her brother William Henry Betts 44, his wife
Elizabeth Hannah Betts 36 [married 17 years / 6 children/1 deceased]
living at 69 Hayers Farm Road, Beckenham, Kent. [4 rooms]

John Birchett 14u (1897- possibly nee John Mepsted, stepbrother of Victor below ) a page boy living with
Emily Dawson 34w charwoman, and her two children and another boarder
living at 5 North Street, Deal, Kent. [6 rooms]

Victor Birchett 8 (1903- nee Edward Victor Burchett) son of John Birchett 48 Farm Bailiff b. Elmsted, and
Harriet Birchett 44 b. Canterbury (Bridge) [married 10 years / 2 children] (nee Harriett Noble also Mepsted),
and brother Harold Birchett 7 b. Woodham Ferris Sussex
living at Station Rd, Bekesbourne, Bridge, Kent. [4 rooms]

   Frances Borel- see Charlotte Janes

Edith Boorman 23 (1888- nee Edith Southen) [married 3 years / no children
(wife of Frederick George Boorman 29 - he is away from home at time of census, on a barge)
living at 9 Church Road, North Preston, Faversham, Kent. [5 rooms]

Ellen Boulden 15u (1895- nee Ellen Dora Edith Boulding) general domestic servant to Thomas Vickers 46u, Mary Ann Vickers 50u his sister,
and their aunt Susannah Marsh 76u
all living at Sarness, Waltham, Kent. [10 rooms

Sarah Boulding 42 (1869- nee Letitia Sarah Cook) [married 16 yrs / 5 children] wife of Edward Boulding 43,
and mother of Sarah Cook 18 b. Wye [Edward's step daughter], also Walter Boulding 13, Hettie Boulding 9,
and Violet Boulding
All living at Pett Street, Wye, Kent. [8 rooms]

Jane Brazier 73w (x) (abt.1838-nee Hawkins) [mother of 10 children /2 deceased] with son Steven Hawkinge aged 51u born Willesborough.
living at 11 Ship Street, Folkestone, Kent. [2 rooms]

Frederick Brenchley 28u (1882) brother of
George Brenchley 25 (1885) and his wife Mary Brenchley (nee Langford) 30 b. Smeeth, Kent [married under 1 year/ no children]
living at Bodsham Green, Elmsted, Kent. [4 rooms]

William Brenchley 27 (1884) horseman on farm, husband of
Ellen Brenchley 29(abt.1882-nee Revell)  [married under 1 year / no children ]
Constance Emma Revell aged 11 born London
living in Crundale, Kent. [2 rooms]

Alice Eliza Brice 67w (1844- nee Eliza Alice Hawkins) [married 49 years / 10 children/2 deceased
also son Herbert Brice 23u and daughter Lilian H Brice 29u
living at Little Pett Bottom Farm, Stelling Minnis, Kent. [6 rooms]

Emily Jane Brooks 50 (1861-nee Emily Jane Wyles)[married 6 years / 1 child] wife of
James Brooks 73 Army pensioner, parents of Emily Madeleine Brooks 5
living at 75 Buckland Avenue in Dover, Kent. [7 rooms]

Robert Brooks 33 (1878-) Sergeant in the Royal Marines, husband of
Hannah Brooks 33 [married 6yrs / 5 children /1 deceased] (-nee Hannah Elphick)
parents of Francis Brooks 4, Sidney Brooks 3, Frederick Brooks 1, Constance Brooks 6
also Ada Elphick 12, (daughter of Hannah) and James Elphick 31, (brother of Hannah), [he is a Corporal in the Royal Marines.]
All living at 4 Lawrence Street, Gillingham, Kent. [4 rooms]

Mary Browning 84w (1827) with Susanna E Stevens 80w dressmaker born Elham
living in The Square, Elham, Kent. [5 rooms]

James Browning 74 (1837) with wife
Ellen Browning (nee Hard)[married 2 years / no children]
living at Highfields, Woodlands, Lyminge, Kent. [7 rooms]

James Edward Browning 24 (1887-) Grazier with
Emma Browning 64w his mother [previously married 39 years / 5 children/1 deceased]
living at The Down, Wye Kent. [8 rooms]

Theodore Browning 48 (1861- nee Theodore Cook Browning) Labourer with wife
Harriet Browning 39 (nee Harriet Ann Eldridge) [married 18yrs / 2 children] and daughters
Annie Browning 15u and Ivy Browning 11 months.
living at Willow Cotts, Harbledown, Kent. [5 rooms]

William Browning 48 (1863 son of Solomon Browning)Engineers grinder, husband of Rose Jenette Browning 38 (nee Butcher) [married 6 years/ 1 child during marriage],
parents of Rose Martha Browning 13, Thomas William Browning 6months and step daughter Beatrice Nellie Pentecost 17,
all living at 36 Whitfield Road, Ashford, Kent. [5 rooms]

Albert Burchett 30 (1880-) Gardener with wife
Sarah Burchett 32 (nee Monk) [married 3 years / 1 child] and daughter Kathleen Nellie Burchett aged 2.
living at 1 Jubilee Cottages, Fordwich, Kent. [4 rooms]

Sarah Burton 70w (1841-nee Hayward widow of George Burton) no occupation, head of household with son Edgar Ernest Burton 30u, daughter
Florence Emma Burton 25u and visitor Charles Henry Jenner 27u
all living at Lenham Heath, Maidstone, Kent. [ 4 rooms]

Rebecca Button 56 (1855- nee Rebecca Wiles)[married 29 years/6 children/ 2 deceased] wife of Samuel Button 58 Cattle Dealer,
parents of Violet Button 23u, Dorothy Button 22u, Hetty Button 19u and Daisy Button 14
All living at 36 Beaver Road, Ashford, Kent. [ 6 rooms]

Harriett Chalkley 65w (1846- nee Hayward) [married 33 years / no children] with Alexander Fagg 38 her nephew,
and Catherine Annie Fagg 33 his wife [married under 1 year /no children]
living at 22 Aylesbury Street, Clerkenwell, London. [4 rooms]

Ada May Chidwick 5 (1906) scholar with parents
Charles Edward Chidwick 33 Waggoner, and wife
Ada Elizabeth Chidwick 34 (nee Amos), [married 8 years / 4 children] and their other children
Frederick Charles Chidwick 7, Henry James Chidwick 6, Percy Sidney Frank Chidwick 3.
living at Boxers Wood Cottages, Ospringe, Faversham, Kent. [4 rooms]

John Chidwick 26 (1884-) Road Labourer with wife
Linda Georgina Chidwick 22 (nee Ashby) [married 1 year / 1 child] and son
John William Chidwick aged 3months.
living at The Street, Littlebourne, Canterbury, Kent. [5 rooms]

Percy Thomas Chittenden 38 (1872-) with wife
Lucy Chittenden 35(nee Lucy March Morris) [married 10yrs / 2 children] and sons
Dennis Chittenden 6 and Sydney Chittenden 2.
living at 31 St Martins Rd, North Holmes, Canterbury, Kent. [6 rooms]

Julia Ellen Clinch 55 (1856- nee Julia Ellen White) with husband
Charles Edward Clinch 54 [married 31 years / 1 child /1 deceased]
living at 3 James Road, Faversham, Kent. [6 rooms]

Ada Ellen Close 35 (abt. 1876-nee Kirby)[married 10 years/ 2 children] wife of
Alfred William Close 35, parents of
William Robert Close 6
Edith Ada Close 8
Living at Commondale Grosmont, Guisborough, Yorkshire. [4 rooms]

Alice Florence Cobb 21u (1890-) Housemaid to
Percy Renford Parsons 59 Chairman of the "Mary Ann Cronze Institution of Naval Architecture" and his family,
Living at Wood Rising, Hilly Fields, Rye, Sussex. [13 rooms]

Dorothy Jessie Cobb 15u (1896-) with sister
Mabel Lillian Cobb 7, (1903-)children of Jesse Cobb 47 Labourer and wife
Fannie Cobb 45 (nee Potts) [married 23 years / 4 children/1 deceased]
living at Bodsham Green, Elmsted, Kent. [4 rooms]

Ellen Cobb 46 (1865-nee Ellen Harriet Stickles) wife of
William Cobb 43(nee William Charles Cobb) Farmer [married 23 years / 8 children /3 deceased] and parents of
Louisa Cobb 19 (1891- nee Louisa May Cobb), Albert Cobb 10 scholar, Frank Cobb 6 and Hilda Cobb aged 1
Newchurch, Romney Marsh, Kent. [7 rooms]

Rosina Collett 24m (1887- nee Rosanna Hayward wife of William Collett )visitor to Charles Tremble 41u Roman Catholic Priest
And Louisa Walker 42w house keeper
At 45 Portsmouth Road, Woolston, South Stoneham, Hampshire. [8 rooms]

Marion Elizabeth Cook 18u (1892-) daughter of
Richard Cook 43 (nee Richard George Cook) Labourer of Farm, and his wife
Elizabeth Cook 40 (nee Elizabeth Conley)[married 20 years / 1child]
living at Coombe Cottage, Brabourne, Kent. [3 rooms]

Richard Marshall Cook 38 (1873) Market Gardener husband of
Margaret Ann Cook 38 (nee Hornsby)  [married 15 years / 3 children/1 deceased] parents of
Dora Mildred Cook 13, William Richard Cook 12 and Herbert Henry Cook 6
All living at 49 Chart Road, Folkestone, Kent. [6 rooms]

George Coombes 31u (1880) Farm labourer son of
Alfred Coombes 64 and
Emma Coombes 61 [married 36 years / 4 children/1 deceased]
living at The Village, Hernhill, Kent. [4 rooms]

Isabel Coombes 22u (1889) Parlour Maid Domestic at a private boarding school
living at 11 Holland Park Avenue, Kensington, London [16 rooms]

Lucy Coomes 18u Domestic Servant to John Cowdall 69 Army Pensioner and his wife
Susan Cowdall 48 Boarding House Keeper
Also with Phillis Elizabeth Gilbert 12 scholar and Elizabeth Marsden 70u as boarders.
All living at 24 Hatfield Road, Margate, Kent. [8 rooms]

Matilda Coombes 27u Domestic Servant Housemaid to
Emma Francis Bainbrigge 89w and son William Bainbrigge 58 physician and surgeon
Also Sibilla Godbold 41w domestic servant cook and her son Arthur Ernest Godbold 12
Living at 25 Ladbroke Grove, London. [9 rooms]

William Coombs 33 (1878)Railway Signal man husband of
Fanny Coombs 33 [married 5 years / 2 children] parents of
Dorothy Coombs 4 and Frederick W. Coombs 7months
living at 1 Syndale Place, Ramsgate, Kent. [5 rooms]

Fanny Maria Cosgrave 32 (1879- nee Fanny Maria Keels) [married 6 yrs/ 3 children/1 deceased
wife of William Lawrence Cosgrave 42 Fireman in a Club and parents of
Theresa Elizabeth aged 3 and Kathleen Mary aged 10 months
living at 17 Coronation Buildings, Lambeth Road, London. [2 rooms]

Minnie Cowie 27 (1884-nee Minnie Florence Lambert) [married 1 yr / 1 child] wife of
John Cowie 37 Licensed Victualler
living at 22 Eaton Terrace, Belgravia, London. [7 rooms]

Edward Cox 2 (1909) son of William Cox 40 Waggoner, and
Annie Cox 28 [married 8 years / 4 children] parents of
Edith Cox 6, William Cox 4, and Doris Cox aged 3 months,
living at Line Cottages, Godmersham, Kent. [4 rooms]

Annie Croucher 24 (1887) Domestic worker at home, but an in-patient at the
Infectious Disease Hospital, Forwich Lane, St Martins, Canterbury, Kent.

Hilda Agnes Croucher 24 (1887) daughter of
Rose Emma Croucher 52 (1859- nee Rose Emma Stickles) [married 27 years / 4 children/1 deceased
wife of William Croucher49 Licensed Victualler, parents of William Archibald Croucher 17u
living at The Cherry Tree Inn, 92 London Road, Dover, Kent. [10 rooms]

Rebecca Croucher 75w Old Age Pensioner, mother of George Holliday 30 farm lab, with his wife Minnie Holliday 30
[married 5 years /1 child],their son Richard Holliday 4
and George's brother Steven Holliday 34
All living at Brooksend Cottages, Birchington On Sea, Kent. [5 rooms]

Edward Curd 29 (1882-nee Edward Charles Curd) Gamekeeper husband of
Susannah Curd 32 (nee Susannah Harriet Lilley) [married 3 yrs / 2 children] and parents of
Edward Curd 2 and Albert Curd 8 months
all living at Sliders Bridge, Chiddingstone, Kent. [3 rooms]

Henry Cutress 87w (1825) retired shepherd, father of
George Cutress 50u and Lizzie Cutress 48u
living at Kennet Lane, Stanford, Kent. [6 rooms]

Dulcibella Daniels (nee Sutton) 68 wife of James Alfred Daniels 66 [married 39 years/no children]
living at St Stephens Canterbury, Kent. [ 5 Rooms ]

Lillie Day 26 (1885-nee Hook) [married 1 year / 1 child] wife
John Day 24 Farm labourer
living at Boughton Aluph, Kent [4 rooms]

Percy Diamond 34u (1877) boarder with the Collins family at
Court Lodge Farm, Stalisfield near Faversham, Kent. [4 rooms]

Susannah Ditcher 61 (1850-nee Susanna Sherrard)[married 39 years/5 children] wife of Thomas William Ditcher 62 a Farm Bailiff
Both living at 1 Castle Gate Cottages, Saltwood, Hythe, Kent.[4 rooms]

Eliza Divers 46w (1865) a Charwoman [married 20 years / 3 children] ( nee Eliza Croucher.) and mother of
John Divers 19u and Harry Divers 15u, also
Fanny Croucher 75w mother of Eliza.
all living at Vernin Cottage, 62 High Street, St. Lawrence, Ramsgate, Kent. [4 rooms]

Annie Dodd 19u general servant (domestic) to
Edward Cecil Clowes 37 photographer and family
Living at 57 Lorna Road, Hove, Sussex. [7 rooms]

Ellen Dodd 75w (1836-nee Hayward widow of Charles Dodd) mother of
Charles Dodd 36u Brick and Tile Maker
living at West Street, Harrietsham, Kent. [3 rooms]

Jane Edith Annie Dodd 33u (1878) step daughter of
James Edward Mills 39 Farm Labourer and daughter of
Emily Jane Mills 53 (nee Dodd) [married 19yrs/ no children]
living at Mill House, Bodsham, Elmsted, Kent. [4 rooms]

Rose Down 41 (1870= nee Rosa Jane Mills) [married 9 yrs / 2 children] wife of
Albert Down 46 Dairyman, parents of William Down 8, Sidney Down 5,
Robert Mills 67w (1844) Farm labourer and father of Rose, and
Arthur Mills 43u (1868) Farm labourer and brother of Rose,
all living at Sellindge, Kent. [6 rooms]

Agnes Downes 14 (1897) and
Ethel Downes 16 (1895) nieces of Evan Bates 46 mole catcher and his wife
Mary Bates 46 [married 15 yrs / no children] (their parents were Alfred Downes and Elizabeth Wainwright)
living at 111 and 112 Gorsey Bank, Shifnal, Shropshire. [7 rooms]

Jane Downes 19u under housemaid (domestic) to Edward Mostyn Pryce 59
And family with 6 servants (Agnes and Ethel's sister)
All at Gunley Hall, Chubury, Shropshire. [29 rooms]

Edward Earl 40 (1871) Farm Labourer husband of
Mary Anne Wilsden Earl 35 [married 13 yrs / 5 children] parents of
George William Earl 12, Edward Thomas Earl 9, Gladys Ada Earl 8,
Grace Madeline Ivy Earl 4, Elsie Alice Earl aged 6 months
all living at The Street, Littlebourne, Canterbury, Kent. [4 rooms]

Ellen Earl 21u (1890) Parlour Maid domestic
living/working at 3 St Pauls Place St Leonards-on-sea, Sussex. [14 rooms]

George Earl 45 Carpenter husband of Sarah Earl 43 [married 22 years/ 6 children], parents of Grace Earl 21, Ethel Earl 15,
Gladys Earl 13, George Earl 9 and Roy Earl 6
all living at Stone Hill, Sellindge, Kent. [6 Rooms]

Grace Earl 55 (nee Pilcher)[married 34 /8 childen /1 deceased] wife of William Earl 63 Army Pensioner/Licensed Bathchair man,
with granddaughter Grace Edna Munn 4,
All living at 47 Warrior Square , St. Leonards on Sea, Sussex. [4 Rooms]

Rosa Earl 66 (nee Rosa Browning)[married 46 years / 10 children/ 3 deceased] wife of
George Earl 69 general labourer parents of Frances Earl 22u,
Kate Earl 25u and Alfred Mummary 6 nurse child [foster child]
Living at Little Paddock, Challock, Kent. [7 rooms]

Matilda Charlotte Edwards 36 (1875 nee Matilda Charlotte Halliday ) [married 15 yrs / 4 children/ 1 deceased]
wife of Arthur Edwards 44 Postman, and their children
Arthur Edwards 14, George Edwards 13, and Matilda Edwards 6
all living at 27 Hill Place, Guildford, Surrey. [4 rooms]

Caroline Finn 62w (1849) inmate
living in Willesborough Work House, Kent.

Annie Catherine Foreman 33 (1878 nee Annie Catherine Browning) [married 7 years /1 child]
wife of John Foreman 42 Farm Labourer, parents of James Ernest Foreman 6 scholar,
all living at 56 Egerton Rd, Godmersham, Kent [5 rooms]

Horace Foster 38 (1873) Farmer husband of
Caroline Foster 32 [married 7 yrs /3 children /1 deceased] parents of
Marguerite Foster 4 , with Kate Wensham 72w mother-in-law,
Joseph Green 58w stockman on farm, and John Hammond 42u Farm servant
all living at Lower North Lands, Bodiam, Sussex. [9 rooms]

Julia Annie Fox 34 (1877 nee Holliday) [married 9 years /3 children /1 deceased]
wife of Charles Fox 40 Groom and Domestic Garner, parents of
Julia Annie Fox 4 and William Fox 3
living at Ringleton, Woodnesborough, Kent. [5 rooms]

Rosa Jane Gold 41 (1870 nee Mills) [married 20 years /9 children /4 deceased]
Wife of Ernest John Gold 42 Waggoner, parents of Ellen Dorothy Gold 14,
Arthur Stephen Gold 13, Rhoda Emma Gold 12, Clara Alice Gold 6 and Ivy May Gold 2
all living at Yew Tree Cottage, Borden, Kent. [4 rooms]

Agnes Gregg 36 (nee Agnes Rachel Halliday)[married 12 years /4 children/ 3 deceased] wife of William CharlesGregg 38 Gas stoker in a steel works,
parents of Gladys Gregg 11
All living at 33a Chapel Street, Harts Hill, Brierley, Staffordshire [3 rooms]

Anne Elizabeth Hammond 61 (1850) [married 35yrs /4 children] wife of
William Henry Hammond 64 also domestic servant Emily Hadlow 31u
all living South Hill, Whitstable Road, Canterbury, Kent. [11 rooms]

Anna Hann 56m visitor [married 36 yrs / 5 children/ 1 deceased] staying with
Albert Love 69 Farmer and his wife Charlotte Love 68 [married 48yrs]
and their two children Katie Love 37 and Sidney Herbert Love 25
all living at Capel Hill Farm, Eastchurch, Kent. [13 rooms]

Louise Hansley 36m (1875) charwoman (possibly nee Louisa Waters)
living at St Helena's Convalescent Home, Morventon Road, Cricklewood, London.

Edith Hansley 23 (1888) daughter of
Emily Hansley 59 (1852-nee Emily Croucher) [married 29 years / 4 children/3 deceased] wife of
William Hansley 65 (1846) Roadman all living as boarders with
Eliza Hopkins 53w Poultry Farmer , also Reginald Hill aged 9 and Edward Hayward 3
all living at Maxted Street House, Stelling, Kent [6 rooms]
Note: Surname is also Annesley in Hastingleigh Records

Nellie Hawkins 27 (nee Nellie Marsh?)[married 1 year / no children] wife of Herbert Hawkins 28 Tailor
Living at 18 Oakdale Rd, West Ewell, Epsom, Surrey [5 rooms]

Stephen Hawkins 69 (1842) clerk and sexton husband of
Jane Ann Hawkins 62(nee Page)  [married 47 years / 2 children]
living at Clavering Cottages, Harbledown, Kent [4 rooms]

Stephen Hawkins 31m (1880) General labourer and brother of
Arthur Hawkins 28u Engine Driver
Frederick Hawkins 26u Labourer
Annie Hawkins 33m
All are children of Arthur Hawkins 58 Blacksmith and
Emily S Hawkins 56 (nee Emily Susannah Culling) [married 35 years -9 children] parents of
Victor Harry Hawkins 20u, Lille Hawkins 20, Flora Hawkins 34m
Kate Hawkins 24m, Minnie Hawkins 22u nurse child/foster daughter,
all living at 7 Bingham Road, Frindsbury, London [5 rooms]

Bessie Hayward 28u (1883) servant cook domestic
living at The Lodge, Faversham Rd, Kennington, Kent. [11 rooms]

Charles Samuel Hayward 47 (1864) Blacksmith and Cycle Agent husband of
Louisa Hayward [nee Lovell] 48 [married 10 yrs / 2 children] parents of
Walter N.L. Hayward 14
all living in High Street, Rainham, Kent. [7 rooms]

Daisy Beatrice Hayward 21u maid servant domestic to
Sidney Chancellor 62 Retired from New South Wales Civil Service, and his wife
Ida Catherine Chancellor 49 [married 32 years/4 children/1 deceased] born in New Zealand and their daughter
Ida Marie Chancellor 19u
Living at The Lodge, Kennington, Ashford, Kent [9 rooms]

Ellen Susanna Hayward 67u Private means born Hastingleigh
George Samuel Hayward 75u Railway Pensioner born Hastingleigh
Living at 61B Wear Bay Crescent, Folkestone, Kent. [4 rooms]

George Hayward 47m (1864) [no children] Assistant Superintendant Insurance Co.
Also Alice Maud Wood 27u boarder,
living at 338 Fulham Road, West Brompton, London [6 rooms]

Jane Hayward 52 (1859-nee Jane Fagg)[married 32 yrs /7 children /1 deceased] wife of
Thomas Henry Hayward 59 gamekeeper parents of
Sidney H Hayward 20u, and Frank A Hayward 13
all living at The Park, Holme Lacy, Hereford. [8 rooms]

John William Hayward 70w (1841) Retired Medical Man also
Letty May Green 25u parlourmaid, Annie Francis Ashby 15 housemaid,
Isabella Munro 49 cook, and Edward Elliott 54m Medical Practitioner
all at 120 High Street, Sevenoaks, Kent. [15 rooms]

Richard Hayward 91w (1820) retired farmer, boarder with
Mary Elizabeth Andrews 67w, and Mary Elizabeth Howles 53w
Living at Battle Hall, Challock, Kent. [5 rooms]

Samuel Hayward 80 (1831) Blacksmith and wife Jane Hayward 77 (nee Jane Field)  [married 53 years /4 children 1 deceased]
living at Forge House, St Michaels, Tenterden, Kent [7 rooms]

Stephen Hayward 63 (1848) Domestic Gardener husband of
Emma Jane Hayward 63 (nee Partis) [married 14 yrs /no children]
also Horace Moon 27 police constable
all living at The Lees, Challock, Ashford, Kent. [9 rooms]

Thomas Hayward 83 (1828) Market Gardener husband of Helen Hayward 44 (nee Wilson)  [married 15 years / 2 children]
parents of Winifred Hayward 12 and Helens son Frank Wilson,
all living at New Street, Ash, Kent [6 rooms]

Annie Josephine Hills 45 (1866 nee Tappenden) [married 20 years /5 children/1 deceased]
wife of Ernest Hills 47 Grocer and Draper, parents of George Hills 19, Ernest Hills 18,
Kenneth William Hills 16, also Lucy Rains 14 domestic servant
all living at Newnham, North Sittingbourne, Kent. [7 rooms]

Ethel Hogben 12 (1899- daughter of William Hogben and Esther Southen) sister in law of Frederick Rumsey 39 house painter and his wife
Mary Rumsey 31 [married 4 years -3 children] parents of
William Rumsey aged 3, Catherine Rumsey aged 2 and Nellie Rumsey aged 1
all living in The Lees, Chilham, Canterbury,  Kent [4 rooms]

Thomas Hogben 54u (1857) and his sister
Rosa Hogben 48u (1863) children of Charlotte Hogben 79w,
also James Hogben 56w (their brother) and Sarah Dorrill
all living at Brabourne, Kent [5 rooms]

William Isaac Hogben 46 general carrier, husband of Edith Emily Hogben 42 (nee Dryland)  [married 23 years] parents of Elsie Edith Hogben 8
all living at 2 Anchor Cottage, Brabourne, Kent [4 rooms]

Lydia Holliday 42u (1869) Childrens Nurse, taking care of Leslie A. Butcher 4,
Lena Hall Mills 1, and Sidney B. Smith Brand 4months of age,
all at 5 Victoria Cottage, Ash, Canterbury [4 rooms]

William Alfred Holliday 40 (1871) cowman husband of
Lydia Holliday 37 (nee Impett) [married 15 years -7 children / 1 deceased] , parents of
Lydia May Louie Holliday 15, William Alfred Holliday 13, George Edward Holliday 10,
Frederick John Holliday 8, Ernest Charles Holliday 6 and Annie Holliday 5
all living at 3 Seaview Cottages, Kingsgate, Kent. [5 rooms]
Note: son Albert James Holliday 14 is listed on the census, but scratched out as enquiries ascertained he had died at a few months of age.

Sarah Honess 48 (1863) [married 22 years / 3 years] (nee Sarah Ann Howland m.1889 Dartford ) mother of
Allan Honess 20u, Ivy Honess 17u, also Maud Riordan 25 actress who is boarding,
all living at 12 Clifton Road, Maida Vale, London [4 rooms]

Sarah Honey 53w (1858) House Keeper [married 17 years / 6 children] with
John Honey 16, Ethel Honey 11 among other lodgers
Living at 1 Sevington Terrace, Kent. [5 rooms]

Elizabeth Hopkins 73w aunt of Allen Howland 45 publican and his wife Lydia Howland 49,
also their nephew Allen Archibald 19u
all living at Blacksmiths Arms, 84 The Street, Willesborough, Kent [6 rooms]

Richard Hopkins 43w (1868) Domestic Gardner, father of
Frank Richard Hopkins 8 also Nellie Gower 25u House keeper,
Living at Ridgway, Smeeth, Kent. [5 rooms]

Sophia Hopkins 59 (1852-nee Sophia Mills) [married 37 years / 10 children] wife of James Hopkins 59 Farmer, parents of Hannah Hopkins 21
all living at Hill Street, Elmsted, Kent. [6 rooms]

Stephen Hopkins 17u (1894) waggoner on farm, with Philip F W Barling 41 farmer and his family
at Pett Bottom Farm, Stowting, Kent.

Sarah Ann Horan 59 (1852-nee Sarah Ann Hayward) [married 36 yrs / 11 children / 3 deceased] wife of
George Michael Horan 67 stone mason and carver, parents of
Annie Maria Horan 31u, Eva Cecelia Horan 23u, Francis Joseph Alaysius Horan 21u,
and Leon Reginald Horan 19
all living at 72 Martyrs Field, Canterbury, Kent. [6 rooms]

Frank Howland 25 (1886) stoker in Royal Navy, son of
Frank Howland 54 farm labourer, and
Elizabeth Howland 54 (nee Eizabeth Hayward) [married 26 years / 8 children / 3 deceased] and brother of
Frederick Howland 14 also Alice Howland aged 2 a granddaughter
All living at Horse Lees, Dunkirk, Faversham, Kent. [6 rooms]

Harriet Caroline Howland 21u (1890) Hotel Chambermaid at the Temperence Hotel
at 31 South Georges Street, Canterbury, Kent.

Charlotte Janes 72w (1839) [mother of 8 children/3 deceased] (Possibly Charlotte Howland) shop keeper
Frances Borel 75w [no children] sister of Charlotte, also Charlotte's daughters
Fanny Janes 33u, Charlotte E. Line 38m her husband Edward J. Line 28
and grandson Richard E. Line 1yr
all living at Howland House, Margate, Kent. [6 rooms]

Sarah Judge 61 (1850-nee Stickles?) [married 34 yrs / 3children] ] wife of
Charles Judge 56 grocer, parents of Elsie Judge 23, and also
Alfred Weston 29u visitor Post office Sorter, and Harry Young 14 lodger
all living at 14 Western Road, St Leonards-on-Sea, Sussex. [6 rooms]

Annie Keeler 38 (nee Annie Helen Laker) wife of Stephen Walter Keeler 37 [married 13 years/ 2 children] Farmer,
parents of Annie Keeler 9 and John S Keeler 4
all living at Coxsole Farm, Stelling Minnis, Kent [6 rooms]

Sarah Ann Kingsmill 45 [1866 nee Mills]  [married 17 years / 1 child] wife of
John Kingsmill 41 Farmer, parents of Annie E. Kingsmill 14, also
George Mills 85w uncle [no children][son of John Mills and Elizabeth Stickles]
with 4 farm servants: George Jordan 28u with horses, Fred Rogers 20u all-works,
Tom Oliver 58u Yardman, Thomas Fletcher 71u Cattle Drover
all living Foreland Farm, West Brabourne, Kent. [8 rooms]

George Laker 45 (1866) Blacksmith husband of
Alice Laker 43(nee Chambers)  [married 20 years / 6 children / 1 deceased] parents of
Elsie Laker 17u, Dorothy Laker 11, Ellen Mary Laker 6, Winifred May Laker 1
and also Frederick Chambers 73 father-in-law
all living at Lenham Road, Headcorn, Kent. [6 rooms]

Thomas Laker 40 (1871) Farmer husband of
Mary Laker 43 [married 16 years / 3 children] parents of
Annie Laker 15, Nellie Laker 13, and May Laker 9
all living at Boormanhatch Farm, Stelling, Kent. [5 rooms]

Mary Leggett 80w (1831) staying with Percy Evelyn Bowles 36 gardener and his wife
Ada Bowles 41 (nee Leggett)  [married 5 years/1 child] and child Olive Mary Bowles 1m
all living at 27 Milton Avenue, East Croydon. [4 rooms]

Charlotte Levitt 55 (1856-nee Taylor ) [married 29 years / 8 children] wife of
John Levitt 51 domestic gardener, parents of George Levitt 19u,
Alfred Arthur Levitt 17u, Frederick Richard 15u and Thomas Edward Levitt 12
all living at Frickly Lane, Catsfield, Sussex. [4 rooms]

Mary Lilley 4 (1907) and
Violet Lilley 2 (1909) daughters of John Lilley 46 Waggoner and
Esther Lilley 43 (nee Esther Bethulia Mortley)  [married 21 years /11 children /4 deceased], parents of
John Lilley 21u, Mable Lilley 17u, George Lilley 13, Louisa Lilley 11, Sarah Lilley 10,
and Ellen Lilley 9
all living at Boughton Aluph, Kent. [5 rooms]

Frances Louisa Littlejohn 29, (nee Pope) [married 6 years /2 children] and her two children
Gladys Emily Littlejohn 5 and Wilfred George Littlejohn 3. Frances is staying with her sister
Jessie Russell 27 [married 5 years /2 children]b. Stelling Minnis wife of
Augustus Russell 28 merchant mariner, and their children Edith Kathleen Russell 4, and
Stanley Charles Russell under 1 month old.
Living at 29 Dudley Road, Folkestone, Kent. [4 rooms

Frances Maria Mackleden 43u (1868) visitor
to 78 Bank Street, Maidstone, Kent. [9 rooms]

William Mackelden 42 baker husband of Elizabeth Mackelden 44 (nee Elizabeth Ann Ashman) [married 12 years/ no children]
living at Mill Cottages, Aldington, near Hythe, Kent. [4 rooms]

David Manuell 60 (1851) Sausage and Brawn Manufacturer, husband of
Mary Ann Elizabeth Manuell 60 (nee Pay) [married 32 years/ 7 children ] parents of
Alice Manuell 31u, Maud Manuell 29u, Sidney David Manuell 27u,
Edith Gregory 25 [married 2 years to George Gregory 29] Annie Manuell 23u,
Victor Ernest Manuell 20, Amy Manuell 15, also Violet Lizzie Upton 22u a cousin,
and Victor George David Gregory aged 6 months a grandson
all living at 6-8 New Road, Sittingbourne, Kent. [9 rooms]

Annie Elizabeth Marsh 19u daughter of John William Marsh 43 fruit and wood dealer and
Mary Ann Marsh 45 (nee Hills or Finn) [married 24yrs 8 children/1deceased.] parents of Lucy Emilia Marsh 19u [name scratched out]
Richard Marsh 17, Frederick Marsh 13, Roberts Marsh 10, Harry Marsh 8
All living at 81 Kennington Road, Willesborough Lees, Kent. [5 rooms]

Florence Jane Marsh 20 (1891) and
Frederick Harold Marsh 13, (1898) children of Frederick Marsh 53 Cowman and
Charlotte Marsh 57 [married 37 years / 5 children]
all living at Ouseley Cottage, Hinxhill, Kent [5 rooms]

Kate Marsh 24u (1887) servant domestic at the home of
John Cloke 56 signalman, and his wife Sarah C. Cloke 53 [married 34 yrs /2 children]
and Thomas John Cloke 26u
all living at Little Stock Farm, Smeeth, Kent. [5 rooms]

Reginald Marshall 53 (1858) House Decorator, Sub-post master and General Shop Keeper husband of
Mary Marshall 52 (nee Mary Jane E. Martin)[married 29 years /5 children] parents of
May Marshall 25u, Olive Marshall 18u and Alma Marshall 15
all living at 104 Rock Road, Milton Regis, Kent. [5 rooms]

Alice Eliza Martin 53 (nee Eliza Alice Halliday) [married 30 years/ 4 children / 3 deceased] wife of
Robert Charles Martin 50 baker and their surviving son
Charles Thomas H martin 20u assistant baker,also Alice Maude Bourne 24u
assistant school teacher.
All living at 2 Granville Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. [5 rooms]

Arthur Mills 61w (1850) Farmer and father of
Flora Brett 30 [married 6 years / 1 child], her husband John Brett 30
and their daughter Ivy Brett aged 2
all living at Pickersdane Farm, Brook, Ashford, Kent. [6 rooms]

Arthur Mills 43 (1868) brother in law and
Robert Mills 67w (1844) father in law (both are farm labourers) living with
Albert Down 46 Dairyman and Rose Down 41 (nee Mills)  [married 9 years / 2 children]
parents of William Down 8, Sidney Down 5
all living at Sellindge, Kent. [6 rooms]

Esther Mills 63 (nee Esther Jane Bourne)[married 43 years /no children] wife of Francis Mills 66 working farmer with
Charles Mills 43u shepherd [and nephew of Francis]
All living at Dog Farm, Stone Street, Petham, Kent. [6 rooms]

James Mills 78 Carpenter husband of
Jane Mills 74 (nee Jane Newport)[married 57 years /12 children/3 deceased] parents of
Elsie Mills 48u
all living at Evington Lees, Elmsted, Kent. [4 rooms]

Jane Mills 72w (1839-nee Jane Browning widow of William Mills)[married 51 years / 9 children] head of family and
Jessie Mills 30u (1881) daughter
John Mills 49u (1862) son and
Stoddard Mills 41u (1870) son
all living at 1 New Houses, West Brabourne, Kent. [4 rooms]

Philip James Mills 44 grazier and ag lab husband of Elizabeth Mills 43 (nee Elizabeth Conley) [married 19 years/ 4 children]
parents of John Edward Mills 13, Gilbert George mills 9 and Leslie Mills 8
All living at Birch Farm brabourne, Kent [4 rooms]

William Mills 53 (1858) Farm Labourer husband of
Sarah Mills 52 [married 23 years / 3 children] parents of
Alice Holmes 22m, William Mills 19u and Thomas Mills 17u
all living in Greenstreet, Sittingbourne. [7 rooms]

Margaret Isabella Monro 78 (1833-nee Margaret Isabella Duthie)  )[married 53 years /8 children/ 2 deceased
also Mary Horatia Monroe 51u, Margaret Ethel Monro 45u and Horace Cecil Monro 49u
living at 6 Gloster Terrace, Sandgate, Kent.[9 rooms]

William James Morgan 26 (1885) a mental nurse
living at Barnsley Hall, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire [County Lunatic Asylum]

Florence Morley 39 (1872-nee Florence Martha Kirby)[married 10 years /2 children
wife of Alfred Morley 29 police constable, parents of
John Morley 8 and Hilda Morley 6, also Stephen Parkes 39 police constable,
all living at 92a Southville, Wandsworth, London [5 rooms]

Rebecca Neves 33 (1878-nee Rebecca Charlotte Wiles) [married 15 years /2 children
wife of George Neves 43 Ostler at a Hotel, parents of
George Neves 15, and Hilda Neves 12,
all living at 4 Wickings Row, High Street, West Malling, Kent [4 rooms]

Sidney Nichols 1 (1910) son of
Percival Edward Nichols 25 Farmer and Miriam Nichols 26 (nee Miriam Martha Funnell) [married 2 years / 1 child]
all living at Ford Water, West Brabourne, Kent. [5 rooms]

Frederick W G Norrington 8 (1903) son
George C S Norrington 3 (1908) son
Harry S Norrington 5 (1906)son
John W T Norrington 9 (1902)son
Leonard L J Norrington 7 (1904) son
Lilian E M Norrington 13 (1898) daughter of
Shirley Arthur Norrington 39 General Labourer and Minnie Jane Norrington 33 (nee Minnie Jane Burchett) [married 13 years / 9 children
who were also parents of Sidney P Norrington 14months old
all living at Sole Street, Crundale, Kent. [4 rooms]

Mabel Lucretia Olney 34 (1877-nee Manuell) wife of Barton Norris Olney [married 4 years/no children]
living at Belgrano Walkford, Christchurch, Dorset.[6 rooms]

Adelaide Parker 38 (1873 nee Roberts) [married 14 years /8 children/2 deceased]
Wife of Evan James Parker 43 Cowman, parents of Stanley James Steven Parker 12,
Frederick William Parker 9, Ernest George Parker 6, Prudence Louisa Adelaide Parker 5,
Cyril John Parker 4, Cecil Warren Parker 2
all living at Bawdeswell, Dereham, Norfolk.  [4 rooms]

Louisa Pay  69w [2 children] private means with her son John Augustus Pay 33u
Living at the Street, Brook, Kent [5 rooms]

Albert Penfold 14 son of Albert Henry Penford 48 Farm Lab
and wife Ellen E Penfold 42 (nee Ellen Elizabeth Leadbetter later Lacey) [married 25 years/ 9 children /1 deceased]
also with siblings Ethel Penfold 16u, Frederick Penfold 10,
Edmund Penfold 7, John Penfold 4 and Ernest Penfold 1
All living at Bilting, Kent [4 rooms]

Lilian Pert 8 (1903-nee Lilian Madeline Violet Pert) daughter of Ebenezer Pert 39 worker of the Bread and Flour Co.
and Georgina Pert 36 (nee Holmes) [married 10 years/ 3 children] parents of Hilda Pert 10 and Winnifred Pert 3
all living at 16 Hythe Road, Ashford, Kent. [5 rooms]

Charlotte Rachel Philpott 35u (1876) general domestic servant to
Frederick Lansell Elmes 53 Accountant, his wife Sarah Elmes 54
and daughter May Lansell Elmes
all living at 39 St. Augustines Road, Canterbury. [7 rooms]

Lily Philpott 17 (1894 nee Southen) [married under 1 year / no children] wife of
George Philpott 25 general Labourer,
living at Stone Cottages, Waltham, Kent. [4 rooms]

Emily Pilcher 49 (nee Stickles) [married 26 yrs/ 7 children/ 1 deceased] wife of Thomas Pilcher 48 forgeman assistant,
parents of Henry Pilcher 17u, Alfred Pilcher 14, Leonard Pilcher 11 and Ellen Rose Pilcher
All living at 21 Cudworth Road, South Willesborough, Kent [4 rooms]

John Pilcher 62 (1849) Farm Labourer husband of
Eliza Pilcher 61 (nee Eliza Ashman) [married 40 years /5 children ] parents of
John Pilcher 40u (1871) farm labourer
living at Well Cottages, Bodsham Green, Elmsted, Kent. [4 rooms]

Lucy Pilcher 49 (nee Lucy Pilcher)[married 20years/ 3 children/ 1 deceased] wife of William Pilcher 45 grazier
and parents of William 18u and Beatrice Mable pilcher 17u
All living at Ottinge Court, Elham, Kent. [ 3 rooms]

Mary Jane Pilcher 24u (1887) domestic servant to
Alfred Sutton 74 Farmer and
Roseanna Sutton 71 (1840) [married 44 years /no children] also with them are
Kate Burrows 70w house assistant and Walter Weston 26 farm assistant,
all living at Water Farm, Sellindge, Kent. [12 rooms]

Richard Pilcher 61 (1850) Farmer husband of
Olive Pilcher 59 (nee Goldup) [married 36 years /3 children / 1 deceased] also with them are
William Woodland 24 waggoner, Thomas Allen Cannon 18 Waggoner and
Daisy Beatrice Bailey 16 general domestic servant
all living at Great Holt Farm, Elmsted, Kent. [9 rooms]

William Henry Pilcher 30 (1881) cowman husband of
Alice Ellen Pilcher 34 (nee Alice Ellen Lewis) [married 4 years / 2 children] Parents of
Elsie Pilcher 3, and John Pilcher 6months
all living at 4 Jubilee Cottage, Manston, Ramsgate Kent. [5 rooms]

Kate Mary Powell 51 (1860-nee Halliday) [married 27 years / 3 children] wife of
Martin Powell 51 Brewers Agent, parents of Helen Eliza Powell 19u,
also Susannah Halliday 77w mother-in-law
all living at 1 and 2 St Lawrence Terrace, Ramsgate. [9 rooms]

Ellen Prebble 33 (1878-nee Sarah Ellen Pilcher) [married 12 years / 2 children] wife of
Charles Prebble 37 General Carrier parents of
Leslie Charles Prebble 7, and Mabel Olive Eugenia Prebble 2
all living at The Common, Stowting, Kent. [6 rooms]

Charles Prebble 41u (1870) Farm labourer to
Charles Ball 44 Storeman Gun Factory and
Mary Ann Balls 41 [married 15 years / 4 children / 1 deceased] parents of
Charles Thomas Balls 11, and Doris Rachel Balls 6
all living at 9 Stiles Cottages, St Pauls Cray, Kent. [5 rooms]

Ellen Quested 59 (1852 nee Ellen Croucher) [married 38 years / 8 children / 1 deceased] wife of
George William Quested 65 Kent Council Roadman, parents of
Ada Lily Quested 26u, Herbert Quested 21u and William Quested 19u
all living at Stone Street, Waltham, Kent.  [4 rooms]

Hilda Gertrude Reeve 10 (1901) daughter of
Lucy Reeve 35w (nee Woods widow of Henry) [married 14 years / 7 children / 2 deceased] and sister of
Florence Reeve 12, Ada Reeve 4 and Ivy Reeve 1. They were living with
John Wood 26u, waggoner brother of Lucy Reeve.
Also servants on the farm: Harry Stickells 68u labourer, Percy Murton 17u waggoners mate,
and Nellie Reeve 15u general domestic servant.
All living at Stock Farm, Smeeth, Kent. [5 rooms]

Stephen Roberts 41w (1870) Town postmaster at Woolwich, husband of
Alice Maria Roberts 44 (nee Hastings) [married 22 years / 4 children] parents of
Stephen John Roberts 18u, Sydney George Roberts 5, Edith Alice Roberts 9
also a boarder Alfred Chapman 25 carpenter
all living at 8 Bloomfield Road, Plumstead, Woolwich, London.[5 rooms]

William Henry Sankey 66w retired mining engineer and his daughter
Eva Louise Sankey 17u are boarders with Matilda Pearson and family
Living at Brunswood House, Bakewell, Derbyshire. [15 rooms]

Frances Sherwood 57 (nee Frances Hayward) [married 36 years/10 children] wife of John Thomas Sherwood 59 Farm Lab,
parents of Frederick 34u, Percy Douglas 24u, Harold Edward 23u,Reginald Charles 20u Army Pensioner,
also with Charles Sawkins 40u boarder.
All living at Pested Lane, Challock, Kent [10 rooms]

Frederick Sherwood 55 (1856) Farm Labourer husband of
Harriet Sherwood 51 (nee Newport) [married 30 years / 7 children] parents of
Albert Sherwood 24, Walter Sherwood 22, Elsie Sherwood 14 and Frank Sherwood 12
all living at Branch Cottage, Chartham, Kent. [5 rooms]

Charles Sinden 28 (1883) pipe fitter with SE&CR Works husband of Rosa Annie Sinden 30, (nee Wise) [married 5 years/ 1child]
parents of Gwinyth Doreen Sinden 2
all living at 12 Beaver Place, Ashford, Kent [4 rooms]

Jane Elizabeth Skinner 47w (1864) Ladies Costumier and Outfitter
living at 61 Foxbourne Road, Balham, London [2 rooms]

Arthur Smith 41 (1870) Bootmaker and Dairyman husband of
Edith Smith 37 (nee Edith Annie Read) [married 17 years / 3 children] parents of
Arthur George Smith 14, Alfred Reginald Smith 9, Ivy Hilda Smith 5
and with them is Marie Southern 34u assistant teacher in Petham school
all living at Yew Tree House, Petham, Kent. [7 rooms]

Arthur Smith 14 (1897) Messenger Boy, son of
Henry Smith 46 waggoner and
Annie Smith 38 (nee Annie Maria Knight?)[married 19 years / 4 children] parents of
Ernest Smith 16, Sidney Smith 7, and a boarder Joseph Knight 36u farm labourer
all living at Bekesbourne Street, Canterbury.[4 rooms]

Elizabeth Ann Smith 58 (1853-nee Elizabeth Ann Halliday) [married 33 years /no children
Wife of George Smith 57 Carter
living at 5 Artillery Gardens, Canterbury, Kent. [4 rooms]

Matilda Smith 59 (1852-nee Matilda Moon) [married 40 years /4 children/ 1 deceased
Wife of George Smith 65 Farmer
living at 5 Grove Terrace, Upstreet, Kent [5 rooms]

Albert Souton 19u (1892) assistant blacksmith to
Thomas George Hinkley 48 Blacksmith, and
Elizabeth Annie Hinkley 48 [married 21 years / 6 children /2 deceased], parents of
Norman Percy 13, Archibald Walter Francis Hinkley 9, Leonard Gilbert Hinkley 7,
also Emily Winifred Smith 14 niece;
all living at Bodsham Forge, Elmsted, Kent. [6 rooms]

Reginald Nelson Southen 28 (1882) grocer husband of
Harriet Southen 28 (nee Rawlings)  [married 2 years / no children]
Living at 71 Rockwell Green, Wellington, Somersetshire [7 rooms]
(NOTE: he has indicated on the census that he was born Hastingleigh, Essex.)

Martha Staples 55 (1856-nee Martha Cutress)[married 37 years /9 children / 3 deceased
wife of William Robert Staples 55 Locomotive Riveter parents of Alfred Staples 18u
living at 96 Osbourne Road, Willesborough, Kent. [5 rooms]

John Stevens 68 (1843) General Dealer husband of
Harriet Stevens 67 [married 42 years / 8 children /3 deceased] , parents of
Winifred Stevens 22, and grandparents of Hilda Stevens 12
living at Swanton Street, Bredgar, Kent. [5 rooms]

George Stickells 55 (1856) Farmer husband of
Harriet Stickells 49, (nee Stupples) [married 21 years / 7 children] parents of
Elsie Dot Stickells 19u (1892)
Beatrice Hope Stickells 16u (1895)
George Stupples Stickells 18 (1893)
Elvy James Stickells 15 (1896)
Frederick William Stickells 12 (1899)
Gerard Stickells 11 (1900)
Frank Wallace Stickells 9 (1902)
all living at Great Knell, Ash, Kent. [10 rooms]

Adelaide Stickles 46 (1865-nee Adelaide Brice) [married 26 years /12 children / 1 deceased]  wife of
Frederick Cubison Stickels 48, parents of Frederick Cubison Stickels 21u,
Adelaide Ellen Stickels 20u, Lilian Gladys Stickels 16u, Sidney Elvey Stickels 14,
Frank Norman Stickels 12, Edward Bright Stickels 10, Charlie Leonard Stickels 8,
Maud Stickels 6, Hetty May Stickels 4 and Ray Stickels aged 1,
all living at Bracker Farm, Newchurch, Kent. [8 rooms]

Elvy Stickles 39 (1872)Blacksmith Striker husband of
Caroline Stickels 36 (nee Holtum)  [married 15 years /5 children / 3 deceased] parents of
Elvy Stickels 13 and John Stickels 2
living at Pinewood, Kennington, Ashford, Kent. [5 rooms]

William Stickles 49 carpenter husband of
Fanny K Stickles 46 (nee Fanny Kate Baker)[married 27 years/ 7 children/1 deceased] parents of
Charles Stickles 13, Elsie Stickles 11 and Eddie Stickles 9
All living at Horsham Rd, West Grinstead, Sussex [5 rooms]

Emily Sutton 37u (1874) House Keeper to the Woodgate family
Living at Old Burn Land, High Halden, Kent. [9 rooms]

Jane Sutton 70u (1841) Caretaker with
Rebecca Herd 82w [no children]
living at Speldhurst Lodge, Barton Fields, Canterbury, Kent [13 rooms]

Kate Laura Sutton 30u (1881)daughter of
Kate Sutton 66w [married 42 years / 6 children] and with her brother James Newport Sutton 39m
living at Park Farm, Brabourne, Kent. [9 rooms]

Roseanna Sutton 71 (1840-nee Roseanne Stickles) [married 44 years /no children
Wife of Alfred Sutton Farmer, also Kate Burrows 70 assistant in the house,
Walter Weston 26m nephew and assistant on farm, and
Mary Jane Pilcher 24u domestic servant
living at Water Farm, Sellindge, Kent. [12 rooms]

Ellen Swain 22 (1889) daughter of George Swain 54 Farmer and
Sarah Swaine 60 [married 32 years / 4 children] also
John Stanley Evans 5 a nurse child (Foster child)
living at Frith Farm, Aldington, Kent. [6 rooms]

Edwin Tappenden 47m (1864) Grocer and Draper, an in-patient
at London Homeopathic Hospital, Great Ormond Street, London

Marjorie Edith Taylor 2  daughter of
Lilian Gladys Taylor 28 [married 10 years / 2 children] born Pembroke
and sister of Valerie Ruth Taylor aged 1 month born Colombo, Ceylon [Sri Lanka]
all living on Echelan Barracks, Fort Colombo, Ceylon
Note: Marjories father is a Quarter Master Serjeant with Royal Engineers, on a separate list of enlisted soldiers
George Henry Taylor 35m born Chatham Kent also at Echelan Baracks Fort Colombo, Ceylon.

Matilda Taylor 31 (1880-nee Matilda Scott) [married 11 years / 2 children]
wife of George William Taylor 40 Corporation Scavenger, parents of
Frederick John Taylor 9 and William George Taylor 8
living at 61 Peter Street, Folkestone, Kent. [4 rooms]

William Thornby 25 (1886) Domestic Gardener son of
Henry George Thornby 51 Shepherd and
Phoebe Thornby 49 (nee Phoebe Ann Hetty Dodd) [married 28 years /8 children] parents of
John Thornby 22, Annie Thornby 13, Arthur Thornby 9, and their granddaughter
Mildred Thornby 2 and a visitor Minnie Cheeseman 30u
all living in Bilting, Kent [6 rooms]

George Tickner 26 works foreman/fitter and turner husband of
Nellie Rachel Tickner 25 (nee Nellie Rachel Martin)  [married under 1 year / no children]
Living at Gore Lane, Eastry, Kent [6 rooms]

Jane Tickner 52 (1859-Jane Selina Browning later Mills)[married 27 years -3 children] wife of
Peter George Tickner 77 Farm Bailiff, parents of Fred Tickner 19u
living at Withersdane Hall, Wingham, Kent. [5 rooms]

Frederick George Tyler 7 (1904) son of John Tyler 41 Waggoner and
Mary Tyler 33 (nee Mary Jane Coombs)  [married 11 years / 3 children] parents of
Ernest Taylor 10 and Lily Taylor 1
Iiving at Aelby Cottage, West Hythe, Kent. [4 rooms]

William Vane 84w (1827) retired Farm Labourer/ in-mate
at Ashford Union Workhouse, Willesborough, Kent.

Anne Waters 59w (1852) [married 36 years / 4 children] mother of
George Waters 34, grandmother of
William Waters 7 and also with them is
Thomas Ralph 24 Railway Stoker
living at Haywood Villa, Athelstan Road, Faversham, Kent. [6 rooms]

Dorcas Waters 48 (1863- Dorcas Mills) charwoman and wife of William Waters 55 [married 20 years/no children]
both living at 19 Park Street, Ashford, Kent [4 rooms]

George Waters 51 milkman husband of
Emily Waters 47 (nee Emily Wanstall?)[married 23 years/ 4 children/ 1 deceased] parents of
Florence Ellen Waters 22u cook, George William Waters 16u butchers lad, and
Alice May Waters 11 scholar
Living at 1 The Palms, Westbere, Kent [7 rooms]

John Waters 62w (1849) [married 40 years /9 children / 1deceased] Farm Labourer father of
Mary Jane Waters 23u, George Alfred Waters 22u and with grandson Harold Thomas Waters 8
all living at Kemps Hall, Boughton Aluph, Kent. [5 rooms]

Alice Way 44 (1867) [married 14 years /2 children] wife of
Robert Way 47 Steel Machinery Storeholder, parents of
Cecil Way 12 and Gladys Way 11
all living at 101 Macoma Road, Plumstead Common Road, London. [3 rooms]

Sophia Weller 64w house keeper to Thomas Hanners 61w coach trimmer
Living at 152 Godinton Road, Ashford, Kent [6 rooms]

Anne Whittaker 54 (1857-nee Annie Mary Stickels) [married 9 years / no children]
wife of Henry Whittaker 46 Gardener
living at 54 Odo Road, Dover, Kent. [2 rooms

Lewis Wiles 57 (1854) Jobbing Gardner husband of
Martha Wiles 58 (nee Collins?) [married 33 years/ 5 children], parents of
Edward Henry Wiles 20u, also 3 boarders William Hurst 55u, Frank Lawrence 48
and his wife Emily Lawrence 53 [married 12 years]
living at 2 Kidd Street, Woolwich [4 rooms]

Mary Elizabeth Wiles 52u (1859) Domestic Cook,
living at Ickham, Canterbury, Kent. [4 rooms

Percy Wiles 46u shepherd Boarder with Thomas Smith 76w farmlab and Ellen Jane Smith 46u
All living at Walnut tree cottage, Northbourne, Eastry, Kent [4 rooms]

Percy John Wiles 41 (1870) Miners sinker husband of
Jane Wiles 47 (nee Jane Elve) [married 22 years / 4 children] parents of
Gertrude Ann Eliza Wiles 19u, Morris Wellard Wiles 18, Cyril Wiles 7
all living at 156 London Road, Dover, Kent [4 rooms]

Peter Wiles 51 (1860) Grocers Assistant husband of
Annie Wiles 47 (nee Annie Maria Garner)  [married 18 years / 1 child] parents of Arthur Wiles 17u
living at 37 Ruskin Avenue, Manor Park, Essex. [5 rooms]

Florence M Wise 38 (nee Florence Mary Spickett) [married 16 years/3 children/1 deceased] wife of Thomas William Wise 38 labourer,
parents of Florence A Wise 3, and Clara J Wise 7months
All living at No.1Park Road, Faversham, Kent [5 rooms]

Lillian Harriet Worrell 18 (1893) daughter of
Amy Worrel 55w (nee Amy Elizabeth Howland, widow of John Alfred Worrell) [married 19 years / 3 children] Beer House Keeper and mother of
Jack Worrell 19u waggoner, and also George Howland 48u Amy's brother
all living at Prince of Wales Inn, Bodsham Green, Elmsted, Kent. [7 rooms]

Kate Wraight 27 (1884-nee Kate Prebble) [married 6 years /3 children] wife of
Percy Wraight 30 General Labourer, parents of John Percy Wraight 5,
Ivy Elizabeth Wraight 4 and Mildred Eliza Wraight
all living at Oxroad Farm, Elham, Kent. [6 rooms]

Mary Wraight 25 (1886-nee Mary Coombes) [married 1.5 years /no children] wife of
Charles Wraight 30 Gardener
living at 23 Beaver Road, Ashford, Kent [4 rooms]

Minnie Lucy Wrake 36 (1875-nee Minnie Lucy Wiles) [married 9 years / no children] wife of Arthur Wrake 37 house Painter living with
Walter Wiles 65 Farm Labourer, and his wife Maria Wiles 62 [married 42 years / 7 children /4 deceased]
parents of Hilda Marion Wiles 18u
all living at Rose Cottage, St Nicholas at Wade, Birchington, Kent. [4 rooms]