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30 Jun 19 - The Bishops Transcripts for the year 1640 for 25 Kent Parishes are now added. These are held at Westminster Archives, London and are the only record of BMDs for
                 these parishes in this year. The Bishops Transcripts for other years are held at Canterbury. [Click]     Other Kent parishes in 1640 will be added in due course.

24 Jun 19 - Brabourne [Click]  and Hinxhill [Click] BMD records updated
01 Jun 19 - Stowting BMD records now completed Click 

13 Jun 17 - Over 90 Inquest reports added to the burial records for several parishes covered by this website. Where burials have yet to be transcribed, the inquests are listed on 
                 the Index page. Of special note are that of Henry Goldup in 1816, linked from the Wye Index page, whose death and burial does not appear in the Parish records.
                 and Elizabeth Impett of Sellindge, a murder victim in 1821, along with a detailed account of the public execution of John Hayward, her murderer in 1822 at
                 Penenden Heath.  A word of caution - some of these Inquests are very graphic and may be distressing to read.

10 Jun 17 - Chilham Burials 1791-1900 are now transcribed [Click], so too are several early Godmersham Baptism/Marriage and Burial records [Click]

21 May 17 - Neighbouring Wye Parish's  Baptisms 1538-1900, Marriages 1545-1915 and Burials 1538-1930 have been completed Click and are now on this website.

01 May 17- Have added a memorial page for Alfred Walter David Hover to the WW2 Casualty list. Killed in a Lancaster Bomber Crash in 1943, he was baptised at Hastingleigh
                 in 1922.  [click]

30 Apr 16 - Waltham records have now been transcribed from the earliest date of the registers and several corrections made to spellings along with a few missed entries now
                 included in the current lists. Click

17 Feb 16 - Several batches of Wye Parish Baptisms, and all the Burials up to 1900 are now on the website. Click
                  There will be more of Wye to come in the months ahead, so keep a regular check on the Wye Index page.
                  The task of transcribing these thousands of entries is enormous and it is the biggest transcription project yet undertaken for this website.

20 Jan 16 - Firstly a sad farewell to the wonderful Eileen Bartlett, one of the oldest and longest residents of Hastingleigh.
                 Sister to WW2 casualty George Bartlett, and to Connie Bartlett. She was always a great help in identifying photos, and helping me out with queries about
                 Hastingleigh history. She is now interred in Hastingleigh Churchyard. RIP Eileen.  
                 Crundale Parish Records [Baptisms, Marriages and Burials] have been transcribed and added to the website. Click 

03 Nov 15 - The 1939 Register/Census of the residents in the village of Hastingleigh, as of 29 September 1939 has been released, with properties and peoples' data redacted
                 if they are still alive - or died overseas. There are roughly 215 people living in the Village on that date. Click 1939 
                 to see the released names, dates of birth, marital status, occupation and war time special service.

10 Jul 15 - With much  sadness, news has reached me of the passing of the remarkable Mrs Freda D. Nancollas (nee Weal), (1928-2015). She was married 65 years
                to husband John, and together they ran Bodsham School for decades. She was a trustee of the Hastingleigh and Elmsted branch of the charity
                Guild of St. John of Beverley for the Deaf. She was of great support when my father passed away suddenly, and also tremendously helpful in my research
                for this website. Heartfelt Condolences to Mr. Nancollas and family.

19 May 15 - after a considerable spell of inactivity - while waiting for the website to switch to a new server, (and while the website owner got to grips with a new computer)
                 several updates have now been done - and new pages added with more to come in the next few weeks. The website index lists the updated pages and new ones
                 (Click)  to see what's new.

17 Jun 14 - Ordnance Survey Name Books for the maps of Hastingleigh and several surrounding parishes are now transcribed (Click for Kent OS Index

10 Jun 14 - Flying bomb and Damage census 1944 (Click)

07 Sep 12 - Census of Hastingleigh Parish for 1841, 1851, 1861, 1871 and 1881 have all been updated with Birth/Maiden names and widower's spouse's names. (Click)

02 Sep 12 - Photo of 51 members of the Haywards and Dodds added (Click) and they need identifying if you can help.

22 Aug 12 - Several additions to the crimes and incidents page (Click) 

08 Jun 12 - The website is undergoing a bit of up-dating in the design. Work should be completed by mid July.

11 Feb 12 - The Chapel page has been updated (Click) and the Crimes page has been updated (Click)

11 Nov 11 - Private William James Morgan added to the Hastingleigh WW1 Roll of Honour (Click)

20 Oct 11 - The Baptisms pages for Hastingleigh Parish have been updated with new information sent in, also with updates from on-going research.

01 Sep 11 - The website has switched to a new UK based server, which should speed up loading pages. There have been a few glitches in the transfer, and we are working
                  as fast as possible to rectify the problem pages. Please e-mail the website if a particular page or link you want, is not working, and it will be given priority or we shall
                  e-mail you back with the content of that page if work on it is taking longer than expected. UPDATED = all pages are now working.

27 Jun 11 - WW1 Roll of Honour updated for George Herbert Curd Senior and his son George Herbert Curd jnr. [- we are indebted to their family for providing biographic detail.]

26 Jun 11 - Petham Parish Baptisms 1873 to 1882 now added (Click)

26 Jun 11 - Sir Charles Jessel's autobiography "Memories by Request" has been added to the Books & Publications page (Click)

26 Jun 11 - Two newspaper articles giving details on the murder of Lieutenant Sankey in 1902, have been added to the bottom of the military memorials page (Click)

17 May 11 - Mr. Arthur F. Marsh, lifelong resident of Hastingleigh and author of A Time to Remember: Some Reflections of a Kentish Village, and one of the
                  illustrators of Brian Berry's book Hastingleigh 1000 to 2000 sadly died 26th April.
                  He had a passion and talent for sketching (although he lost his sight in recent years) had captured in ink, numerous buildings and scenes in and around the village,
                  and church, many of his delightful drawings can be found in the church pamflets , in the parish magazines and on christmas cards.
                  He was of tremendous help to this website when queries arose about events in his lifetime.
                  He has been laid to rest in Hastingleigh Churchyard today. RIP Mr. Marsh.

07 Apr 11 - c.1916 Auction of the Evington Estate including properties in Elmsted, Crundale, Wye, Waltham, Petham and Hastingleigh (Click)   [K.Griffiths]

05 Apr 11 - The neighbouring parishes of Hastingleigh now have their own Index pages which can be found through the Other Parish Records Page(Click)

11 Feb 11 - a number of pages have been updated with corrections and additions.

05 Nov 10 - A list of properties and local Occupiers of the Evington Estate, has been added. The lists cover 1878 and 1909.
                  Mostly in this part of Kent, lots of details included about the land size and field names etc. (Click)   [K.Griffiths]

03 Nov 10 - Waltham and Elmsted now have their own Index pages on this website. (Click)

31 Oct 10 - A written report on the mystery of the missing Elmsted vicarage plus a study of the Church properties in
                 Elmsted and Hastingleigh Parishes has been added as a pdf file. (Click)

                 Written by Elmsted resident historian Keith Griffiths it sets out to locate the whereabouts of the old Vicarage site.
                 Please do have a read through it and e-mail in your comments, corrections, and any additional information you can share
                 on this topic. Keith would love to have some feedback on his investigations and his written study. email this website on
                 hastingleigh@hotmail.com and your email will be forwarded to Keith. 

30 Oct 10 - Hastingleigh Baptisms and Burials have now also been put in Surname alphabetical order. The Parish Records Index (Click) and
                 Archdeacon Index
(Click) pages have been amended to include these new lists. The chronological lists are still here too.

29 Oct 10 - Baptisms for Hastingleigh have been overhauled and most of the 1830-1930 list now includes mothers maiden
                 name and parents marriage date, where these have been identified.

04 Oct 10 - Waltham- many early baptisms, marriages and burials now added (Click) with more to be added shortly.

27 Sep 10 - a 1776 map of the Hastingleigh part of Kent now added to index page (Click)

27 Sep 10 - Stelling Minnis Early Burials now added (Click)

25 Sep 10 - Stelling Minnis Early Baptisms (Click) and Stelling Minnis Early Marriages (Click) now added.

11 Sep 10 - Stelling and Stelling Minnis Baptisms, Marriages and Burials 1813-1900 are now transcribed and added to the website,
                  with the earlier records to be added in the coming weeks as they get done.

28 Aug 10 - William Henry Taylor added to the WW1 Roll of Honour (Click) ,
                  and several additions made to the Out of Parish census lists which have all been overhauled.

13 Aug 10 - The addition of Albert William Norrington to the WW2 Memorials for Hastingleigh (Click)

15 Jul 10 -  The Baptisms, Marriages and Burials for the Neighbouring Parish of Stowting (1603-1812) have now been transcribed (Click)

08 Jul 10 -  Yet more lost souls on the various out of Parish Census lists have come to light and have been added to the census pages (Click)
                 (who would have thought Hastingleigh could be spelled Haistingleigh, Hartingleigh, Hartinleigh, Hartenleigh or Hartenley !!)

08 Jul 10 -  Some Correspondence between St Thomas' Hospital, London and their tenants in Hastingleigh have been transcribed (Click)

29 May 10 - The Village Halls page has been updated  (Click)

10 Mar 10 - Some Challock Parish records have been added (Click) also a 1949 book called 'Good Farming in Action' by V.C. Fishwick
                  has been added to the books and publications list...........

28 Feb 10 - Churchyard Maps of the grave stone positions and a brief history of the graveyard (Click)

25 Feb 10 - Brook Parish Baptisms, Marriages and Burials 1899-1930 (click)

10 Feb 10 - Church Lychgate page is now online (click)

05 Feb 10 - Brian Berrys Book Hastingleigh 1000-2000 A.D. has now gone online. You will need a pdf reader on your computer to
                  access it. Visit this page for information on this website's latest (and largest) addition

30 Jan 10 - Wills page has been updated with several more additions (Click) and most interesting was the will of Arthur Godfrey (Click)
a humble and generous shepherd at Coombe farm.

25 Jan 10 - Waltham Baptisms 1700-1900 completed

13 Jan 10 - Added photographs of Josie Kurton -one of Hastingleigh's Land Army girls in WW2. Generously sent in by her family to add
                  to Josie's memories of life in Hastingleigh during the war.

13 Jan 10 - The missing Hastingleigh births, marriages and deaths from 1640-1641 now added to the Archdeacon records pages. (Click)

04 Jan 10 - Elmsted Births, Marriages and Deaths 1700-1900 now completed,
                 Waltham Marriages 1700-1900 completed, Waltham burials 1700-1892 completed.

30 Dec 09 - The family of the author of the Land Army memories have contacted me and given their permission for it to remain
                  on this website.

12 Dec 09 - Added the description of the Living of Elmsted Vicarage written by Gostwyck Prideaux in 1835 (click)

8 Dec 09 - Added images of the memorials and bust of Rev. William Welfitt, (Rector of Hastingleigh 1795-1833)
                to be found in Canterbury Cathedral

4 Dec 09 - Alphabetical List of some pupils at Hastingleigh and Elmsted School in the late 19th century. (click)                

11 Nov 09 - Updated with a few hundred more Waltham parish BMDs (click)

1 Nov 09 - 1678 Indenture contract between Mr. Thomas Crux and St. Thomas Hospital for the manors of Court Lodge 
                 and Aldelose (New Barn)

11 Oct 09 - Several more Wills added to the website. (click)

28 Jul 09 - List of the Transcribed inscriptions on the memorials and headstones with links to their respective photographs (click)

28 Jul 09 - List of Surnames on the memorials and headstones in the Church and the Churchyard (click)

28 Jul 09 - 1942 Farm Survey -  list of the occupiers and owners for the various farms in Hastingleigh circa 1942 (click)

28 Jul 09 - War Memorials page(s) are now working. There will be updates to the content on some individual pages soon. (click)

14 Jul 09 -  The War Memorials page is in the process of changing to be a directory of biographies. This
                  will be completed within the next week- apologies if you spot a broken link in the meantime- please check back.
                 The revised list will include some new names and biographies.

05 Apr 09 - Vestry Appointments (Click)   and Parochial Church Council PCC Records (Click)

05 Apr 09 - Hastingleigh and Elmsted School section has now been added, some sections are awaiting completion (click)

01 Apr 09 - Land Taxes have been transcribed and show many names of heads of households between 1780 - 1832, 
                   they are across two pages with 1780-1800(click)    and   1801-1832(click)

21 Mar 09 - World War 2 - some pages added - they are listed at the bottom of the index page (click)

21 Mar 09 - Kellys Trade Directory and other 19th century Directories have been added (click)

21 Mar 09 - Hastingleigh and Elmsted School Pages are now uploaded (click) - with more to come.

12 Jan 09 - The 1911 census records have been released by the Public Archives. I am in the process of adding 
                  Hastingleigh's records, dwelling by dwelling - so keep checking the web page

12 Jan 09 -  The War Memorial Biographies are being updated in light of the 1911 census data (click)

07 Jan 09 -  Oh Calamity! - The wooden cricket pavillion in the field behind the Bowl Inn, accidentally caught fire 

                  and has suffered quite a bit of damage, a tractor was also caught by the sparks. Luckily no one was   
                  injured and some of the equipment inside was saved. 
                  There is a small article in the Kentish Express Newspaper . (--click to see paper--) and on the website cricket page (click)

15 Dec 08 - 1881 census for those born in Hastingleigh but living elsewhere is now added (click)

11 Dec 08 - Tappendens Stores page added

09 Dec 08 -
Parish Room History and Coronation Day 1953 pages have been added.

03 Dec 08 - Rectors of Hastingleigh page has been updated. Parish Baptisms has also been updated.

03 Dec 08 -
Brian Berry's book Hastingleigh 1000-2000AD is available from the Hastingleigh Churchwardens.
                 He has donated the very last copies of his hard back book, to raise funds for Hastingleigh Church building fund.
                 Copies are available from the church wardens in exchange for a donation.

                 Please e-mail
hastingleigh@hotmail.com for details.

09 Nov 08 - Bertie George Hayward - transcription of WW1 records added (click) and the memorial page updated. (click)

04 Nov 08 - several images now loaded up on the miscellaneous documents section of the index page. (click)

29 Oct 08 - Aviation page is now live (click)

25 Oct 08 - 1861 census for people born in Hastingleigh but living elsewhere, has now been added.

23 Oct 08 - Wills page  has been updated 

22 Oct 08 - Aviation page is now written for the website.