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INDEX of BMD trancriptions:
Archdeacon Records for HASTINGLEIGH c.1566 - 1730
Hastingleigh 'Parish Records' date from c.1730 to c.1930. The earlier Parish Records have been missing for nearly 200 years. 
As it is, without these books we can only get a snapshot of the records before then, from examining the individual sheets of
paper sent once or twice a year to the Archdeacon at Canterbury Cathedral.

Parish Records  for HASTINGLEIGH 1730 - 21st century 
These records are taken from the register books for the Parish. For the Baptism list prior to 1947, I have added the mother's name,
and parents date and place of marriage where I have identified it. I will happily accept corrections if you feel that some
detail is wrong. Please email updates/corrections to the website.

The early years are based on the Julian Calendar, which had March 25th the start of the new year, until 1752 which switched the New year to 1st January in the modern Gregorian Calendar  we use today.

The Archdeacon returns were sent every Lady Day [25 May] and sometimes at Michaelmas [29 September].
The Cemetery inscriptions and the Wills pages provide more detail on names of family members. Both can be accessed from the links on the home page. There are newspaper clippings which provide details of some deaths too, on the Crimes and Incidents page also linked from the home page.