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Archbishops of Canterbury & Monarchs

Archdeacon's Records Index / Early Hastingleigh Records

Baptisms & Births 1566-1730
Banns 1781-1812
MBL 1751-1836 (Marriages By Licence from Canterbury Cathedral)
Marriages 1566-1730
Burials 1566-1730

Archdeaconry Court Papers (catalogue numbers )
Ecclesiastical Cause Papers (catalogue numbers)

Aviation - updated May 2015


Archdeacon's Records 1566-1730
Parish Records Baptisms 1730-1830
Parish Records Baptisms 1830-1930
Baptisms in surname alphabetical order

Bodsham School Index (formerly Hastingleigh and Elmsted School)
School Photo Gallery
School History
School Newspaper Report 1957
SchoolPupils  1877-1892
School Population
School Punishments
SchoolTeaching Staff
School Tree
1982 Article about the school
1913 Hovis Letter

Books & Publications


Buildings Photo Gallery

Archdeacon's Burial Records 1566-1730
Parish Burial Records 1730-1970
Burials in surname alphabetical order

Calendars : explaining Julian & Gregorian Calendars

List of memorial inscriptions
Brief history and maps of the sections of the churchyard
Index of all surnames on memorial inscriptions

Census Index
1841Hastingleigh Census
1851Hastingleigh Census
1861 Hastingleigh Census
1871 Hastingleigh Census
1881 Hastingleigh Census
1891 Hastingleigh Census
1901 Hastingleigh Census
1911 Hastingleigh Census
1939 Hastingleigh Register  NEW (Nov 2015)

1851 Out of Parish Census
1861 Out of Parish Census
1871 Out of Parish Census
1881 Out of Parish Census
1891 Out of Parish Census
1901Out of Parish Census
1911 Out of Parish Census
1911 Census List of Properties in Elmsted, Hastingleigh and Waltham

Chapel or Mission Room

Church door carvings (awaiting copyright permission)

Churchwarden List

Churchyard - see Cemetery

Contact this Website

Coronation Day 1953

Crimes & Misdemeanours Incidents and Inquests updated May 2015

Evington Players (Theatrical & Musical) updated May 2015

Church Photos
Old Photos
Buildings Photos

Genealogy Website Links (websites to help with family tree research)

Guestbook: the place to post any enquiries about Hastingleigh connections

Hastingleigh 1000 - 2000AD :the online pdf version of Brian Berry's book on Hastingleigh

Hastingleigh Website links (websites connected with Hastingleigh village)

Kelly's Trade Directory & Other Directories.

Land Taxes

1780 -1800           1801 - 1832

Genealogy web links
Hastingleigh web links

Listed Buildings



1839 Field Maps
1876 OS Maps
1908 OS Maps
1940s OS Maps
1960s OS Maps


Archdeacon's Marriage Records 1566-1730
Parish Marriage Records 1730-1830
Marriages Alphabetical 1566-1930 (just date and names)
Marriage Banns
Marriage Licences

Memorials - WW1 & WW2 plus biographies of the men who served in the armed forces



Ordnance  Survey Map, Name Book Index for Parishes in Kent  
Hastingleigh  place name entries in Book OS35/3628 Kent Map 55 SE [South East]
Hastingleigh  place name entries in Book OS35/3631 Kent Map 66 SW [South West]
Hastingleigh  place name entries in Book OS35/3655 Kent Map 65 NE [North East]
Hastingleigh  place name entries in Book OS35/3657 Kent Map 66 NW [North West]
Other Parish Records Index (ongoing with updates)

Out  of Parish Census (people born in the parish and living elsewhere)

1851 Out of Parish Census
1861 Out of Parish Census
1871Out of Parish Census
1881 Out of Parish Census
1891Out of Parish Census
1901Out of Parish Census
1911 Out of Parish Census

Parish  Boundaries

Parish  Records Index
Baptisms and Births 1730-1830
Baptisms and Births 1830-1930
Baptisms in Surname alphabetical order
Marriages 1730-1930
Burials 1730-1970
Burials in surname alphabetical order

Parochial Church Council records

PDF Brain Berry's book Hastingleigh 1000-2000 [411 pages without illustrations]
PDF Keith Griffiths' book The Mystery of Elmsted's First Vicarage House [42 pages]

Rectors and Curates 1342 - 2010

Rogation and Beating the Bounds

Roll of Honour WW1 list of men who served in the Great War.

Royal Connections to Hastingleigh

School (see Bodsham)


St Thomas' Hospital records relating to their Hastingleigh estates.

Tappenden's Store (The Last Village Shop)

Taxes (see Land Tax above)

Tithe Records Paid (see Land Tax above)
Tithes -List of actual benefits to the Rector

Trade Directories (see Kelly's Trade above)

Vestry records of village appointments 1862-1894

Village Hall Parish Room & New Village Hall 

War Memorials in the Parish

Wills  (including brief outline of the names included in many early wills)

Wills Page
Sundry Wills (transcribed) connected to Hastingleigh

WW2 : War Time Hastingleigh
Links to BBC Peoples War Archive for Hastingleigh and other WW2 websites
WW2 Evacuation Letter 1939
Womens Land Army : memoirs of Josie updated May 2015
War Time Newspaper Notices for Hastingleigh
Notes on WW2 in Hastingleigh (plus some WW1 memories)
1942 : WW2 Farm Survey, listing farmers and land occupiers of Hastingleigh
WW2 Flying bomb and unmanned aircraft crash census 1944
WW2 Toy Shortages 
WW2 Newspaper Adverts
WW2 -1939 Register of population for ration cards - includes war time special occupations.  NEW (Nov 2015)


Miscellaneous Documents relating to Hastingleigh
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again, to enlarge them

c.1618- Survey of Grove Hastingleigh [Combe Grove]

c.1618- Survey of Hastingleigh [Combe Grove]

c.1624 -Transcription of Identure for George Hawke 

c.1678 -Indenture for Court Lodge and
Aldelose (New Barn) to Thomas Crux

c.1684-1685 Letters about Church Tower

IMAGE c.1700's- map of Hastingleigh Area

IMAGE 1776- map of Hastingleigh Area of Kent

IMAGE 1810- article proposing canals, railways and tram cuttings in and around Wye

IMAGE c.1811 -Newspaper clip showing charity donation by Hastingleigh & Elmsted.  

c.1818- map of Hastingleigh Area  

c.1835- Benefits of position as Vicar of Elmsted

1839 Uniting the churches of Elmsted with Hastingleigh

1839 Field Map of Hastingleigh
1876 OS Maps of Hastingleigh

IMAGE c.1882 -published Tithe assesment

IMAGE c.1882- funding of a New Vicarage

IMAGE 1899- Facimile of the Hastingleigh and Elmsted Newsletter

1908 OS Maps of Hastingleigh,

  IMAGE Evington Park newspaper clip by Charles Igglesden (circa 1920's)
c.1924-Auction catalogue for the sale of South Hill & several properties
1931-Transcription of the Newspaper article for the marriage of Edward Chapman and Eva Webb

IMAGE 1935-Newspaper clipping of the marriage of Emily Hayward (listing many of the residents of Hastingleigh at the time)

1935-Transcription of the Newspaper article including surnames where identified

IMAGE 1939- Evacuees Letter

1940s OS Maps of Hastingleigh

IMAGE  1951-Hand drawn map of the proposed site of electricity pylons across New Barn

1851-Hastingleigh Diarists

1957 -Centenary of Tappenden's Store

1958/1961 OS Maps of Hastingleigh

  1967-Sale of New Barn Farm detailing the contents of the sale

IMAGE 1967-Hastingleigh becomes a protected Nature Reserve